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The Marine Kingdom



What they don't tell you about money

To have true governance over the monetary system you must understand it's underpinnings.

Learn about how money works and it's potential origins. The book discusses maritime terminology, maritime law, the Marine Kingdom, banks and much more. Find it in our store.

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The book Money Changers was inspired after almost two decades of research into the macro financial underpinnings of our society. It is a consolidated works that looks at mammon for what it is, and how to take dominion over it.


Knowledge is power and in order to effectively govern wealth, you must understand wealth. In order to understand how money works, you need to understand the system that the Money Changers have set up. 


This book explores the intricacies of the money supply, and does so by unpacking the following:


(i) The potential origins of money

(ii) Banks 

(iii) The money supply 

(iv) Money through a biblical lens

(v) Maritime terminology in so far as it may relate to maritime jurisprudence, the marine kingdom and where we go from here.


This book is for every believer who identifies themself with the life of Joseph, The Viceroy of Egypt, found in the Book of Genesis. Joseph was given a special anointing by God to have governance over wealth. 


The book, although written for a Christian audience, is applicable to all those who are keen to unravel the mysteries of the money supply.

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