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A dreamers handbook to understanding and intepreting dreams 

Joseph The Dreamer - An Encyclopedia to interpret

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  • A must for every Joseph type dreamer!

    This handbook will unlock the keys to understanding the nature of God and how God uses our dreams to communicate with us.


    The book includes topics such as:


    How to discern if a dream is carnal, from God or demonic

    What to do about nightmares

    How God speaks differently to each one of us

    Dreams and Prophecy 

    When to share a dream and when not to share a dream 

    What to do if you don't recall your dreams 

    How to manage sexual dreams 

    Factors that impact your dreams 

    Improving your ability to interpret

    Spiritual warfare dreams 

    Audible visions 

    Dreams in the bible


    There is also a helpful "Encyclopedia of Symbols" 


    This book is currently been written by Kim 

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Meet The Team




The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I AM that I AM

Ancient of Days

Alpha and Omega


Jesus Christ 

King of Kings

The High Priest after the order of Melchizedek

The Messiah

The Blood Sacrifice on the altar of YHWH

Bread of life

My everything

Image by Zugr

The Holy Spirit

The Ruach HaKodesh, Breath of God, Leader into all truth, Living Water, Fire of God, Dunamis power, The Anointing, The Spirit of Prophecy pointing to Jesus

The Comforter



Watchman on the wall, Teacher, Dreamer,

Zaphenath-Pania, lover of the messiah Jesus, Bride, Remnant, Covenant keeper, worshipper of YHWH

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