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The Gatekeeper

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

welcome to my channel if you're new today we'd be speaking about the year 5784 which begins next month in September at Rosh Hashanah and the Lord normally gives me a prophetic word for every year and if you are new to my Channel or if you're new to my website you could go and look at my website which is uh the and if you go to the Jewish calendar and you click on there uh and you scroll down whoops you'll see the prophetic theme for each year now in 2022 the lord gave me a dream about keys and that would be the prophetic year the prophetic theme story for that here and 2023 which is this year the Lord has spoken to me extensively about the rise of zathpath pinea which is Joseph's name he's Egyptian name when he was um um in Pharaoh's Court interpreting Pharaoh's dream and this year we're going into 5784 which is next month in September and the Lord has given me a word for gatekeeping now at the end of every year I do a prophetic recap to see if that word was fulfilled so at the end of 2023 December I'll do a recap for the rise of zathpath paneer but for today we're going to be speaking about the gatekeeper because I'm speaking into the next year which starts next month in September if you um go to my website which is the and you click on all of these links you'll notice that the Lord is speaking continually in a theme so 2022 is linked to 2023 and 2023 is linked to 2024. it's a continuous theme and um so that is if you're new to my um my Channel or my website you can go on there so today I'm going to be speaking about the gatekeeper and the Lord showed me um in a dream the prophetic word for 5784 and um on this particular post on my website I have fleshed out what the Lord is saying for 5784 and if you have time you can go and um read this for yourself I speak about Bill Gates and I also speak about the number four which the Lord has given me prophetically the number four four five seven eight four or 2004 and then I share my dream which I had because normally I have a dream before Russia Channel and that dream is how the Lord speaks to me regarding the theme for that here so you can read about my dream and then I speak about how um Joseph is going to be a gatekeeper but today I'm not going to speak about the prophetic word per se today I'm going to teach on gatekeeping so if you'd like to see what the Lord is saying for 5784 you can go to my website and read that for yourself um it's a big big word um it's a big Bible study sorry gatekeeping and so um I might do several presentations regarding gatekeeping but for now let's just focus on what the Lord has highlighted for me to share in this particular presentation so um if you follow me on telegram I posted on the 7th of August that Joseph becomes the gatekeeper in 5784 so the Lord has been speaking to me about Joseph being a gatekeeper for about eight weeks now and I feel it is time to now release the word for everybody regarding what's gonna happen in 2024 to look at the definition of gatekeeping okay a gatekeeper according to the secular definition is an attendant employed to control what goes through a gate or a person or thing that controls access to something so a gatekeeper is somebody who allows the flow of traffic in and out of the gate now when the lord gave me that dream which I discuss on the website if you go to my website and you can read about that dream under gatekeeping the uh picture I got was uh I saw actually a picture of Goshen and Goshen had a farm gate like this and Joseph was responsible for a traffic that came in and out of his farm and when I inquired of the Lord the meaning of this the Lord is highlighting to me the importance of gatekeeping and then when I did a bible study on gatekeeping the Lord was showing me how important gay to keepers are now when it comes to what the Lord is currently doing with the wealth transfer Joseph becomes a gatekeeper in terms of wealth he becomes a custodian of Kingdom wealth he will Channel wealth in and out of his gate he will Shepherd wealth in and out of his gate so when you're looking at it from a micro uh cosm so to speak or a micro perspective or a short-term perspective Joseph will be governing wealth by being a gatekeeper at the beginning of the gate he will allow wealth to flow in and out of economies right Joseph will allow wealth to come in and out of certain economies because where Joseph chooses to invest is where the wealth will flow to so Joseph will be standing at the gate of um making decisions on how the wealth is governed and where the wealth will go and where the wealth will flow being a kingdom financier Joseph will make those decisions and um I'm going to go into the characteristics of a gatekeeper because God doesn't entrust everybody to be a gatekeeper it's quite an important role if you understand the position of a gatekeeper and when you look at it from a macrocosm or from a a long-term perspective when Goshen is finally built for 2030 the Joseph will be responsible for guarding this gate and allowing people in and out of this gate so short term will be allowing finances in and out of the gate and long term Joseph will be allowing people in and out of the gate because not everybody is allowed in the gate you see when you consider Joseph um and his brothers the 12 tribes of Israel his 11 Brothers they were the only people who were allowed in Goshen it wasn't just anybody you see everybody came to Egypt but not everybody was allowed in Goshen and so Joseph was the gatekeeper of Goshen he was the gatekeeper he was the one who allowed certain people in and certain people out he was also the gatekeeper if you look at the beginning of his career he was the gatekeeper of allowing um how the finances should be allocated to um build those seven years of plenty he allocated the finances to increase those seven years of plenty and so he was at the gate he was commanding the gate and the Lord is showing me that 578 4 or 2004 Joseph is going to be commanding the gate he'll be commanding the gate and I compare if you go and read this uh prophetic word for the year I compare Joseph to other people who are secular who are commanding Gates as we speak and I'll touch on that a bit later so we've already looked at the definition the secular definition of gatekeeping let us consider some of the functions so I've already spoke about finances Joseph will be a gatekeeper of Finance making decisions on what type of business transactions will be permitted for Kingdom financier and then also he'll be a gatekeeper for who gets to go into Goshen because not everybody's allowed in Goshen right the Lord has selected his Remnant the Lord has selected his chosen people who will go into Goshen it's not for everybody it's for select people that Joseph will be helping and as the Lord leads I will share a bit more on who gets to go into Goshen and as a gatekeeper he is a custodian of keys he's a custodian of keys he has a keys that allows him access to various places all Gatekeepers are custodian of keys and the more powerful you are as a gatekeeper the more keys you have under your custody right if you go back to the prophetic theme for each year you'll notice that 2022 was the year of keys that's when the Lord was releasing keys to people and if you read that prophetic word it highlights some of the keys that the gatekeeper now has in 2024 in terms of commanding and Authority and that's why I said each year is linked God is continuous he's guiding us continually in terms of his shepherding style and in his prophetic words and so um as a gatekeeper there is you see God doesn't trust everybody not everybody is a gatekeeper if you look at the Bible there were a select few people who were Gatekeepers not everybody's a Joseph not everyone is a gatekeeper so um God will select his Gatekeepers based on their purity to Steward wealth uh based on their obedience you see you need to be one if you are a gatekeeper it means you are an ambassador for the Lord and if you are an ambassador for the Lord it means you're doing his will you're not doing your own thing you're doing what he's called you to do you're walking in obedience and you're doing what you've been called to do according to his will and therefore God entrusts you as a gatekeeper not everybody can be trusted to command a gate the gate is a very important thing not everybody has that level of trust with the Lord and so the Lord has selected certain people who he is entrusting to manage Goshen so that when the time comes they can house Israel or they can house the body of Christ it's a very trusted position to have this opportunity for the wealth transfer so when we look at Gatekeepers in the Bible there's various Gatekeepers in the Bible but the Lord wanted me to highlight four in particular now Joseph was the gatekeeper of finance and he had Financial Acumen in his role as a gatekeeper and he was able to Steward finances based on the Acumen that God had given him financially you see it takes a lot more wisdom to keep the wealth then it takes to obtain the wealth it's easier to obtain wealth it's harder to keep the wealth and so it requires a level of Grace and anointing to be able to Steward wealth and have the Acumen for stewarding wealth and Joseph had that anointing so he was a kingdom Finance year and he was the gatekeeper of Finance if we look at Job The Book of Job job 29 verse 7 job was a judge at the gates the city Gates all throughout the Bible whenever there's a gate there is a call to judgment so Joseph was making judgment on financial decisions right job was making judgment on the people of the town where job had lived job was also very rich remember he was financially one of the most wealthiest people in the Bible so Joseph and job both were financially extremely wealthy and both of them became judges in the eyes of the Lord because they were Gatekeepers see job had a lot of wealth he he held the keys remember I said that you need you will be a custodian of keys so the keys one of the keys that job would have had was wealth and his wealth put him in a position to judge he was able to judge at the city Gates Right and if you look at Peter Peter was one of the disciples in the New Testament and he had the revelation of who Jesus Christ Yeshua hamashiach was Jesus asked his disciples who do you say that I am and Peter by the spirit of wisdom you see it takes wisdom to be a gatekeeper you need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit by the wisdom of God Peter said that you are the Messiah the chosen one so Peter um had that wisdom and what did Jesus say back to Peter Jesus said the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against you so Jesus is pronouncing Peter a gatekeeper saying that the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against him why because he had Revelation in who he was who Jesus Christ was right and that's something that all Gatekeepers need to have you need to know not only who you are in Christ but you really need to know the authority that Christ has in terms of spiritual warfare because all Gatekeepers are Watchmen you can't fall asleep at the gate you can't fall asleep at the wheel because if you're entrusted to a gate it means that you're a Watchman you're watching over the finances you're watching to judge the people you're watching to see how things are occurring in the world in terms of the children of issachar Discerning the times and so in order to watch you need to not only know who you are in Christ but you also need to know who Christ is and the authority that Christ governs because you see Christ governs The Gatekeepers he was governing Peter when Peter reveals to everybody that he was the Messiah and then the fourth example was Deborah Deborah was a judge and she was a leader in Israel and so another characteristic of Gatekeepers is that they will lead you see Joseph was a leader in the area of Finance he was a leader in the area of um preparing the way preparing Goshen he was leading the way and so all Gatekeepers are also leaders to be a judge or to sit at the Gate of something means that your your your your um judges are held in such high esteem they are leaders right and so Deborah was somebody who led Israel she gave insight into how things should occur and she also judged matters she also had uh the mantle of she could see into the future what God wanted the people to do that's how she governed she governed not according to her own wisdom but by foretelling what will happen in the future and so those are the four types of Gatekeepers that the Lord wanted me to highlight now there are many other Gatekeepers in the Bible and like I said it's an extensive study if you've read the Bible you'll know there are more Gatekeepers than one and then if you are to challenge yourself in the area of Prayer four five seven eight four which is 2024 and asking the Lord how can you be a better gatekeeper in terms of the finances he's entrusting you two you see you need to have blind obedience when the Lord says do something you need to be inquiring for confirmation and then following through on the confirmation that he gives you so it's walking in obedience you need to be willing to do what God says You must do Gatekeepers are normally very mature in the word of God they're seasoned in the word of God and they also conformed to the image of Christ which means they keep his word and his Covenant they're not continually sinning they keep his word you know you can't govern at a gate or be a judge if you don't even know what's good or what's bad and the Bible highlights to us what is good and what is good is to not sin and how do you know what sin is you can't know what sin is if you have not studied and meditated on the law of his word both day and night you see you can't be a gatekeeper if you're in sin constantly and then saying I'm under the grace of God I'm under the blood of Jesus you see we we come to the Cross but we need to progress past being on the Milk of God's word and mature to his meat and how do you mature to his meat you become a hearer of the word and a doer of the word not somebody who is constantly just hearing you actually doing what the word says and so you're conformed into the image of God which is to have Holiness you are a holy person to be a judge or a gatekeeper means you're holy it means you have integrity God can trust you with things you are an in you have a you are Integrity you have integrity if he gives you one million uh dollars you will handle that wealth with integrity you become an ambassador for him you're trustworthy and because you're trustworthy God gives you access to things you become his gatekeeper you have access how do you have access through the keys that he's given you and the Lord was showing me that Gatekeepers are men after his own heart and so it takes Purity to Steward wealth Purity and holiness actually it takes Purity to Steward anything the Bible teaches that if you're faithful over little he makes us ruler over much and the contrast to this is when we build for our own kingdom and when we use the wealth to do our own thing and when we're disobedient and we choose to ignore what God is calling us to do and so when we build for our own kingdom actually we're ruled by ego and pride and if you look at pride and sin they have one thing in common and that's you I becomes the center of everything you do so I is in the center I and that's when you build for your own kingdom and the people in 2024 who God blesses with wealth and they build for themselves they will build on a foundation that is not built on the rock and those houses will come crashing down and that's a prophetic word for those who are going to build but not according to the blueprint that God has called you to build you're building your own kingdom and when you do that know that you have been given the wealth by grace but now you're walking in the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life and when you walk in the pride of life and the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh ideally what you're saying is that I'm going to exalt myself and I'm going to build my own kingdom and this means that you're ruled by Pride and so I think it's important just to touch on Gates very quickly because if you look at what I posted on telegram on the 7th of August I said as of the 5th of August portals have opened and some closed so the Lord was speaking to me about portals and Gates because another name for a gate is a portal you're entering into something right you're passing over um you passing over a threshold you're going from one area to another area there's a threshold right so another word for Gates is portals and so to understand this word in its full capacity I think we need to look at Gates now the Lord was highlighting to me good Gates and bad Gates and the two people he wanted me to speak on was Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey and if you look at uh Bill Gates he is a type of gatekeeper because remember a gatekeeper has power they have power because they're able to give people access to things right they have power and so if you look at Bill Gates he is a type of gatekeeper he is the gatekeeper over technology um he governs in the area of Medicine and he is a land land owner he has vast amount of land right and if you look at the prophetic word for 5784 if you go onto my website the Lord actually highlights Bill Gates in that prophetic word right saying that for too long he has been a custodian of the gates he is being controlling commerce technology medicine and education now is the time for Joseph to take his role as my GateKeeper Joseph will rise and challenge you in the areas you sought to take control of my people you are a pharaoh and you will be forced to recognize my Gatekeepers my Josephs to Joseph I declare lift up your heads O Gates rise up you ancient portals that the king of glory may enter Psalm 24 verse 9 and if you read the rest of that it will speak about the scriptures that the Lord would want you to meditate if you are a gatekeeper and so if we go back here so the Lord highlighted Bill Gates not just because his surname is Gates but because he is a gatekeeper and he is controlling things in the area of Commerce technology medicine and education and more recently we see um Oprah Winfrey she is a gatekeeper in terms of information she has had a talk show for many years and she will influence people in the area of information that is passed on through her talk show and a lot of what she was she influences people in is the New Age movement and I've spoken extensively about the New Age movement in the fake wealth transfer fake Joseph's video and we also see that she's a custodian of land in Hawaii right so Gatekeepers are custodians they're people who have uh they have vast wealth right so God is raising up Joseph's to contend with these people who have vast wealth God is raising up Joseph to be able to uh build for his kingdom in the areas where the Demonic has sought to take control of those gates the gates of information the gates of Education the gates of Technology medicine film media because there's bad Gates and there's good Gates and we are called to be Gatekeepers for these areas where God is calling us to and so if you look at um the task of Joseph for 5784 I'd really encourage you guys to go and read this entire word and see what the Lord is saying in terms of gatekeeping and if you um look at the task of Joseph in 5784 he is to command the gates right what does that mean commanding the gates being a Watchman means that you're an intercessor you are praying you are constantly in an area of the Sacred Place praying to the Lord right it's an act of submission it's an act of showing that without the Lord you are unable to function because you're functioning in the strength of the Lord and when you command the gates you if you look at the keys that were given to us in um 2022 speaking of Isaiah 22 22 where there is Authority given to us to bind and loose on Earth whatever you bind on Earth is bound in heaven and whatever you loose on Earth is loosed in heaven and so we are to command the gates you see the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against the church uh the church because we're built on the foundation which is the Messiah Jesus Christ and so we are to possess the gates which means that we are to uh make decisions that will impact Generations we are to make decisions that will impact the Next Generation we are to make decisions that will impact what happens in 2030 we are to make decisions uh in 2024 that will impact the next year and the next decade and the Next Generation and we are also to control the gates and I'm going to play a video for you uh to to give you a picture of what it's like to control a gate to control a gate and so when we look at Jacob Jacob was Joseph's dad or his papa um Jacob had that dream where he saw a ladder and in that ladder he saw angels ascending and descending right Angels ascending and descending they were ascending and descending from Heaven to Earth that's that is what Jacob saw and it was a type of gate or portal where the Angelic was coming down and going up similarly to when we bind and loose we are commanding blessings um or we we are speaking authoritatively to what would be in the will of God right we're speaking authoritatively to what will be in the will of God and the angels are dispatched to do the will of God and so if you look at Jacob he had that dream where we he saw angels ascending and descending Jacob being the gatekeeper the gate was open and the Angels were ascending and descending now Jacob was Joseph's dad and normally the anointing when it's passed from generation to generation it becomes stronger so Joseph's anointing what Joseph was able to achieve was stronger than what Jacob was able to achieve Joseph was far more financially uh powerful than his father Joseph had more dreams than his father Joseph had more um uh Grace and anointing to deliver than his father Jacob and so we know that the anointing that rests on Jake on Joseph's life is great because if his father saw angels ascending and descending and then Joseph became a dreamer and Joseph saw the future and those future dreams were fulfilled we know that the anointing that Joseph carries is great and part of the uh anointing of being a gatekeeper is being able to command your angels is being able to command your angels so in uh 5784 or 2024 you will be able to command your angels at the gates that they go and do as according to the will of God right and um so what the Lord wanted me to highlight today and I think this presentation carries weight in the sense that people have experienced the level of spiritual warfare that is happening at the gate you see the Gates of Hell have been opened if you look at what's happened with the pandemic and what's happened with lockdowns what's happened with vaccination mandates what's happened with the um the derailment the train derailments the fires the floods the earthquakes the Gates of Hell have really been Unleashed over the past three years we've seen uh how really storming out of its Gates and so there are like I said there are good Gates and there are bad Gates the counterfeit has been Rife as you've seen in Media and what the law wanted me to highlight which I know everybody has been feeling that sense of Hell's gates are opened the Lord wanted me to highlight um the fact that although there are Health Gates which I'm going to highlight now that he has given his kingdom financiers or his Joseph's the power to overrule some of Hell's Gates and I'm going to show you that in a minute so when we look at Elemental which was a cartoon that was released um recently and I've done a decode on Elemental already which if you're new to my channel you can go watch that um a couple of months back there's a video I posted on Elementor and I wanted to give a shout out to uh Jackson brother Jackson who sent me an email regarding doing a further decode after the movie had been released I'm still praying about doing that decode but what brother Jackson highlighted was um the video I posted on Goshen the font and the elemental font was quite similar and um I wanted to compare what um portals are coming from Elementor versus what the Lord is preparing for Goshen just as how brother Jackson Jackson has pointed out that these fonts are similar so if you've watched this video or the elemental and you know of all the different uh beings that they're advertising this um film is about xrp which is Ripple and Stella which is uh fire if you do if you go watch that D code so it's about xrp and uh Ripple and Stella which is Stellar lumens or fire and in that decode I speak about the different beings right the fire the water Earth and Air and what the Lord is showing me way back um to the beginning of the year is that they're using these rituals are around fire their rituals are around water the rituals are around the earth and the rituals are around air because this is a cult philosophy it's a cult philosophy and the current Warfare or the gates of portals of hell that have been opened right it's psychological warfare but also Warfare for the local population who is experiencing that Warfare the um the current Warfare is around Gates and portals being opened that's the the darkness the kingdom of darkness is opening up their gates to try and occupy the earth right don't be surprised that these things are happening and if you look at fire we notice that Hawaii has had a really devastating fire at the moment not so long ago they've used fire for the train derailments and also for bridge explosions Earth we see that there was a massive earthquake in Turkey water there's floods everywhere notice that there was a flood in Frankfurt which is in Germany the airport was unusable because there was so much water in that particular airport now all these things that are happening have never happened before and they're all happening at the same time in a short space of time right and these Gates that the enemies opening is because he's trying to birth his system and what is his system his system is the uh the digital currency that's coming so Ripple and Stella lumens is what's coming and these are the elements that they're manipulating for their Gates and portals to be opened so that their birth their new Financial system and if you look right at the top here where I say portals have opened and closed you'll notice from the 5th of August they've really ramped up the amount of psychological warfare that has occurred in August quite a few things have happened in August and um these are types of gates but these are negative Gates right these are negative Gates that the enemy is using and if you look at Earth this is what happened in Turkey there was mass Devastation in turkey and that happened in February and they closed the it's all about money you see for them they closed the Istanbul Exchange and you can read about how the exchange the Stock Exchange closed in this particular country because of the earthquakes and if you look at the fire you notice that um the the currently investigating the cause of this fire I love how the trees are still standing but the buildings have been um completely flattened like completely flattened and um they say that it might be related to the power cables the power cables um they're investigating what might have caused the deadliest U.S fire notice how these portals and Gates that have been open the the scope or the magnitude of these things are unheard of like they haven't happened in a hundred years or they've never happened before so when they're describing the fire this they speak about how it's the deadliest fire that the USA has ever experienced this earthquake was one of the worst earthquakes right and if you look at the wind the wind brought in one of the worst storms last year they said the storm of a generation on the 23rd of December right and the water the floods that are happening everywhere unheard of floods right and they're saying that these things are all all happening together but all the magnitude they say is you know the deadliest U.S wildfire in a century notice how everything is a century right what happened a century ago there was the world wars that happened a century ago and what what this Warfare is really Warfare of um uh we are at War because they're they're Waging War against the Earth if you look at it I think it's Psalms three um which speaks about how their rage and imagine a vain thing I'm just finding that song um yes it's Psalm 3 verses 7 arise oh Lord deliver me my God strike all my enemies on the jaw break the teeth of the wicked um for the Lord comes from the Lord comes Deliverance may your blessing be upon your people no it's not that song it's a Psalms 2 maybe sorry oh yes it's Psalm 2. Psalm 2. why do the Nations conspire and the people plot in vain the kings of the earth rise up and the rule is banned together against the Lord and against his anointed saying let us break their chains and throw off their shackles the one enthroned in the heavens laughs and the Lord scoffs at them he rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath saying I have installed my king on Zion my Holy Hill um I will proclaim the Lord's decree he said to me you are my son Yeshua hamashiach you are my son today I have become your father ask of me and I will make the Nations your inheritance and the ends of the Earth your possession I will break them with an iron rod and dash them to pieces like pottery therefore you wise Kings be warned you rulers of the earth serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling kiss the Sun or he will be angry and your way will lead into Destruction for your wrath can flare up for a moment blessed are all who take refuge in him so from Psalm 2 we realize that the nations are conspiring the kings of the Earth are rising up and they're banding together to war against not only the Lord but to war against his anointed and here we see that they're using the elements to do that and this film Elemental depicts that beautifully I think if you watched that um film I stand corrected but fire is not allowed in the main city why because it burns everything and what did they do they allowed fire in Hawaii and burnt everything and so these are Gates and portals of psychological warfare waged against who the Earth but particularly their Waging War against America and two comments from two of my listeners the one said um I wonder if there's a connection to man-made things that just happened in Maui and they're speaking about this video where I speak about man-made earthquakes um in terms of man-made fires but here I speak about power the power of the grid and here they're speaking about the possible cause being power lines that may have caused this particular fire so there's that parallel with power grids and here this particular person says thank you for this decode from Elemental and the when they were watching it nine days ago they said that the wildfire in Hawaii there's too many coincidences and ironies in just the first five minutes of watching the video what are the odds that the movie comes out the day comes out the day it came out on DVD one of the most deadliest fire disasters in Hawaii or America notice it also themes the current fascist agendas currently being spewed such as climate change and 15-minute cities immigration stay alert so this person has watched the elemental decode and they're saying that the DVD was released the very same day that the disaster in Hawaii occurred and in this particular film they do speak about how fire should be kept away from cities they also speak about um the elements which are part of climate change right all the elements it's not there's no climate change it's because they're using these things to war against the Saints they're opening up Gates and portals to war against the Saints and so what the Lord is showing me regarding Joseph and Goshen is that Goshen becomes a place of comfort and plenty Goshen becomes a place of comfort and plenty if you go to my website and you click on the home page you'll notice that uh Goshen is a place of comfort and plenty right that's on the home page and the Lord is showing me that when it comes to Goshen that even if they have these man-made weapons where they're able to locate a property on Google Maps and use these man-made weapons or this geoengineering because these are weapons if you read Psalm 2 it's talking about the conspiring to come against God's anointed but the Lord was showing me that Goshen Joseph is the gatekeeper of Goshen and as a gatekeeper of Goshen Joseph becomes a Watchman and what does a Watchman do a Watchman prays and not only is he responsible for the flow of capital in and out of his wallet he's also responsible for the flow of people and if you notice Goshen was a place that despite what was happening in Egypt there was lighting ocean when the blackout came when there was a darkness in Egypt there was light in Goshen when there was curses in Egypt there was no curses in Goshen when the angel of death came to Egypt the blood of the Lamb or the blood of Jesus covered Goshen and the Lord was showing me that as a gatekeeper as a gatekeeper of Goshen these portals that the enemies opening whether it's an earthquake a fire um a flood a storm a hurricane Hillary in the future these things will increase that this is not going to be something they're going to stop just for the reset in the future these portals will increase they will use this Warfare on a continual level moving forward but know that Goshen will be a place that will be protected from these things so when you're building ocean for God's Kingdom the the Hurricanes will miss it the fires will miss it the the floods will miss Goshen because Joseph will be the gatekeeper and the gatekeeper can command these portals to close the gatekeeper can command the angels to protect the property of Goshen the gatekeeper can command in the area of needing to be sustained despite what the enemy is doing and so the Lord is calling Joseph in 5784 2024 to be a gatekeeper in the area of guarding Goshen a gatekeeper in the area of guarding Goshen sorry and so what I'd like to do is play for you guys a clip and I'm going to play that clip now and what I'd like to show you is um the visual representation of a gatekeeper and I want you to think of the flow of capital you'll be doing this with capital allowing Capital to go into economies certain economies that the Lord is Blessing you to bless you when you open your wallet and you allow the flow of capital to come out of your wallet you're going to bless that local area because of your Capital because of your input because you're a gatekeeper of capital and similarly you'll be called to vet or to discern what type of people are allowed in your Goshen what type of people are allowed in your gate and so I'm going to play that particular clip for you now but I'd like you to please consider subscribing to the if you haven't already you can go read the full prophetic word for 5784 there and the Lord highlighted the number 40 me and that is in that prophetic word and like I said I will look at uh 2023 in December and I will discuss the rise of zathpath pinea in December because we are still waiting for the Fulfillment of the rise of zathipath paneer and so um I'm releasing 5784 for 2024 and the Lord is saying that um his Joseph's will be Gatekeepers he's Joseph's will be Gatekeepers right that's what the Lord is saying so you'll govern finances Goshen you'll be a custodian of keys but you will need the characteristics of Purity to Steward and to be a gatekeeper not everybody's core to be a gatekeeper so I'd like to say thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end uh please could you put an amen in the comments section amen means you're agreeing with the WordPress 5784 it means that you are um aligned with God calling his Joseph to be Gatekeepers God is blessing you to govern and be a governor to be a judge in the area of wealth and in the area of Kingdom wealth and so I'd like to thank all of you for watching shabbat shalom [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music]

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Dutch sheet confirms 5784 prophetic word the very next day

here is the dream on August 15 23 I had a dream with Dutch sheets two prophets Stephen gives their names but I have not asked their permission so I'm not including them and myself four of us Dutch had a large Hammer with which he was pounding altars knocking them down with each blow Darkness was displaced in a moment and the light of Truth began beaming in all directions as the altars were destroyed water began springing up from the ground flowers began to bloom new life began to spread we saw Revival and Awakening spring up everywhere the hammer struck the ground then a ladder appeared coming up from the ground and a new dimension of Heaven came down the ladder to Earth this new dimension was a new anointing ability mantle to legislate and it fell on Dutch and the Ecclesia with it we began commanding commanding gates to be opened and in Gates to be opened and in Gates to be opened and in Gates to be opened as we did Angels were dispatched in each Direction released by the decrees sunrise and sunset were occurring simultaneously the scene changed just as the dream shows idolatrous altars are definitely being destroyed in America the hammer of God's word is doing exactly what he said it would do we have been declaring his words and they are accomplishing their assignments tearing down altars of Baal dispelling darkness and releasing light dream draws an obvious correlation to Genesis 28 where Jacob had a dramatic encounter with God at Bethel there and in the dream a ladder connected Heaven and Earth it was used by angels and Gates were opened Gates represent access points and portals among other things it's a landing gates to be opened way of saying heaven and abandoning gates to be opened and in Gates to be opened can connect Jacob called Bethel a Gate of Heaven the place in Stephen's dream was as well a Gate of Heaven the Angels brought us new anointings and higher levels of authority with which to decree we used these anointings immediately making decrees that the Angels carried forth into the Earth this is what we have been doing over and over and over and God says you're coming to a new a new level of authority to do this you're going to rise it I feel this is showing us that the Ecclesia has gone to a higher level in her ability to release Christ's Authority into the Earth we will see the fruit of that begin to manifest in this season like Jeremiah our words initiated by God will pull down strongholds they will then plant and build the will of God Jeremiah 1 10. God will watch over these decrees to perform them verse 12. and I find it very intriguing that sunrise and sunset were occurring simultaneously there's a brain teaser what might this represent well it could picture more but I believe this is an indication that we are now aligned with Olam El Everlasting God this is the name Abraham used I've taught on in here I'll give him 15. this is the name Abraham used in Genesis 21 33 when he called upon Yahweh Everlast was also one of the two names on boxing gloves I used to knock out Giants in a dream given several years ago Holy Spirit said in that dream you must wear these two gloves to take out Giants in this season the other gloves had Evergreen Everlast and Evergreen Abraham used this name of God because it represented he who lives in the Eternal now not limited by time Olam can reach back in time and he can see into the future he has the ability to cancel failures of the past and secure the future which he did for Abraham perhaps God is saying he has done this for us cleansing America of her past and restoring us to our destiny perhaps he is saying we are now wearing the Olam glove moving in the power and strength of everlasting God one thing is abundantly clear Stephen was seeing into a realm lived in and controlled by the Eternal God then in the dream we were translated will scatter before you fleeing seven ways which means completely they're empowering Alters are being demolished by the power of your words their dark wickedness is being exposed by light their evil plans are failing and their names will be disgraced in history we pray and decree all of this in yeshua's name

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