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Prophetic word for 5784

This is what the Sovereign Lord is saying, "I have set you up to be my gatekeeper"

Golden Gate Bridge


Bill Gates, Bill Gates

for too long, you have been a custodian of the gates.


You are controlling the system of commerce, technology, medicine, and education.


Now is the time for Joseph to take his role as my Gatekeeper. Joseph will rise and challenge you in the areas you sort to take control of my people. You are a Pharaoh and you will be forced to recognize my gatekeepers, my Josephs.

To Joseph, I declare, "Lift up your heads, O gates; rise up, you ancient portals, that the king of glory may enter." PSALM 24:9

Joseph, you are to take an essential step in your assignment in maintaining the order in ancient societies. Gatekeepers are guards stationed for protection at various kinds of gates, which could be city gates, palace gates, or temple gates. Ancient cities had high, thick walls around them to keep out wild beasts and invading armies (Joshua 7:5; Judges 5:8; Nehemiah 12:30). Heavy gates were set within those walls to allow entrance and exit. A gatekeeper had to be trustworthy and alert for any signs of trouble. A gatekeeper who is lax in his duties could bring ruin upon an entire civilization, so the idea of gatekeeping implies alertness and security. The keeper of the gates in Psalm 141:3 is none other than the Lord Himself, as He guards our mouths, preventing us from unwise speech.

In the year 5784 I will raise up gatekeepers in multiples of four as instruments to complete kingdom assignments. As stated in my word, 1 Chronicles 23:5 4,000 gatekeepers, and 4,000 shall offer praises to the Lord with the instruments that I have made for praise.”




In a vision, I saw Goshen; the times were dark, and the atmosphere was pregnant with the forces of darkness. Thick heavy darkness; the gates, doors, portals, vaults, latches, basements, chasms, and caves of wickedness are opened.... The evil of this world had grown, and there was a saturating of the atmosphere with demonic forces. So rich was the atmosphere of darkness that it was tangible in the physical realm. Let those with ears hear. I saw a large piece of land, which stretched to the far distance, a fence enclosed the ground, and in the distance I saw a large barn that looked like an ark. Then I saw a farmer's gate, Joseph stood at the entrance of the farmer's gate and allowed the traffic of sheep to pass to and fro onto the land. Joseph used the gate to govern who should be on the land and who should not be on the land. I saw sheep, and Joseph became the shepherd of those sheep, herding them using the gate as a means of control. The atmosphere grew even darker, and Joseph made the decision to close the gate. No one was allowed in, and no one could exit.


End of vision. 

David appointed gatekeepers for “positions of trust” in guarding the temple of the Lord (1 Chronicles 9:22 1 Chronicles 23:5), and those so appointed rotated through week-long assignments (verse 25). Verses 26–29 speak of the four principal gatekeepers, “who . . . were entrusted with the responsibility for the rooms and treasuries in the house of God. They would spend the night stationed around the house of God, because they had to guard it; and they had charge of the key (prophetic word 5782, the year of KEYS) for opening it each morning.

Joseph was given keys in 5782 and by the power of God, every evil portal can be shut, according to Matthew 18:18 and Isaiah 22:22. 

Some of them were in charge of the articles used in the temple service; they counted them when they were brought in and when they were taken out. Others were assigned to take care of the furnishings and all the other articles of the sanctuary, as well as the special flour and wine, and the olive oil, incense and spices.” Temple gatekeepers were in charge of who went in and who went out. They ensured order and reverence for God’s house.

Ezra records that 139 gatekeepers made the trip from Babylon to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:42). When Nehemiah had finished the rebuilding of the wall around the city of Jerusalem, gatekeepers were some of the first positions he appointed (Nehemiah 7:1). This is significant because, before a city can conduct business, it must be protected from outside invaders. The Lord’s house required gatekeepers for the same reason. Before God’s business could be conducted properly, only the prescribed priests and other designated servants could be allowed through the gates. God had given clear commands about temple business (Exodus 25:8–9; cf. Hebrews 9:1–7). Gatekeepers were part of that holy business, and their positions were considered sacred (1 Chronicles 9:26; Nehemiah 12:47).

Joseph, now consider the parallel for your own lives; YHWH has raised you to be a custodian of his wealth. Our conscience, the fear of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit are “gatekeepers” for our hearts. “Through the fear of the LORD evil is avoided” (Proverbs 16:6). The Spirit desires our sanctification, giving us the power to repel sin. When temptation comes knocking at our gate, the Holy Spirit nudges our Scripture-informed conscience: “That’s dangerous. Don’t go there.” The divine Gatekeeper acts on our behalf to keep invaders from destroying us.


Joseph must guard his Ear-gate, Eye-gate, Mouth-gate, Nose-gate, and Feel-gate” In other words, the five senses are the “gates” by which the human soul interacts with the world through the physical body. These gates must be guarded, with Godly-Fear maintaining your purity for kingdom purposes. 


When we ignore our chief Gatekeeper, JESUS CHRIST, we put ourselves and those we love in jeopardy. But when we, in godly fear, heed the warnings of the Word and the Holy Spirit, we are safe. Our hearts and lives are protected from Satan’s invasive schemes (Ephesians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 2:11).

Just as the new world order has a bridge currency, XRP, so Joseph will be my bridge, my Gatekeeper. Allowing the exchange of nations from across the world and sifting the world's countries. 






Joseph will govern the gates in 5784

Prophecy for 5784 by @mykingyeshua


Joseph you have work to do!

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