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The Joseph Prophecy

The rise of Zaphnath- Paaneah 

5783 The year 2023

The Jubilee and Sovereignty



The MEANING of JOSEPH'S Covenant name


Many types of Josephs will arise 


Whilst spending time with the Lord, He made me understand these things:

I, the Lord, have called My Josephs to rise from across the earth; My Josephs have remained hidden for many years and have endured many hardships. The season of jealousy, betrayal, false accusation, and imprisonment is complete. Now is the season of his birthing process, where he will stand before Pharoah and be a light in this world of darkness. Zaphnath-Paaneah! Arise! I say, come forward, out of one of history's most significant wealth transfers. My kairos time has arrived and My anointing is upon you, so that you may establish My Kingdom in this end-time harvest period. I have called you even before you were formed in your mother's womb. I have selected you as My prudent steward, I will transfer the wealth from the wicked to the just into your hands. You are to build for MY Kingdom not yours. Do not get swept into thinking the wealth is for yourself. It is through your season of hardship you have learned that above everything I AM KING, King over the seasons and times. King over the gold and the silver. Joseph, you have been pruned to be a custodian of my wealth. A season of famine will follow in 2030, but through your covenant, with Me, I will guide you. Your calling is to lead during this time, particularly in feeding families, communities, or nations. Joseph, if you love me, feed my sheep.


In 2022 the Lord gave me a dream of XRP being held in a prison, just like how Joseph was held in a prison

Joseph will rise, as will the cryptocurrency XRP. Joseph's rise will be seen in 2023, and later he will say, "Ephraim and Manasseh." Then will Joseph come 'full circle' and lift his silver cup over his family to say, "Shalom." Joseph will have his season of restoration and his season of vindication. As Goshen will be a place of comfort and plenty, so Joseph will be a brook in dry places.  There is a time and season to everything.

The Lord showed me the meaning of sovereignty in relation to land about 17 years ago (2006). Later the Lord showed me how sovereignty is tied to the coming wealth transfer. 

The Great wealth transfer is a part of a Jubilee period in history, whereby many of God's chosen saints will come out of the financial slavery of this world, and the Josephs all across the globe will redeem the land to become self-governing and sovereign. The Josephs have been commissioned and set apart to build Goshen. Goshen is a city within a city; as Goshen is to Egypt, so is the City of London to London Metropolitan, the Vatican City to Rome, and Washington DC to The District of Colombia. All sovereign estates, all self-governing. All cities within cities. Joseph will be a city within a city. A city that cannot be hidden. The salt of the earth. His hallmark will be distinguished by his ownership of the land over the ownership of material possessions as well as his differentiation away from the ways of Egypt. Joseph will not be tainted by Egypt's traditions. 

In 2005 after I had re-dedication my life to the Lord, he began to teach me about the value of covenants. (There are many types of covenants in the bible as discussed here.) 

The Joseph Covenant is a mutual understanding that God has called, anointed, and commissioned Joseph for this specific assignment at this fixed historical period. It acknowledges that YHWH is FIRST above mammon and that Joseph is simply a vessel and an extension of His grace in this great wealth transfer. It is a promise to be a wise financial servant until the return of Jesus Christ. The Agreement puts Jesus Christ at the center of building the house, acknowledging that only Jesus is the solid rock upon which any Joseph can build. It believes that Jesus is the only one who can sustain an individual in the seven years of plenty and famine. The Agreement is a surrender or rather a re-dedication of your finances to Jesus, saying, "Jesus, I need you; help me to accomplish what must be done in these times. I am only your steward use me to be a wise vessel.


During the Shemitah year 5782/ 2022 while spending time with the Lord, He showed me the meaning of inheritance.

The Josephs have the assignment to be God's Zerrubabbel here on earth, His signet ring, and His stamp of approval. The Josephs are meant to build, subdue and conquer across all industries. Joseph is to be influential and govern in whatever area God has called him to conquer. While at the same time, Joseph is called to be a Child of Issachar, discerning the times and seasons we live in, adapting and preparing according. Although we are called to govern and steward on earth, we fully acknowledge that there is only ONE government; this hangs on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. Therefore we fall under the government of Jesus. Jesus has completed & finished all things. We are his vessels called for His Great Commission to be co-laborers in His harvest, fishing for men and conquering the areas He has called us to conquer.  

While spending time with the Lord in 2023, He began to show me how important names are. 

Joseph's name means "God will give," and the name Pharaoh gave him, Zaphnath-Paaneah, means "one who reveals hidden things" or "the one who cares for the weak" the meanings of Joseph's name underpin the covenantal position he has with God. Today we are under the most crucial covenant, that of the blood of Jesus. Together with being commissioned to fill the covenantal meanings of Joseph's names in the Great Commission. 

Jesus, Joshua, Moses, David, and Joseph all understood the value of deliverance. Leaders must understand the spiritual concepts of deliverance in order to be effective in physically delivering a concept, such as delivering the land and/or delivering a people, family, or nation.

Jesus delivers from sin

Joshua delivers the land

Moses delivers a people

David delivers a kingship

Joseph delivers from famine 

To self-govern, one must have worked on healing their bloodline. This is a spiritual work that the natural eye cannot see. Spiritual deliverance is a lifelong process that can only come through Jesus Christ. Setting captives free is a significant part of the Jubilee period. Jesus came to set the captive free from the powers of darkness that may have been previously present in a person's bloodline. These old alliances are broken by divorcing Baal, Mammon, and Dagon and agreeing with Jesus' word and his blood. Joseph understands the value of repenting for himself, his ancestors, and the land to enter Jubilee fully. The spiritual precedes the natural. To have accomplished this means Joseph has come "full circle" and is ready to govern and lead. It's only possible to lead economically or spiritually if the person is separated, whole, and unique in Christ. Joseph must be separated from the Egyptian system. He is called to identify and dismantle demonic influence to help redeem God's people through Christ's finished work on the cross. 

Here are a few examples the Lord Jesus has shown me 

Farmers - To Feed People 

Build Hospitals - To heal people 

Have Water Facilities - To Refresh people 

Own Business - To cloth people 

Possess the Land - To shelter people 

Conquer in Education - To raise the next generation

Josephs will also lead in areas of government to influence policy and media to influence and come against the demonic narratives. 

Prophetic words presented from 15th November 2022 to 23rd January 2023

When Kim teaches, she allows the presentations to be prophetic; no presentation is preplanned but rather an opportunity for God to speak through her. Some of above statements are taken from several of her presentations which can be found on Youtube/Rumble ministry @MyKingYeshua or from her prayer journals. 

"2023 The Year of Joseph / The rise of Zaphnath-Paaneah.​

Kim was bedridden for the whole of 2022, she began hearing God call her during this time, and God began to speak to her prophetically concerning many events. On the 6th of March 2022, she heard an audible vision awake her at night, saying, "Zaphnath-Paaneah," the name Pharaoh gave Joseph after he interpreted Pharoah's dream. On the 3rd of November 2022, God sent an angel named Steve to provide specific instructions to Kim regarding ministry and challenged this dream as she was so unwell she could barely care for her own needs, let alone go into ministry. Miraculously on the 14th of November 2022, she felt life had entered her body again, so she entered into ministry to teach about Joseph and the Great Wealth Transfer. She continues to equip and prepare the Body of Christ as she is led to do so. 

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