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The Joseph Mantle
The bible teaches that “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” It also states that,
"Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said".  When the Lord called @mykingyeshua (Sister Kim) to teach on the Joseph Mantle she had not heard of these two powerful prophets before !!!
In fact Sister Kim received knowledge of these prophets via email from two of her faithful Youtube listeners! Thereafter the ministries of both these beloved servants of the Lord remained a wonderful confirmation of what the Jesus has called her to teach on!  

  1. Steven Quayle for topics on Giants

  2. Tim Alberino for topics on the Nephilim 

  3. Mark Taylor: carries the office of PROPHET see his website for links on NOT joining 501c3

  4. Gina Phillips for decoding & SRA healing

  5. Gabbi Chong SRA healing 

  6. The Hagmann Report for Truth on Rumble

  7. Dr Rebecca Brown & Daniel Yoder for Warfare Books

  8. Charles Spurgeon for good old fashioned preaching 

  9. THE BLACK AWAKENING Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos by Russ Dizdar

  10. The Fuel Project - playlist "Know your enemy" 

  11. Professor Walter Veith - Amazing Discoveries 

  12. Fritz Artz Springmeier books

  13. Ronald Bernard on Youtube ex-Banker testimony 

  14. The Vigilant Citizen Blog for understanding symbolism

  15. YouTube Documentary series: "The Third Adam" - by Spencer Smith (discern: The rise of the Kundalini Spirit)

  16. Zac Poonen for good old fashioned preaching

  17. David Wilkerson's preaching & the economic prophecy "The Vision"


  1. ***For Deliverance MANUALS*** : Amanda Buys

  2. Pastor Monty at WCCD for Deliverance SERVICES

  3. Shiela Zilinsky for Deliverance PODCAST

  4. Pat Holliday for Deliverance TEACHINGS

  5. Brother Kyle Deliverance

  6. Derek Prince Ministry for Deliverance TEACHINGS

  7. Win Worley for MASS Deliverance

  8. Rev Kay El Blessing from Prayer

  9. Abednego Lufile for Deliverance and *Highly recommended* exposure videos

  10. Carla Butard Ministries for deliverance 

  11. Lake Hamilton Bible College for deliverance resources 

  12. Frank Hammond Pigs in the Parlour for Deliverance

  13. Noah Hines for Deliverance and discerning "The chosen one movement" on Youtube

  14. Kevin LA Ewing for DREAMS & deliverance

My personal Spiritual Warfare Mentors 

Derek Prince - Spiritual Warfare 

Derek Prince - They Shall expel Demons 

Frank Hammond - Pigs in the Parlour 

Rebecca Brown - He came to Set the captives Free

Rebecca Brown - Unbroken Curses 

Rebecca Brown - Vessel of Honour 

Rebecca Brown - Prepare for war 

LP Timmons - Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom - The battle for planet Earth 

Doreen Irvine - From witchcraft to Christ 

Jack Chick Publications - all his comics 

Russ Dizdar - The Black Awakening (out of print)

Russ Dizdar - Spiritual Warfare (out of print)

Morris Cerullo - The Spiritual Warfare Bible (out of print)

Meet The Team




The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I AM that I AM

Ancient of Days

Alpha and Omega


Jesus Christ 

King of Kings

The High Priest after the order of Melchizedek

The Messiah

The Blood Sacrifice on the altar of YHWH

Bread of life

My everything

Image by Zugr

The Holy Spirit

The Ruach HaKodesh, Breath of God, Leader into all truth, Living Water, Fire of God, Dunamis power, The Anointing, The Spirit of Prophecy pointing to Jesus

The Comforter



Watchman on the wall, Teacher, Dreamer,

Zaphenath-Pania, lover of the messiah Jesus, Bride, Remnant, Covenant keeper, worshipper of YHWH

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