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Speaker of the House

the mountains and the sea your river runs with love for me the heels set me free well welcome everybody to today's teaching and today I will be teaching you guys about a word I heard yesterday from the Lord um the day started off very well yesterday and when I was in my kitchen um you know getting ready to make my porridge for the morning the Lord spoke to me and said get your house in order now this had followed a prayer session I had had with the Lord regarding Steve the angel if you're new here I had a dream about an angel called Steve and Steve means Victory and Crown and I've already discussed that on the 3rd of January the Lord revealed that we had been crowned in the spiritual Realm but what I was seeking the Lord further on was the victory I was asking God when are we going to see victory because I'm so so so appreciative of the spiritual Crown which is very necessary in terms of sovereignty but at the same token the the body of Christ has been waiting for a long time and we need to see Victory so I was just talking to the Lord and asking when are we going to see victory and that morning yesterday morning when I woke up and like I said I was making my porridge in the morning in the kitchen I heard the Lord say get your house in order and I normally have a routine for the day whereby I wake up and I um do what I need to do and then I start making YouTube videos but yesterday was very different because as the Lord spoke to me and said get your house in order I began to do things um in my home physically but also around cryptocurrency and and finances in terms of getting my house in order and so I'm releasing this word today for you all to know that um you should be encouraged because I prayed about victory and I asked the Lord when Lord when and he said to me yesterday get your house in order now this particular fellow who you see on the um front of your screen his name is John burko and he is the former Speaker of the House of Parliament in the United Kingdom and he came to mind yesterday when God said get your house in order because I watch um parliament in the UK and I absolutely used to love watching John because he's so animated and he's got such a dry sense of humor when it comes to British sense of humor or British wit and what I found interesting is that God speaks to me in parallels and he confirms things to me in parallel so the previous day before that the Speaker of the House in the United States had not been elected and then the next day when God was telling me to get my house in order he reminded me of the Speaker of the House in the United Kingdom and this is John so I'm going to play a clip for you I hope it's not too loud because I know I'm soft-spoken and he is he's quite the opposite of me he's very loudspoken so I hope it's not going to be blaring the volume but I'm going to play a clip for you with regards to um John who is the former Speaker of the House of Parliament see if I can pull this up for you uh test the volume first [Music] [Music] yes [Music] oh yeah different some opinions of the essence of politics there is an elaborate combination of finger wagging and head shaking going on which may be personally therapeutic that is institutionally disadvantageous [Music] don't gesticulate don't rant spare us the theatrics behave yourself be a good boy on say no says so that is John very very entertaining to watch especially because politics can be quite dry and so when the Lord was saying to me get your house in order I immediately thought John and um his voice rung in my head that order order um and it made me laugh actually it amused me greatly and um so in terms of the body of Christ we need to get ourselves in order you know God is a god of order he is a god of um extreme order you know his Bible the Bible if you look at the word of God from Genesis to Revelation there's so much order and structure um he is absolutely the god of order and how he has planned the wealth transfer and the um the blessing of the Saints which is I believe we're we're at the 100 meter stretch he is such a god of order he does things in a marvelous way and so yesterday that that is what rung out in my spirit on the 4th of January so I thought I'd share it with you and I heard it a few times I heard it in the kitchen and then when I had finished doing what I was doing in the kitchen I came upstairs and I heard it in my study when I was sorting out my paperwork and my study and so it was it was very clear to me that God was saying get your house in order yesterday and he's setting us up for victory and the scripture that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 14 verse 40 but oh but all things should be done decently and in order all things should be done decently and in order I absolutely love that so these are a few things that were highlighted to me yesterday as I was sort of ticking my list off and hopefully they help you guys in terms of what needs to be done to get your house in order the last bit which is prayer lots of prayer of course because I love praying and the um the middle bit what to buy next so when we get a moon shot you need to have a list of what you're going to buy next and how you will divide your um your your taking from the exit plans that you have from your limit orders and setting up your limit orders how you will go about buying uh the next asset and everybody's personal in there in what God has led them to buy and what God has um you know instructed them or given them wisdom around their digital assets or whether it's gold and silver or however God has spoken to you individually so yesterday I spent looking at all of these things I looked at our um our um what do you call them um the platforms that that people have their coins on that they store their coins on what are they called um you know what I mean um and then I looked at limit orders I made sure that all the zeros were correct because you could miss a zero and instead of it being three zeros it could be two zeros so I made sure all the zeros were correct for my orders and then I printed out our exit plans I double checked out our Nano ledgers and um I printed out the list of stocks shares and crypto which we're going to buy next and then we wrote out a list for groceries I cleaned the house I did laundry so I was just getting everything in order yesterday and then the Lord reminded me about um the Covenant but I see that came up last night by itself um all by itself so I made another video just for clarity but I was thinking about that in the morning as well when I was making my porridge before the um video I made in the evening came up so I thought I'd highlight that and so um going back to the uh dream I had about Steve which means Victory Garland and Crown we have been crowned and so I was saying you know Lord what about the victory and the 3rd of January which was the 10th of Tibet which is the crowning of Esther is what we saw paralleling the date for Steve and the crowning in the spiritual Realm I just wanted to make one small correction that the first of Tibet is not the 23rd but rather the 25th and so it falls within that region as well when Esther was before the king so she went before the King on Christmas rather than the day of the storm if you look at my pre previous presentation I wanted to make that um correction sometimes when I make these presentations I I realize afterwards that I make an error and that I am I don't uh go back and re-record it because it's too much work um I'm a one-man show when it comes to uh production and uploading so I just thought I'd mention that just in case it it might have raised a few eyebrows in terms of my calculations being wrong so anyway the the more important date was the 10th of Tibet which is the 3rd of January which is the crowning of Esther which is when the Lord said you know Steve would be delivering a crown now in that dream I dreamed that um I was receiving a vehicle and a vehicle can mean many things uh one of which can be Ministry but I'm already in Ministry it could be it could mean finances it could mean many things a vehicle um and it ties to Victory so I was asking God where's the vehicle where's the victory my other dream about the Red Sea parting and there's vehicles in the middle and Christians are sulking because they miss the Red Sea moment it also ties with the Steve dream because Steve was delivering a vehicle and the Red Sea moment had loads of vehicles so those two dreams are linked and I was asking God when are we going to see the vehicles the Victory and the Red Sea moment and his reply to me was get your house in order so I'm just being faithful to share now my husband blessed me this morning by uh he loves watching Bo Pony who is an analyst of time I very rarely watch um uh ball Pony but he called me and he said you've got to see this Kim because it marries up with exactly what she was saying in November so I took the time to remove myself from what I was doing previously to go and sit and listen to what um my husband was trying to show me with Beau Pony and I'm really glad I actually stopped doing what I was doing and went to go listen because I think it's so edifying and confirming of what God is saying to me when he speaks to me on a personal level and when he speaks to somebody else on that same level like Bo Pony then it it blows my mind and I really really Marvel so let me play you the clip of what Bill Pony is saying that coincides to what I was saying in November what we said was the bronzing case include fraud videos everything it touches so it's interesting how this is lining up there's also a prophecy it's right it says the U.S Congress has a black horse and right underneath of the U.S Congress and a prophecy link there's a prophecy of a prophet that actually stated that there's going to be hundreds of empty seats in Congress yes we covered this this is it's incredible it's from 2021 fasting how it ties in that would correlate with Thrive idiots everything 300 if members of Congress are poof gone right and so now people start pop you know we the people start occupying the seats the way it was always meant to be Bingo okay that'll be the four-year term for 45 and that will fulfill the Prophecies of he gets two terms everybody um there wasn't one Prophet that stated to be consecutive we just all assumed it was going to be consecutive only to find out God had a bigger plan and remember it's always in God's time not our time right and so God changes the clock and he's stuck in a two-year term in there for the Jackal why so that we could see what evil you just got to see what was going on in Hitler's timeline you just got to see we just got to see what Evil's agenda is that's right at the same time those two years Gabe the evil one working for the Jackal and working for the evil and you know and working for evil they had the ability to turn from the Wicked Ways oh You Wayward sheep turn from your Wicked Ways repent okay but they most chose not to there's a couple that did okay most chose not to and they've dug in their heels like pharaoh and so now we've come to the end of the two cycle so at any moment now whether it's Friday the 6th whether it's next week whether it's I'm just telling you something huge is potentially going to go down in the first quarter here possibly and high probability this month okay so again it's a secret not my secret it's God's secret the actual event or events and the exact day this thing goes down is a secret but we're waiting for the manifestation of his glory that when the glory manifests we're going to see the Jubilee we're going to see the Jubilee the year of the Lord's favor and everything we know everything starts to changes so fast you can't even imagine because when God's involved within 24 hours everything can change look what happened to Pharaoh yes yes right so that's what's going to be a world wide shift Trump's going to come back in 45 comes back sin comes back in to take a four-year term which would take us all the way to the end of 26 and then and this is the seven years of plenty we're in right now you don't believe me go to the grocery store everything he is there okay which ultimately then leads into the fourth seal later on and then that starts the four seven years of famine it's interesting I didn't bring up but actually Joseph Prophet Joseph ties in with this because Joseph if you study uh read Genesis 41 you'll come to realize that Joseph was in jail for two years only to come out of jail to be these put in second in command of all of Babylon a Jewish only to answer to one the king Pharaoh okay in this scenario if Trump returns and if he replays the cycle of Joseph understand that he literally will be put in control you know of the United States the most powerful nation in the world only to answer to who the king God I love that gotta love how this is coming together all we're waiting for is you know for the glory to manifest I'm laying out some cycle timelines and patterns here please don't anybody tell me so a few things Bo Pony mentioned that I'd just like to reiterate that I've been saying as well he spoke about exposing evil you know the two-year period where the Jackal was allowed to um uh be allowed to Reign who is um you know who the Jackal is and if you look at the videos on my channel it's all about exposing evil it might be to a level of maturity that some are not willing to accept or acknowledge I understand because some people like to close their eyes to certain things so I've always said and I'll say from the beginning my video is not for everybody so the exposing of evil and then he goes on to speak about how this year is the Jubilee again something that I spoke about extensively we are in the Jubilee he mentions 45 coming back and that's the third thing I agree with the fourth thing which I was so elated about was he referenced Joseph and he talked about how Joseph is going to have these seven years of um are they Joseph started entering into the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine now I spoke about this in November when I released my word for 2023 the prophetic theme which was the year of Joseph if you knew here this is the video you can go watch it and in that video I speak about how we received keys in 2022 and in 2023 is it's all about Joseph the first half is the rise of Joseph and the second half is for Ephraim and Manasseh which is the fruit of Joseph and then I spoke about as well as seven years of plenty and how we need to prepare Goshen for the seven years that of famine that are coming and I absolutely um love what Bill Pony is saying because it agrees with everything that I've been teaching since I entered into Ministry for the wealth transfer to the T and um he goes on to mention something that is quite pivotal and I'd like you guys to just bear with me and listen that you know when these celebrations happen and we're going to get immense Financial blessings and the whole world is celebrating and yes we're supposed to celebrate for a seat you know for a period and then get to work okay do not be deceived and have some people come out and tell you that now we're in the Thousand Year Millennial reign it's a complete lie and anybody who's telling you that that's from the pits of hell it's a lie Satan's trying to deceive because remember read how many Horsemen are there four in the apocalypse we've only gotten to the third one when this event goes down so what's about to happen in a nutshell God puts everything on hold and repeat he puts everything on hold evil gets destroyed a flea they go into hiding okay whoever's left goes into hiding everything gets stopped so God's gonna give his bride the opportunity to be blessed have immense Financial blessings and then allow them to start to separate themselves from the world because that is absolutely critical and actually it fulfills it's going to fulfill the prophecy of David Wilkerson of 1971 if you go to page 32 it will vote before we so he speaks about you know um us being blessed immensely and then preparing and all my teachings have been about building ocean and preparing Goshen so again there's that confirmation but also if you look at my um oh this is part of that presentation where I speak about the seven years of plenty to store and prepare and then from 2030 famine begins and we're us we're custodians who are supposed to take care of the week by building Goshen so he's confirming all that I've said which is really really amazing and this video which I've showed you today was released um a few hours ago as I make this video so this was released in January and all my presentations are from November and December so a couple of months back I I just found it really wonderful to have that affirmation and to have that synchronicity in terms of um the analyst of time saying exactly what I'm saying and then in my land versus lambo's presentation um I mentioned the millennial Reign and I mentioned how you know we need to be mindful that there is a timeline in the Bible but certain markers need to be met before we commit to doctrines such as the Rapture and the millennial reign but you know it's not an it's not an argument about you know incorrect teachings it's it's rather posturing ourselves to be ready all the time Jesus can return at any time so always be ready remember he cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruit for not being ready so I like what Bill Pony said about the millennial Reign because I actually agree with him in terms of my understanding of scripture and um I would never ever predict when Jesus is coming back and whoever's doing that is is probably doctrinally not correct because the Bible says that we do not know when Jesus will return but what my message to my listeners and to everybody is to be wise and this is wisdom to spend your money in the years of plenty preparing your Goshen to be called out and separated so that if there's something else that happened in terms of what happened in 2020 you guys are positioned and prepared you're not under a system that's going to enslave you and um so I absolutely love what bell pulley said about that um I know I mentioned Beau Pony in my presentation of land versus Lambos but in there I'm discussing the return of Christ nobody knows when Christ is returning and that's what I'm referring to when I say please be mindful of when people are speaking about Christ's return and my key message is really just be ready at all times because that is that is Prudence that is that is important that we're ready for Jesus at all times now another thing that ball Pony mentions is that America is a covenant nation and I I really liked what he said as well so let's listen to that before the glory manifest or as the glory manifests expect incredibly crazy things maybe ugly things to go down um and then suddenly everything you know changes so I'm telling you close is is all we can say I've shown you the powder you know we're supposed to have reinstatement of the of the rightful president this year and like I say I don't mean like December I mean like soon so something big supposed to happen here soon as all I can say and we just have to wait watch and you know and pray you know and when this event does happen the first thing you do you go to your knees and you say thank you God for saving America and when he saves America then every Other Nation will then start to collapse and fall it is the truth because God has saved America we have a covenant with God he's going to hold his Covenant at the founding fathers made with him and so we are a covenant Nation like Israel is Netanyahu is back in office next comes 45 as the so I love love love love love love what he said about America being a covenant Covenant and I've had a few emails from yesterday about um Covenants and people that seem to be very confused about covenants so let's allow this and be to be an opportunity so you guys can see how America is positioned as a covenant nation and how important that is so America was founded America had issues with the British and they decided to break free from British rule again I'm not a history buff so please don't um please bear with me if I don't explain things from a historically accurate perspective but you'll get the message of the gist of what I'm trying to say and America made a declaration and they their declaration is um what enables them to be a covenant Nation so the first thing is is they wrote it out but the more important thing is that really what they were doing was submitting they were submitting the country to God in that declaration they were submitting you see a covenant is a submission it's a submitting it's a giving back to God what already belongs to him that's what a covenant is um and we've already seen Bob only discuss that you know America was founded the founding fathers entered into a covenant with God and that's why America and Israel are both belonging to God because they are in Covenant with him and um if you look at my presentation I gave a a short slide on the Covenant names of God right every name of God is a covenant name we know him and we call him by these names we are making a covenant with him when you call him Jehovah Rapha then he is you are covenanting with him to heal you he becomes your healer right it doesn't need to be written in paper although this particular declaration is written in paper because I had another question about that people want to be extremely legalistic about these things um but let me just reinstate that everything points to Jesus Christ and that is our unconditional Covenant because we are under his blood these things here which people seem to be getting a b in their Bonnet about are optional you see when you're walking with Jesus Christ you want to submit everything to him and make everything he must be the center of everything so you make your marriage Jesus be the center of your marriage you are in Covenant with him Jesus be the center of your baptism you are in Covenant with him Jesus be the center of your children you are in Covenant with him Jesus be the center of your ministry UI Covenant with Jesus Jesus be the center of your finances you are in Covenant with him you see it's a submission because anyone can be married anyone can be baptized anyone can have a child anyone can have a Ministry and anyone can have finances but are all these things submitted to God you see when America was a covenant Nation when they became a covenant Nation they submitted they submitted under God if you read the Declaration you'll see that it starts off with God it's a submission and so what I wanted to say is that when we talk about these things it's a heart issue for those people who are arguing it's a heart issue you know it's not that this is incorrect Doctrine uh with covenants it's there are many types of covenants you see this Covenant that America is a covenant Nation it does not necessarily link to uh negating the blood of Jesus in actual fact it is elevating the blood of Jesus because they're submitting under God and when we do that with our finances or our marriage or our children when we submit we are really elevating Jesus Christ we are elevating his primary Covenant and be saying you are Lord Jesus you lord your king your master you are King and I love that I love it when someone has a willing heart you know God sees our heart it's not about you know um anything else it's about where are we positioning Jesus in this wealth transfer is Jesus at the top or is it at the bottom and I'm more concerned about the wealth of people's Souls more than the wealth of their pocket when I talk about these matters so I hope that really does explain things in terms of linking it back to America and you know the video with uh Bill Pony was wonderful wonderful confirmation like I said my my husband called me this morning and said um come and watch uh ball Pony speak and I was I was in awe I was in absolute awe when I listened to what he had to say um close is is all we can say I've shown you the powder you know we're supposed to have reinstatement of the of the rightful president this year and like and I say I don't mean like December I mean like soon so something big supposed to have happened here soon it's all I can say and we just have to wait watch and you know and pray you know and when this event does happen the first thing you do you go to your knees and you say thank you God for saving America and when he saves America then every Other Nation will then start to collapse and fall it is the truth because God has saved America we have a covenant with God he's going to hold his Covenant at the founding fathers made with him and so we are a covenant Nation like Israel is Netanyahu is back in office next comes 45. love it absolutely love it and the fact that he hits that home run by speaking about America being a covenant Nation again just reinforces um most of what I've been trying to say from the get-go and actually I'll say it again the most important teaching I've made is the Covenant teaching and if you look at America the most important thing about America is that they were founded on the Declaration of Independence is that they were founded on a covenant it's the same with a wealth transfer and it's a heart issue nobody's forcing anybody you do it out of the abundance and the willingness that God has instructed you're convicted by him not by um what anybody's teaching you are convicted by him to say actually there's an order you know that's why God said to me this morning in the kitchen when I was making my yesterday morning in the kitchen when I was making my porridge get your whole Us in order you see there's a structure in the spiritual realm which many people fail to understand because they they they're more concerned about when when things are going up what data is is are we going to get rich but in actual fact he's positioning his bride so that we are not only crowned in the spiritual realm but we've taken care of things in in a spiritual aspect and one of those things is Covenant you see if America was not in Covenant with God and they had to go through this shaking and this transition which it was about it's about to go through it would break completely America would break completely but because they are in Covenant with God because they are a nation that has sworn allegiance to the most high guard they will not break they will come out Victorious because they are in Covenant and why because God is a covenant-keeping guard he's a covenant-keeping God and it's predicated I will say this again and again it's predicated on the blood of Jesus it's predicated on the blood of Jesus everything I teach points back to the blood of Jesus it's not about the flesh it's not about carnality it's not about going back and reneging it's about the blood because the blood of Jesus is the primary thing that makes us want to submit everything it makes us want to make Jesus the center of everything make Jesus the center of our finances make Jesus the center of our decision making make Jesus the center of our ministry make Jesus the center of our children make Jesus the center of our marriage make Jesus the center of our baptism he is the all in all this is our unconditional Covenant when we Elevate Jesus to first place there is no way you can break just like her there is no way America can break yes America will be shaken to its core but America will not break America will be triumphant I can guarantee you that because it's a covenant Nation so like I said and I'll say it again the most important teaching I've made is the financial Covenant um and I I see that it has come under attack but that's also because it's so important um and I hope that you guys can appreciate that but anyway we love and we choose to forgive and we move on I've only just brought it up because it's coincided with what bell Pony is saying and also when God was saying get your house in order that was one of the things that he said remind the people just to get their house in order it's out of the abundance of our heart and I absolutely love these comments because these comments show that their heart is positioned in the right place listen to this it says thank you Minister Kim you're teaching on the financial Covenant is wonderful it helped me greatly to rededicate my finances back to Jesus you're teaching on worship also ignited me to be a true worshiper like David because of your ministry I'm turning back to the Lord glory to Jesus he is the king of Love Shalom you know I cannot ask for better if my teachings are causing people to turn back to Jesus and to make Jesus the center of their finances I cannot ask for more then I'm doing my job and I praise the heavens for testimonies like this because everything is centered around Jesus it's not centered around price points uh dates for moons my teachings are not centered around um um you know what's what's the next thing that we should be uh tickling our little ears with my teachings are centered around listen this is what the Bible says and this is what God has instructed me to relay to his people to build you and lift you and take you from Level A to B to C to D to e to F that you keep going from glory to glory to glory like you're not struggling and uh suffering the previous season was about struggling and suffering why because people are ignorant of the things when it comes to the things of God the matters of God making Jesus the center the heart of what we do and then I love absolutely love this teaching it says long ago I willingly promise something to the Lord with a sincere heart see a sincere heart God knows our hearts out of love for him no one forced me no one's forcing anybody like I said it's optional it's optional to make Jesus the center of the things you do it's optional so I love it no one forced me I didn't think much of it and some time later this person whom I barely know and knew already about this prayed for me on two different occasions and confirmed both times that God has heard what I said and I have made a covenant with him I didn't say to God I'm making a covenant with him but I love how he used the word covenant um to me as it meant my heart was real before him and he accepted it I still remember that moment and I fell and I feel it marked me for life God will make a covenant with you only only if your heart is right and sincere he won't be fooled if you give him your word just for Earthly riches just for the wealth transfer he won't be fooled you see and then they go on to say that my my teachings have blessed them and so you know it's a heart issue and I'm only bringing this up because my husband said to me come and watch Bob Pony and this video of bell Pony was released a few hours ago as I make this particular video another subscriber says to me these things just bless me so thank you for your video you are truly gifted by God your teachings inspire me in different ways to make to take me to higher spiritual ground you see that's my job my job is to take people higher spiritually that is what God has put on me to deliver to people to take people to the next level so that you're not crying when it comes to the wealth transfer because believe you me as fast as you get the money you can lose it if you are ignorant of Satan's devices and now that's not to threaten anybody it's just to say that understand the spiritual and then it will be well with you it will be well with your soul it will be well with your home if you make Jesus the center of your marriage if you make Jesus the center of your ministry you see my Ministry my Ministry this ministry that you're listening to today Jesus is the center of that ministry that's why it's called my king Yeshua why because he's the center I haven't called it anything else except my king Yeshua because he is the center he is the center of everything I do everything I teach everything I breathe and live for Jesus is the center of that and I love Jesus there is nothing that comes close to Jesus nothing nothing and so I will breathe for him and I will I will give his sheep what they need to know and his sheep need to know that in everything he needs to be the center you know it's not about a piece of paper it's about your heart condition and if you took the time to listen to my presentations you'd know that everything I teach is Jesus Jesus must be number one Numero Uno so like I said some just want wealth transfer wealth transfer wealth transfer and I'm saying nope you need if you want the blessing you need to learn that someone blessing without submission that's what that's what the reality is some want the blessing without the submission you can't have America without submission Roe versus where it needed to go that is submission you're submitting back to the Covenant you had originally formulated with God because there are other things that were happening in this nation that violated this original Covenant America needed to submit back and return back and for the Jubilee that's why it was overturned so I hope that makes sense to people and um let's talk about the FED now the wealth transfer what everybody's here to listen to and what everybody really gravitates towards is the wealth transfer so let's look at the Fed if we go here oh no I've closed the page see there from the 24th of last year it's my pinned tweet today we roll with a line of Judah victory for life no more altars to Belle No More Human Sacrifice I love it it's my pinned tweet anyway I also love this one from the 3rd of January which says we choose to forgive those who hurt us um because it's a demonstration of it's a demonstration of our strength I also love that but we're here to look at the FED not to speak about that so this is the Federal Reserve on the 2nd of January what they up to uh just bear with me because I know you guys say that it's too loud [Music] Federal Reserve cetera or reserved or anything to do with the government if you're nowhere they did have for a while messing up around here but but this I would say this is uh before in the last month this is relatively new these walls so sorry for the language so let's just hope we're gonna flood this water bring it down hate coming here and there's Kardashians and sightseeers it's annoying sorry to be a joy killer for people that are sightseeing in DC so amongst the sleepers and it's really hard for me to be quiet peace out fine so that's the FED in DC and they've boarded up the um perimeter of the Fed and when I saw that on the 3rd of January um well not actually I saw it on the 4th of January sorry when I saw that it reminded me of what God said about um getting your house in order because the FED why are they doing that is because they're preparing they're bracing themselves for some something that's why they've boarded it it just came to my spirit that's why they're boarding they're putting those boards up because they're bracing themselves for something and remember I said brace brace brace which ties into what Bill Pony was saying about the great shaking as I'm also saying that there's going to be a great shaking so um this was really the message I was going to talk about was getting your house in order and part of getting one's house in order is looking at these particular things which I spent the whole of yesterday doing um the morning and the afternoon and hopefully that helps you guys if you are um sort of just waiting in the background just to make sure that you've got your house in order especially with your limit orders just double check the zeros I feel led to say to to people double check your zeros because sometimes you can make a mistake because instead of two zeros you've put uh one zero If instead of three zeros you've put two zeros so I've been led to just say just please double check your limit orders because if there's a moon shot you might miss out because of carelessness so just double check that that's very important and then last but not least I've got a few emails from people who required prayer because they're wary and I've tried to catch up with as much emails as I could over the past few days but if you are wary I just wanted to play something for you guys which really should encourage you and edify [Music] hey you made it but you look tired you tired yeah that was a rough stretch of road wasn't it yeah I get that but listen you go ahead and rest because you've earned it but don't quit and before you get back on that road I need you to do me a favor I need you to let go of all that dead weight let go of those mistakes you don't have to live in them no more let go of those people who keep holding you back let go of everything that's holding you down the only thing you need to bring with you on this stretch of road is faith that's it I'll see you at the next rest stop don't quit [Music] so guys we are on the final stretch I feel so led to tell you don't quit I know that a lot of you are wary and I have received your emails and I've petitioned on behalf of all of you for Extra Strength uh but look what's trending in the UK Ripple and Jesus Christ that's amazing so guys I hope this helps with um further clarification I have prayed and I asked God when are we seeing Victory thank you so so much Jesus for the crown and I'm absolutely appreciative of being his Esther being crowned on the third which of January which was the 10th of Tibet I'm so appreciative and I asked God about the victory because Steve means Victory and it means crap and God told me to get your house in order so again I hope if you've made it to the end of this presentation thank you so much for watching I know that a lot of what I speak about is for spiritually minded people and I speak about the deeper things you know I SP I speak about exposing the darkness part of my job as a Watchman on the wall you know God called me to be a Watchman to be a type of Joseph prophet to call out that there will be you know a famine that they will be shaking that they will be you know things that will um that are happening that the enemy is doing and we should be alert of these spiritual matters of what the enemy is doing and I understand that some people are not ready to receive those types of teaching because they want to live a more sheltered life I know I understand but at the same time there are those that are hungry they are hungry to hear the truth because the media is full of lies because the churches are full of a watered-down gospel because the society we live in is putting pressure on us from all sides and there's nobody who's really standing up and saying hang on a second this is the truth and the truth sets you free when you make Jesus the center of your life it sets you free I'm not yoking people or putting them in bondage I'm saying make Jesus the center of everything you do including this wealth transfer and you will see that you will you you will rise you will rise because he is risen and we seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus we are co-heirs was Christ Jesus so I pray this has blessed you because bhopalny really blessed me today and I pray this has blessed you in terms of getting your house in order and sorting out what you need to sort up when it comes to um the list remember remember pay attention pay attention limit orders check your limit orders that all the zeros are correct on your uh your ramps you know your sites whichever sites you have your your your stuff on so thank you thank you thank you so much for watching I love your guys comments and you all bless me and I'm so privileged to be able to be your teacher in this season of transition you're well loved shabbat shalom

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