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What is my purpose?

you know my name [Music] is He Knows My Name so hello everybody today we're talking about purpose and I'm linking purpose back to the wealth transfer hopefully this will help a few of my listeners with regards to the power in a name and how your name is linked to your purpose in life and I will be illustrating purpose using scripture today and this presentation has come has been birthed out of a question I received from one of my listeners who said what should I do with all this money I only need a pickup truck so The Listener is aware that there's going to be a wealth transfer but is unsure about what to do with all the money so hopefully this presentation will help answer or address what purpose each individual might have in their life and how it is linked to your name but before I get stuck in I wanted to say that there's two types of elation you can have joy which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and that's more permanent and there's happiness and this is something that the world understands because people can be happy in the world and happiness is temporary it's based on circumstance or experience whereas Joy is not based on circumstance you can be in the middle of a storm and still experience a joy because it is a gift and a fruit of the Holy Spirit and what happens in life is that when people don't understand their purpose or their identity they end up um having a temporary sense of happiness and that can cause a lot of problems like depression and anxiety if you don't understand your purpose in life but when I speak about purpose I want you guys to be mindful that it is multifactorial when it comes to understanding somebody's purpose and more deeper Dives need to happen with the Holy Spirit to um pull back those layers but today we're just focusing on one aspect of purpose and hopefully that gives people a greater sense of their identity of who they are according to what the Bible says and we belong to a you know a bigger structure in terms of the world and how do we fit into that bigger puzzle and the way we fit into that bigger puzzle is is by knowing our identity by knowing Who We Are and the Bible teaches that the Lord um Elohim al-shaddai The Great I Am the King of Kings knew us before we were formed in our mother's womb so he knew us and that scripture can be found in Jeremiah 1 verses 5 where he says I set you apart and I appointed you as a prophet to the nation so here you can see that the Lord already knew Jeremiah before he came forth and he already knew what his calling would be and um so according to the Bible our identity is found in our name our identity is found in our name and I'm going to give you several examples now of how a person's name their identity is found in their name and let's start off with the name that is above every other name and that name is Jesus Christ and if you look at the meaning of Jesus's name his name means salvation and that is and that was his purpose he came to save so we see that his identity is found in his the meaning of his name he his name means to save and Jesus came to save us so that was his purpose and his identity now when it comes to names names are so important and in the Bible people called their children a name based on um not only their identity but also their covenantal purpose in life and why because we we're fashioned after God we're made in God's image and if God um if God's names are Covenant names then our names become Covenant names so for example uh one of God's names is Jehovah Jireh which means to provide and he provided the lamb for Abraham when Abraham went to sacrifice um Isaac he provided the lamb and there there was that name Jehovah Jireh we see that Jesus fulfilled this by becoming our sacrificial lamb on the cross so Jesus then becomes Jehovah Jireh because this is a type and a shadow of the New Testament and if you look at Jacob Jacob becomes Israel why because Jacob's covenantal role or his um his promise was uh because the Covenant is a promise really his promise was to be the father of the 12 tribes of Israel and he he out of his loins came the twelve Sons from Reuben all the way down to Benjamin the twelve sons became the 12 tribes of Israel so we see that God can give you a new name when he positions you for a new assignment so prior to Jacob being given the name Israel he had a different function and then when he's given the name Israel he's covenantal role changes similarly when Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream his name changes to zathpath pinea and you see later on I will explain um Joseph's name means God will give and zathpath panea means one who sees hidden things so there you can see his identity he's been called after his purpose Joseph's purpose was to interpret he was seeing hidden things in terms of Pharaoh's dream he could decode and then it also means one who saves the weak because Joseph was commissioned to save Israel Joseph was commissioned to um to build a ocean so it means God will give and it also means these particular things but as you can see Joseph's identity is in his name his purposes in his name and if you look at Hadassah Hadassah was an orphan girl who was adopted by her uncle Mordecai and her name means bride and she ended up becoming the Bride of the king she later on changes her name to Esther which means star and she was the star born for such a time as this to save the nation of Israel so here you can see her name had purpose and her identity was found in her name and this theme can be seen through ART scripture where Abba which means father gives a name and the name is a love language or a type of promise for that person or a covenant and their role is fulfilled in their name and if you look at Abraham Abraham before he was called to be a father of a multitude you see he was called um AB ran Abraham which means exalted father so even before he was in Covenant with god notice how his parents because Abraham's parents were um uh we're Pagan they were they were Pagan they worshiped pagan gods and the Lord called Abraham and separated him from his family but even his his um parents who were pagans still named him a covenantal name exalted father they didn't know that the Lord was gonna call Abraham but the Lord knew that Abraham would be caught and therefore Abraham was named before the foundations of the Earth and that's how it is with all of us so um his name changes to Abraham when God commissions him for the promise to walk in his covenantal role and then he becomes the father of a multitude notice how Moses is called to draw out he was drawn out of the Nile but also he drew the people out of Egypt right they also crossed the Red Sea he drew them out of Egypt so there you see his purpose is found in his name Noah means rest and the land rested because of Noah I've already mentioned Jesus or Joshua which means god is salvation Caleb means wholehearted and Caleb went into battle with his whole heart if you look at how he approached the Giants and he was very loyal as well so there you see the meaning of their names is found in their purpose and their identity how interesting is judas's name Judas means to lead other animals to the slaughter and wasn't he the one who kissed Jesus and led Jesus to the slaughter so there he's filling the purpose of his name as being fulfilled there are several other meanings to the name Judas but the one that is applicable to this presentation was this particular meaning that's why I have highlighted it so let's look at my name my name and this is just to help you guys with when you look at your own names to find your purpose my name means uh from the meadow of the royal Fortress now if you look at meadow meadow is a place of growth it's uh it contains land because a meadow is land and a meadow is something that is associated with softness and if you know me personally you'll know that I'm quite gentle and then you've got the juxta position or Fortress and what is a fortress for a fortress is for a Watchman I do not consider myself a prophet at all I consider myself a Watchman there is a difference between being a Watchman and a prophet a Watchman Sands the alarm to things that are more immediate and the Lord speaks to them about more current events whereas a prophet can foresee the future in well in advance like decades in advance sometimes centuries in advance and a Watchman stands on a fortress a fortress is a wall that is very difficult to penetrate and a fortress is used for Warfare one of the gifts that the Lord has given me is understanding spiritual warfare and a fortress is firm rooted and grounded and so you can get the derivation of all these things in terms of my purpose in life uh from looking at my name and you can see it's got the word Royal in it as well because we are a royal priesthood we are called to be kings and queens of the Earth where the Lord crowns us and he's marked us for a specific purpose such as being a Joseph in the end times um and building Goshen the Lord has his monarchy you know he is hierarchy he he is the king of kings and the Lord of lords Jesus Christ he is our high priest but he has called us into his royal priesthood and therefore um you can see that royalty coming through as well uh and then another secular example I'll mention um the boy's name Kyle and when you go look up your name to find your purpose make sure you look up the different um languages because Kyle in Irish means something completely different to Kyle in Hebrew so I'm going to go with the Hebrew and the Yiddish interpretations of Kyle and here you can see that Kyle means it's Scotland it means Chief so he'll be a ruler um here you'll see in the Celtic it means land so you see that um part of his purpose will be land and he's crowned as well similarly to my name in terms of royalty he is crowned and he is Victorious in terms of the Yiddish explanation for the identity of somebody who has this name so in the Bible there is endless examples but I'm going to show you something that I credit to Dr Chuck Missler in terms of God's Redemptive plan so if you look at the Old Testament and you look at the firstborn sons of all the um from Adam to Noah and you look at the meanings of the names of each of these men they form a not only an identity but a purpose as well in terms of the bigger picture and if you put all their names together it means man is appointed mortal sorrow but the Blessed God shall come down teaching that his death shall bring the the despairing rest and here you see that all of their names when you decode and look at them they all point to Jesus coming down to give man rest because he his death brings us into a place of Sabbath you see the reason why I say shabbat shalom every day is because I'm at rest every day every day is a Sabbath for me because I met rest when I'm in Jesus Christ because he is my Covenant he is My All In All Jesus so I credit this to Dr Chuck Missler excuse me excuse me and um he looked at the meaning of names in terms of um identity and how it points to Jesus which is so brilliant and if you look at God's names his covenantal names they all have meanings and the meanings you can learn about God's identity in those meanings because they're different meanings but all of them point to Jesus Christ who is the one who came to save and he's the one who uh is the Alpha and the Omega so it starts with him and it ends with him and so because we were made in His image in God's image if God's names are covenantal names then our names become covenantal names just like how you see Joseph's name had a covenantal meaning or even Abraham's name had a covenantal meaning and I'd like to share um so we know that covenants means coming into agreement with God's word and what does that mean it means that the blood of Jesus always stands but you still have to come into agreement with it you see for salvation um those people who do not come into agreement with Jesus there's no Covenant for them so it's both ways you see that one must come into agreement you are accountable you have a part to play in the Covenant and then Jesus blood he is applicable to your life once you've accepted him as your lord master and savior then you form that covenantal relationship with him and you're able to go into the holy of holies where Abba sits and is but names like America which means home ruler and Goshen which means a place of comfort and plenty also show you a a type of identity in in the meaning of the name and the purpose of that place so the purpose of Goshen was to provide a place of comfort and plenty and the purpose of America is to be a home ruler and it is a superpower in terms of the world so there you can see its identity and purpose its identity and purpose and I wanted to share something with you guys so a mother sent me a dream of uh hers and her son and I interpreted the dream for her and her son and this is part of that email the rest of it is confidential and she says here um thank you for interpreting those dreams she said I agree with everything you say about my son um it's interesting that you use the word government when interpreting the dream because one of his names is governor so here you can see I did not know that the child's name was governor but when I interpreted the dream I spoke about government and you can see that the dream the interpretation means government then the mother confirms the son's name is governor but what is God actually saying God is saying that the covenantal name of the sun is being confirmed in that child's dream similarly with Joseph had a dream that one day he would govern and God confirmed that promise or purpose or Covenant if you like Joseph for one day govern and Joseph does become a governor and you see that his name he fulfills the purpose of his name which means God will give and he saves those that are weak he also sees hidden things so you can see the purpose and his identity is found in his name so I hope you can see that according to the Bible names are very important and according to the Bible purpose and identity can be found in a name and so I would encourage everyone to go seek out this matter and go and look at the meanings of all your names and see how God might be using your name to reveal your purpose and to reveal your identity because when it comes to the wealth transfer it's important to walk in your identity it's important to walk your purpose it's important to walk in your calling because then you'll have true Joy and you'll know what the purpose of the money that the Lord has been um gracious enough to bless you with what you should do with that money like I said at the beginning of the presentation it uh purpose has this multi factors that contribute to purpose and a name is just one aspect so consider your name in terms of what your identity is and ask the Holy Spirit to give you interpretation of how your purpose is linked to your identity when you are looking at the meaning of your name when it comes to money I mean when it comes to the wealth transfer you can spend your money on whatever you like but only true Joy is found when you work when you're walking in your purpose and your identity so I hope this has helped you guys and I hope this has shown you guys that names are really important and hopefully you guys can go away and meditate on why your parents called you your first second third and sometimes even your surname might have meaning in terms of looking at it holistically so if you've made it to the end thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

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