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Wealth Transfer Principles: Covenant with Dutch Sheets and Kevin Zadai


look into my eyes do you see fear you come at me with sword and spear but I come in the name of the god of Israel right all right see that anyone uh of course not okay then one more time Sally tally no no I'm trying to protect us from this Philistine oh no not that way come on back to your mom right Philistine hello and thank you for joining me again for give him 15. we're looking at taking out Giants I believe it is the season to do this and uh we're using the book Giants will fall as a as a reference although I'm adding much and changing a lot so the title of our post today is war with Covenant last week I told you that I would prove to you David defeated Goliath on the strength of his history that begins today the first thing God tells us in the story is the location of the battle now the Philistines gathered their armies for battle and they were gathered at so-called which belongs to Judah and they camped between so-called and as a car in ephus dameem Saul and the men of Israel were gathered and camped in the valley of elah and Drew up in battle array to encounter the Philistines I realize that doesn't interest you you're like me come on Holy Spirit get to the good stuff Goliath's description the drama of his taunts the fear of the Israelites David the young sheep herder the battle off what the Giants hit I skipped those two boring verses for the first 60 years of my life and missed a nugget this location was in the territory of Judah which was the tribe David was part of Holy Spirit was informing us right from the start that this land belonged to David and his tribe it had been given to them by God Generations ago David had more than squatter's rights to the property the giant was trying to claim he had Divine rights if he followed God's instructions these first two verses of the story assure him of victory The God Who created and owns the Earth had the right to give it to whomever he pleased and in history he had given it to the tribe David belonged to battle over don't think so I'll give you another reference that reinforces this truth when Nehemiah was allowed by the Persian king or Turks Turks art to earthsees it's a tough one to return to Jerusalem in order to rebuild its walls he faced great opposition the locals led by sand ballot tobiah gesham despised the Jews and were determined to stop them from building when Nehemiah faced their threats in opposition he stated his case for success in one verse quote I answered by saying the god of heaven will give us success we his servants will start rebuilding but as for you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it the Amaya 220 we have a historical god-given right to this city Nehemiah declared you don't therefore we win you lose case closed it is beyond doubt that God raised up America for his purposes I will say more in the next chapter regarding our god-given history for now however suffice it to say that he owns America just as he does the entire Earth and in that right of ownership he delegated stewardship of this nation to followers of Christ believers who would partner with him in his great cause of redeeming the world do not listen to the liars and revisionists that say otherwise be they secularists or deceived Christian leaders if the body of Christ in America ever fully grasps this revelation the Giants attempting to steal our nation have no chance David's next history weapon can be seen in the fact that not once did he call Goliath by name he referred to him only as the uncircumcised philistine what is that all about imagine two guys about to fight perhaps in a bar or at a rugby rugby match who began to shout insults at one another Jed says you're ugly Jethro says your mama is ugly Jed says you're a wimp Jethro says you couldn't beat up a flea I know these are a little weak not exactly Rambo level insults but I'm trying to keep it clean here and you get my point insults and degrading salvos are flying back and forth then one of them shouts at the other sealing the deal with the ultimate insult well you're uncircumcised huh didn't see that one coming a strange as this seems there was actually an important reason for David's choice of names circumcision symbolized Covenant with God since the days of Abraham this had been the case it was a requirement mandated by God some believe for health purposes circumcision served the added purpose however of picturing New Testament believers who would have the Flesh of our hearts circumcised for our purposes in this story however what we must understand is that David was stating to the Giant again whom he never called by name any other name than this uncircumcised philistine he was saying I'm in Covenant with God you're not since those in Covenant with one another share enemies you'll be fighting God not just me the battle won't be decided by your size experience Weaponry or strength it was decided a long time ago when my granddaddy cut Covenant with God and I'm going to defeat you with my covenantal history I win you lose no wonder secularists what a steal America's history with God we shouldn't be surprised that former president Obama once said we were not a Christian Nation contending that we were also a Muslim Nation a Hindu Nation an atheist nation and so on yes he did say that you can see the footnote here Karl Marx once said the first Battlefield is to rewrite history the demons controlling Marx knew the importance and power of History and of course demons today Inspire Antichrist forces in America to try and rewrite our history for the same reasons as Believers we must stake our claim to the fact that God birthed America and that he and our Founders made covenantal promises to one another I'm not suggesting that God and those who came to these Shores entered into a covenant on the same level as the old and new covenants of scripture in Scripture there are different levels of covenants however the Biblical word means quote a compact A Confederacy a league the great Brown driver Briggs lexicon defines it not only as Covenant but as an alliance of friendship or an alliance of marriage a constitution or an agreement the fact that our founders covenated with God when they came to this land is beyond dispute take time to read America's Covenant with God by Eddie Hyatt which makes this abundantly clear and I give you a link to that article do not underestimate the importance of this God put into the hearts of our forefathers to come to this land he did so to raise up a nation that would form an alliance a sacred agreement these definitions of Covenant partner with him for the propagating of the Gospel to all the Earth to be a city on a hill shining his light for all to see obviously God's intent was not for this to be accomplished through abusing First Nations people agreements covenants and purchases of the land could have taken place with them just as William Penn did in what is now Pennsylvania his land and Covenant is the seed of our nation those are Penn's words he asked God to make his to territory there Pennsylvania the seed of a nation and his land in Covenant is not Washington D.C God's plan is obviously for all Races and ethnicities to share in the privilege of representing him and enjoying the benefits that come with this in spite of our failures such as those with Native Americans however God redeems cleanses and continues to use us just as he did with Abraham we must believe this and do as David did stake our claim to This Land Based on our alignment with God and his plans purposes and Promises that is what empowers us to take out Giants politics won't defeat them money won't great plans and strategies won't and well-meaning leaders won't Covenant will as we mentioned earlier people aligned in Covenant share resources and strengths they also share enemies if the Ecclesia in America face the Giants of our day armed with the decrees that this land belongs to God the Earth is the Lord's in the fullness thereof that he himself established our nation to represent him that we now resist them in his name we will defeat them war with Covenant and war with history let's pray father we thank you from the bottom of our hearts father we thank you for America's history with you we are humbled by the privilege partnering with you in your great cause thank you for cleansing and healing our righteous our unrighteous past and we acknowledge that we are in another season that finds US requiring your mercy forgiveness and healing the powers of Darkness have determined to and ultimately stop us from being a voice and light for you a rebellious culture enabled by a lukewarm Church has allowed them to make great progress but today we grab hold of our covenant with you we stand on the fact that you keep Covenant and mercy to a thousand Generations Deuteronomy 7 9. Covenant and mercy we reach we we reach back into our history declare our faith in you and decree that we will once again be a light to the Nations we will once again be a strong voice of the gospel and of freedom to all the nations of the earth yes we will on the other hand the Giants opposing you are in Covenant with Satan and his kingdom whom you have defeated and stripped of his authority so in the authority of your name we decree that the Giants of unrighteous government false religion Pride murder and immorality will fall they will no longer succeed in ruling this nation Jesus will be exalted Yahweh will be honored Revival is here and coming in America shall be saved and our decree we decree that our covenant with Yahweh through the blood of Jesus Christ and the Covenant we made with him as a nation will defeat every giant of Darkness in America amen and tomorrow we're going to see more indications that David faced the Giant through the power of his history thanks for joining me portions of today's posts were taken from my book Giants will fall thanks for joining me if you want that book by the way you can go to our website and order it's a great little book Giants will fall and I'll see you tomorrow [Music] come on back to your mom right philistine oh right between the eyes oh of course that one you saw Charlie I know I'm coming girl Shira I will bring her home safely [Music] whoa [Music] [Applause] I won't tally wait no there you go I'm almost foreign [Music] [Music] okay oh Charlie stop let's go [Music] uh oh that doesn't help that does stop thank you [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] so hopefully from washing those two clips you can see why David was celebrated King but also a celebrated leader he is one of the most compelling characters in the Bible when it comes to Warfare when it comes to understanding the heart of God he was a conqueror and so very briefly I'd like to focus on warfare because understanding Warfare is very important especially in relation to the season we're in what I've come to realize is that a lot of people understand Jesus as a lamb and they understand the grace of God but not a lot of people understand Jesus as the lion and Jesus called us to war while we on the Earth the Bible says that the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violence take it by force now when it comes to Redeeming the land David used Warfare to overcome the Giant you see the giant was challenging Israel and it was land that they were fighting over David was from the tribe of Judah and we know that Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah why because Jesus came so that we may be successful in Warfare they are certain principles that a Christian is required to take up their cross to work out their own salvation and to pick up their sword and fight the grace of God has a lot to do with salvation and the forgiveness of sin right when we're walking in God's grace but when we're walking in guards um anointing and his power he moves us to be able to walk for the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth because the devil is like a lion himself walking around seeing whom he might devour and therefore the righteous are called to be as bold as a lion and we must differentiate between the grace of God who is the Lamb who was slain who laid down his life for us and the lion who calls us into his army to rise up and take back what the enemy has stolen and I feel this differentiation is important particularly when it comes to Covenants you see most times people believe that Warfare is an act of going into the flesh but no Warfare is total submission to God it is when you renounce your flesh and hand over everything to God and you put God at the Forefront of everything that you do and you say Jesus you're first Warfare is about having a circumcised heart Dutch sheets touched on this when he said um circumcision was a type of Covenant when you look at the New Testament circumcision of the heart is a type of Covenant and I've said it before and I'll say it again Covenant is a heart issue you see David was a man after God's Own Heart it's all about someone's heart you see God sees our heart and where we stand on matters and issues David loved the Lord with all his heart he committed everything to the Lord before he went into battle he would inquire of the lord lord is it a right for me to go or not he put God first in everything he did whereas King Saul was rather the opposite he decided to offer sacrifices when he felt like it and he decided to walk in his own strength whereas David walked in the strength that God had given him and he took things back to the Lord so when it comes to the Covenant teaching the financial Covenant teaching here is a snippet of that teaching and you will see that Jesus Christ is the center of that it is a laying down of a dedication of finances to the Lord You're dedicating them to God you see and you're saying because of your goodness and your grace you have chosen me to be a steward you are just a steward for this wealth transfer it's not by your own strength or might that you've acquired this wealth and you take it one step further and you say I submit myself to you for whatever purpose you direct me again Warfare is an act of submission when we submit our hearts to the Lord and we say Lord take control take complete control be at the center of everything including my finances it does not negate the blood of Jesus actually it elevates the blood of Jesus I acknowledge that it is not me who has gained this wealth but just like how you assisted Joseph Lord Jesus you orchestrated things to benefit not only Joseph but his family and Nations Use Me Lord Jesus to be a carrier of uncommon favor you see David was a carrier of uncommon favor Joseph was a carrier of uncommon favor why because their hearts were right with the Lord and if I've come under Fire for teaching like this then you must know that um the enemy is not very happy with my teachings just like Dutch sheets said Covenant aligns you with God and I'm saying that it's an act of submission and it's a heart issue it's where you're submitting your life and your finances over to God and say use me if I'm supposed to build Goshen help me if I'm supposed to sell an asset give me the wisdom and instruction to do so so when it comes to the wealth transfer I believe that a lot of Christians are on this side of Grace where they think that everything was done on the cross they're all good and everything is covered and that is so true everything was done on the cross but there are some Christians who understand that you've got to wage Warfare when it comes to The Souls of other people The Souls of other not just yourself it's it's other people that you're fighting for because when you build Goshen it's not for yourself it's for other people you see when David was fighting he was fighting for Israel he wasn't fighting for himself he was fighting for other people sometimes Grace allows us to be comfortable and it will not stretch us Beyond ourselves and what is in our comfort zone for our own self there comes a time when God calls us to mature things where we must fight pick up our cross follow him work out our own salvation and then we fight on behalf of other people we walk and we say Lord if you have called me to build then you be at the center of that just like how David said you know who are you you uncircumcised Philistine to come against the armies of God there was a war over the land you know a lot of Christians think that Satan is just standing on the sideline waiting for the wealth transfer so that Christians can be blessed no it's actually there's Warfare happening in the background there is Warfare that is happening in the background and Grace is about salvation and forgiveness of sin whereas when we use the blood of Jesus to war there's a different story altogether it's got nothing to do with uh us having fallen short of the glory of God or his favor it's got to do with picking up our sword and fighting in the spiritual Realm and so I thought I would highlight that because sometimes when you're only heavily involved in the Grace Gospel you know where you think Abba Father has given you all the grace you can be comfortable like Joseph's brothers because they had Jacob's wealth and that is true they were blessed because they had Jacob's wealth but on the other side Joseph Joseph had a life of warfare Joseph understood Warfare he was accused falsely people said things about him that were incorrect people um went behind his back and did things that were wrong Joseph understood Warfare so there's a big difference so I hope this clarifies you know that my teachings regarding the um the covenants are underpinned scripturally both in the new and the Old Testament and Dutch sheets highlights it beautifully it's a mature and seasoned teaching that Dutch sheets produces when it comes to Covenants and like Dutch sheet said don't believe those people who would have you think that America is not a covenant Nation don't believe those people those Christians who will have you think that Covenant is not important right Dutch sheets teaching is about war how Covenant is used for war application of water the Old and New Testament so relevant in today's lives in today's Christians lives it's so relevant for our time that we're living in now we're living in a time where there's so much going on and Christians need to understand these principles so that if you live aligned with God and if you live in submission to to Jesus Christ there is nothing that the enemy can do to touch you if you are aligned with the Lord and you have submitted to him there is nothing that the enemy can do to touch you why just like Dutch sheet said those that are in Covenant when you are in Covenant with God you're not warring against the individual you actually warring against God so those who come against you are not coming against you they're coming against God in you because why you have submitted and you've given your life totally over to God you have said Lord I'm forming an agreement with you and as I submit make my enemies your enemies the Bible teaches that when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord lifts up a mighty standard against him praise the Lord my case is his so I'd like to thank you for watching and I hope you've enjoyed seeing the animation of David the animation is being made by a team of South Africans and it's currently crowdfunding and the animation should be released I think in 2024 or 2025 so keep your eye out for the animation on King David which I think is going to be spectacular spectacular rather so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end shabbat shalom hello thank you so much for joining me today forgive him 15. the title of today's post is the power of Covenant I have pointed out in recent posts that the Evergreen boxing glove in the five giants dream and the post is given to you can go back to that link and read the dream see what I said about it the title of that post is it's time to put on the gloves but the link again is given to you there but I point out in recent posts that the Evergreen boxing glove and the five giant stream represents Covenant and that this is what I believe the evergreen tree on the appeal to Heaven Flag represents it certainly represented Covenant that is the evergreen tree represented Covenant in Abraham's life in the verse that pictures both gloves Everlast and Evergreen Genesis 21 33 and you can get all of that if you don't remember it if you didn't see that post you can catch up on the meaning of all that through that link I have said that we must War for America by drawing on the strength of and honoring our nation's Covenant with God I've been feeling that I need to do a post explaining what I mean by that and what I don't mean by that statement that we wore with Covenant there are different types and levels of Covenant most Christians use the word covenant only in reference to God's covenant with Abraham and his offspring or when referring to the New Covenant we enjoy through Christ because of this many shy away from believing America is in a covenantal or Covenant relationship with God the word for Covenant in scripture however has a much broader range of meaning the Hebrew word is bereth or beareth it means a compact a covenant Alliance pledge promise treaty agreement league as in a League of Nations a constitution and ordinance and more these usages can refer to an agreement between individuals as in a marriage or friendship the word also refers to a covenant contract or alliance between nations Israel even made a covenant with death Isaiah 28 15. and of course it is used to describe covenants with God simply stated a covenant is a sacred and binding agreement or promise between two or more parties let me say that again a covenant simply stated a covenant is a sacred and binding agreement or promise between two or more parties obviously there are different levels and strengths of Covenants in God's eyes a marriage covenant is obviously more binding than two friends promising to stick with one another he always expects us to keep our word but we do not become one with someone through a covenant of friendship the old and new covenants in scripture obviously rise to higher levels than most other covenants Abraham's Covenant with God Also Rises above most others the New Covenant through Christ's blood stands above all Covenants when I state that America is in Covenant with or has a covenant with God I am not saying God entered into the type of Covenant with us that he did Abraham I'm certainly not equating it to a covenant like unto what we enjoy with God through Christ and I'm not implying that it is based on a blood sacrifice of some sort I am saying that early pilgrims settlers and Founders in America entered into sacred alliances and agreements with God which is what the word means they did so through prayers promises and written documents including our founding documents which made the agreements legally binding our Founders made sacred covenantal promises to function under God's covenant and care to serve his purposes [Music] Isaiah 40 verse 8 the grass withers the flower phase but the word of God stands forever okay here's one of my favorites is Isaiah 55 11. so shall the word that goes forth from my mouth it shall not return to me void but it shall accomplish what I please and it will prosper in the thing from which I sent it this is the god that is sitting on the throne right now this is the god that sent Jesus to die for you this is the god that breathed you into your mother's womb and he is going to make everything good in your life he's going to make it come the pass remember that you are a word of God you are a word you are a prophecy when God breathed you into your mother's womb there was a whole book written about you you got to remember this so when God breathed you in your mother's womb and a book was written about you in Psalms 139 16 each day of your life was written in a book when you were breathed in your mother's womb you were a prophecy you were a word from the Lord period you were a seed that was planted you weren't a mistake and when you get to heaven you'll find that you're not related to your parents as much as you're related to God himself your God is your father and you came from him he said to me he said remind everyone pronounce over them that the Covenant that he made with you is sure that he's not going to budge a bit no matter what you're going through what you look what it looks like I want you to hear the word of the Lord right now and see what he's told me to do is to announce that you that the Covenant is in effect and that you are now in Grace you're now in Grace so it's the mercy and the grace of the Lord that is coming forth from now on and he's going to do things that you don't deserve that you haven't worked it worked for it you haven't done anything it's just gonna come because he is a covenant keeping God that's what the Lord told me and so I'm delivering this word to you and I'm telling you that yes the word of the Lord comes to you and you do all that but then he said now talk about the Covenant and he said that now he is going to fill in the gaps in your life where there is a deficit he's going to come through for you which means he can send angels and grab your kids by the Scruff of the neck and drag them back home and they're they're they're gonna be like why what is going on I've already known that this is happening but I'm telling you there is no reason for your child to be acting the way they are they're acting that way because Satan wants to get to you so you got to fall back on the Covenant okay so what does that mean Hebrews 9 15 says and for this reason he is the mediator of the New Covenant Jesus is Jesus is a mediator which means he's like an attorney of the New Covenant by means of death for the Redemption of the transgressors under the first Covenant and the and those who are called may receive the promise of Eternal inheritance it doesn't say eternal life it says Eternal inheritance and this is the error that I saw is that the body of Christ should be taught not just that we're redeemed from the old but that now a he is the mediator to bring us into the promise of Eternal inheritance inheritance and that's what Jesus Jesus did he bought it in our place and then Paul said we're co-heirs of Jesus we're fellow heirs so coheirs means that whatever Jesus gets we get we're Heirs of God but co-heirs of Jesus I've NE I never heard that growing up in church and no one has ever said what I just said because I don't even think they see that it says Eternal inheritance it doesn't say eternal life even though we get eternal life but do you notice that most churches won't take you on Beyond getting saved they they get they they take you to where you're going to heaven and then they just leave you there at the bus stop it's just so weird but Paul if you read Paul he doesn't preach hell and he doesn't talk about heaven that much he talks about the eternal inheritance he talks about the inheritance in the Saints and he prays for the Ephesians that they would know the inheritance that is in the Saints he said that okay so what is your inheritance we inherit the Kingdom so that's why Jesus said be of good cheer it's my father's desire to give you the kingdom okay so we inherit the whole Kingdom which means we have everything but it's Way Beyond what we can imagine but down here you have to fight for it through an attorney it just so happens that the attorney is Jesus Christ and the judge is his father amen so the court is rigged amen so Jesus is sitting with us and saying listen this is inheritance that we have we have together so Jesus obtained it for us but he also gets it himself and we get it we're fellow Heirs of it but the inheritance is that we will rule and reign with him and that we inherit all of God's kingdom everything all the riches everything about him that means that we literally I guess I'll just announce it because I I've never shared this but we literally have a Signet ring which was given to the sons so it was the credit card so you could use a Signet Rim because it had your father's uh Insignia on it but the king would issue that out just like if we would issue out Warrior notes credit cards and it's not coming so don't worry about it but for for for people that are on staff they can charge things to Warrior notes because they're trusted but then the expense is paid by Warrior notes so in the in those days they had a Signet ring and you could just leave the imprint and then they would they would charge whose ever Signet ring that was it would just go it was his credit okay so this this is what has happened to us in this life and this is God's grace so the inheritance has to do with a flow that is not just for eternal life but is also those who are on the Earth that have the ring and are supported by the Lord in the work that they're doing I'm telling you you all need to use your Signet Rings this month you need to start making transactions

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