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Trump & USA Prophecies

Trump Won! Trump Won!

Prophetic word given August 2022

It is very rarely that I hear audible visions in comparison to me dreaming or hearing the voice of God.

This particular prophecy was an audible vision, in the audible vision I heard people from every nation speaking diverse tongues saying, "Trump won! Trump won!"

Emergency Broadcasting System

On 8th December 2022 I heard the Lord say to me, "Emergency Broadcasting System" before this I had never heard the term EBS. I continued on with my day and I heard again, "Emergency Broadcasting system" still then I continued on with my day. That afternoon I had a nap, as soon as I woke up I heard, "Emergency broadcasting system." Now the Lord had my attention.

I looked into the matter and found that Germany and the United Kingdom both tested their EBS systems the day before and on that day respectively.

Later in the month I had a dream about Trump and the Emergency Broadcasting system, the dream can be found in the video below.

USA Alien Invasion

The dream I had of Trump pointing towards the sky because of an alien invasion can be found in the video below

Donald Trump and Nuclear War

The dream I have had about nuclear attacks can be found below

Seven messages to America

Cleveland Ohio

The Lord has shown me about the East Palestine train derailment 2023 Ohio train derailment

4 February 2023 at 1:55 am and the storm of a generation which occurred on the 23rd of December 2022, these videos can be found here

Flight travel Ceasing in USA

The Lord has shown me that air travel would cease.

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