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The balloon = The bubble

hello everybody so hopefully you had an amazing week off and if you fasted I trust that um the Lord has dealt with you specifically during your fast I for one have had a very productive week in terms of fast and I will be sharing a little bit more about that later on in the video today I'd like to focus on um what's recently happened in the news regarding the weather balloon that was seen Over America and just encouraging you guys Regarding why they've allowed this to be a mass spectacle and why we're very close to the wealth transfer actually occurring so where the balloons are not something that are uncommon um actually wear their balloons can be seen quite regularly here it says in February 2022 several balloons were spotted off the coast of Taiwan um and noted they're more likely to be meteorological observations of the Eastern theater command of the people's Liberation Army imposed no immediate security threat so similarly in 2020 there was a balloon seen over Japan as and um however it was not identified as it coming from China so where the balloons are used extensively um and they do have the propensity to float over areas Geographic areas wherever the wind might take them it's not to say that these things are omnius or a threat to anybody um the weather balloons are rather big in in comparison to what we might have witnessed on the Telly um this is how big one is that's the Statue of Liberty and so they are quite visible if um You Are a Human Being um looking up they are very visible so if if this was intended to um be a spy tool I very much doubt it because it's quite an intrusive thing normally things that are used to spy on people are um covert and hidden so this is a very um visible um apparatus saplers use so I very much doubt it was used for spying but when I was praying about it and asking the Lord um what is it the meaning of this he showed me that the balloon is symbolic of the economic bubble and normally what happens with economic bubbles is they tend to burst and that's why I've got the needle here because needles tend to burst bubbles so the balloon really and the um the viral nature of the news report and the time the the fact that it took America quite a while to to um remove this balloon from the airspace created quite a sensation in the media and the reason for this is because um I personally believe that it is a subliminal to indicate the up-and-coming um bubble you know the the bursting of the economic bubble so it's a type and Shadow really of what's going to happen to the economy and in the past you can see that there has been several types of financial bubbles that have occurred throughout history the 1929 being a very um severe bubble uh that causes severe depression rather and um 2005 when we saw the effects of 2005 and 2008 because there's a housing bubble and what happens when things become inflated they often do tend to burst so oh just going back to when I was asking the Lord about my you know praying about it the um Lord reminded me of Michael burry's tweet remember I spoke about Michael burry in the past and he tweeted out in 2018 that it's the biggest spec you to live species speculative bubble times two orders of the magnitude and when I asked the Lord what does that mean he said he came back and said to me five orders the magnitude and when I caught wind of this balloon story uh that was floating around becoming quite viral it made me think of um God reminded me of when he said five orders the magnitude in terms of the bubble the speculative bubble and what's going to happen with the economy and here you see some wonderful examples of bubbles bursting um and I really liked looking at the economist or um for decoding when I do some decoding I enjoy looking at The Economist magazine when I decode and they often sort of do a lot of predictive programming on there with regards to what's about to unfold and here you see a massive sort of bubble which looks like the weather balloon that we've just witnessed and it's uh really portraying the stock market as you can see there's a graph on there and um what happens to Bubbles they often tend to to burst and here you have a very rich um type American character with all these shopping bags which must be weighing down the bubble so this is showing us you know really a type and Shadow of the economy and here you see as well we've got balloons and right at the top here you have someone getting ready to burst this particular balloon which as well is um a type of bubble and it goes on with the economist so you see here we have several um depictions of Fiat the different uh Fiat the different economies you've got the US dollar pound the Yen the Frank I'm not sure if that's escudo a DM I'm not sure what DM is but again you see that they're holding up something that they just can't carry in here you have Commodities and oil food wheat and it's taking its toll and agriculture as well livestock and the Fiat can't seem to manage holding up all the the goods because the cost of goods keeps going up and the um Fiat as well you know the borrowing and the printing of money keeps going up and I don't think they can keep this up for much longer and here again you have a type of basket and they've got the G7 which is the world leaders and they are trying to blow hot air into the balloon to make it go and how much longer can one keep up with blowing hot air into this balloon not very much longer I just wanted to reiterate one of the points that I found in Wikipedia that said that China's newspaper commented on you know the fact that the balloon is not there to spy it says to spy in the US with the balloon one must both fail fall far behind to use a 1940s technology and to be Advanced enough to control its flight across the ocean those fabricating the slide are only exposing their own ignorance so China has very sophisticated ways of monitoring and checking and if they wanted to spy on the US they would um there would be um you know if there's lots of more modern sophisticated things that can be used so I very much doubt that you know the Fiasco around the the rationale behind you know the the balloon being used as a spy tool is is the truth I honestly believe that it's a symbol to indicate what's about to happen in the economy and this is predicted beautifully by these um magazines where they use balloons to indicate um what's happening in the economy and if you are using um the social media platform Tick Tock then you're far more monitored by China than you know them setting her to release a weather balloon from miles away so I hope this has helped you guys to see that the fact that they are um allowing the whole world to see this as an example of what might happen in the natural means that we're quite close and like I said if you read up on Wikipedia the use of where the balloons is quite common and the fact that they're into other people's airspaces is also quite common because the weather does change so the the um the news and the media around this I find it to be quite distracting and insincere when it comes to what they're reporting on so I'd like to know what you guys think and what would be the bubble that's next going to pop we know in 2008 it was the housing market what do you guys think in terms of um speculating what might be the thing that might pop there's been a lot of talk about Bitcoin going to near zero which um um I've I'm not sure if that's true but it it might because it has been quite inflated in terms of its price um it might it might level out and become something more um you know within the range of other cryptocurrencies that do survive the crash here in this speculative bubble in 2017 you can see that it lost 25 of its value in one day and I think with regulation we might see less of these Peaks and troughs in terms of crypto being more stable when adoption does occur but anyway the bubble could be anything it doesn't necessarily have to be crypto it could be a number of things that are on the cards particularly housing um I would say the derivatives Market um similar to 2000 and 5 which produce the 2008 crash is still a problem in terms of people um using derivatives upon derivatives that could be an issue again and the housing market particularly in China we've seen with evergrand there's been some issues but it could be a whole number of things it could be Fiat it could be um prices of gold and silver one of my subscribers sent me a a link to the debt clock and I see that gold and silver has been reset to zero so that's quite interesting in terms of us getting quite closer so when I prayed and fast this week I was asking the Lord why is the wealth transfer taking so long and you know what what seems to be the hold up with the wealth transfer because like I said we've been waiting patiently since last year or the the indicators are there in terms of the economy in terms of what the pandemic has done why is it taking so long and when I asked the Lord he showed me that so many people are not yet ready in terms of his people his um elect he's chosen he's Joseph's his his disciples so many people have cottoned onto the wealth transfer quite late and they've only just recently started investing some have been investing from last year September and I I know of some of my subscribers who were even investing now in February for the first time so there's a lot of people who are coming into the wealth transfer who have not yet purchase what they need to purchase although they're quite late still the grace of God that allows them to uh be included in the window for the people who have known about the wealth transfer for a very long time and who have been waiting for a long time it can be incredibly frustrating but um when we look at our brothers and sisters who are just beginning their Journey the exciting journey of learning these things that we know and we've been led to know because we've been awake for much longer or because God has given us the grace to know these things for a longer period then we Rejoice for those who are recently starting their investment Journey but knowing that we are very close because of the indicators in terms of um what they're portraying in the media in terms of um types and shadows so hopefully this has helped give you guys some um I mean excuse me a lot of you might already know this information and already have this revelation and so I might be just uh preaching to the choir when it comes to these things in terms of decoding because a lot of you are already awake and you already know all of this information um so hopefully this has blessed those who are not aware you know that the um what's happened in media might be a type and Shadow for what's actually going to happen with the economy so um thank you so much if you have emailed me and sorry if I haven't replied your email I've spent a tremendous amount of time building my website which is not entirely finished it still needs editing um but I I've built a platform for everybody to go and fellowship and um if you are a Joseph and you call to be a Joseph I'm building a forum for everybody so that they can um have a set place to come and tell us their testimonies or give us wise ideas of how God has um positioned you or find other Joseph's in your area I had a lady from Texas ask me if she could get into contact with the other Josephs in Texas so the forums are private they're not open to everybody I'm still working out how to um you know keep the forums as private as possible um because I don't just want anybody from the internet who doesn't have an understanding of the Joseph Dream and the Goshen dream to belong to the Forum so I'm still working on developing the criteria for the forums however there is a newsletter which I will be releasing quarterly and I've released the first newsletter which you can find on the website if you would be so kind to go and check it out um the newsletter is under the tab for newsletters and the website name is the and hopefully this blesses everybody and hopefully this is a place where people who who are like-minded can come and fellowship together so this is the fruit of what came out of my fast um the development of the website I'm sorry it's taken me so long to hop on back to making videos and um or to answer emails I am going to be looking at writing more as opposed to video production so I'll I'll be releasing videos maybe twice a week now moving forward and looking at developing the community the Goshen Community online by doing various things and networking with people if you're interested in being part of the team for the website and you have a unique skill set that you would like to um give to the body of Christ regarding um what God's placed on your heart I'd love to hear from you via email and we can look at how we can position you in terms of um adding your skill set or potentially making your moderator or something along those lines when it comes to the website so I hope everybody is had a really good week I've missed you all um I missed waking up every day and making the videos and um I got I was supposed to release a video last week regarding something else and I um I I paused that for a moment because I started um looking at um finer details when it comes to the website and just the books that I'm currently writing to go in tandem with the vision of the Goshen Foundation so hopefully um you guys are blessed by this particular video which looks at the really the the closeness how close we are where they do these false flag events you know we know that we are closer and closer so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end and thank you for going to the website and subscribing and I will put a link for the website in the description box for everybody shabbat shalom

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