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Secretariat prophecy

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Prophetic word 13/7/2023 SECRETARIAT - the Red Horse

The Spirit of the Living God is saying, "Listen! The RED horse is coming!

The RED horse is coming!

Prepare for war and judgment. You are witnessing the dawning of a new era. The era of X has arrived. Do you not perceive it?

X is the Roman numeral TEN. In my scripture, the number TEN represents judgment, just like the TEN plagues of Egypt.

Just like my war with Pharaoh catapulted my people to be positioned in front of the RED Sea, so too will the RED horse of war and judgment precipitate the RED Sea event.

Sound the alarm! Do not remain silent The RED horse is coming!

Just as Secretariat won the triple crown titles, so too will the RED horse of war have three titles, these are: WWI, WWII and WWIII. Just as Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes leading by many lengths, so too will it be with this Reset, the war will be won by many lengths."




Regarding XRP and I heard the Lord say, "no horse in the race after 85"

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1st August 2023

"America stop poking the bear"

America! America! You love war so will it be upon you.

This is what the LORD says, “You have abandoned me, therefore I now abandon you to the RED HORSE”

The LORD is JUST in all his ways.

Humble yourself and repent, so I will not destroy you but will soon give you deliverance.

My wrath will not be poured out on you however you will be subject to the RED country,

so you will learn the difference between serving me as KING and serving kings from other lands.

Humble yourself and my anger will be turned, you shall not be totally destroyed.




TRANSCRIPT of Secretariat Prophecy

thank you this prophetic word was given on the 13th of July 2023 Secretariat the red horse the spirit of the Living God is saying listen the red horse is coming the red horse is coming prepare for war and judgment you are witnessing the dawning of a new era the error of X has arrived do you not perceive it X is the Roman numeral 10. in my scripture the number 10 represents judgment just like the ten plagues of Egypt just like my war with Pharaoh catapulted my people to be positioned in front of the Red Sea so too will the red horse of war and judgment precipitate the Red Sea event Sound the Alarm do not remain silent the red horse is coming just as Secretariat won the Triple Crown titles so too will the red horse of War have three titles these are World War One World War II and World War III just as Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes leading by many lengths so too will this will it be with this reset the war will be won by many lengths regarding xrp and I heard the Lord say no horse in the race after eight five shalom right so hello everybody I just wanted to reiterate something that the Lord has also highlighted to me regarding this um War that's coming up um when the Lord is speaking to me about the red horse um he by no means took me to the Book of Revelations if anything the lord gave me a picture of a red horse symbolizing War it does not mean that this war is related to the Apocalypse it's just another war that will go down in history for example World War One World War II world war three we might see a World War four five six seven however many wars they'll be in future I do not know and say when I'm referring to the red horse I'm not referring to the Book of Revelations if anything the Lord has given me a picture of the red horse to symbolize the fact that war is coming and so this war is coming because of judgment and the Judgment of the Lord is upon the Earth and as you know being a Joseph and being positioned under the fear of God and following God's ways rules laws and being obedient to the Lord will not bring you under judgment this judgment is for the world so this prophetic word really is for the world and the Lord wanted me to share with you that when you look at the victory for Secretariat the victory for Secretariat Was Won by many lengths in the final race that he he he wrote for the Triple Crown and in that same regard this war is going to catapult and and take um the new world order that much further it will embed the New World Order further along than what people perceive or believe to be um reality at the first world war and the second world war were milestones in achieving uh resets or achieving the new world order but this third war that we're fighting at the moment where the red horse will come and put his stamp of approval on really it will catapult the entire Globe further along the New World Order agenda and um really there are two types of pharaohs that one must consider there's the Pharaoh that exalted Joseph and there's the Pharaoh that drown in the Red Sea now both pharaohs are at play in this Jubilee we know that Joseph will rise because we've spoken extensively about the Joseph Ministry and the Josephs here on Earth and the Josephs will come alongside pharaohs or Giants if you prefer who will um be forced to exalt Joseph in his State country Nation village community wherever this Joseph is placed they will have the anointing of God to Shepherd that area and to govern that area and to be a gatekeeper of that area however they are pharaohs that exist in the world who are seeking to uh in debt and cause debt for the body of Christ and these pharaohs will lose the war because these pharaohs will be drown in an attempt to try and drown out the Israelites and when I researched the Triple Crown I realized that the American Pharaoh also won the Triple Crown and so in the context of um these two types of pharaohs yes there will be an American Pharaoh that wins because the New World Order must come to pass biblical prophecy must come to pass there's no way of fighting what the Book of Revelation speaks about where we go we we coming into a time where um Darkness will increase so with the new order it has to come to pass it must come to pass because the Bible says it will come to pass and so that is reference to the fact that um American Pharaoh runs alongside Secretariat however Secretariat still wins the race and when I researched Secretariat because I had not heard of him before and the Lord showed me him on the 13th of July I had not heard of this particular horse before what I learned is that he won the Triple Crown in 1973 which was exactly 50 years ago and the law was pointing to the fact that um 50 is is the number of Jubilee it's the number of Jubilee and um he won that race in a record time of two minutes and 24 um seconds and that reminded me of 222 which is um Isaiah which is Isaiah 22 22 which speaks about keys we've been given the keys to the kingdom of heaven and so I know the Lord speaks in types and shadows and sometimes it's very difficult to understand the prophetic because the Lord does speak in types and shadows um and so I hope this slide breaks down that for you guys in terms of what the Lord is trying to say about Secretariat and what the Lord is trying to say about the up-and-coming wars and the parallels of the Triple Crown now when we speak about horses in the Bible I've taught this before a horse is is a symbolic of authority anytime we read about the horses in whether it's Zachariah or Revelation or when they come onto the Earth scene that come on the earth scene with authority in a set in a similar way if you look at Isaiah 22 22 um it speaks about keys and these Keys give the children of God Authority and um when the Lord was speaking to me about the red horse um he highlighted to me that there will be bloodshed lots of deaths I'm not sure if this is related to coronavirus or not but he did highlight and when I speak about coronavirus I'm speaking about the vaccinated and the implications of those who have been vaccinated but he did highlight to me that there is going to be war that is going to be War and um China came to mind because when I thought about the red color of the horse the red color of the flag of China stood out to me as I was meditating on this and um Russia as well um and then when I was speaking to the Lord about the Triple Crown he showed me parallels between Joseph xrp and wall and we know that Joseph had three crowns in his life he was crowned in Potiphar's house where he was given jurisdiction over Potiphar's house and he was given custody over Potiphar's house and he was also crowned in jail because the jail guard saw that Joseph did things with excellence and he made he put Joseph in charge of the jail and finally he was crowned in front of pharaoh when he interpreted Pharaoh's dream so here we see in Joseph's life throughout his career he had three crowns if you go back to my presentation where I speak about the border control crisis in America and Europe I speak about there being three wealth transfers the wealth transfer when Joseph first comes to office and um that's the beginning of his career the beginning of the seven years of plenty and then at the Harvest Time at the end of the seven years of plenty he begins to receive a wealth transfer when people come to Egypt to receive grain from him and then lastly he also gets a third wealth transfer when the people's money fail and they are unable to purchase um the grain anymore because the money has failed and they start giving Joseph land first they give him livestock and then they give him land so Joseph had three crowns in his lifetime but he also had three wealth transfers in his lifetime when you consider xrp we know that xrp came to the stage um in 2018 where it hit its all-time high that was his first it was its first crown and then the Lord showed me on the 13th of July when he spoke to me about war and the red horses coming um is intricately linked to xrp this red horse is intricately linked to xrp and um he showed me that the verdict in favor of xrp is really one of the crowns of of xrp it's a big it's a big win for xrp and then the third crown of course will be when we see the adoption of xrp it's utilization in the common space and an exceptions of it by a wider audience and really when you see it at its full when when you see it at its full power and potential if you consider Secretariat the horse if you've watched that video on Secretariat the horse the third race at the Belmont Stakes you really see him at its at his full power and potential he's running that race the jockey they interviewed the jockey afterwards and said that he was not even pushing the horse the horse ran the race itself um and apparently when they did an autopsy on Secretariat then they opened him up they they noticed how big his heart was his heart was much bigger than normal horses and that larger heart enabled him to run a lot harder and faster than his um opponents because he had more heart in him he had more um ability more potential more oxygen flowing more blood flowing and in the same way that third race where you see Secretariat running his heart out but in the same way you're going to see the third crown of xrp will be will Astound most people this race of Secretariat astounded most people that Belmont race as standard most people and in the same way when Joseph came to power it was an astounding event you know it when Pharaoh crowned him it was uh unheard of in all of Egypt that the slave becomes the prime minister that that that margin of Victory is unheard of in the same way that Secretariat won that margin of Victory is unrealized and also it has not yet been um uh so another horse has not yet been able to produce that same potential and in the same way that that is what will happen with xrp and so when we look at the triple crown for war we know that we've already had World War One World War II and uh there is the uh High alert for World War III regarding this red horse now remember that World War III when we're speaking about world wars we it's when every country is touched by what happens it's not just for example local Geographic implications it's when the whole world is affected and what will happen now will affect the entire world what happens with this red horse and what happens with um xrp and what happens with Joseph would affect the whole entire world and so um the war really is coming for judgment it's coming for um the Judgment of uh of God's um not of God's people but rather of um of the world and so we saw the green candle occur on the 13th of July which is the same day that the Lord spoke to me about this red horse and no no horse after eight five eight five and when I Was preparing this presentation the lord gave me the picture of um of sorry of um these three things as a picture um of what encapsulates what the war is about really the war is about the change in the financial system and it is also about what's happening with America regarding Trump and the politics around Trump um what's interesting to me is that in in July um sorry about the slides in July um in July the prophetic word that the Lord had given me in June sorry the prophetic word that the Lord had given me was about the wedding invitation and what came out in July was this book cover by The Economist and The Economist is owned by the Rothschilds and they are very big into predictive programming when it comes to things that will happen in the future and I found it interesting that this cover was testifying to the wedding event or and in June I spoke about the wedding invitation and in July we see a test of uh something testifying to the actual wedding event and that came out on the 15th of July one other thing that I wanted to highlight that I thought was important for everybody to know was um they announced that Credit Suisse is keeping their file secret for 50 years regarding the collapse that happened in March remember the collapse with this Silicon Valley bank and credit suiss was one of the banks that was implicated in that collapse and remember the collapse in Marsh superseded the gross um the money that if you totaled up the money of the banks that went down in March it's superseded 2008 in terms of volume and the money that was involved and so the inquiry if you want to go and research what happened with this particular Bank you will not be able to because they have decided to keep the records sealed for 50 years so only in the next Jubilee will we get to know what actually happened with Credit Suisse it has now been taken over by UBS in Switzerland and um they say that the banks are too big to fail and now we have one Bank instead of two in Switzerland in terms of the giant Banks and there's more risk of having or one larger Bank failing as opposed to two separate Banks and one failing and now Credit Suisse is Under the Umbrella of UBS it's fascinating if you go and research uh what's happening in Switzerland so this 50 pointed to the fact that we are in the Jubilee and this is another sign that we are in the Jubilee and another thing that really stood out for me was what's happening with Russia um if you follow my Ministry you know the Lord has given me an audible word regarding Russia and he said to me Russia Russia Russia and another audible word he said to me was 23 23 23 23. and here we see Russia practicing uh The Book of Leviticus and in The Book of Leviticus it speaks about the Jubilee it speaks about debt forgiveness it speaks about um freedom of slaves and here we see that Putin is forgiving debt which is a principle of the Jubilee to the cost of 23 billion again we're seeing history being made by Russia we saw history being made last month by Russia when Russia sent oil in their ships and the oil was paid for in Yuan in July we're seeing history being made with Russia by Russia give for giving debt to the sum of 23 billion US dollars this is very strategic and um very tactical of Putin in terms of forming alliances in future with potential brics Nation countries now the Lord has been speaking to me about the brics nation but that is out of the scope of this presentation I'll speak about the brics nations in a different video he also gave 50 000 tons of grain at no cost to the African countries and the 50 000 is again a reference to the Jubilee because it's 50. and so um what I really wanted to highlight today was the fact that war is coming and wanted to reiterate the fact that um I'm not speaking so much about um so much about Revelations I'm only referring to the red horse as a symbol of War I'm not speaking about the tribulation and the opening of the seals because that is out of my remit and the Lord has not shown me that we are in the tribulation nor has he shown me that we are opening any seals he's only showed me that war is coming and he's used the picture of the red horse to symbolize that war is coming and so I hope that um this presentation has been helpful in this Regard in terms of um fleshing out the prophetic word that I posted a few days ago I think it was two or three days ago this picture was sent to me by a lovely listener of mine in America and I thought it was prophetic in the sense that you have the red horse and then you also have um Texaco in the background here and really if you consider the war the war is really about the petrodollar and this is why this picture is so prophetic for me because we've got the symbol of the red horse which is what the Lord has shown me a type and Shadow Of War and the fuel industry or the Black Gold industry which is what all of this is about um it's also about the birthing of the new Financial system and that is why the Lord When I Was preparing this he gave me the picture of these two things juxtaposition because the the worse the red horse is really about The Changing of the Guard and the financial system and also the returning of President Trump into office remember he said that the storm is coming and also here you see we have Ripple Rich through the storm so I hope that um if you've made it to the end of this presentation remember this reminds me very much of the dream I had of Donald Trump and I and in the dream Donald Trump and I are in a country club and in the country club we go out on the balcony and he points to the Horizon and when I look to where he's pointing I see a mushroom cloud I see a mushroom cloud and that this prophetic word about war is coming reminded me very much of that dream I had with Donald Trump what was interesting about that dream was the fact that there was a hedge of protection between the country club and where the um nuclear bomb was going off in the distance and that hedge of protection is for all those who believe in Yeshua hamashiach and who have laid down their life for Jesus Christ and who are in the will and the grace of God so when a prophetic word comes forward about the fact that there is a war there's no need to be fearful because we are under the blood of Jesus we we live under psalm 91. the sh the under the shadow of the most high God right and so I'll close this video by praying Psalm 91 over everybody because there is no need to fear it's for Preparation and consideration because the Bible says that the Lord does nothing unless he reveals it first to his servants the prophets and so by revealing that this war coming it's for people to prepare their minds in their hearts so that when it happens we're not all confused and dumbfounded as to what is going on we expecting it to happen okay so I pray this is blessed that uh you guys if you've made it to the end I want to say shabbat shalom and now I'm going to pray for everybody we live within the shadow of the almighty sheltered by The God Who is above all gods and this we declare that he alone is our refuge our place of safety he is our garden we are trusting him for he rescues us from every trap and protects us from the Fatal plague he will shield us with his wings they will shelter us his faithful promises are our armor now we don't need to be afraid of the dark anymore nor fear the dangers of the day nor dread the plagues of Darkness nor disasters in the morning though a thousand fall at our side though ten thousand are dying around us the evil will not touch us we will see how the wicked are punished but we will not share it for Jehovah is our refuge we choose the God above all gods to shelter us how then can evil overtake us or any plague come here us for he orders his angels to protect us wherever we go they will steady us with their hands to keep us from stumbling against the rocks on the trail we may safely meet a lion or step on poisonous snakes yes even trample them beneath our feet for the Lord says because he loves me I will rescue him because he knows me I will make his name great so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end shabbat shalom [Music] and we're ready for the start tonight [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] an American kicks away American Pharaoh has opened up a two-like lead as they come to the top of the stretch and frosted has moved up in the second and the rim of the stretch an American Pharaoh makes his run for Glory as they come into the final draw frosted his second with one eighth of a mile to go American Pharoah's got a too late lead frosted is long out at the 16th and here it is the 37 years later today [Applause] [Music]

Prophecy in motion

Prophecy in motion describes either the fulfilment of the prophecy or the prophecy starting to fulfil.


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The video Transcript

hey guys so today we're going to be talking about the war in Israel and the prophecy that the lord gave me um two months ago um the prophecy that he gave me was called the Red Horse and he likened when he was speaking to me he likened the red horse to war um and the lord gave me that prophecy in July specifically on the 13th of July and I I just recall that day so uh vividly in my mind because on that particular day was the day that the um the day that xrp won against the SEC it was the 13th of July and I remember the Jubilation on the internet there was so much positive feedback from the community that they everybody was so happy happy and I distinctly remember that um the Lord said to me don't Don't focus on that you need to focus on what I'm about to tell you and I had not known that um ruple had won their case yet um I woke up to the sound of the Lord speaking to me and I heard uh that war is coming and the Lord said to me no um horse in the race after 85 no horse in the race after 85 and um after I spent some time more time with the Lord meditating on that word he began to download and explain to me how he likened Secretariat the red horse in 1973 to war and he he gave me that phrase no horse in the race after 85 and um I penned I I spent some time writing what the Lord was saying and then I released the prophecy on YouTube and what I found remarkable it it completely blew my mind um because most of the time when I'm prophesying I'm doing it by faith it's not that I know everything a lot of people ask me what does it mean no horse in the race after 85 and I I said I didn't know um what it actually meant and a few people had given their interpretations in the comment section as to what they thought it might be I did like in 85 to uh a Black Swan uh in a different video but the Lord had not given me the interpretation of what the 85 means and when I um heard that Israel had entered war on the 6th of October I want to thank uh Kristen who is a listener of mine she put a comment in uh the video of that particular prophecy and I very much Believe by the spirit of wisdom she calculated the date from the 13th of July until uh the day that the war broke out and it's 85 days spot on 85 days and it gets even more mindblowing for me because it's not just the 85 days that is highlighted by the Lord that um 85 it's the fact that it's the 6th of o October and exactly 50 years ago on the 6th of October Israel entered War so there again you see that um that um that reference to the Jubilee um you must forgive the lighting if it gets dark and light it's because um there's cloud cover and I'm I'm relying on natural light so anyway um what I what I found remarkable was um God's fingerprint on this particular prophecy because it's exactly 85 days that war breaks out the prophecy is about war it's the prophecy is also about Jubilee and 50 and exactly 50 years ago um Israel was had declared war uh in 1973 and then even for further accuracy the date that the war breaks out is the 6th of October which is the landmark date for 85 but it's also the 5th the year anniversary of Israel going to war and you cannot get more specific than that God is the great mathematician he's the great mathematician and so um I I I I spend some time meditating on that interpretation but the Lord was saying to me that in that particular prophecy about Secretariat it's it's the Lord was discussing to me World War and the involvement of many PL is not just a few and so I still believe that this will come to pass we have Russia and Ukraine at war with America by proxy now we have Israel and Palestine at war with America by proxy and um there has been rumors of China entering into war with taian and so um there is potential for things to develop and for more players to be pulled into um having war all at the same time now what I wanted to highlight which is a Watchman warning is um the fact that on the 8th of October I was sleeping I was taking a afternoon nap and I was coming out of my sleep um it's exactly how I received the no war no horse in the race after 85 I was coming out of my sleep when I heard that and um on the 8th of October I was taking an afternoon nap and I was coming out of my sleep and I heard the word Hemorrhage Hemorrhage and when I began to meditate on what the Lord was trying to say to me the Lord was saying to me that you will hear wars and rumors of wars you'll hear about uprisings local uprisings and you will hear about communities uh demonstrating and getting involved with uh fixating on identity politics and identity politics just means you're picking one side over the other and then you go out to Rally or or or uh protest and the Lord was saying that they'll be upress and when he when I heard that uh the word Hemorrhage the Lord was showing me that a lot of things are going to go under the radar and be blamed on War riots and chaos but the actual cause of death is going to be Hemorrhage and this Hemorrhage will be a byproduct of um biological warfare and I hope this video makes it to YouTube uh but that is a Watchman warning that the cause of death a lot of people are going to think that the cause of death is going to be because communities are being bombed or because there's actual um war in that area but um Hemorrhage is going to be the the the main cause of death um so um I'm I'm praying for everybody I'm very uh heartsore for Israel and and Palestine I don't pick sides um that's uh that's identity politics God doesn't um he's not a respector of persons right and for me I believe that the the war is centralized around the land remember if you've been following my Ministry for a while you know that I speak a lot about land and how Jubilee is about land and um at the beginning of my Ministry I sounded the shaffar in December because the Lord was showing me Jubilee and War in December and um the land is very important and I just wanted to highlight that the Lord has given me a second dream or a second Revelation about the land in Israel specifically Temple Mount and so we'll see how that uh fruition of that comes to pass in that particular dream it was more an arrangement that was done in secret rather than something that was outright with war so I'm not sure how that will be fulfilled but the Lord has shown me that that land is very important and it will become increasing increasingly important with the wealth that is gained from this particular wealth transfer however that might be I'm not sure how it will play out but I wanted to just share this Insight that when there's war um there is an effect on the stock market and when there's war um God does warn his people through his he doesn't do anything unless he reveals it first to the prophet and so I I just wanted to say that um I'm still I'm still new to prophesy because I've only been doing it since I started in November last year and there's been repeated fulfillment um I think it's now like the 10th or 12th thing that has been fulfilled and um it could be more but I every time I'm just like wow it's mindblowing so anyway guys take care of yourself s shabbat [Music] shalom


What the Lord showed me about the ISRAEL GAZA WAR

TRANSCRIPT of the video

hello everybody so today we're going to be talking about Israel and I would like to unpack a few of the things the Lord has shown me regarding um just prophetic insights in terms of watching what's being unfolding and what's important to um what the Lord has shown me not only as a Watchman but in relation to Israel as a whole I tend not to watch all the news and so I'm very select Ive of what the Lord leads me to in terms of what he shows me and what comes across my path and so this specific decode is very specific to the things that the Lord has shown me and the things that he wanted to highlight to me so the first thing that I'd like to highlight is that um this particular War happened on the um Eve of the Sabbath um on the sixth of October going into the 7th of October and we know that the 7th of October was the Sabbath for the Jewish people they were coming out of celebrating sukot and sukot is a festival where they erect tents that are temporary and it reminds them of their journey in the wilderness um when they were erecting tents and moving through the Wilderness so they celebrate this Festival annually and they erect these tents now what happened on the Eve just before the war happened was that there was a strong wind that came throughout all of Israel and the um tents that were erected were all blown down and this is symbolic what the Lord is showing me is that this is symbolic of the covering being removed from Israel and and the tent as you know the tent is a covering so this is symbolic of the covering being removed off of Israel to enable War to occur because War needs a a doorway to happen right there there is a gate or a portal that needs to open for war to occur and this was symbolic when the wind blew the the Tabernacles down it was showing that the the covering of Israel is coming down and as you know the Dome of the Rock did fail which is a type of a covering for Israel and so um that was the first thing that the Lord showed me now just putting into context the the Tabernacle the tent and sukot um we know that in the Old Testament they erected a tabernacle and the Tabernacle was first a tent and then the second Tabernacle was the one that Solomon built in the legacy of David David and that was an actual building and the Third Temple will be built in line with prophecy and revelation we know that Jesus describes himself as a temple and he also describes the church the body um as a temple so we know that we are the temple of God as Christians we are the temple of God however the Jews are waiting to erect the Third Temple for their perceived Messiah because is they have a veil over their eyes regarding who the Messiah actually is and the Messiah is Jesus Christ Yeshua hamashiach so um what the Lord is showing me is that um the the wind was symbolic of the removing of the covering off of Israel and the removal of the protection of the Dome of the Rock to allow War to enter into that zone so that's the first thing that the Lord decoded to me I'll put a tweet up here by a Christian Rabbi who lives in Jerusalem and had his tent erected and he um reported on Twitter that the wind had blown down his Tabernacle what was really interesting is that on the 5th of August I I said to everybody that portals are opening and closing doors are opening and closing now one of those portals obviously war that war has started and is occurring in the world and um if you listened to the people who were in Israel they said that they could feel a Darkness or they could feel uh a for boing just before the war actually broke out in Israel and um one of the persons actually said um it felt like the Gates of Hell Gates there's that word portal gat and so that was just another confirmation of a word that the Lord had spoken to me that these things are these portals are opening uh for specific reasons now what the Lord showed me separately from this and um I've had a vision an audible Vision where the Lord said to me 23 23 23 23 and so ever since that Vision the Lord has wanted me to watch out and monitor for the uh every day on the 23rd and so I look out for things of significance that have happened on this particular day and if you follow my Ministry on telegram you'll know that I post periodically about important events to do with either death or inheritance regarding the 23rd of each month now what's fascinating to me is that on the 23rd of February 2023 Israel was incorporated uh the state of Israel was um listed on the London House of companies as a corporation so Israel becomes a corporation on the 23rd of February 2023 now this is a really big deal why is this a really big deal well the the lord gave me a well the first thing is that the lord gave me a dream regarding uh a secret meeting of elite Jewish people that were rejoicing over um a proportion of the land that they had acquired on the Jubilee and as you can see from this document that I'm putting up on the side on the 23rd of February there was a signing of the the state of Israel into a COR Corporation now when we have a corporation we know that the company has assets and the assets then become ownership of that Corporation um depending on who the stakeholders are or the board of directors are and if you look at that document you can see that the knesset is the is the owners of the corporation of the state of Israel and so Israel becomes a business it's no no longer Sovereign right it's now a corporation it's no longer Sovereign and that's really important because the Jubilee is about sovereignty the Jubilee is about debt cancellation the Jubilee is about re ownership of the land or taking back of the land and here we can see that the state of Israel becomes a corporation whereby it's Consolidated into the hands of few people which is exactly what my dream described that the lord gave me two months ago and so the question remains is that the land on the mount does that belong to this the corporation as well or is the um ownership of the land um a front for the people who actually uh claim that it is theirs I.E the Arab people so that's a a question that I'll put out there but I'm not actually going to answer but the Lord to showing me the importance of this particular ownership of the state of Israel as a corporation and the assets under that Corporation belonging to a specific select few people which is exactly what I dreamt two months ago I do believe that in the coming years because that dream does speak about how later on people will get to hear about how the land on the mount actually belongs to the Jewish people and that does come after the Jubilee and that's spoken about in the dream as well so I thought that was very interesting one last thing is the Lord highlighted to me the significance of Texas now remember I said Texas is very significant and what's come out of Texas the red heer Texas is breeding red heers for the Jewish people in preparation for the Third Temple all these things are important to prophecy Buffs and people who are following biblical prophecy and so I pray this presentation has blessed you um I'll make a video separately on all the other important events that have happened around the 23d in relation to inheritance and death thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom um that the reason I believe that this is going to occur is because it is my belief and ons that this process has already occurred um if we come over to the search engine known as Google and we type in these letters o e 02751 15 and we hit search what comes up is a company with a registered company number by that number titled the state of Israel all capitalized this company is registered in company's house in London at two palace green London United Kingdom w84 KB this entity was registered on the 23rd of February of 2023 just earlier this year Incorporated in Israel under a governing Israeli law but the correspondence address is in London the United Kingdom if you come over to current officers the current officers are not listed on this particular company but the beneficial owner is identified as the knesset in other words who benefits from the actions of the company's board and the company's officers that would be the knesset and the knesset's address is listed here in bing in Jerusalem Israel um and what's amazing is this body the Kessa body was notified that they would benefit from this Arrangement on this date 14 April 1948 so what we have here in N this year is the full actualization the full manifestation in real physical world form of the state of Israel's dissolution the dissolution of The Sovereign body that was the um deep State stronghold of the Israeli government it has now been brought underneath the Central Bank uh company's house um economic collapsing system and will now be part of that collapse whereas prior to that incorporation we could have collapsed all of NATO all of the western Central Bank model and the Israeli government and economy would not have been affected and that was P that was uh purposeful and by Design so forcing them into the collapsing worldwide Western Central Bank model bringing them into the company's house uh taking away the sovereignty of the Israeli government in the same fashion that the sovereignty of the United States was usurped in the act of 1871 now makes them subservient and at the mercy to whatever occurs with the Federal Reserve dollar note whatever occurs with the NATO Central back or central bank backed West and whatever occurs with those economic and Industrial Systems right the state of Israel is now going to be absorbed into that collapsing process now why is that significant because seven months later or excuse me eight months later not even eight months later um really seven months later in a handful of days we have the launch of these hostilities in Gaza and what is occurring the Israeli Defense Force is beginning to um prepare a ground Invasion into Gaza that has no serious objective um it doesn't really stand to benefit Israel other than to you know ethnically cleanse the territory and destroy everything there um but it provokes a much Lar larger worldwide response from the entire Arab Nation um all of the Iranian Associated interest groups in all of the countrysides throughout the Middle East have discussed that that is their Red Line um the houthi rebels in Yemen have already began firing Rockets headed in the direction towards Israel for what they believe to be provocations excuse me the Israeli Defense Force is readying a ground Invasion into Lebanon as well in the north and is already targeting um um or excuse me is already striking targets via Air Raids and and guided Munitions in Lebanon and all of the way into Syria uh just today or excuse me yes just today um Turkish president erdogan came out and said that a solution to the conflict cannot be achieved without the creation of an independent Palestinian state with the borders of 1967 with its capital in East Jerusalem um

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