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Pepe coin prophecy

we're going to be talking about Pepe the meme coin which was debuted last month in April and has now made an appearance on three of the top exchanges and we're going to be speaking about Prince Charles who was coronated yesterday now the reason why I'm speaking about these things is because on the 6th of May at 4 00 am the Lord woke me up and I've mentioned before in my videos that when the Lord wakes me up it's either to pray or to speak to me and on this particular occasion he woke me up to speak to me um the reason and it was really unlikely for me to wake up because I had fallen asleep at two o'clock I had been praying keeping the night watch um it was a lunar eclipse on the 6th rather the fifth that night of the fifth and so I had been praying through midnight up until 2am and so when I fell asleep um I'd only been asleep for two hours and the Lord woke me up and he began to speak to me about Pepe um before I speak about Pepe I just wanted to reiterate to the body of Christ how important it is to watch and pray Yeshua who is Jesus Christ Our Lord our Master our savior he instructed his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane to watch and pray and we're living in it in a day and age where this is becoming increasingly more necessary to watch and pray when you watch and pray the Lord makes you more alert and he he increases the um anointing on your life when it comes to Discerning what is going on Discerning the times and the seasons that we are currently living in and he alerts alerts you to certain things so for example I um had previously not been aware of Pepe being launched or even being a media sensation I had no prior knowledge of Pepe and the fact that the Lord woke me up at 4am and began to speak to me about Pepe shows you that the Lord can show you things that you wouldn't necessarily have being exposed to Prior and so that's the importance of prayer that's the importance of um being in the Lord's presence constantly because he can show you things that um on surface level might appear to be quite natural and normal but in the spiritual realm something is occurring so like I said I've never been um I was not aware of Pepe and um the reason why I knew of Pepe was because on Friday the 5th of May my older brother phoned me and he said to me Kim I put an original investment down for this coin called Pepe and I've made a return on my investment so that was the first time I was hearing about it and I thought nothing of it um I don't invest where the Lord has not instructed me to invest so after I had um uh hung up the phone and said goodbye to him I forgot about it and that was it and that evening after I had said my prayers uh the Lord then woke me up at four o'clock and he started speaking to me about Pepe so what the Lord showed me there are two things that the Lord showed me about Pepe when I woke up at 4am in the morning and the first thing is is that it is a massive distraction for the masses now I'm not giving you Financial advice what I tell you you need to take away and pray and test if you feel that this is a good investment for you that's absolutely fine I'm just letting you guys know what the Lord showed me and this is these are the two things that the Lord showed me so the first thing is that it is a distraction for the masses um when it comes to being distracted I this is the second time I'm now warning the children of God about meme coins the first time I made a video which is in the membership Lounge and again it's about meme coins and what the Lord was showing me there is that a lot of Christians who are into cryptocurrency have a fear of missing out and what they do is they run after every fad or every Prophet or every prophetic video and they begin to invest in these coins without seeking the law first without putting their face on the ground and asking the Lord is this for me now God has already commissioned what cryptocurrency coins are to be part of his wealth transfer we are not to be like headless chickens the Lord was showing me distinctly at 4am in the morning that people are so easily persuaded by things and they they they they become the head they become the tale and not the head and as children of God we are called to be the head and not the tail so when we become distracted by things the Bible speaks about it in the Book of James uh James chapter one I think it is um it could be one or two where the Bible says that the person's mind is easily changed it's tossed to and fro to and fro they behold themselves in the mirror and and they cannot see um I can't remember the verse exactly but it talks about changing one's mind constantly now the Lord is showing me that Pepe is such an example where because it's um associated with the alternative right and the truth movement it we can become an easy snare for those who uh affiliate with truth and it can be used to lead people astray so that was the first thing the Lord showed me the second thing that the Lord showed me which was more interesting to me personally was the fact that it's assigned to the children of issachar now what do I mean by that and if we consider what the Bible teaches about um frogs you can find out this in Revelations and in Exodus there's two places the Bible mentions frogs in Revelation a frog is described as an unclean spirit that is coming out of the mouth of the Beast the dragon and the false prophet and in Exodus it is the second plague that overcomes Egypt so frogs according to the Bible are have negative connotations a frog is not a positive thing and for this reason I I'm of the opinion that the entire Pepe movement is controlled opposition and um I I I'm not very familiar with the Pepe movement except for the fact that it is part of popular culture at the moment and there's lots of memes about Pepe and apparently he aligns or the memes align themselves to the truth movement but the children of issachar must be taking the Bible literally and when you take the Bible literally you know that frogs have negative connotations attached to them when uh described in the scripture frogs are unclean spirits and they're also linked to plagues now Pepe was listed on three crypto stock exchanges on the 5th of May and um the three are cool coin uh binance and it's had amazing success apparently because I after I had the um one-to-one with the Lord at 4am in the morning I went to go and research it um yesterday and have a look at what's actually gone on with this particular coin it's had amazing um success since it's been launched and now it's um on these three exchanges for people to go and buy um so like I said it is the second plague that came out of Egypt when the Lord was disciplining pharaoh and telling pharaoh to let my people go frogs were the second plague now why we need to we need to understand um and this is exactly what the Lord was showing me at 4am um we need to understand a little bit about Egypt to understand why the Lord used frogs if you understand the ten plagues of Egypt you know that the Lord used the ten plagues to um as types and shadows and signs against the Egyptian gods there were 10 Egyptian gods and the Lord used ten plagues that um paralleled the Egyptian gods to teach pharaoh and the Egyptian people a lesson because when God speaks to you he will speak to you in a language that you understand that is specific to you and so when he was speaking to the Egyptians he was speaking to the Egyptians in a language they understood and the language they understood would have been related to their culture at the time which was um to do with their gods and their deities now one of the deities in Egypt was the Frog and the frog's name I'm not sure if I'm going to pronounce it correctly but it's called Uh haircut that was the Frog God of Egypt and this is what's interesting to me as a child of issachar um the the birth the Frog um is worshiped for its um relation to birth and one of the titles of this God is she who hastens the birth she who hastens the birth and frogs as well a pair when there is water so the appearance of frogs is a welcome sight a signal that life-giving water is nearby so this is the um Egyptian culture and sometimes it's necessary to understand these to understand symbolism you must understand the culture that they're referring to so the hastening of birth and the appearance of water and so when you look at cryptocurrency the frog is appearing first that's why it's being listed on the three exchanges and it is a precursor because of what the coming water what water when you put it in crypto terms rapport um so that that's what the Lord is showing me the Frog comes first uh it's a sign for the children of issachar to know that this is why they're doing what they're doing on the lunar eclipse they're listing the Frog first because the Frog comes when the water is nearby and that you can see from um Mother Nature or nature rather it's it when you see frogs you know that there's it's the rainy season or there's water nearby so the fact that they're listed Pepe on the three exchanges the fact that they launched it in April and it's already being listed it's a sign for those who understand symbolism that the water is nearby also it is a sign for those who understand the symbolism that the particular gods that they worship because they worship Babylonian culture Egyptian culture there it is another sign to say that the birth it's going to hasten the birth now I'm sure you guys know that I if you've watched many of my videos I compare the economy to a pregnant woman and I say that the waters are breaking and that we're getting ready to birth the new system we're getting ready to birth the new way of the of doing things the fourth Industrial Revolution the reset the great reset we're getting ready to birth it so again if we go back to the symbolism the frog is representing the one who hastens the birth because the birth is coming it is also linked to the fact that water is near by water what water the Ripple Water um so don't be distracted is what the Lord was saying to me don't be distracted by this particular coin it is a sign to say that the time is near the time is near now like I said it's important to be in prayer to understand these things so that you can discern the times you know when the Lord woke me up at 4 00 am in the morning um after had just been asleep for two hours and he spoke to me about how Pepe is a distraction and it's to take away from what um you know people might think that this is the route to to becoming the next millionaire to becoming the next billionaire um and the Lord was saying to me stick to what you've been given whether it's lank Shibu Inu um whatever cryptocurrencies and I'm referring specifically to the meme Market uh coins not the coins with utility to the mean Market stick to what the Lord has shown you do not run after every new thing um I wanted to highlight because I know that there'll be some people who might not quite understand what I'm saying when I speak about symbolism and when I speak about what the Lord is showing me on a deeper level not just a surface level but the Lord takes me quite deep into deep Waters I just wanted to highlight a verse from Luke 12 56 asks us constantly to discern things to know how to interpret the present time you know because the law doesn't want us to be without awareness now I'd like to speak about what's happened yesterday in the United Kingdom um king king's child the third was coronated and I'm writing a book about the Joseph mantle and last month I wrote the chapter on Kings and government and one of the scriptures that stood out to me was Proverbs 29 verse 2. and it speaks about how when the righteous are in authority the people Rejoice but when the wicked bear rule the people mourn all throughout the Old Testament you see good and bad kings you see the repercussion of a good king and the repercussion of a bad King and when there is a wicked King in charge it it causes the Bible says it causes people to mourn right when the righteous are in Authority then people rejoice now notice the coronation happened at Westminster Abbey for those of you who watched it and traditionally the area where the main events happen is lined with a black and white floor so a checkered floor the checkered floor normally represents Duality and it represents the um Masonic lodges most of the Masonic lodges in England have the checkered floor however for Charles corridation we noticed that the floor has now changed to blue and yellow I hope this video stays on YouTube if not um hopefully you guys can catch up on Rumble so anyway when Charles um if you know a little bit about Charles he speaks at the world economic Forum he is an advocate of climate change of um he's passionate about uh conserving the environment and I would highly recommend you go and watch the um 2020 Davos speech that he made um it was the Jubilee for Davos it was the 50th conference and he spoke there and it will really give you a feel for his uh underlying passions and his framework on which he's going to govern now just going back to his coronation you can see that it's blue and yellow and here you can see the Davos as blue and yellow when you mix blue and yellow together you get green blue and yellow are primary colors and they create the color green what are they telling us here they're telling us that the agenda is the green agenda the green agenda what is the green agenda the green agenda is save the planet and kill yourself and if you have a look at all these things I've listed here on the side they form part of the green agenda so basically at the coronation they're telling you what the agenda is without telling you what the agenda is and the agenda is the green agenda so just going back you see blue and yellow when you mix blue and yellow together you get green and the one of the catalysts for the the change that they're trying to set into motion with the grade reset is Ukraine and that's why you see this particular um flag will feature on a lot of people who buy into the um same agenda the globalist agenda which is um got to do with climate control and what have you not what's interesting to note is that um Ryan fuga from the fuga family and the fuga family if you are into your reading and your research and your books you'll know that um Jacob fuga was the richest man that ever lived one of his descendants is Ryan fuga as you can see this is their coat of arms their coat of arms it's got the same colors as what's going on here um uh blue and yellow and he is the founder of Ripple net Ryan fruga he is the founder of Ripple net and there just to give you a source that Ripple Labs if you look here key people Ryan fuga he is the concept originator and I'd highly recommend after you watch this video to go and research Jacob fuga fascinating in terms of wealth I made a video which is in the membership Lounge on um um what's this the guy's name with the oil from Cleveland Ohio uh Rockefeller another rich guy so if you guys understand uh secular wealth or if you're interested in secular wealth uh Jacob fluger is a really good um a prototype if you like to go and research and he's descendant is Ryan fuga and he is the founder of Ripple net and again yeah you see the same agenda as the new king same agenda so he's basically pledging his Allegiance who is his allegiance to his Allegiance is to globalism because Davos is part of globalism and so will be the new um system which will include Ripple here you'll see Ryan fooder conceived Ripple in 2004 conception birth again they've likened it to the birth of something to conceive I like I said I often compare what's happening to um a pregnant woman they're birthing something birth is not an easy experience it is something that comes with a knockoff uh pain and the Bible speaks about when a woman is pregnant there's a lot of travailing there's a lot of mourning there's a lot of pressure and you'll notice that that's what's happening with the Earth right now there is so much going on there's a lot of travailing that Earth is travailing there is um news from every angle from every aspect there is a um a war really that's going on and it's because the Earth is travailing so back to the um the yellow and blue and this is all part of the same agenda if you understand symbolism moving on to the United Nations here again you'll see the yellow and blue and basically what they're telling you is this is part of the new agenda and the new agenda is the green agenda here they're speaking about water and the importance of water in terms of what's coming down the pike and I love how the world economic Forum never fails to um appeal to people's emotions they use emotive language like hurting how rice is hurting the planet and it's not that rice is hurting the planet it's that they want to control the food supply because when they control the food supply they control the planet and when they control the planet they control human beings so it's not that rice is hurting anything um so what we saw yesterday with a coronation it was blue and yellow and we know that we're heading towards the green agenda what is the green agenda all of these things which I don't really want to uh speak about you can read for yourself all of those things and like I said with Proverbs 29 verse 2 when the wicked Rule people mourn when the righteous rule are in Authority people rejoice so that's what the Lord was showing me when it came to the events that happened the past two days and how Pepe is a distraction and so that that's really secular more secular news and to make you guys aware of what's happening in the secular news let's shift gears and talk about um Joseph for a moment and how and the butler has spoken now in the Bible when you look at the butler and when the butler does eventually speak for Joseph we know it took two years for him to eventually speak right so Joseph had interpreted the dreams they'd left uh prison the baker passed away and the butler he he goes and serves pharaoh and he serves him for two years and then he eventually speaks after two years and that can be found in Genesis 41 1. now um my Purim dream happened on the 7th of March or that's that was Purim and two days later we saw the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank now the Lord has been highlighting to me this too as a reoccurring theme and I'm going to play a clip for you now and I want you guys to pay attention to the um the pattern two because he mentions two quite a lot and I found that really interesting and so guys I hope you have enjoyed this video it's just a highlight to people that you should watch and pray you should um discern why they're doing what they're doing if they don't just do things for fun it there is a specific reason I believe that the Lord has been showing me the precursor to um Ripple running and xrp running is the sign that the frogs are rising frogs according to the Bible are associated with negative connotations a frog is associated with an unclean spirit and plagues so um as a child of God I'm not giving you Financial advice but consider what you invest in if the Bible says something is uh demonic you wouldn't really want to be investing in something that is associated with the Demonic you know there is so much out there um that one can invest in but use your discernment if you do invest so um with that I'm going to say shabbat shalom but please today on and watch the rest of this video and pay attention to the pattern too because the butler has spoken thank you very much for listening so the reason that I did this is I wanted to tell you an approvable way that uh to send a provable signal that there was something wrong in the economy I'm not in the habit of just burning a million bucks for the sake of it uh there's something wrong with the economy and the state isn't telling you about it and things could unwind very fast and just give you a sense of how fast well it was two days from the collapse of SUV to the government printing 300 billion dollars it was two weeks for 500 billion dollars to make its way out of local banks seeking safety it was two months from patient zero the coronavirus hitting the US after weeks of denial suddenly lockdown came in March with very little warning so just two months it was two quarters when from when Ben Bernanke said it was going to be only a mild recession in 2008 to the global financial crisis being acknowledged as such in September 2008. and it was two years for the USSR to go from superpower to Total collapse and so in each of these cases too slow was being too late uh and uh the thing is right now in the economy many things are breaking at once let's start with the debt ceiling this is perhaps the most unambiguous the one that everybody agrees on uh you have uh markets estimating a record high probability of sovereign default for the US you have former treasury secretary Larry Summers saying there's a two to three percent chance of this happening you have journalists at the Washington Post saying hey just the fact that we managed to get through this in 2011 doesn't mean we're going to get through it today and that's just the crisis that everybody acknowledges there's also the banking crisis so with the banking crisis rabini is saying basically very similar what I've been saying which is that most U.S banks are technically near insolvency in terms of dollar value of assets held the failed banks are already comparable to 2008 and in fact as of this week uh they've passed them with three of the four large bank failures in U.S history just happening within the last few weeks okay uh this is not like a small thing um you know it's not isolated it's not that bank in crisis is over Stanford said he found that there's 2.2 trillion dollars in unrealized loss and many other banks that are similarly exposed and so you know the issue is though if it's not just a debt ceiling crisis not just a banking crisis but wait there's more there's many more things that are breaking so here's commercial real estate Morgan Stanley thinks this could be worse than the financial crisis okay 40 downturns but they're projecting here is the bond crisis so 2022 is the worst year on record for Bonds in a long time and that's because the the government devalued lots of bonds and everybody holds bonds not just Banks uh Bonds were seen as a safe haven that's a bond crisis okay uh it's not just banks that bought these bonds and that's why in The Guardian they're saying is this financial crisis 2.0 where the safe haven isn't safe uh guess who else bought bonds besides Banks it was insurance companies insurance is under pressure life insurers for example 70 of their portfolio in this study is was bonds and if you remember AIG in uh 2008 when the insurance company failed a backstop fell out and of course not just life insurance it's other things you might say well life insurance isn't going to pay out turns out that the collapse and life expectancy has broken a lot of Actuarial projections so life insurers are sweating for money and it's coming out of portfolios that are underwater for for the same reasons as others okay how about the fiscal crisis this is a part is an article but it's true that there's 1.4 trillion in unfunded pensions okay here's the auto loan problem 1.4 trillion dollars in in auto loans with uh with defaults uh spiking then there's a student loan so these were put on suspend for three years you have 1.8 trillion dollars as a problem here and payments are going to resume you've got credit card debt that's 930 billion dollars round up to roughly a Trill that's also at all-time highs and there's yet more things that are breaking globally okay you have uh the Ukraine crisis where that's 75 billion directly according to the Council on Foreign Relations it's more than a trillion indirectly how do we know well it's 800 billion just for energy subsidies in uh Europe 800 billion euros about you know 700 billion USD um at last exchange rate so that's that alone is just this massive thing and of course the indirect cost of all the businesses that are failing because of all these spiking energy costs uh you have dedolarization some people are denying this happening this is a whole video I could do on its own but de-dolarization is happening is setting Pace according to Stephen at Bloomberg there's China's Yuan there's India internationalized against rupee many many countries dozens of countries are partially or fully moving away from the dollar um as a medium exchange at a minimum even if not as a store of value Sovereign defaults are at a record high okay so you have uh you know 14 Sovereign defaults in three years versus 19 in the preceding 20. okay and uh the thing is that a lot of high net worth people are already seeing this High net worth institutes they're seeing this they're already moving assets or doing things so here's a launch the other day saying he sees all the economic day in the world he thinks like you know the cemetery is filling up fast okay um and I think it's probably even more than a sphere recession but he's he's already there um here's a map of millionaire migration as of 2022 yes people are leaving Russia they're leaving China they're leaving Hong Kong and they're still coming to us as 2022 but the numbers are way down you speed 10 000 plus millionaires coming to the US in 2019 it's now about 1500 it's an 86 drop in just three years probably going to go negative so millionaires are changing allocation and location um you have uh central banks outside the West loading up on gold it's a colossal Central Bank buying look at that curve it's just open to the right and so billionaires millionaires uh central banks they're all seeing something coming and they're allocating not everybody of course but but some smart money is doing that and so then of course the question is okay but when everybody wants to know exactly when things are going to happen so I don't have a crystal ball um my guess is 10 months uh 70 years 19 decades one percent centuries okay I can give a case for each of those that when I say 10 months what I'm saying is you know we have some serious crisis in months or 70 I think it happens in years and one way of thinking about this is sort of the you know stay in dollars or exit Spectrum if you think the current status quo of printing can go on for an endless amount of time the US establishment de facto believes it can go on for centuries then you stick on one side if you are seeing fire alarms you're seeing claxtons then you exit whatever that means to you personally as I said I'm like 10 months 70 years 90 decades one percent centuries you should figure out what your own percentages are if you think that all of this is totally stupid you know and uh and the US of course has infinite hit points and the FED can print forever then you're at centuries and you should ignore all this but if you have some probability that actually system collapse may happen sooner than people think then you should you know take take appropriate action whatever that means to you and then of course the question is okay well how could printing start so fast how could this whole thing unwind in like months or years and uh remember when I said that we went from mild recession to financial crisis in two quarters in 2008 just to give you a little bit of detail on that um here's how that went down so March 16 2008 massive bank failure April 10 2008 Bernanke assures the world it's uh maybe a mild recession September 15 2008 just 158 days later okay we're in the middle of the the global financial crisis and crucially Yellen didn't warn you this article came out years later yell and feared housing bust but did not raise public alarm that is what I'm doing at my own expense I'm raising public alarm okay now if you fast forward okay the thing is 15 years ago collapse came in 158 days but right now uh is history repeating because in March of 2023 you have a giant bank failure where the FED involved in April of 2023 just almost 15 years of the day after these events of of 2008 you have again the chair of the Federal Reserve getting up and saying it's going to be a mild recession and God only knows how many days we have until if and when a Fiat crisis happens is it exactly 158 who knows probably I mean like it's probably in the election years when it might happen if political conflict gets to an extreme but who knows you really can't tell what I do know is that when it does happen Powell isn't going to warn you he's still talking about a a soft Landing okay as opposed to hardlying he's going to bring inflation down it's just going to be a smooth ride right already banks are dying things are blowing up it's not really soft already and as opposed to like a hard Landing where it's bumpy if you take that analogy of Powell is a pilot it's soft landing hard Landing there's another possibility which is Crash Landing okay here's Powell here's the pilot he's a pilot of the economy the dollars are flowing around the cockpit he thinks he knows what he's doing and you and I we're just passengers in the plane okay I don't have control over this economy you probably don't and the dollars are flying around the air and so you know if Powell is crashing the plane and I believe he is then the question is you know how much time how much time do we have um and I don't know but uh I do know that when you're trading yes too early is the same as being wrong okay but if you are preparing then hell is truth seen too late and uh so I've sounded alarm I've done my duty in my view as a citizen that's why I burned a million to tell you they're printing trillions


Pepe an insider job (trojan horse), the developers cause the crypto to crash

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