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Solar Eclipses USA

hello everybody my name is Kim and I'm the content creator my king Yeshua today I'd like to share with you a few downloads the Lord has placed upon my heart regarding October the 14th now I was meditating on the EBS the emergency broadcasting system that happened the other day and it happened on the 4th of October and for some reason I was just thinking the 4th of October the 4th of October and then the Lord highlighted 4 + 10 which is 14 and um to look up the 14th of October and I had no idea that there was going to be a uh Celestial event on the 14th of October so after I had received information to look up to look up the 14th of October the Lord began to give me these downloads and to unpack and give me re Revelation about the 14th of October now before I start speaking I want to highlight that uh Daniel in the Bible had the similar had a similar anointing to Joseph So Daniel and Joseph had a very similar anointing both Daniel and Joseph could interpret dreams to a very high level and not only could they interpret dreams they were um compared to the wise men of their day so when Pharaoh could not interpret his dream about the seven uh thin cows and the seven fat cows and the Seven uh wheat that were thin and the Seven wheat that were fat when he couldn't interpret that he obviously he turned to The Magicians of Egypt and when The Magicians couldn't help them then they turn to Joseph and that's how Joseph got his um um uh foot in the door so to speak in the same way if you look at the life of um Daniel Daniel was compared to the cadians in Nebuchadnezzar's day and when the cadians um could not uh do what they were supposed to do for Nebuchadnezzar and interpret they called on Daniel and Daniel did the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream and um Daniel was surrounded by Shadrach Mish and Abednego and they were considered to be wiser than the wise men of that particular day so they have a similar anointing whereby they they're interpreting the times and the seasons and they're being compared the Bible is comparing these people these wise people whose Daniel and Joseph to The Magicians of the day which is the cadians and the Egyptians for pharaoh and this continues in the New Testament because in the New Testament we see that when Jesus was born there was um wise men who looked up at the sky and they could tell that the Savor was being born because there was a star over Bethlehem and so when the Lord highlighted this Celestial event to me that's happening on the 14th of October he began to give me downloads on what should convey to his body because I am called to be a Watchman and I would be no good if I'm not watching in terms of what the Lord is saying about current times current times how can we interpret current times so that the body of Christ can have an understanding and wisdom of what's actually happening with with the celestial events for current times now so on the 14th of October there is an eclipse and this eclipse is going to pass over America now I was finding this very mind bugling like it blew my mind when I was looking at the maps which I'll put up on the side now it actually it absolutely blew my mind so there is a solar eclipse that is happening in on the 14th of October and it goes from the top of America and it crosses over and it goes to the bottom and it goes through Texas right and I really want to highlight Texas because the Lord is speaking to me a lot about Texas So It Goes Over Texas and then it ends in Brazil uh it goes through the Panama area and then it ends in Brazil this particular solar event that's happening on the 14th of October now I'm I'm going to try my best to not forget all the points that the Holy Spirit has given me to explain to everybody so the first thing is that it goes through Texas and Texas is seems to be a state where two solar events cause an intersection and that intersection is an X so so Texas is marked on the map of America with an X so God is s singling out Texas yet again and he's marking Texas with the celestial events so the first Eclipse will be on the 14th of October well crossover Texas and the interesting thing about that is it goes through a town called Corpus Christi in Texas and Corpus Christie means Body of Christ and um the second Celestial event will happen next year in April and that um Eclipse goes uh From The Bottom Of America to the top now what I found interesting is that the Lord has been highlighting to me closed doors a lot of closed doors and the states that he highlighted to me uh to speak to everybody about was New York Ohio Philadelphia or Pennsylvania and Texas those are the four states and if you look at the second Celestial event the four states are included in that in that solar eclipse if you look at the map those four states are in that eclipse for the Judgment of God now the Lord highlighted to me Texas and on the map Texas makes an X and we know that x marks the spot X is where the treasure is X is where where where where we are to pay attention and if you watched my video yesterday to the end I mentioned that Texas is a Goan it's a Goan because of The Gatekeepers in Texas so the Lord is highlighting that Texas is is being singled out as his Goan in America because of the amount of prayers and because of the amount of um Christians that are concentrated in that particular area now what's interesting is that there was another eclipse Over America in 2017 and the x that that Eclipse makes the 2017 eclipse and the 2024 eclipse the x that it makes is over a place called Little Egypt so here we see there's two ex's there's an ex over little Egypt and there's an ex Over Texas so what is the Lord highlighting the Lord is highlighting that he's differentiating and calling judgment on America where they have become Egypt the practices and the ways of America that have been aligned with Egypt the Lord is bringing judgment to America but similarly the Lord is marking out his Corpus Christi or his body of Christ that is present in Texas and so Texas becomes a blueprint for America on how to begin to uh govern their other states which is with prayer because you cannot um release what's in the heavens without prayer you need to be praying and be mindful of the things of God just like how the there is a concentration of prayer happening in Texas and that's why Texas is so blessed and that's why the Lord is singling out um Texas and so I thought that was mindboggling for me because I hadn't realized that the four states that the Lord is bringing judgment against you see judgment can be positive or negative the four states that the the Lord is highlighting for judgment in America they fall on that Eclipse that's happening next year in um April on the 8th of April and celestial events um happen all the time and celestial events in the Bible um are are indicators and markers of what God is doing you see the enemy cannot align the Sun or the planets or the moon you see the Creator Elohim that's his job and if you read Genesis 1 when God creates the Earth he says that I am used I am using the Stars the Sun and the Moon as my markers and my indicators as my calendar if you go and read Genesis 1 it's there and so I'm not trying to convince anybody I'm just saying that when there's big events the Lord uses Celestial um indicator so I just wanted to reiterate that when Jesus was born and when Jesus died there was celestial events so when he was born there was a star in Bethlehem and when he died there was an eclipse um when he was crucified uh when he said it was finished the sky went black so there was an eclipse and we see that on the 14th of October there is going to be an eclipse Over America so what's the Lord saying the Lord is saying pay attention to this now I want to speak about Ripple and um because I'm a Watchman I'm going to speak about Ripple and I'm going to speak about the party that they had in New York a few days ago so Brad garlinghouse got a tattoo to commemorate this particular party that they had on uh in a couple of days ago and um um I forgot the name of the party if somebody could help me out and just put the name of the party in the comments section anyway there was a massive flood in um America in New York where the party was happening now the Lord was showing me that this flooding is because the waters have broken you know when a woman is about to give birth her Waters break right and then the baby comes so the Lord is showing me that the flooding that happened in America was it's because they're going to birth something now if you remember xrp uh won a court case against the SEC um in July and if you look at Brad's tattoo he has put that date on his tattoo when they won their court case but what's interesting to me about that particular date is that the the lord gave me a dream uh he gave me two dreams actually the first dream was in July about flooding happening and flooding did happen on the uh 13th of July in New York again the Hudson River swelled um and there was flooding and I I'm going to put a link in the description box to my blog where I discussed this particular flooding that happened when Ripple was on their court case against the SEC and again they had this flooding that happened on in New York uh for this party that they had uh where Brad's gotten this tattoo to commemorate this particular party and if you look at Brad's tattoo it is referencing celestial events there's an xrp logo and it's referencing celestial events so they're telling you without telling you if you know what I mean so what is God saying pay attention pay attention you know in the Bible when it says verily verily Jesus when he speaks he says verily verily he's saying pay attention pay attention and the Lord is drawing my attention to the 14th of October and then he drew my attention to the 8th of April as well as as as markers for him that he's singling out America now now I watched a video by a man called Steve and I'll put his channel in the description box and he's referenced this particular um Celestial event that's happening on the 14th of October as the birthing Eclipse those are his words he says it's called a birthing eclipse and what I found really interesting is that he talks about how the eclipse starts from Washington DC goes through Texas goes through the Panama Canal which is the birthing Canal the Panama Canal and then ends in Brazil uh in a place called natal and natal means birth so it starts in America goes through Texas goes through the Panama Canal uh or Panama rather which is where the waters are which is where the canal is which is where the waters break and we know there's liquidity issues with the Panama Canal I've already highlighted this from one of my other dreams and it ends up in Brazil which it stops in a place called natal and natal when you translate the word natal it means birth so they are birthing something something is getting ready to be birthed the system is being birthed and I found that really interesting and um so the two dreams the lord gave me the first Dream you can find find on my blog regarding the Hudson River swelling and it's got to do with liquidity and the uh Lord was showing me there's a green light for xrp if you want to read about that dream you can the link is in the description and then the day before this particular party in New York the lord gave me another dream and I dreamed of uh flooding and I was at a university in a university Hall it was like a Basketball Hall and um I could see the Water Rising outside of the hall and the the next day there was floods in um in in New York for this particular party so they're getting ready to birth something and I found that really interesting but for me what I'm focusing on is what God showed me about his celestial events which is the marking of Texas x marks the spot he's Goan the Lord is differentiating Goan which is Texas from Little Egypt and Judgment of little Egypt and the ways of America so that's more what I'm focusing on but I also wanted to highlight that this particular event happening on the 14th is called the birthing eclipse and xrp is um is having these parties where the woman's waters are breaking in New York with the water you know flooding New York um and they said these are once in a millennial events that are occurring so that is why it's important to pay attention we're paying attention because these these anomaly these anomalies are not normal of what's happening so what the Lord is saying is pay attention to these particular things and watch out for these particular dates be prayerful on these particular dates and pray for America particularly because America is being singled out by the almighty with eclipses America's being singled out America's got a Target really on their back by the almighty because of these eclipses and if you know your Bible if you read your Bible you'll know that God uses these events to warn people that something is about to happen something significant is about to happen something is about to to to to be changed in the particular Earth and for me what the Lord has highlighted is Ohio Cleveland Ohio specifically Pennsylvania uh uh philadelph pH Adelphia specifically New York The Bronx specifically and Texas the whole of Texas covered and drenched in the blood of Jesus if you haven't watched that video I would encourage you to see how what the Lord has said about those four particular States the the link will be in the description box well thank you very much for watching guys um I just thought I'd highlight as a Watchman this day is a is is important to pay attention to one last thing before I go the EBS was done on the 4th of October at 220 very specific uh times and what is interesting and what parallels this is really interesting is that um if you add four and 10 you get 14 October and uh 222 is where the eclipse ends in Brazil and it lasts in uh in that natal area the duration of it of the eclipse being in that duration area is also 222 so that's really interesting the birthing place is is is where the eclipse ends and it lasts for uh 222 as well so I thought that was interesting there's no coincidences uh in in in the spiritual and in the natural these are always things that uh we need to be paying attention to so so thank you very much for watching guys shabbat shalom

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