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Russia controls South Africa.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

If you are called to build Goshen in the land of South Africa, this dream is a warning to pray about the land. A time is coming when the land will be called into question!


Dream Date: middle of July 2023

Dream released: 8th August 2023


everybody so today I'd like to speak to you about a dream that the lord gave me concerning South Africa now normally when I don't um when I've rarely dreamed about a place or with a place is new for me in a dream I really pay attention and for me this dream seemed out of the ordinary it was about this South African country and I feel like the Lord really wanted me to pay attention to what he was highlighting to me and in the dream I saw Russian troops or the Russian army controlling South Africa and the reason why they were controlling South Africa is because there was a discrepancy or there was a dispute between the people from the previous government that's 1994 before 1994 and the current government that's post 1994. I don't know a lot about South Africa and um all I know is that there is uh there is a lot of uh disparity there's a lot of discrepancies there's a lot of um it's it's not a very fair equal place to live in terms of what the local people might have had exposure to in the past and what the local people have exposure to now and I think this is the catalyst for things going very wrong in South Africa is that the people who don't have that much um are going to rise up and what I saw in the dream is that the peace was being created by the Russian army the Russians took occupation of South Africa and they were creating peace in South Africa because there was uh racial tension that happened in South Africa now I am um I because I'm a Christian and a lover of Yeshua and um I myself have um a very mixed background I do not believe in racism at all and so what I want to say is that um this particular dream shows no bias to any type of person whether whatever the color of your skin might be the dream is purely telling me that Russia is going to take occupation of South Africa based on a racial imbalance or a racial dispute and what the Lord wants I was praying about this dream and I asked the Lord what is it that you want me to share about this dream or what is it that is important for your people to know and the Lord is saying that South Africa needs serious prayer and that this is a warning dream particularly for those who want to build Goshen because if you are thinking about building ocean for in South Africa you need to start praying for your country because the political atmosphere and the political debates and the politics of the past are going to come into play in terms of decision making for the land and so if if the previous uh grievances over the land have not been sorted out there is going to be a struggle for the land in South Africa and so if you're a Joseph and you're called to South Africa and you're called to build Goshen for the kingdom of God the Kingdom's purposes might be disrupted because of political uh the political atmosphere and so the Lord wanted me to just highlight this because I saw Russia taking occupation of South Africa to create peace the Russians Army the Russian army presence was very much felt it was very much um authoritative the South Africans were very aware that this Russian army was was present they aligned all the streets they were everywhere these particular um men and um when I consider this dream in the context of what God has been showing us all along it's and teaching us about in terms of preparing ocean when I consider this particular dream it marries up really well with another dream that I had and in that dream the Lord showed me that people were unable to live in South Africa and that this caused migration people migrated from South Africa to other countries and the country that I saw them migrating to was Zimbabwe I saw South Africans migrating to Zimbabwe in a different dream because they were unable to stay in South Africa because the country there was a lot of turmoil and a lot of things that had happened to this particular country that caused it to not be suitable for people to live there anymore and so these are things that the Lord wants us to pray about or it's just a warning that may confirm something that the Lord has already shown you and if you are South African I would encourage you to spend a lot of time and it's irrespective of whichever political affiliation you have or whatever the color of your skin is pray for the Peace of your country because what the enemy does is the enemy wants to divide and conquer he will always come to a nation and cause division in that Nation through racism in order to conquer that nation and so when you see um Strife at a racial level in any country even if it's America when you see Strife at a racial level it's because the enemy is coming in to divide and conquer that people when we learn to um collaborate and uplift and allocate and edify and encourage each other that is the kingdom way of doing things you know the kingdom of God we're called to join hands together and work in unity to build his kingdom but Satan has other plans for for great Nations and when he has other plans for great Nations especially their resources he will bring Division and one of the age-old strategies that he uses to divide people is through the color of their skin and so if you are to build a Goshen in this particular region then you are to prayerfully consider the land because really there will be a time and a season where the land will be called into question in this particular Country and this is because old wounds have not been healed in this country this country is full of wounds and there's a lot of healing that needs to go on in South Africa before they can be um any sort of birthing of fruit in this country but for now what the Lord wants me to tell everybody is that Russia Russia will be seen in the streets of South Africa so um thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

Warning for South Africa

hello everybody so today I'd like to speak about South Africa this is a topic that has been very burdensome on my heart and when the Lord gives you words about a particular place you really carry those words and um it's like the Holy Spirit won't let you go until you release that word and so even though I released it on the 10th of October on my YouTube Community section and in my telegram I'm still having this urge to make a video and release it more publicly so the words is specifically for South Africa and um what the Lord showed me is um two things so gave me a personal word for that country and he showed me a particular dream so the personal word is that I heard heard the Lord say that you will hear about South Africa in the global news South Africa will make global news so what will come out of South Africa will not be uh local news but it will be Global News I heard disaster and crisis and I also heard um natal which means birth so those are the three things that the Lord uh said to to me and then he also said according to Amos 3: 6 I I I should sound the chaa against South Africa so if you I want to explain something about the chaar um I have a chaah here I recommend that everybody U buys their own chaah but when it comes to the chaar the chaar can be viewed in two ways when it comes to the ungodly it's a type of judgment against the ungodly and we'll use Jericho as an example so when they sounded the shaffa uh around Jericho the Judgment of God came against Jericho however when they sounded the chaffa at the same token the Lord had protected Israel to enable Israel to go into Jericho and plunder Jericho so there's two reasons why a Believer will play the shaa it is more than two but for the purpose of this video I'm discussing two and when it comes to South Africa the Lord wants me to sound the shaffa as a judgment against that country um and he also wants me to sound the shaffa to protect his people that are in that country country in South Africa so there's two reasons why the shaffar is being played today and the Lord was pushing me to play the chaar publicly over South Africa so that's what I'm going to do so that's the first part the second part is that the lord gave me a dream about Elon Musk and as a Joseph Jo um the Lord showed me that uh Joseph is to be a gate keeper in 5784 but that is for Kingdom now there is um Gatekeepers that are on the other side of things that are from the kingdom of darkness and the Lord is showing me that Elon Musk is a gatekeeper Elon Musk is very well known and he is from South Africa he's born in South Africa and the Lord is showing me that he's a gatekeeper Christians need to be mindful of Elon Musk I had a dream of Elon Musk and I dreamt that he was uh Strangling Christians he was holding Christians hostage and he was strangling them and he had employed people to strangle Christians that was the dream and then I woke up I remember when we dealing with the head the head is is is a seat of authority and if somebody attacks the head they're attacking your Authority so that was the dream about Elon Musk which everybody should pray about not just South Africa because Elon Musk has Global reach it's not just a local thing to South Africa however the Lord was shown me that he is a gatekeeper over South Africa he has jurisdiction and um Authority in that particular country because it's it's his country of birth right wherever you're born whether you're from the kingdom of darkness or from the Kingdom of Light you have authority in the spiritual realm and Leon muskus from South Africa and so just to repeat I heard that South Africa will make Global News I heard disaster crisis and natal and so I would like to ask everybody to lift up South Africa in prayer and um be respectful of that country in the comments section and um I'm not sure why the Lord wants me to blow the chofar against them um if you're from South Africa and you know of anything that the Lord might give you uh wisdom about you can pop it in the comment section and if you're not from South Africa if you could just let everybody know in the comments section that you will be praying for this particular country thank you very much for watching I'm about to play the shafar shabbat [Music] shalom [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] h [Music] [Music] [Music] a

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Rob F
Rob F
Aug 27, 2023

Thank you for your post and videos. I watch you often and pray the Lord make me a man to his will.


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