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 Dreams and visions are a means through which God communicates with His people. They can provide guidance, prophetic messages, warnings and insights into the future. Joseph was a prolific dreamer and God gave him the wisdom and ability to decode his own dreams and the dreams of other people. One of my strongest gifts is the gift of interpretation and my ministry has been helping thousands of people in the body of Christ understand their dreams in a biblical way. Would you like help with hearing the heartbeat of God through the gift of interpretation? Would you like to be able to better discern the voice of God, yourself or satan? The book "JOSEPH THE DREAMER" is an encyclopaedia of symbols that will help you unpack and decode your dreams God's way. 

This book is helpful for:

1. Biblical interpretation of your dreams 

2. How dreams involve a level of deliverance of people and even nations

3. Decoding times and seasons

4. Living out your destiny according to God's plans and purposes

5. Hearing the voice of God for yourself

6. Maturing in your gift to understand dreams better

7. Overcoming modern day Egypt (and Babylon)

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"Dreams that are not interpreted are like unopened letters from God"

Dreams hold the key to our destiny

In the book of Genesis, Joseph's life journeys through a series of dreams that not only shaped his destiny but had far-reaching implications for his family and the nation of Israel.


Joseph’s dreams revealed that he would rise to a position of power and prominence, causing jealousy and animosity among his brothers. However, these dreams ultimately fulfilled God’s plan, as Joseph becomes the Viceroy of Egypt and played a pivotal role in not only saving Israel but other nations from severe famine.

Unlock the power of your dreams today!

Meet The Team




The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I AM that I AM

Ancient of Days

Alpha and Omega


Jesus Christ 

King of Kings

The High Priest after the order of Melchizedek

The Messiah

The Blood Sacrifice on the altar of YHWH

Bread of life

My everything

Image by Zugr

The Holy Spirit

The Ruach HaKodesh, Breath of God, Leader into all truth, Living Water, Fire of God, Dunamis power, The Anointing, The Spirit of Prophecy pointing to Jesus

The Comforter



Watchman on the wall, Teacher, Dreamer,

Zaphenath-Pania, lover of the messiah Jesus, Bride, Remnant, Covenant keeper, worshipper of YHWH

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