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The Collapse Dream

[Music] hello everybody so today we're going to be talking about the crash and I've had two dreams this week regarding um movement in the spiritual Realm prior to these two dreams I've been in intense Warfare intense Warfare since the Lord showed me the urgency with the liquidity issue and America I've been interceding for America and most nights have been long nights where I'm up for very long hours pray and so the the heaviness and The Sensation of heaviness what was present and it would come and go and I would pray and it would go away and then it would come back and that lasted for um a duration of about five to six days in any case so I've got two dreams this week regarding the crash and these dreams have been life-changing for me in the sense that I've never ever ever ever experienced dreams like this before in my life the first Dream which I'm going to describe to you gave me an undescribable joy and I'm I can't even and begin to put it in words how joyful I was how ecstatic I was and I would imagine that heaven is like this the way I felt in my dream that peace that joy that that only the Lord can give I've never felt that in my life it was a such an amazing dream and so today I'm going to be speaking about the crash and I'm going to be speaking about the depression uh paralleling it to the Great Depression of 1929. so let's start with the dream so this first dream I had on the 23rd of May and I dreamed of a white truck and the person responsible for this white truck was wearing uh blue overalls like this and the blue reminded me of liquidity um in any case so the man who was in charge of this truck he decided to back it up and as he was reversing he hit a he almost hit an obstacle because he wasn't looking where he was going and as he was about to hit that obstacle he stopped and this reminds me of the term backup the truck which is a financial term so anyway so as he was backing up he stopped and then he went forward but at a high speed to try and prevent what he was about to hit at the back he went forward and as he was going forward the car went forward over a cliff but it didn't completely crash he the guy who was in charge of the the truck was holding on to this truck by a string so just imagine that the truck was tilted over this cliff and this particular gentleman was holding it with a piece of string and he got out of this pickle and he decided to go away from this parking space because he was in a parking space believe it or not um in what you would like a shopping area the car this truck was parked in like a shopping area and he backed it up almost hit someone um moved it Forward almost went off the cliff and he was hanging on by a thread and so he decided to go somewhere else in this parking lot and when he went um like three car Parks down in the car park he um what happened was the truck then crashed it went over on its side and it crashed he wasn't able to to make a parking and all the people who were around it were looking at his so bewildered how did he manage to crash and I couldn't stop laughing I laughed and I laughed and I laughed you know you know when you get the giggles and you you trying to stop yourself from laughing but the more you try to stop yourself from laughing the more you laugh in the dream I couldn't stop laughing it was so joyous and the uh people who was standing by were looking at me as if to say what are you laughing about and I couldn't stop I was ecstatic I laughed and I it was so much joy I laughed so much that when I woke up my um my stomach was hurting because I was laughing in the dream and I was um I could feel the physical effects of what happened to my stomach while in the dream like my whole body was moving and I woke up laughing and when I went to go and explain the dream to my husband I I had tears of joy coming down my face I was explaining it and crying with tears of joy that's how that's how happy I was that this particular truck crashed and the heaviness has left since then and I haven't felt it since and then I had a second dream um last night on the 27th of May and I dreamed for the third time of the Red Sea parting but this time I saw all my listeners everybody who listens to my channel I saw you guys and I saw you guys exiting with me and we were moving through and again it was so so joyous it was such a joyous occasion we were all so happy and I can't begin to express how everybody's faces looked and how how how at ease and how at rest everybody was because it was like it's almost as if ah it's finally happened and I firmly believe that this um these emotions I'm feeling in the spiritual realm of heaviness and and now joy and uh relief and release it's because of what's happened already in the spiritual realm and it's about to take place in the natural and so I like I said I've never had dreams like this where I feel so such jubilation and the Jubilation I can't explain because I've been happy before in the natural but I've never been happy like this and I really do imagine this is what heaven feels like I feel like I touched a piece of heaven with this sense of joy and this sense of happiness so today I feel led to speak about the collapse and um when speaking about the collapse the Lord led me to uh Jericho the walls of Jericho and as I was meditating on the scripture in Joshua 6 16. the Lord highlighted to me that the walls of Jericho was a type of wealth transfer and when they took out the walls of Jericho by the supernatural blowing of the shofar and the walking around of the walls we all know the story the Lord said that um everything made of gold and silver bronze or iron is sacred to the Lord and must be brought into his Treasury when the people heard the trumpet or the shofar the walls collapsed so the instruction was that when Jericho collapsed that God's people were to take the gold and the silver so here again you see a wealth transfer the gold and the silver now this is the wall uh the walls of Jericho and the how the the walls came uh down and it was a supernatural act uh we're likening the collapse of the walls of Jericho to the collapse of the financial system and how the wealth will be transferred because when they're entered into Jericho they took the gold and the silver and what we need to remember is that the land of Jericho was inhabited by Giants because Joshua and Caleb when they went to view the land and to spy to see what it was all about remember that they took grapes that were the size of um that were really really large and this we know that there was Giants in the land and that's why the collapse had to be Supernatural because there was Giants and this the technology of the walls and how the walls were built were built by the Giants and therefore it was only by the act of God that could bring these walls down so just going back to the presentation I made um earlier last week the x marks the spot so we know that they went from Egypt they crossed the Red Sea and they crossed it with a gold and silver because they had plundered the Egyptians and when they crossed the Jordan we know that the walls of Jericho came down and they plundered the walls uh they plundered Jericho for gold and silver so here we see two wealth transfers occurring and the and all for the possession of land the possession of Goshen that the there's two wealth transfers here if you look at the life cycle and so when I was meditating on my dream and the extreme joy that the Lord had given me and the happiness that the Lord had given me the Lord is showing me that there is also going to be a mental health crisis although the Josephs will have Jubilation and happiness the world is going to go through a season of wilderness and they will be a mental health crisis um here I've referenced the depression as in an economic depression but there will also be physical depression and heaviness that the world is going to experience the the joy is not for everybody there's going to be a mental health crisis and so we just need to pray for our brothers and sisters in the world who may not know Jesus Christ because I think there will be a lot of suicide and there will be a lot of people who end up taking their own lives because of what's going to happen with the collapse that's coming and um maybe part of my heaviness that I was feeling for the intercession of America was uh praying about just America in general but also for those who are going to have the Mental Health crisis that might bring suicide because we we do not wish for anybody to lose their life over the emotional state that the collapse is going to bring but it is going to bring a lot of people um anxiety depression and for some if it's very severe suicide so a lovely listener of mine sent me a dream that had to do with Dutch sheets and I want to thank that listener because they've been following my Ministry since I made my teachings back in November about covenants and I've mentioned Dutch sheets before because he is a man of Covenant and he's a man of understanding Covenants and so he is a extreme um Titan and spiritual realm and I have so much respect for Dutch sheets his teachings and his mantle and his anointing and his call for America he's he's such a um uh a vessel for God he's such a is a wonderful vessel for what God is doing in his life and I greatly respect the call on his life and and what he's been doing so far with regards to his teachings these teachings are very deep as well he's a great intercessor anyway so the the lovely subscriber who sent me Dutch Sheet's dream he had a dream and the dream is called defeating the Giants with Evergreen defeating the Giants with Evergreen and this was confirmation of the word that I produced about Evergreen and how Joseph will be Evergreen and this is just a layer another layer on top of what God is trying to tell his body what God is trying to tell his his children and so Doug Sheet's dream was holds great significance for America and for him personally the dream was given by God to a friend of his called Thomas Hall in 2007 and Thomas dreamed that Dutch sheets was a boxer and he was in a fighting ring facing five giants in five rounds alternating Fists he knocked out one giant per round with just one blow to each opponent at the conclusion of the boxing match heated Dutch sheets raised his fists and said if you're going if you're going to take out Giants in the season you are going to have to wear these two gloves one glove on one glove was written Everlast and on the other Evergreen so he was in a boxing match with giants each blow took out a giant and the gloves that he was wearing boxing gloves he was wearing was Evergreen and Everlast now when I meditated on this and I was decoding it for my own understanding the Evergreen glove are those who are called to have the Joseph mantle and these people are economic Warriors for God and they will face Giants in the in the realm of um in the realm of economics because Joseph was an economic Warrior so Joseph will rub shoulders with people who have wealth Millionaires multi-millionaires and billionaires just as the Evergreen shipping container is going to make Joseph uh fall into those three categories and because Joseph will have that level of wealth he's going to confront Giants who are secular and take on those giants he's going to be an economic Warrior for the kingdom of God Joseph and he's going to be wearing the glove Evergreen um now if you guys would like me to present on what the Giants will look like just let me know in the comments section in terms of economic Giants and these normally are going to present themselves in the form of c-suite um c-suite board members CEOs of companies judges lawyers Supreme Court judges uh people who own vast businesses vast land people who have been Titans and have had General generational wealth these are the types of giants that Joseph is going to go up against and he's going to be wearing the Evergreen um boxing glove whereas the Everlast if you guys know about Everlast it is actually a boxing um brand that boxers use and the Caleb mantle will wear the Everlast boxing glove and Dutch sheet speaks on this he speaks about war eagles and people who face the Giants directly these are people who are involved in intercession and warfare they understand Warfare these are the Caleb mantle will take on Giants in the area of technology and um the actual uh change of society when it comes to AI um blockchain changing of DNA it's a vast topic so if you guys want me to present on Giants I might do that at a later stage but for now this is just a summary of what Dutch sheets dream actually means and the the idea in Dutch Street stream is that he's actually wearing both gloves so he has the anointing for um having the Joseph mantle having the anointing for the Caleb mantle as well and so I loved that correlation between wealth being Evergreen and taking out the Giants particularly because when the Lord showed me that the walls of Jericho are coming down and that we are about to take the gold and silver out of Jericho and the walls of Jericho were supernaturally created by the Giants because remember the land belonged to Giants it belonged to Giants it didn't belong to just anyone so the Caleb and Josh were anointing is also there for the um taking over of Giants and the Bible teaches that in the last days it shall be like the days of Noah what was happening in the days of Noah they were giants so Genesis 6 if you go read Genesis 6 that is what Jesus was referencing Jesus's words from the New Testament says that in the last days it will be like the days of Noah and so God is anointing his um his children like here he's shown Dutch sheets that in order to take out Giants you need to be wearing the two gloves Everlast and Evergreen and what I'd like to say is I've got a lot of News subscribers who are new to my channel the most important teaching I've made for the entire wealth transfer is the teachings on Covenant the teachings on Covenant and it marries up beautifully with Dutch sheets Ministry and what he teaches although I got the Revelation before being exposed to Dutch sheets regarding covenants it's just that Dutch sheets is actually confirming the word that the Lord had given me personally many many years ago and so I want to remind everybody that the dreams I had about moving through the Red Sea with everybody and their faces I saw your guys faces all beautiful all happy it's so lovely to know that we can see each other in the spiritual realm and God will allow that and um but more than that when I I witnessed the crash the crash of the car um or the truck that was backing up and and then it it went forward and almost went over the cliff but the man handed uh the man with the blue overalls um he he hung on to it by the thread of a string and um remember that the blue represents liquidity the truck is hanging over the edge of the cliff by the a thread of a string and then when they tried to fix it and move to a different parking space he he automatically crashed the car and I can't begin to explain to you the enjoy I felt it was an unspeakable joy it was a Heavenly Joy so this video is to encourage you guys to encourage you to say that the um the crash is about to happen we've been Anointed with the Evergreen um promise of these ships these cargo ships coming uh our camels are in the form of these Evergreen cargo ships and these Evergreen cargo ships are to make US economic Warriors for the kingdom of God economic Warriors for the kingdom of God so that we can take our Giants so thank you very much for listening if you've made it to the end shabbat shalom

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