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Teaching: Profits or Prophets

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Improving discernment

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[Music] [Music] [Music] this is [Music] this is [Music] living in me hello everybody so today we're going to be looking at YouTube and focusing on YouTube profits versus prophets and how to differentiate between a true prophet of God and somebody who is just in it for the prophet this presentation has come because of a question sorry it's not that clear it says Shalom could you perhaps explain to us how to truly see false prophets especially on YouTube what happens when somebody ticks all the boxes to be a prophet but says God told me Trump will return before the end of the year then that prophecy doesn't come to pass are they disqualified usually the excuse is that there is spiritual warfare so this is a very good question and this presentation will um attempt to answer this question by the end of the presentation you should be able to answer this question and it will help improve your discernment across the board whether you're a seasoned Christian or whether you're still learning about discernment so yesterday we spoke about um the three types of categories when it comes to the wealth transfer and if you're interested you can find that video on YouTube um there's prophets who are definitely from God and then there's those who are not from God at all and then there's the analysts which are um exempt from making mistakes because they're looking at charts calendars history and markets it's not that they're making mistakes it's that um sometimes an analyst can be early so for example Michael burry was early in the 20th 2008 crash it was early doesn't mean he was wrong it just means he was early similarly there's other analysts that might be early with their um forecasting doesn't mean they're wrong so I hope that helps and So today we're going to be looking at YouTube and um there is a lot of people on YouTube claiming to have the prophetic or to be Prophets so what everyone needs to know is that there's three levels to the prophetic there's when you receive an information of a dream a vision or prophetic word that is interpreting a dream or that Vision or that prophetic word and then there's communication so there's three levels and in order to um be accurate when it comes to prophecy you need to get all three levels correct now what happens is that somebody might receive something from God but they have not been given the gift of interpretation and they make a mistake because they have either not depended on God for the interpretation or they have interpreted by themselves incorrectly and then the interpretation produces a communication that might be incorrect as well so these two uh step two and three are a stumbling block for some people doesn't mean that they didn't hear from God it just means that they misinterpreted or they're miscommunicated the information this can happen now when you are a seasoned Christian when you walk very close to the Lord um and you hear from him directly he will give you he will give you information he will receive dreams visions and prophetic words and also he will give you the interpretation and the interpretation will be accurate that's when you're walking with the Lord right you have to be walking very closely with the Lord to have these two be correct and then from there communication becomes easy it's easy to communicate when you have the correct interpretation of that information let's look at Daniel So Daniel in the Bible was an interpreter Daniel had great maturity and great wisdom both coming from the Lord Daniel ticked all three boxes when it came to receiving information interpreting and communicating he was extremely wise if you look at Daniel that he was wiser than the wise men in um Babylon he was called upon um even before they called upon the wise men that's help that's how mature he was in spirit Daniel he was very wise um more wiser than the caladians and the caledians could read charts and analyze the stars and interpret their kid they were into magic and all kinds of things but Daniel was even uh a level above them so he was very mature um and so mature that he was able to interpret a dream like this which is a challenge if you have a dream uh Nebuchadnezzar's dream where he had he saw a statue with different Metals gold silver bronze iron and then iron mixed with clay and Daniel was able to interpret this because of the wisdom of God now if somebody has a dream like this interpretation might be a challenge because you need to be seasoned to be an interpreter so it's a gift or God to be able to interpret not everyone can interpret so here you see how Daniel breaks down this dream and he explains that it's you know it's got to do with Empires and kingdoms so here you see a great level of maturity and wisdom with regards to these three levels now what you have in the body of Christ is that people are not yet mature and they do not have the same wisdom so they will make mistakes here and here but it doesn't necessarily mean they're not hearing from the Lord if that makes sense and then Joseph again was also a interpreter he interpreted Pharaoh's dream and again it takes wisdom to be able to interpret I'm hoping to do a dream interpretation compilation from a few dreams I've received via email in the next few days or a couple of uh within the next week so interpretation comes with interpretation is only given by God and even if somebody does end up interpreting your dreams um you must take it back to the Lord and ask for confirmation if that person is interpreting correctly um so you see that Daniel and Joseph were seasoned in the in the word and they were exceptional when it came to this the stage interpretation and um not many people have this this is a gift to be able to interpret so even if you look at the prophets in the bible some of the Major Prophets and even the Minor Prophets that only prophesied they did not interpret see so some prophets are only called to receive and then to give out the word but they take it a step further and they get in their flesh and they interpret but that's not their remit their remit is just to be like some of the prophets in the old Testament the minor and the major who only prophesied so I hope that makes sense um then when you look at the Book of Revelations this is a very big mystery to most people The Book of Revelations you can receive the information in the Book of Revelations but it is a gift to be able to interpret Revelations not everyone can interpret it most people can't most people um I would say a majority of people are unable to interpret Revelations and then what happens is that people attempt to interpret and then they communicate the Book of Revelations and then they they communicate incorrectly and that's where you see people coming up with the Rapture dates it's the end of the world it's the second coming it's the millennial rain and um we can be like the children of issachar and discern the times which is important because Jesus said you need to look at the season you're in and determine how close we are to his coming so that's that's fine you can do that but the minute you start giving time frames and dates with regards to this then the Bible teaches that nobody knows you know when Christ will return so we need to be mindful of those types of prophecies um and then now I'm going to look at the issues that might proper crop up so just because somebody's dreaming does not make them a prophet because everybody has dreams right the whole world has dreams everybody the secular and the Christian and the most seasoned Christian and the young Christians we all have dreams it does not make it would not does not qualify you as a prophet then that's a mistake that some people make just because someone's having dreams and you know it means it does not equate to the person being a prophet for example I would not consider myself to be a prophet even though I have dreams so that's uh the first thing that we need to remember and the second thing that we need to remember is that um sometimes people will release their dreams at the wrong time because they have not asked for confirmation so you need confirmation to know is it the right time to release a dream because if you release it at an incorrect time you could end up looking like um you're incorrect because the season is not ready for that the reception of that word if that makes sense um and then the third issue is that you'll have a lot of people on YouTube who experience pressure to perform where create these platforms on YouTube and then they feel like they've got to give words of knowledge dreams uh all the time and because they feel Under Pressure they start getting carnal and that can create error and mistakes so you need to also discern who you're watching and then the fourth thing that shouldn't say five it should say fourth or I've already said that not everyone has the gift of interpretation and the sixth thing is that when it comes to um missing the interpretation and missing the communication so for example if you say Donald Trump was supposed to come back in 2022 and it didn't happen most uh people lack accountability and they will make excuses for their account their their income their mistakes and sometimes they will twist scripture to fit the narrative so they'll use one Bible verse and take it completely out of context to make it seem as though they were correct and that's a way of diverting or removing accountability so that is a big issue particularly from the people who are well known in America who are prophetic they would come out and interpret things and they'll interpret it incorrectly and then they will fail to say um you know I made a mistake because they feel like their credibility will come under Fire because they made a mistake and they'll make excuses just like in the question I got here they say the excuse is normally spiritual warfare normally that is a very poor method of failing to take accountability if a prophetic word has not yet come to pass does not make a profits incorrect if a prophetic word is specific like with dates and durations and time frames and that doesn't come to pass then that makes the person Incorrect and they either need to take accountability for their mistake for interpreting it incorrectly or then they will maybe just false and inaccurate to begin with a false product and now let's look at the profits and there is so so many profits on YouTube loads too many to mention and normally if your discernment meter is at its peak you are already put off by what just a few seconds of watching these people um and here is a list of things that could be happening to make that person a false prophet there is something called the spirit of divination or the spirit spiritual fortune telling and if you look at the Bible in Acts 16 verse 16 16 when Paul and Silas came out of prison or rather before they went into prison it says once when we were going to the place of prayer we were met by a female slave who had the spirit who had a Spirit by which she predicted the future see a spirit of divination she's predicting the future oh goodness me um sorry about that she earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune telling [Music] um she followed Poland and the rest of us shouting these are the Servants of the most high guard who are telling you the way to be saved she kept this up for many days so you see she she could speak that she was speaking the truth but it was coming from an incorrect or inaccurate spirit a spiritual divination of fortune telling and finally Paul got annoyed turned around and pointed to the spirit and said in the name of Jesus I command you to come out of her at that moment the spirit left I love Paul so Lion of Judah Deliverance session just with one word uh and she and she was um incapacitated I love it I love it so okay so um going back to what I was saying the Spirit of divination or the spirit of uh fortune telling can speak the truth because yeah she's telling she's speaking the truth she's saying that they're the most high Servants of the most high Italian that's the way to be saved so don't be don't be um naive to these things these things exist that people can stand up in front of you and predict and tell the truth but are they talking from the spiritual God or from another spirit that is why you need to discern and then there's also poppy cats imitators so we saw a lot of imitators with what happened with Donald Trump when he didn't become president the imitators had no conviction and because they had no conviction they started apologizing and saying sorry I got it wrong and that's because they were copying original prophets who have deep conviction on a matter when you have deep conviction on a matter you will not be moved even if the event hasn't come to pass so the lying Spirit there's a lying spirit that is spoken about in the Bible as well uh if you go to King's um where are you so here it says the king of Israel answered there is still one man who can ask the Lord but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good of me only but so the king didn't like the actual Prophet because he was speaking you know he told the truth he denounced things he called him to repentance and um it's in one Kings 22 this if you read that whole scripture and you go to the bottom you'll notice how there's a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets because he didn't want to hear the truth he wanted to hear a light so um you see that the the line Spirit was put in the mouth of the prophets to entice him so when you go back to my presentation here you'll notice that true profits normally call people out and say uh repent they denounce things 501c3 they denounce they speak about difficult topics they're not well liked these people right just like the scripture we saw whereas these prophets will tickle your ears to no end they'll tell you whatever you want to hear but just like how we see with the scripture I just showed you they he wanted his ears to be tickled you see and then what did he get he got a lying spirit so you need to be mindful of all these things so that's a important point and then um we've seen we've gone past that so we are here and then some you must test the doctrine because some Doctrine is extremely carnal and some are immature in the faith so you need to discern and the only way you can discern is really by knowing your Bible uh some are extremely unteachable and it's because they think they're special and it's a superpower God told me this and God told me that and God told me this you must be careful of um lusting after the power that comes with the admiration of of God told me and and then you know I've already spoken about tickling people's ears with time travel you know I I went into the future and I saw Donald Trump being president you must be very mindful of people who speak like that because it's just wrong and um you know it's very difficult to um Wiggle your way out of um lack of accountability uh where was I uh lack of accountability when you start when your stories are Grand and you say you know you time traveled into the future and then the future comes in and you haven't actually time traveled into the future because the future comes and what you said would happen didn't happen then it's very difficult to make excuses for that kind of um you know it's it's difficult to twist things to fit your narrative if if you're if you're if you're if you if you're um if you've said something as bold as you know giving dates of Jesus return or you went into the future and you saw something it's very difficult to come back from that and then some people love lofty names and some people have three or four names after their their before their first name prophetess Apostle Reverend deacon evangelistico I know evangelistico so and so and let's just again it's it's Pride and then automatic writing visiting graveyards blacking out to receive words of knowledge and zoning out all uh contrary to the scripture so if a person is doing that in their Ministry you need to question are there truly from God so the characteristics of a prophet is that they denounce ungodly Behavior like 501c3 they warn people of things to come they are very accurate because they're hearing from God and normally they are an outcast the gifts of Prophecy which are different because people can be gifted in the prophetic like I believe I am gifted in the prophetic it doesn't mean I'm a prophet it means I'm gifted um you kind of want words of knowledge Revelation words of wisdom dreams and interpretation of those dreams so there is a big difference between calling yourself a prophet because other people on YouTube doing these things very much doubt it I doubt the people who are calling themselves prophets on YouTube are denouncing and calling people to repent what they are doing is exercising their gifts which means that they're not really profits in the strictest sense of the word but they have the gifts of the prophetic and that is two different things so we've already looked at the scriptures in the Bible which talked about the girl in Acts which had the spirit of divination and the Old Testament where they were prophets who had a lying spirit what's the best advice um and this presentation is is not this presentation is not uh exhaustive these are just guidelines to help there are more points on top of this but it's just guidelines to help people and I could talk more and teach more but these are just a few things that come to mind so the best advice is you should ask God who you should listen to don't just listen to everybody be selective of who you you listen to and stop listening to everybody because everybody you know uh it it drowns out the holy spirit's ability to speak to you as well you need to spend time reading your Bible and in solitude and reflecting because if you're constantly listening to everybody and what everyone says then you you'll make it very difficult for the Lord to speak to you personally and then read your Bible which I would always encourage everybody to do from cover to cover read your Bible and when it comes to calling people out be careful of calling people out because you need to assess if they are truly from God and have just made a mistake because they've interpreted wrong or if they are actually false and um don't assume someone is false just because they made a mistake and don't hastily touch God's anointed learn from David David um David wouldn't even touch Saul even though Saul was wrong so Saul made a mistake make loads of mistakes but he was still anointed and David refused to attack him so be careful of attacking God's anointed because this is very a very dangerous territory if you begin to attack people who are anointed by God even if they are wrong Saul was wrong and um be careful of making exposure videos or exposure posts on Facebook be very mindful of that because you need to get the entire story before doing that you know don't shoot at the hip because that could that could lead you into a territory where you don't really want to be um and then just be careful what you say about people who are in Ministry and who are um doing God's work trying to do God's work because there is a lot of people who are very opinionated um so if you are to call people out you're allowed to call people out you're allowed to hold people accountable that's part of our job we're called to judge things judge matters but we must do it responsibly the first thing is and this again is not exclusive but you can use it as guidelines to help you ask for clarity from the person before you call them out yeah speak to them one to one and ask for clarity let time pass for example with Donald Trump returning don't assume people are false just because he hasn't returned wait until the dates uh for the second term have completely passed and then you can look and examine you know what uh if a person is correct or incorrect for what they said uh settle the matter privately before you go public try and approach the person and especially if it's a YouTuber because this is about YouTube try and settle a matter privately and see you know if you can get clarity and um hear the full story don't yes Snippets of a story and make a judgment on a small snippet and if somebody's teaching incorrect Doctrine or if you think they're teaching incorrect Doctrine rather ask questions and do thorough research on a matter researcher matter before making up your mind and calling our people and then if someone makes excuses you know if they're making excuses about matter up and they've made many excuses and they failed to take accountability and they've got things wrong many times then I would say you are within your right to call that person out if they are failing to take accountability for you know something that they've done so pray for wisdom on who you should listen to and I hope that this has answered the question on how to tell who is false and who is not false on YouTube there are three levels to be prophetic sometimes people get it wrong uh interpretation is a gift a wonderful gift of the Lord um and then not everybody who's dreaming is a prophet so be mindful of that people calling themselves a prophet and then here is a list or to discern if somebody is a false prophet so I pray this has blessed you strengthened you encouraged you edified you thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

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[Music] everybody [Music] say I'm still the Holy Ghost in This House today God's gonna do something in your house this week you get ready it's gonna be an incredible thing [Music] [Music] [Music] something more these ideas great trials these are tears [Music] riding on clouds at the trumpet wall lift your hearts if you hear what you believe out of Science Hill salvation I absolutely love that song by Judy Jacobs Days of Elijah she speaks about how it's the Jubilee and how um you know uh the trumpet is going to sound and she's referring to the return of Christ and how the prophets predict the return of Christ I love it I love it if you haven't heard that song Days of Elijah by Judy Jacobs I highly recommend you go search for that on YouTube so today welcome everybody shabbat shalom we're talking about improving our discernment improving our discernment as a teacher of the word of God I acknowledge that I've got a broad audience and I want to address questions for those who might be younger in the faith or who who would like to improve their discernment who are spiritually mature and they'd like to improve their discernment So today we're going to be speaking about discernment and I'm going to recommend someone who I feel is a seasoned Christian when it comes to um analyzing um the wealth transfer and I'm going to speak about profits as in the money versus profits as in the prophets of God and critical thinking because I think having a uh a way to determine you know if somebody is um of God oh my God that's part of discernment say welcome everybody um if you're new to my Ministry um I've been given an assignment by the Lord to teach regarding raising after Joseph's and my job is on the left hand side over here I am a Watchman on the war and um I like to sound the alarm and wake people up to um Discerning the times we live in particularly like what the children of issachar could do they could discern the times so I use the gifts God has given me to interpret to decode and then as well as encourage and equip those who have spiritual eyes and ears to hear that they should build Goshen right so this is my uh assignment that what I've been raised to do in this period I'm speaking mainly to the Josephs out there and um my assignment does not include these things on the right hand side which is talking about price points what to buy what not to buy the ins and outs of crypto because I'm really rubbish at um speaking about crypto it's far too advanced for me um I have the knowledge that the Lord has imparted upon me when it comes to crypto but other than that I I might understanding of it is very limited and um and I'm not here to give people how to get rich or um to promote buying Lamborghinis or to tickle people's ears with information I'm here to teach spiritual Concepts and to edify and uplift people when it comes to the spiritual wealth so that's what my channel is about and when I teach I use the wisdom God has given me so I use my own dreams and words of knowledge and my own discernment but then I will take examples from uh People Ministry events and sometimes even countries that's why we do it and that's my style of teaching so if you're new here some of the people I've mentioned in the past uh these are some pictures that I have referenced or used in the past to illustrate points that I may be trying to make and so you've got the bidens you've got the John bookco Mark Taylor Bill Gates Bo Pony um Christy and the list goes on and on I speak about a wide range of subjects and a wide range of people when I'm teaching now if I I bring up a politician say for example Donald Trump or President Putin it does not necessarily mean I agree with everything Donald Trump says or I agree with everything Putin says I'm illustrating a wider picture which I'm hoping that the audience can can take away from those principles so if I make a reference to somebody in my presentations it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything they do or say it's to give you guys an illustration of a principle that I'm trying to teach because I teach mainly in Parables like how Jesus taught I teach in parables and I will use Twitter as well as a teaching tool because I would reference um old tweets that I may have um put out in the past because I'm relatively new to the wealth transfer in terms of teaching so my teachings do go further back it's just that um because of my health I was unable to enter into Ministry I'll also use uh adverts and movies to to illustrate points and famous people to illustrate points and then also analysts like Michael burry he was ahead of his game when it comes to understanding markets I will reference him quite a lot I admire his skill set because it's a skill set that I don't have but I will lean into his wisdom it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything he says he listens to rock music and um she sometimes is quite questionable in what he says on Twitter but that doesn't mean I agree with everything so I wanted to make that clear because it seems as though sometimes I'll mention somebody and then people start getting their knickers in a knot a b in their Bonnet they start shaking and convulsing in their homes while I'm speaking on my computer and they're listening because they might not agree with the person that I'm speaking with because people can be quite tribal in their thinking not understanding the point that I'm trying to make I will speak about a cult symbology as well because as the children of issachar you need to understand the occult so I will speak about the occult and I will reference um rituals and things that might be happening behind the scenes to give people a broader understanding of where we sit in the picture when it comes to understanding how to move forward this is part of discernment and it's important to understand these principles to make informed decisions when it comes to Discerning and looking at the season we're in we're in the age of Aquarius according to the occultists and it's important to understand where they sit because you cannot combat your enemy if you don't understand your enemy so I will reference the enemy from time to time and then I will when I feel very brave I'll talk about other countries like Zimbabwe uh the city of London the city of Rome the Vatican City uh all things that God has given me through wisdom and Revelation uh through sitting under his stewardship and sitting at the feet of Jesus so I will speak about countries as well doesn't necessarily mean I agree with Vatican City it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with what's happening in Zimbabwe it doesn't necessarily mean I am you know a patriot of London it's just to illustrate a point and what I'd like to bring to everybody's attention is that Christians need to increase their critical thinking and critical thinking means having an unbiased being able to have a unbiased perspective that and that analyzes facts across the board and a lot of Christians might be more funnel have tunnel vision when it comes to this because what happens is that they're not not well versed in the scripture so if you're not well versed in the scripture it's easy for you to become biased about a matter so say for example uh the issue of Sabbath if you are not well versed in scripture then you will fight your corner on which day is the Sabbath and that might end up in a discussion that is quite ignorant because the person hasn't read the Bible from cover to cover so that's just one example but there's many examples where Doctrine a person's predisposition to Doctrine might cause them to become biased in their thinking because they're not well versed and they'll have an opinion about a subject even though they have not read the Bible from cover to cover on that particular topic the only way to have critical thinking if you have been to University and it's part of discernment the only way to have critical thinking is if you critical critically appraise something and to do that you've got to weigh it up and to weigh it up you need to know what the scripture says and to know what the scripture says you need to have read the scripture and understand the scripture and then you will measure and test everything against the scripture not against what somebody else is is is is um you know debating you know because someone can come with a rebuttal and say well this is what I think this is what I think this is what I think but no what is the scripture say before you agree just because you have heard mentality and you're tribal so when you're Discerning a matter you must look at what was said what did the person say not Snippets of what they said what did they say in their entirety and then what does the Bible say and if you're still lost then go and look up um teachers from the uh the Bible pastors and preachers who have who have come and gone who have teach similar teachings and learn from somebody who has greater wisdom not from somebody who is just studying a topic off the bat um go and see what somebody uh say for example like um can't think of his name at the moment but very seasoned in the word of God a teacher Raven Hill is seasoned um uh princess seasoned um there's quite a few um The Name Escapes me but there's quite a few teachers of scripture that are seasoned in certain topics so if you're lost on a topic it's important to go and dig dig deep um when it comes to what how to weigh up a matter and that's how you improve your discernment on the matter now when it comes to the wealth transfer these three types of people there's prophets who are really called by God and you will test this for it in terms of their accuracy a prophet of God is normally accurate because they're hearing the truth the spirit of Truth and you will test their Doctrine as well what they say in relation to the Bible normally profits are outcast in society they're not well accepted that's just normal and I'm giving broad statements here and it's because a profit will denounce things and they will call people to repentance and people don't normally like that they will call people to repentance and they will they will denounce uh the normal way of doing things a good example of this is Mark Taylor Mark Taylor is not accepted by Christian Social Circles and he denounces 501c3 um he he he also has a good track record of accuracy and he's um understanding of the Bible is extremely sound if you test what he says so that's an example now you have people who are just in it for the prophet um which really means that the they the information has a lot of errors you know they're they're full of Errors when it comes to what they teach but not just what they teach it's more about their prophecies it's full of um errors and it's it normally is around specific dates you know Jesus is returning when the Rapture is when God told me especially this phrase God told me and then you have a drum roll and we all wait for it and then nothing happens you know God told me Trump will return in 2022. God told me that um the wealth transfer would happen in 2022 God told me that you know when people categorically say those things then you need to question um you need to hold him up with a magnifying glass and see what you know how how you need to text because it's it's important for your discernment and so that you're not losing out on your finances and you're not pressed and stressed financially that you test people in terms of what they're saying and normally these these types of profits are very well loved they have a good following and people respect them and admire them and whatever they say goes I mean they could say anything they could say the sky is green and people will say hallelujah you know that kind of mentality they won't test or they won't take it back and say oh what actually the Bible says the sky is blue why is he saying the sky is green you know it's because people are very um you know once they find somebody they they hold on to them for dear life and everything they say it's correct and um most of the time the understanding of scripture or the people who are doing that is is just Grace Grace they only know you know the the half the gospel which is the gospel of grace you know they don't know that God is a god of um Thunder fire and judgment they think everything is is all um you know everything is all water under a bridge water off a duck's back let's just behave how we like and let's uh be Lawless and not repent and let's live how we feel like living and those people will readily follow this type of you know um this type of error and not bring or hold them to accountability and everything is Glory Glory you know everything is uh Glory Days all every day is a glory day and it's just it's just not correct you know it's just not correct so that's how you test to see if somebody is a prophet versus a profit and then the third group is the analysts and like Michael burry he's an analyst and he will look at the mathematics behind what's going on with the wealth transfers they look at Cycles calendars they look at charts and they look at the history and then they look at the markets and most of the analysts are in work with financial companies are they affiliated with Wall Street and they're very good at what they do they understand money and the history of money very well so you have these three types of people now we are allowed if if an analyst is wrong that is fine because they're not God and all they're doing is analyzing a chart you know they're analyzing dates and making um predictions based on the information in front of them because you can forecast something based on charts it's a it's a science right so we we give a measure of Grace to these people if they're incorrect but we still learn and lean on their wisdom because they they're very wise when it comes to what might precipitate because they've done it before being there done that we give no excuses for this group because these groups should be um they're not very beneficial for the body of Christ at all um and we honor the mantle and calling on those that are truly hearing from God those that are truly um have the wisdom that God is is speaking to them that God is uh warning allowing those warnings to come through His prophets and to um uh give the body of Christ an extra measure of insight when it comes to warnings and announcing things so we absolutely love this group we appreciate this group but this group is a very undesirable group the group in the middle and that's why I said in order to weigh up the matter you need to know what the Bible says and in order to know what the Bible says we need to have a full you need to be well versed in Scripture and have critical thinking when it comes to an unbiased opinion um because I noticed that what happens is that Christians can become quite tribal you know they will be denominational or stick to one person what one person says and then everything is correct to what that one person says but if you have spiritual eyes and ears to hear and you you've got um good critical skills and you read you've read up on a matter then you will be able to discern better you know instead of um you know sometimes I feel like the people with the least spiritual understanding they have the most to say about a matter um remember with the Peter I mean Peter said to Jesus you know he said you don't need to go to the cross because he did not understand what Jesus was saying Jesus was saying I have to go to the cross and Peter said no why would you want to do that and Jesus said to Peter get thee behind me Satan for thou knows not the things of God so sometimes even a Christian can be um a Christian who was very close to Christ can have a lack of understanding of a matter that is uh spiritual and deep and then there's those that do take offense because I'm teaching about Joseph and there might not be a Joseph and then that might cause an issue as well so um who do I listen to when it comes to uh the group of people over here remember when I teach I teach about a wide variety a wide variety of topics and subjects and matters right and most of these things I'm led to teach on because people need to be aware of these matters but most of the time I don't listen to anybody in terms of profits and um profits or analysts that don't listen to anyone if something is highlighted to me then I will listen or if someone sends me an email because I feel like God will lead them to send me an email then I will listen but normally I'm not follow I don't follow people online I don't follow Ministries I tend to read my Bible and pray when it comes to these matters I also don't follow the news because the news is full of nonsense and fake news so um that's who I I normally will try and tune out all of you so that I can focus in on what the holy spirit is saying to me personally and it's easier to do that if you're listening to nobody um a few people emailed me and said you know have I heard of this person and that person because they're saying the same thing and I I previously had not heard of them and it's because I don't normally listen to a broad a broad number of voices because I find that drowns out the holy spirit's voice and if I feel led to share a Ministry or a country on my platform I will not because I'm endorsing the country or the ministry it's because I'm trying to teach people something that is uh a bigger lesson in terms of a parable I hope that makes sense so um God can use a donkey to talk God can use anything to talk anything he wishes he can use people places events opportunities for TV an email a dream a word of knowledge directly or indirectly you can use my husband saying to me you know there's a program on come and watch it's it you it's aligning with everything you say you can use anything to speak you can confirm a matter anyhow it does not necessarily mean you know that um I have um you know God can use a donkey to talk is what I'm trying to say here is a classic example of God talking through uh and confirming something to one of my subscribers I'm sorry that the quality is so poor up a slide it says Sister Kim and that's the way um the Jewish people will greet each other and it says my name is and I can conceal their name for confidentiality I am a 52 year old female from Texas I have commented on some of your YouTube videos under the name LP Etc I've blocked that out as well I just finished watching your latest video where the young lady was given a Joseph confirmation so I wanted to share with you my concerning xrp like her I asked the Lord concerning xrp and should I purchase it this is what showed up on my bedroom wall shortly thereafter it blew my mind I have attached a photo and you tell me if you see it also I have grabbed my computer to type this email to you look what picture uh was present when I opened up the Lord has a sense of humor lol lastly I wanted to let you know your videos have changed my life in many ways if not for your hard work and willingness to persevere even though you have gotten much resistance many of us would have been in the dark about crypto and why that and the why behind the what I appreciate your ministry the truth of God's calendar and his timings his mohadim and his feasts so Jewish people call the um the feast mohideen and God's calendar Melody I am Jewish so I know the importance of knowing the two in order to walk in your full potential and Destiny all you do is not in vain kind regards God doesn't call the qualified he calls he qualifies the court and there you have the bridge the confirmation so this is what my Ministry is about my Ministry is about highlighting the spiritual side of things giving it people a greater depth and wisdom and understanding of the matters that are currently happening and then also speaking about digital assets that the Lord has placed upon my heart it is then up to the listener to go and take it back to the Lord and pray about if that is the correct financial decision for them because I'm not a financial advisor like I said I know very little about cryptocurrency only what God has shown me personally so testimonies like this and emails like this really affirm you know my mission which is this side raising up the Josephs and um encouraging people to build Goshen and then warning people you know opening up the understanding to what's hidden in plain sight so that everyone can be a child of issachar and uh that is my assignment here so I wanted to clarify that in terms of um the style of teaching especially for my new subscribers and I've got lots of new subscribers and I appreciate all of you so thank you so much LP shout out to you um and may the Lord bless you and keep you and constantly make his face shine upon you with regards to giving you Revelation upon Revelation I love that you're um you know you've just made it into the wealth transfer as well and that's the grace of God upon your life and his sense of humor always it it makes me Marvel I Marvel when I get these emails at how amazing God is despite all that is occurring so I'd like to share testimony with you with regards to an analyst that I highly admire and would recommend and the analyst is um Aaron Brickman now Aaron Brickman you can find you can find on Rumble and he is a seasoned man of God when it comes to uh understanding the Bible but not just that his vocation his occupation is an analyst he works in finance and he has studied Market crashes and from 2000 so he he studied the 2000 market crash the 2008 market crash uh the 2021 market crash and now again the crash that we are waiting for and in his interviews on Rumble that are only available on Rumble um he speaks about the wisdom that he has in terms of what God has given him he's a patriot in terms of the in terms of America he's a family man he understands the the family the importance of family he he understands his Bible he is so seasoned in terms of understanding the scripture and he's one person that I would readily listen to when it comes to finances and he also understands the globalists in terms of what the globalists are up to he uh introduced me to the fourth turning understanding the fourth turning and a rise and fall of civilizations uh he's so well read he's read so many books he's read over a thousand books I admire him and I respect him greatly and he is an analyst and he looks at um the market so that that's Aaron if you don't know Aaron you can find him on Twitter and um this is me speaking to Aaron on Twitter in um October I say hi Aaron he is my testimony about how I found out about you so it says here hi Aaron you've probably really busy at this pivotal moment with the markets and all that is about and and all The Market Center sorry but I just wanted to share a testimony with you and your Twitter sphere some people don't believe God speaks any longer but I hope this is an example of how he does indeed speak to us when we are having a relationship with him about six or eight weeks ago I was going about my morning routine and I suddenly heard in my spirit Stephen Quayle dropped in my spirit I haven't watched Stephen Quail for a few good years I'd say at least four or five years I responded back to God in my spirit okay God you want me to know about aliens because Stephen Curry speaks about aliens I wonder what it must be about aliens that I must know that afternoon I logged on to rumble and tightened Stephen Curry lo and behold the most recent interview was the one with Doug Hageman and his special guest Aaron Brickman I got my husband involved and we sat to listen indeed God introduced me to you that day no aliens just economics so you see God God spoke to me while I was um going about my morning routine he does that often and he said to me Stephen quail and then when I typed in Stephen Quayle on Rumble and the interview that came up was with Aaron now this is Aaron's handle on Twitter you can go follow him he speaks about uh globalists and the vax and cycles and quite a lot of things but he's um he's he's an analyst a Christian analyst and um I go on to it's a three-part testimony where I go on to speak about geopolitics and um how I had a dream about Trump and nuclear war and Russia my audible Visions about Russia and my audible Visions about 23 Cleveland Ohio and Zach path paneer and then I go on to say I believe God warns and guides his children for many things uh be it Financial downturns War famine Etc not so that we can be afraid but rather so that we can be like Joseph and prepare so you see even before my assignment I was speaking about Joseph and that's from October I started my assignment in um November so you can visit Aaron Brickman here is his Twitter page he has uh 20-year entrepreneurship history and politics double major with a passion for trading Market Cycles he is when you listen to him on um Rumble this is Aaron and this is him speaking to um man in America who's another wonderful Patriots regard and um another Patriot of America rather but also his ministry man in America's Ministry so much wisdom when it comes to Preparing stocking food understanding where we are positioned in terms of a timeline and he gets so much great guests on his show and one of his great guests um it was Aaron and Aaron talks about in this particular video in October the worst Mark of Crash just beats away he's an analyst and it is wisdom if people can be critical in the way they analyze things and and view what wisdom he brings to the table uh superb I know a lot of Christians are just um wanting to know superficial information you know they're not wanting to learn the deeper matters but Aaron understands those really deep matters and he's got he doesn't have very many interviews he's used to the interview scene he's got um maybe 10 or 12 interviews but all very very very enlightening and really really blessed me and like I said God showed him uh to me um in October not not in October six to eight weeks before October which I'd say was July around about the July period and he's really good so um he speaks about the crash in 2022 but again it's about looking at um it's it's about differentiating he he he's not a prophet he's an analyst and I think this is where most Christians are getting their knickers in a knot but someone said this and someone said that and they're maybe not correct no you must appreciate the vocation under and understand their Foundation right these people are categorically God is speaking to them and they normally uh cast and they're denouncing things so that is the differentiation and that is how you discern who's who in the zoo because there's many people in the zoo but who's who in the zoo you need to differentiate and then you you won't be out of pocket and you won't be lost so why do I love Mr Brickman Mr Brickman if you're watching my video Aaron Rickman you are well loved in my home um and I enjoy every interview you do um because Mr Brickman is very experienced when it comes to Market crashes he is well read I love that about him he's well versed in scripture he knows the Bible he knows the Bible cover to cover this man uh he is an analyst not a prophet and he is a businessman that promotes Godly things like homeschooling and he is very much awake to the globalist agenda I absolutely love Mr Bookman his ministry has blessed me tremendously so I hope this has helped you guys with lessons in discernment and again this slide is not very clear um but I would like to end off with two testimonies and the first testimony says there's been something that I've been struggling with with fit for 15 years never had victory over it 15 years is a very long time never had victory over it when I started listening to your video and also Yana's videos I started to seek God and pray and read my Bible wow I can't ask for better started to seek God pray and read his Bible and the problem that weighed down my spirit was lifted off me miraculously by the grace and the anointing of God and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony so here you have somebody who has been afflicted for 15 years and they're having a victory because they're they're aligning themselves more spiritually with what God is saying in terms of reading his word and his Bible and this particular subscriber said I have inclined I have been inclined to focus on recovering I'm sorry I have I have inclined to focus on receiving the wealth transfer financially during the last two years I have struggled and become wary from time to time despite knowing that I should rather get myself ready spiritually I should rather get myself ready spiritually your teachings have led me to turn back to the spiritual realm and to get myself prepared rather than focusing on just finances thank you for your videos Kim so there again you have a testimony of what the main goal of my Ministry is the main goal of my Ministry is this side and if I highlight that God has given me information it's not for tickling ears so their moon dates because I know a lot of people joined my channel because they thought that the dates I might have mentioned might have been moon dates and they wanted their ears to be tickled because they're looking to buy their Lambos but that's not what my Ministry is about my Ministry is about equipping and helping people so today's lesson was a lesson in discernment critical thinking weighing up a matter determining where somebody sits where when you are being um when you're going to challenge something you know remember that you should not touch God's anointed so also make sure you know what you're talking about before you um criticize anybody make sure you've done your due diligence in terms of having an unbiased perspective on what the person has said not that you've watched two seconds of the the ministry and then you're making a call on from what is incorrect make sure you've looked at across the board what they're saying and then what does the Bible say and then you make your informed decision based on discernment again make sure when you're critiquing and criticizing that you're not touching God's anointed because God's anointed sits in this group prophets and God's anointed also sits in this group the analysts because um uh Aaron Brickman is very anointed for what he does he's an analyst he's extremely anointed and to criticize uh you know him based on an a time frame that didn't come to pass at all so it would be a gross Injustice on yourself not on anybody else because if you touch God's anointed like how they touched the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament that was the anointed anointing the anointed part of God's uh holy of holies many people passed away because they were touching the anoint the anointing of God so we must also be careful how we but we approach matters when it comes to uh Discerning of things and we shouldn't shoot shoot from the hip a lot of people shoot from the hip you know they don't weigh up a matter critically and that's how you discern you discern by looking at things in an unbiased moment so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end and if you're new to my channel welcome um you're much loved and appreciated thank you for all the emails I've received shabbat shalom

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