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The Pale Horse Prophecy

Prophetic word given 2 January 2024

Behold the pale horse is coming!

Justice and Judgement has arrived.

You shall see people torn apart

The meaning of 23 to be fulfilled

Expect civil war like you have not seen it before

They will sacrifice my people for the sake of gains

Israel is not exempt and they will feel the blow

America you shall be turned upside down

Behold the pale horse is coming!

The rider on the pale horse is Death

The meaning of 23 is Death


Shalom beloved,

Please note that the term "Pale Horse" is only a representation of death. It does not mean I am referring to the end times. The Lord is only using this symbolism to illustrate a point. The same is true with the "Red Horse" prophecy given earlier, the war in Israel is not the end time war, only a sum of many wars that leads to the end.

In 2023 the Lord highlighted the meaning of 23 which also means death.

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