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Temple Mount returns to the Jewish people.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

EDIT to the video below: The dream was given on the 5th of July, and the class discussion is on the 7th of July, 2023. Shalom


I want to believe you have had the opportunity to listen [Music] it's time to share with one another it's time to share with one another I'll go fast and I will also give us the order by which we shall follow next I'll go fast uh Kim you will be next Grace you will be next um after Kim and Miguel you'll be next after Greece and uh Virginia you shall conclude for us all right just as I was listening and I put myself to hear what God is saying this is what I received that the Lord said to me that he is Reawakening the world I am Awakening the world back to myself and say to me the Nations have turned away from me and this has happened to us because he wants us to look back to himself and he took me into his word because he said to me that the Nations which will turn back to me I will heal them but the ones who will not turn back they will continue to suffer the economic turmoil which we are seeing right now and of course um it's a bit interesting even to see what's happening for example in Europe we see the address that is happening in France and such like these are tough moments but what also gave me a verse in the book of Zechariah he took me to Zechariah 14 and took me to verse number 17. and it says and if any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the king the Lord of hosts there will be no rain on them uh that's the advice that God gave me in connection to the word which I have just received I think we'll give our comments later I've just shared the word I want to um at this point ask uh um Kim either you type it if you're not able to speak it verbally um either you can just type it and we shall I will read it for the class same case for Grace next Miguel next and uh Virginia next if you're not able to verbally speak it just type it right there and we shall all be able to read it and um yes all right yeah I would say yeah it is because the Lord has been speaking so much to me about the economy I can speak for a very long time so I'm going to try and just limit it to One Vision that the Lord has given me all right I see a Congregation of people and in the congregation of people they are rejoicing and who are wearing a Jewish prayer show you know until it yes traditional yes yes no Jewish or blue and white see four people wearing a blue and white shawl and ask the people what are they rejoicing over and they say to me that they are rejoicing over the fact that has forced the land that have brought to the land and I um irrigation is now leaving this area where we're standing in and when I get up walk out of the congregation I noticed that I am wearing white and gold white and gold and the dream that changes and I see Mass starvation I see a lot of um children who you can see the skeleton of their body and I see Mass starvation and I are people at the organization what's happening with the mass starvation and they say to me that it's something that is normal something that is they are desensitized to and it looks as if there's two types of classes there's an extremely wealthy cut class and there's an extremely poor class all right and then I wake up from the vision and when I ask the Lord what does this mean what is the meaning of this Vision the Lord spoke to me and said that um this year will be the Jubilee whereby the land will be returned back to the people and the people are the Jewish people who are wearing the traditional fillet and the body of Christ who are wearing the gold and white to lit they will they will be married to the land the land will be returned to the people but then when you look at the world math judgment is coming on the world and that's where you notice the starvation and the people who are starving so these two distinct categories that the Lord is showing me with regards to this economic crisis that when they collapse happens because their collapse will happen there will be two outcomes there will be the church and the Jewish people who will return back to the land and then there will be those who the Lord give judgment to because because those people will experience the Calamity of the economic crisis by mass starvation and when I prayed about this the Lord said that the reason why he brings judgment is so that people can turn and repent and and look to a different way of doing things because prior to what's happening people are not following the ways of the Lord they are doing their own thing and is why the Judgment of the Lord is coming because the world system is you know with lgbtq and there's many things that are happening in the world that are incorrect according to biblical philosophy so the Lord showed me that this year there will be an economic collapse this year people will be blessed the church will be blessed the Jewish people will be blessed and the land will be returned to the church the land will be returned to the church Kingdom purposes for Kingdom purposes amen a lot of people who will need help will return to the church not now in the next shmita cycle so that's what the Lord showed me amen when you sent me to Psycho what do you mean by that oh 2023 is Jubilee and the next seven years which will take us to 2030 it will be the next schmidta cycle which is the next cycle so they also showed me that this year he's going to raise up a lot of Joseph and Joseph will take occupation of the land and then in seven years time the the church and the world system will come to Joseph because that line would have produced seven years of playing time in 2030 that line will sustain the the people who had not been positioned for the 12th class because what's happening now there's going to be a wealth transfer all right I mean in seven years time the Joseph who has risen up amen amen amen praise God and uh you know very profound what you said um maybe I can just bring the class up you did on on one thing and uh I'll ask your question um the schmidta here are not quoting the word incorrect but it's the schmitter here uh the year of release and of course uh this is after seven years uh rather seven sabbaths of of the seven years which is the super Jubilee um you have mentioned this is happening right now and also you've mentioned that in the next uh seven years which is the next meter um it's going to be a Vindication for the church and for Israel because of the Josephs that God is Raising in this particular moment to be able to bring together let's call it the wealth for the preservation it could be produce it could be whatever it is but one for the preservation but uh from your vision when you are in the charge uh what did these people say the ones who are wearing the blue uh the ones who were wearing the blue said that they've been waiting for many months for this time and um they've been waiting to purchase the land on the mountains that's what they said to me they've been waiting to purchase the land on the mountains all right um the whole congregation turned and looked at the mountain and they was land on the mountains and the Jewish people took possession of the land on the mountain all right what they were celebrating that they've been waiting for such a long time and this time had finally come all right all right and definitely of course from uh what you just mentioned is connected with the shakings that are happening from the nations of the world I think uh very few Nations can claim to not be touched by the economical turmoil which is happening across the nations of the world uh thank you for sharing all right let me hello everybody I'm not sure if the quality of the sound or the previous clip was um very clear so I thought I'd go over the dream one more time so that if you couldn't hear in the first part of the video you'll be able to hear in the second part so I had this dream on the 5th of July and I was in a Congregation of extremely wealthy people and when I looked into the congregation it was um for VIPs only and it was set in um an invitation only area if that makes sense and I was privy to this congregation um making this announcement about the fact that um they were celebrating something and when I looked over in the crowd I saw five or four or five people who were dressed in the traditional uh blue and white to lit and um I asked what they were celebrating and when I um recall the scene in the dream it was sort of night time and there were a lot of lights and it was um it was like Hanukkah how you celebrate Hanukkah there's a lot there was a lot of lights it was night time and there was a lot of fairy lights in the congregation it almost felt very festive like the Christmas period but it wasn't the Christmas period it was a holiday season I think for the Jewish people and when um when I asked them what they were celebrating they told me that they were celebrating the fact that the land had been purchased and that they had been waiting many months for the slant to be purchased and they pointed towards the mountain and they said the land on the mountain has been purchased and um there was a lot of Jubilation and a lot of Celebration because they had waited many many uh months and years for the purchase of this land which was on the mountain and when I got up to leave the congregation I saw I looked at myself and I was wearing a toilet as well and my till it was white and gold and I walked through the corridor uh exiting this sort of building where this Con this wealthy Congregation of people were um and then the dream changed and when it changed I saw myself with two Jewish people who were wearing the toilet and myself and we were at a charity organization and at the charity organization I saw a child who was so thin and they were um just really skeleton and they were in a red plastic bag um almost as if they were being quarantined because they were diseased as well so they were not only dying on starvation they were also sick with disease so they were in a red plastic bag but I could see through the red plastic bag and the child was sort of on the floor nobody seemed to care or take notice of the fact that this child was dying and everybody seemed to to carry on as if it was a normal thing that they had been desensitized to and the photographer who was at the charitable organization wanted to take a picture of myself and the two Jewish people I was with and um I got the sense of there was a two-tier Society like The Hunger Games where there's the super wealthy and then extreme poverty and it was almost as if I had left the super wealthy side to visit the Poor Side if that makes sense in the dream and then I woke up and so I've pondered this particular dream and I've spoken to the Lord about it and the Lord was showing me that the wealth that is acquired in the Jubilee which is this here the Jewish people who acquire the wealth in the Jubilee because it's not just for Christians it's also for the Jews they will also benefit from this Jubilee and the the wealth that they get will be instrumental in buying the land on the Temple mount from the Arab people now this will not be common knowledge we will hear one day that the temple mounters have been occupied by the Jewish people but just as this congregation was uh exclusive and for wealthy Jewish people who were VIP and By Invitation Only this was arranged behind closed doors where nobody could see these negotiations unless you were privy to it and I think why the Lord wanted me to see into this or to know of it is that he wanted me to link the fact that the Jewish people will also benefit from getting the land uh this Jubilee and it might not be publicized that they bought the land but part of the negotiations that will happen will require money for the exchange of that Prime real estate on Temple mount and I contemplated whether to release this dream or not because it's highly controversial what I'm saying that the land on the Temple Mount will be bought by wealthy Jews but this is what the dream was telling me that that's what's going to happen and when this news reaches the ears of everybody else Israel will celebrate that the land belongs to them and the church will get to know about it when Israel celebrates and so really the Lord was just highlighting to me that this is part of the Jubilee the taking back of the land on Temple mount so thank you very much for listening shabbat shalom

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09 okt. 2023

Not so good, Kim.

People are not going back to the land until after the Lord RETURNS, And darn you were doing so good, in your Disney movie Decoding. That was excellent, this not according to Daniel or Revelation. Remember you have to corelatethe SEals and their dates, with the timing framesof Daniel, and they MUST hit holy day schedules for that year. Your interpretation in this dream did not corelate with Daniel or Revelation. And it takes precedence over your church interpretation.

You have to obey the Lord, to keep having and interpreting dreamsc successfully, otherwise the Lord will stop giving you dreams. Why can;t outsiders view your TESTIMONY anymore it was very honest and truthful @ foighting spiritual…


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