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Army Soldiers

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Title: Prayer the Fire Edition: overcoming witches and warlocks
Table of Contents

Preface - A dream about FIRE

Chapter 1: Introduction - My first exposure to supernatural FIRE

Chapter 2: Prayers

  1. Warfare AM Prayer 

  2. Silence Satan - plead the blood

  3. Our Father - calling on God’s names

  4. The names of Jesus

  5. Daily Scriptures -Against Witchcraft 

  6. The FIRE armour of God

  7. Watchman 

  8. Battle Cry

Chapter 3: Worship as Warfare 

Chapter 4: Anointing your home

Chapter 5: The Blood of Jesus 

  1. Prayer Pleading the blood of Jesus

Chapter 6: Dispatching angels 

  • For warfare

  • For nourishment

  • Against Jezebel - overt (narcissism) & Ahab - covert (narcissism)

  • For protection

Chapter 7: Passover - communion with Jesus 

Chapter 8: The TEN Jerichos 

  1. The Shofar

Chapter 9: Prayers against Witchcraft

  1. Breaking curses

  2. Ley Lines

  3. Solar and Luna eclipses

  4. Spider webs

  5. Cross Roads

  6. Portals, Gateways, Stargates

  7. Blood Sucking demons

  8. Python

  9. Mirrors, monitoring spirits, remote viewing and third eye

  10. Marine witchcraft 

Chapter 10: Prayer over your dreams 

Chapter 11: Salvation prayer 

Chapter 12: Prayer against EMF, Chemtrails, 5G

Chapter 13: Tongues

  1. Consuming Fire

Chapter 14: Spiritual concepts 

  1. Red meat

  2. Fasting

Chapter 15: Things you must know

  1. Satanic Holidays

  2. YHWH’s calendar

  3. Do not be a hero

  4. Rules of Engagement

FIRE illustrations 


Warfare Prayer Morning Prayer 

Father, In the name of Jesus, I thank you for giving me power over ALL the power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19. 

I exercise that power now and I bind and break the power of the spirit of the witch, the wizard, the warlock, and the witchdoctor. In the name of Jesus, I bind and break the power of every spirit from the kingdom of darkness working against me and (names of persons or ministries, etc).


I bind every evil spirit, even from those in the Kingdom of Light, in Charismatic witchcraft, and, in the name of Jesus, I break the power of every word-spoken curse being spoken against me and (names of persons or ministries, etc).


I send out the warring angels according to Hebrews 1:14 to scramble the plans and the assignments that the enemy has for me this day! I dispatch your fire angels into the camp of the enemy to uproot, dismantle and destroy, just like the angel at Assyria, who killed an entire army of soldiers in one night. (2 Kings 19:35) 

I sever the silver cord of every spirit that is astral-projecting to watch me, eavesdrop, gather information, trip me up, block or hinder the works of God! In the name of Jesus, I  bind every spirit not of the Holy Spirit. As I sever the silver cord I ask that the angels execute Exodus 22:18 which is righteous in stating, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. I cut all spiritual highways and ley lines that are used to connect me and my loved ones, to any witchcraft activity, in Jesus name. I forbid witches and warlocks from using ley lines or astral projection to access me or my family and I erect a wall of fire around me according to Zach 2:5 which states, For I will be a wall of fire around you, declares the LORD, and I will be the glory within it.


Satan and your hosts, I bind you, rebuke you, and render you powerless over my life and (name of church, ministries, ministers, family members). I assign mighty angels to stand shoulder-to-shoulder around every person in our family, all those in leadership, the shepherds and the sheep, to guard and protect that no evil penetrates.


I break every single word curse that has been spoken against me and my loved ones in Jesus name. Let their witchcraft plans fail in Jesus name. Let all those who are against me be confounded and put to shame (Psalm 35). Let the plans and the assignments that the enemy has constructed for me backfire. Let the pit that they dug for me be their own pit. Let the gallows that they hung for me, be their own gallows in Jesus' name. 


Father, I ask that you would expose any terroristic acts or unholy activity before it has time to take root, give me keen discernment and wisdom that I might be as wise as a serpent, but harmless as dove (Matthew 10:16), and I thank you for turning every curse that would come against me or mine into a blessing, for our good and your glory. (Numbers 24:1-9; Deuteronomy 23:5)


I cover myself (names of persons, ministries, etc.) with the Precious BLOOD OF JESUS. 


Thank you Abba for all the spiritual blessings that have been bequeathed unto me as an heir in Jesus Christ. Thank you that through Jesus Christ, I am a recipient of two power covenants; the covenant that YHWH gave to Abraham and the covenant of the Blood of Jesus. Through my covenants I now loose my freedom in the spirit realm and may it be evident in the natural realm, in Jesus’ name. 


Through the covenant made with Jesus, I loose my talents, my fruits and my gifts in the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus give me an abundance of love, shalom, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, grace, miracles, healings, and unexpected divine intervention as I covenant with you today. Jesus baptise me with the Holy Ghost and with your Fire. Holy Spirit, I welcome you into my day, may we have fellowship throughout the day, may I discern your voice clearly. 


According to Matthew 18:18 which states, “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” I loose the work of my hands, my land, vineyards, olive groves, wells, ships, camels, my gold talents, my silver and houses in Jesus’ name. Make me a wise investor in Jesus’ name. I loose myself and my destiny in Jesus name, anything enslaving me must be unfettered in Jesus name. Holy Spirit, please give me wisdom like Solomon, strategy like Joseph, a prayer life like Daniel and governance like David. I declare that the spirit of excellence rests upon me, I am the head and not the tail and that those over me will seek to set me over entire realms. Position me like Esther, who had an audience with the king, for such a time as this. May I be like Caleb, having the glory and strength of a young man in his old age and may I conquer giants like he did. Make me like Jabez who said, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.


Thank you for hearing my prayer and granting me these requests. I bless your Holy name Jesus.




About the AM Warfare Prayer 

The church is lacking in teaching the Body of Christ how to fight their adversary, the devil.  God asked Moses in Exodus 14:15 "Why are you crying out to me? Then in Exodus 14:16 God told Moses to use the rod of authority that He had given him! We must begin to use the authority that God has given us, IN THE NAME OF JESUS. God bless you as you step out in His power! [3]


Monitoring Spirits

When I make phone calls or have personal conversations that I don't want the enemy to hear, I say out loud, "Lord, I cover this conversation with the Blood of Jesus, and I bind every little bird that would carry my words, in Jesus' name. (Ecclesiates 10:20)


1. My mother (a seasoned prayer warrior).

2.  Dr Rebecca Brown MD author of Prepare for War

3. Carla Butaud Ministries.

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