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This teaching ministry receives many testimonies/confirmations / reviews / edifications/ miracles.


Below you can read what some of the listeners write in and say...


Marianne, it is my honour to be part of reigniting your calling Blessings Shalom Sister Kim  

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Sister Kim,

I'm so excited. The minute I saw the title of your post with the Camels I knew it's in this time frame that what the Lord gave me over 40 years ago is coming to pass! In a time of extreme financial and emotional distress he gave me Isaiah Chapter 60

which part of it is

 "The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall shew forth the praises of the Lord."

God Bless You,

Robert Gamel 

Hello. My. Sister. In Christ. And. Yah. First. And. Foremost. Happy Sabbath Day. And I want to. Thank. Yah and his son Jesus Christ for bringing. A vessel such. As you. To. Help. Us. All praises. Be. To the. Most High and his. Son you. Are. Truly. Truth. Amen

I now read my bible and hear from God for myself previously I was not hearing from God. Your ministry draws me closer to him. Thank you. 

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Sister Kim, this is a small token of my wife and I’s appreciation for your relationship to the Holy Spirit and your obedience to His word in your life. Thank you for all the time, prayer, and energy you have expensed to advance the word of the Lord through your videos to reach the Joseph’s of this time. The listeners the Father has gathered and called to your channels are not by chance as you know. It edifies me to know that there are others Yahshua has been priming for this time to work in His name, to give visions of Hope for preserving life, and to humble for His glory. We are a small group, but a mighty group. Continue in the strength of the Lord. May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob fight your battles. -Brother Jackson in Texas


Shalom Kim

I just wanted to show you the transaction of the refund that took place after the Covenant I made on 21 Dec. I have had so many confirmations from your teachings and more recently my grandmother has skipped my mother and given me the inheritance of the family. I received sovereign coins and land. I asked God to confirm if I was a Joseph and He has. 2 weeks ago I kept hearing "you are crowned" - my mind is blown with your teachings and all the revelations.


Firstly, I’d like to say apologies for the delay in sending this, I think I have been over thinking on how to write this testimony. Over thinking trying to include everything as I ve been watching almost all your videos and those on Rumble. Firstly, I’d like to say how much your ministry has been a blessing to me. I’ve gained so much teachings knowledge and confirmation from your videos. The first time I stumbled across your video flashed up upon logging into YouTube. I began watching and it became apparent how it echoed a previous video I watched by Tomi, his video on building Goshen published on 2nd Dec , I believe God wanted to give me further clarity and confirmation as this was the first-time hearing of building Goshen. I continued to watch your video my heart absolutely leaped when I saw your reference to the same video. Recording and published on the 3rd the day after Tomi video wealth transfer redeeming the land. I knew that this was confirmation from God. A few weeks prior during fasting God had spoken to me about saving and my finances getting this in order. I never knew how this was linked to the marine kingdom your teaching continued to confirm everything God had been speaking to me about during Season of fasting he was dealing with me in this area of my life, which lead me to make a financial covenant. I’m the month of October my grandmother visited from the Caribbean; she requested I take her on some errands. One of those errands involved going to my grandmother's friend.Back story my grandmother had travelled from the U.K. to St Vincent around 8 years ago to set up children's homes with my grandad she had been a y

Teacher in the U.K. for years. Once we arrived my Nan proceed to load heavy bags into my car, once all the bags were in the car she then asked me to drop her to my aunts. Which I did and helped to unload the heavy bags. The following week I went to visit my grandmother at my aunts which is where she was staying during her trip as she was leaving for the flight back to st Vincent the following day. She said she needed to give me bag with coins, she advised you don't have to continue collecting they may not hold any value but there for you to keep. They were a lot of coins as the bags were heavy, I remember her collecting them as a child when I lived with her from the age of 16 or when I would go to here's of the weekend during secondary school. I never knew all these years it would come down to playing a major part and being part of God plan in my adult years. 

I rang the royal mint as they came with all the paper work, I even when to a networking event where they had coin auctioneers there I thought I'd sell them at auction and use the cash to purchase crypto.God had another plan he spoke to me so vivid and said I need you to keep them he impressed this on my heart I didn't know why. As I began to continue to watch your video I came across one called daily bread published 17 nov. It was there I say the lady from daily bread hold up the coin in a case I couldn't believe it. I then realised the exact significance of your teachings and that fact that I'd just been gifted 100s of sovereign gold coins from the royal mint that my grandparents had been collecting for around 12 years I was in shock. The video God first showed me concerning the wealth transfer during my fasting season. I believe the wealth transfer has been handed to me I asked God to directly confirm that I was a Joseph even though I felt I was I wanted to be sure. During my grandmothers short stay in the U.K. she had given me three significant things; she added me to her will, she gave me a collection of sovereign coins gold & silver that she has been collecting for decades. This is significant as my grandmother 

During a period of listening to your videos speaking about famine it was confirmation you spoke about securing the land. 

The wealth of the wicked will be poured out to the righteous I was raised a Christian my whole immediate family no longer follows Christ, and may have dabbled into the practices of new age and occult beliefs of ancestral workshop. 

He wants people to have Land grow own foods - confirmation. 

It's like everything aligned the land and also the sovereign coins, I understood more about the Fiat coins and the sovereign coins. There was also a video of sister of Christ you shared regarding coins it was at that moment I realised the coins given to me were a transfer of wealth this was 

No Prior knowledge was given to me in regards to she: (i)  gave me a book on spitual warfare 

(ii) Coins from the royal  (iii) Added to her will (land + property) 

When my grandma travels, she never says when she's exactly coming it was happening organically in sync with Gods plan, systematically. This is also shocking for me as my grandmother choose not to give her inheritance to my mother but me which is such a huge weight to carry as I know this will never be spoken of from me. 

Especially as I watched your videos after I had my financial Covenant, I Continued to watch your videos a few weeks after that, my grandmother called me from at Vincent in the 16 Jan at the last part of the conversation she asked how's the family have I heard from them. I said no. She then chuckled and she said don't worry 

Everything clicked when you spoke  of 

Farms - Feed People 

Hospitals - heal people 

Water Facilities - Refresh people 

Business - cloth people 

Land - to shelter people 

Some people were going to inherit this type of land 



Why I had a burning desire in my heart to cultivate the land. As a part of my business Goyea Organics where I sell organic produce of fresh juices fruits in Deliveroo and UberEATS I started in 2020 

My grandmother owns large plots of land in the Caribbean and property's 

Before she left, she had mentioned that she wanted to sell the land, however I called her one day and told her not too as God would be using the land to feed his people during famine. 

The confirmation comes as my I left home when I was 16 to live with my grandparents, since that time the rest of my immediate family turned their backs on God left the church the family in disarray. 

Another confirmation was the cultivation of the land, 9 months prior I had applied to the council for allotment, as I wanted link this to my current business activity teaching children how to cultivate the land grow their own produce. Your teaching confirmed to me how Joseph farmer the land had a team of people who worked on this behalf. 


I have been a part of secretly handed over the biggest transfer of wealth in my immediate family and no one knows. 

I truly thank you Kim from the bottom of my heart, there's other details however I had to get this to you today. 

Shabat shalom God bless you 




Hi kim! Im one of your youtube followers i was going to email you the other day regarding a word from God then ive sort of left it and your latest video you overcome by the word of your testimony has got me to email you, id like to say thanks for your uploads because theyve brought me through some dry ground times and also got me back into the word of God, your videos has Got me i to the Old Testament somehow or i should say God has used your videos to get me into the word again,after watching your videos i think i could be a joseph well i fit all the things anyway the sort of stuff Joseph went through, anyway after getting into the word again something amazing happened the other night i havent heard of God for a while and i been seeking him again learning how to pray in the secret room or how to get there and i was asking God speak to me your servant is listening after watching your videos and i was praying and praying them i started getting words not through the bible my Bible was closed it was i love you then again and it was flashing i was thinking is that my own imagination or is God speaking again so i tried to go to sleep and it kept flashing so i got up and prayed like show me what you want me to do or speak to me and i got this long word in my vision was like cooooraaaassssiiiiiiin and i was like make it easier i cant see it properly show me what your showing me and in the end it was korasin or korazin so i went to sleep or i might have googled it anywya i woke up and i did some google research and inwas still seeing this word in my spirit the next day and i found chorazin is in the New Testament and its were Jesus has give people enough time to repent mathew 11.21 woe to you chorasin woe to you bethsaida so i started getting worried hoping hes not talking to me like hes giving me enough time to repent im thinking i have repent ed and then i started praying over it and i had the feeling to pray that verse out into the atmosphere i felt like God wanted me to speak it out and i did again and i started seeing words and it was faithfull servant or good and faithful servant but these words weren't as strong as the ones then i had a word clear faithfull, so i think it was the same day later the video out about covenants and i could feel God around me again i knew he was hearing me praying and all these things were going on i could feel him activated around me if that makes sense and the sky went red quickly and i think God was telling me to look outside soni did and there was this perfect rainbow over my house and the house was dead centre and i knew it was something to do with the covenant, i recorded it il try and send it,  i only look forward to watching your, anyway thanks for your uploads and they’ve definitely been a big help to me God bless 🙏 or i should say shalom

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This teaching ministry is so blessed and humbled to also have featured or been mentioned on several other TRUTHER YouTube channels !!! We've had about 7 to 10 features/mentions in as little as 100 days of first starting. All glory goes back God, He is the one who links His anointed ONES who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We are after all, ONE SPIRIT.

If you have mentioned my work, I am so grateful that we share in the understanding of the Great Commission and that we are unified in doing His work.

Paul plants, Apollos waters.  


Hello Kim,


I've been meaning to email you for many months now but the awe of what has transpired has kept me from doing so. It has been a 'too good to be true' type of thing. Today's video where you were hurt about people throwing stones has prompted me to reach out and say I can't delay in writing anymore.


I will keep this as short as possible and only share a couple of confirmations, however there have been dozens and dozens of confirmations/coincidences/synchronicities. Every time I watch your videos you blow my mind with all of the confirmations. It's like you are watching my life and talking directly to me/about me in almost every video.


From the time I was a young boy I knew I was supposed to be an end time Joseph and would establish a Goshen. About 10 years ago I actually bought my foothold in Goshen and have been trying my hardest to follow HIS lead and expand my territory and do what HE has placed on my heart; however this has been extremely difficult to put it lightly. I have had multiple confirmations that I am where I am supposed to be. Friends who would visit and have no clue what my intentions are would step out of the car and the first word out of their mouths were: "Wow; Goshen" because of the beauty of the land and the way the topography is set up perfectly to be a Goshen. They had no idea that was the reason I was here but they spoke it on their own accord. 


So as you would suspect, your videos have been acutely targeted for someone in my situation. One example is I actually put my foot down and shook my head no and said "No way she is talking to me, this has to be all in my head. I am making this up and telling myself she is talking to me." Then the very next words out of your mouth was "This person was born in the year 1983". Guess what year I was born in - I was born in 1983.


The Personal Prayer video you made was about me. I kept telling myself nope it's not for me - see she's talking about someone with work issues; then you stated "Or this person has a very demanding spouse." Yep the whole video is like it's tailor-suited to me. Since the enemy couldn't budge me he has been attacking my wife instead; leading to severe mental health issues and I still have yet been able to find a solution or a healthcare professional that can help in this situation. My oldest has Downs Syndrome and a massive VSD in his heart. The stress of this has partially led to her mental health struggles and his medical bills are over the roof. Now I am struggling with medical bills from her mental health issues. My daughter just had eye surgery which has added to the medical bills. My dog, who has been the beacon of light in my life and got me through so much, was just hospitalized and she has now gone blind and has diabetes. So now I have major medical debt on 4 of the 6 of us if you count my dog, and the list goes on and on and on. I could tell you how bad and horrific things have gotten for me but I fear you wouldn't believe them because it's so unbelievable. Truth is truly stranger than fiction. 


Throwing stones. I want you to know, the stone throwing that you have received has not come from people, but rather from the enemy. You are making such strong waves you are causing a ruckus in the kingdom of darkness and he doesn't like it. The reason you are receiving flak is because you are over the target. The more powerful the enemy sees you and sees what you have in store against him, the more he will come against you and try to bring you down. This is why I believe he has come against my family so hard and brutally. Before I even bought the house in Goshen, I pointed to the land across from the house and I told my wife "I am going to buy that land for Goshen." After we moved in, people from around the area visited and I mentioned that land and stated I hoped no one would buy and build on that land. Multiple people agreed that the land would NEVER be built on for Many reasons and that my fear would never materialize for said reasons. Well guess what; the enemy heard me and now multiple people are currently living on and building on that very land. The people who live in the area can't believe it. The enemy has come in and is in the process of stealing the land and my dreams, and the job The LORD has laid out before me. So much has come against me that I would go on prayer walks and seeing the land would stir up hope in me that not everything has been lost. Well now I can't even do that because the land is full of people, construction equipment and hideous structures. 


I am still believing in The LORD that it will all work out but everything has been getting worse and worse every year despite me truly believing every year would be the year things turn around. I have been a part of the Wealth Transfer community since 2008 and I am still waiting for it to materialize. I guess what I am saying is don't sweat the comments and expect them to get way worse and more viscerous; but know that it is only happening because you are making a difference and the enemy can see the great plans our Father has in store for you. Keep up the good work and know that I will defend you any time I see an opportunity to do so. I joined your Telegram so I am sure I will chat with you there and elsewhere in the future. 


GOD Bless you Sister and may HIS face shine upon you and grant you Shalom.


Sincerely, Joe


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It was on my way driving back to my sister's house, on the farm road, that I saw this huge truck coming head-on. I got such a fright I thought it did not see me and was going to drive right through me and it being a farm road I cannot pull off to the side and neither would he be able to. Then right in front of me this huge truck makes a left turn - and to my astonishment I see it has a container - and it is Evergreen!!

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