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Ohio - East Palestine train derailment

so today I'm speaking about what the Lord has placed on my heart to share with everybody I am he's shown me specifically to share on um the elements after making yesterday's video um Elemental uh the Lord is showing me to share on the elements now this was birthed after last night so last night I woke up at two o'clock in the morning and normally when um Holy Spirit wakes me up in the morning two o'clock in the morning it's either to pray so um that's quite common or he begins speaking to me um the Holy Spirit loves speaking to me in the middle of the night and last night was a day where he began to speak to me I was half asleep woke up at two o'clock half asleep and the Holy Spirit started speaking to me and it was one of those nights where I had to ask the Holy Spirit to slow down because it was like information overload while being half asleep and um the Lord was showing me that he he as I woke up he reminded me of two dreams I had and the two dreams of Donald Trump and the Holy Spirit was saying to me that those two dreams have something in common and in both dreams Donald Trump is pointing so I said okay Lord Donald Trump is pointing and when I asked the Holy Spirit what does he mean he said Donald Trump is pointing at the air so I was like okay Lord Donald Trump is pointing at the air and then the Holy Spirit began to show me one thing after the other in terms of of the air water fire and Earth and specifically for this presentation I'm going to focus on air and I'm going to speak about Ohio Cleveland Ohio and the unidentified objects that have been flying around America both incidences involve things being in the air so the air balloon the weather balloon and what happened in East Palestine Ohio the air became polluted because of a um train derailment so if you're new to my channel the Lord spoke to me the Lord speaks to me audibly and one of the audible Visions he gave me was Cleveland Ohio and I've spoken extensively about Cleveland Ohio and I'm going to refer back to Cleveland Ohio again in in this particular presentation but let's focus on what the Holy Spirit showed me regarding the two dreams I had with Donald Trump and what the Holy Spirit was saying to me is that they're linked because he's pointing to the air in both dreams in the first stream we at a country club together and he points in the far distance and when I look up to where he's pointing I see a mushroom cloud I am of the opinion and the impression that the mushroom cloud is nuclear however when I saw these pictures um from East Palestine Ohio it's somewhat re resembles um my dream now what I'd like to say is that dreams are layered and specifically when it comes to my dreams there are layers to my dreams and I find that um as time progresses the Lord reveals those layers and the layers could have multiple meanings and I'll explain this in a separate presentation when I teach about how to interpret a dream I know I have interpreted in the past but I have never taught how to interpret so I'll teach about the layers in dreams so in any case the first Dream Donald Trump points to a country club and in the distance I see a mushroom cloud similar to what's happened in in East Palestine and then in the second dream that the Holy Spirit points out to me Donald Trump is pointing to the air and we're standing by a river and he points up and I look and I see an alien aircraft and then there's all this commotion from Special Forces to go and address the the the foreign aircraft or entity that is in the air so those are the two dreams that the Holy Spirit highlighted to me yesterday now I'd like to speak about the second dream whereby we're noticing strange things going on in America whereby there's objects being identified all over by the military um they haven't said what the objects are we know categorically that the first object was a weather balloon and I've spoken about how the weather balloon is a distraction for what's happening um the weather balloon is a distraction for predictive programming and um I believe or I've interpreted the Chinese balloon bursting to be symbolic of the economy and the bubble the economic bubble bursting I believe that this was a spectacle whereby they are allowing the world to witness you know the bursting of a bubble and this coincides with my dream where I dreamed about China being a final stamp on wall Street's collapse and you here you see the Chinese balloon I'm linking it to the economy so the Fulfillment of China being the final stamp to Wall Street collapsing it's still pending but the Lord was showing me that this um weather balloon is a distraction in terms of predictive programming similarly the Lord was showing me that the rest of what's going on in the air in America is also a distraction because if there was UFOs a legitimate UFOs attacking America I very much doubt that the government would tell us on the news it would be a covert operation done in secret and the military would deal with it secretively and the public wouldn't would not know about it the fact that they're telling us that something's happening but nothing's really happening shows me that it's a false flag operation now when the Holy Spirit was speaking to me last night about the second dream I had where Donald Trump points up to the sky and there's alien um a strange invasion um a strange invasion um happening um I even titled that dream on YouTube strange Invasion which um I'll put the link in the description box for that the holy spirit will show me that this um this false flag this stream pointing is a cover-up for this dream of what's actually happening in East Palestine um Ohio so they're parallel the the balloons the the air incident that is happening in as a false flag is a cover-up for the actual air incident that is happening in East Palestine Ohio so when the Lord was paralleling these dreams to me last night he was showing me that the actual uh mushroom cloud is what's the actual event and the Alien Invasion or the strange invasion is the false flag event and that's why he was showing me both dreams where Donald Trump as pointing and I definitely believe that my dreams about Donald Trump pointing refers to America specifically it's not another country altogether and if you've been following me consistently for the past two months I I often speak about an event a mushroom event a nuclear event happening in Cleveland Ohio because that's what I thought in my mind the interpretation might be and when I saw this in East Palestine Ohio I am I the Holy Spirit highlighted it to me in um last night when I woke up you know initially when I saw this in East Palestine it didn't even register to me and I thought to myself well um that's unfortunate but when the Holy Spirit woke me up and started speaking to me um I thought well okay thank you Lord for confirming that these things are linked so like I said the Lord showed me that this is a ritual I know I'm not supposed to use that word because YouTube doesn't like that word so hopefully this I don't get into the naughty Corner regarding uh what I've just said but the Lord is showing me that the strange invasion is a sort of um with the weather balloons and all the other foreign objects that are going around that is a a actual ritual but then the Lord was showing me that the mushroom cloud or the the explosion in East Palestine is also a ritual now I'm going to prove to you that um the mushroom cloud is indeed or the explosion in East Palestine is indeed a um ritual I'm going to link it back to a film uh from Netflix called White Noise and as the clip um as the clip plays I will pause and do the interpretation of the Netflix film in relation to what's going on in East Ohio the reason East Palestine Ohio the reason why I've linked it to Cleveland Ohio is because if the Lord had said to me East Palestine audibly I would have not um it would not have registered to me that that is a place in America I would have thought the Lord was referring to Israel but because he said Cleveland Ohio I know categorically that that is a place in America even without going to visit America um it's a well-known place that that people um that I would have heard of before but when I was doing my research into um East Palestine Ohio and the white noise film for um from Netflix the Lord will show me that the production of the Netflix film was actually done in Cleveland Ohio and there's the link that the production was actually done in Cleveland Ohio so yeah we see prophecy being fulfilled uh in terms of my dreams um in terms of two dreams really so the explosion in Ohio and also the strange invasion of America that we see that we witness that we're currently witnessing and I'm still waiting for the Fulfillment of wall Street's collapse and China's implication in wall Street's collapse I do believe that my second dream uh my first Dream rather where there is a mushroom cloud this dream has layers and I do believe that this is linked to nuclear war and um I will discuss this layering when I speak about fire the element fire and I'll talk about that later and in terms of fulfillment we're still waiting for nuclear fulfillment when it comes to my first dream so um let's watch the uh predictive programming that's available on Netflix and see how this is linked to a actual ritual and the Lord is showing me that the reason why they're doing the rituals it's similar to when I spoke about bricks the brics Nations and the the developing countries had to do their bits now it's really the centerpiece or the the key to unlocking everything which is America now has to do its bit when it comes to the the end product and when it when it comes to um the final stage if that makes sense and as I go through the elements you guys will see for yourself what I'm referring to but today we're just going to talk about air so let's watch that particular um clip The Glitz and glamor of Hollywood converged on Wellington Ohio today as production on a new Netflix film took over the quaint City's downtown area now despite frequent downpours they were curious onlookers wanting to get a glimpse news 5's Jordan Vandenberg takes us there Downtown Wellington is blocked and boarded off and yet there is a flurry of activity just for this week Wellington oh they're filming a movie is Tinseltown I just see the casting yeah I just look more at the movie yeah see what they're doing principal photography for Netflix's upcoming drama called White Noise was the main attraction on Main Street or for Elizabeth and Matthew Bayless maybe it was actor Adam Driver I'm a very very big fan for weeks Crews prepped Downtown Wellington for its role in the film which is an adaptation of a novel of the same name although Netflix carefully guards its intellectual property the film is said to be about a massive train accident that spreads chemical waste all over town Town's been very busy yeah taking pictures just been crowded yeah it's been a lot of people here and they redid the town it's really really cool they did a mural and they redid All the front of the stores it shows a great location for the set yeah this is the second time in as many years that Wellington has been transformed into a film set and it is safe to say that the locals around here are leaning into it we had Liam Neeson here yeah we actually yeah we were really so that one we were like right here and he was like right in the street so a little bit closer to the action for that one the baylesses are also hoping to be close to the action as well they've signed up to be extras really excited hoping crossing my fingers and they're just waiting on a phone call I'm very glad that I know since shooting this they're going to decide to bring a lot more film industry back into Ohio just because you know kobit shut everything down but now they're going to bring it back so and they're going to do a lot of places over here so I'm excited Wellington is back in the Limelight and all that's left to do is lights camera action in Wellington Jordan Vandenberg news 5. oh damn these crowds were assembled in the name of death they were there to attend tributes to the Dead but not the already dead we sure did the Living Dead amongst us processions songs speeches dialogues with the dead recitations of the names of the Dead they were there to see pyres and flaming Wheels thousands of flags dipped in salute thousands of uniform mourners there were ranks and squadrons elaborate backdrops blood banners and black dress uniforms crowns came to form a shield against their own dying to become a crowd is to keep out death to break off from the crowd it's the risk death as an individual to face dying alone [Music] crowds came for this reason above all others they were there to be a crowd [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] massive train derail Friday 20 of them carrying hazardous materials as flames lit up the sky in northeastern Ohio the evacuation order is in place for anyone within a mile radius of the crash site these aren't these aren't storm clouds [Music] thank you [Music] officials are claiming that the air and water are safe residents say they can still smell chlorine they've complained about their eyes watering when they go outside and one woman says the noxious air killed her chickens I don't know where he just started coughing really hard and just shut down and went very fast I'm not kidding this is within 10 miles of East Palestine foreign [Music] I have no idea what this thing is I hope it's in focus a week ago this Chinese spy balloon was shot down by an American F-22 fighter firing a Sidewinder missile holy [ __ ] the U.S Navy deployed divers to recover the wreckage though the FBI says much of the evidence remains underwater and now a second unmanned object has been brought down possibly Chinese but maybe not it was much much smaller than the Spy balloon that we took down last Saturday um the way it was described to me was roughly the size of a small car as opposed to a payload that was like two or three buses the object was shot down over frozen ocean near Alaska's border with Canada as it was heading Northeast towards the North Pole the Americans had been tracking it for 24 hours unlike the eight days it took before the balloon was shot down a week ago but because this object was flying much lower at forty thousand feet it was considered a risk to commercial aircraft over the Nevada desert this week American British and Australian fighters wargamed their response to a possible Chinese invasion in the Pacific it was an annual drill though this one took place amid Rising tension on Thursday the House of Representatives voted unanimously to condemn China's spy balloon with Republicans trying to paint President Biden's reaction as weak this thing was gigantic what happened if it came down to hit a school in the rural area what happened it came down so I told him as soon as they could shoot it down shoot it down they made a wise decision they shot it down over water recovering most of the parts and they're good the Americans believe the balloon was part of a global surveillance Fleet not for weather research as the Chinese claim Beijing says destroying it was a serious mistake and they refused to let America's defense secretary talk by phone to his Chinese counterpart um as for the U.S to claim that the balloon is part of a so-called Fleet I'm not aware of that this may be part of the U.S side's information Warfare against China the International Community sees clearly who is conducting the most spy surveillance and monitoring activities the FBI are now studying the balloons wreckage with Joe Biden himself claiming that this was not a major security breach its importance May well have been inflated by the president's critics but F-22 Jets have now shot down two objects in the space of a week and if the second was also Chinese that will surely be seen by many Americans as a deliberate provocation I always adored Shania Twain what was she oh she's beautiful but it's gorgeous I think she was wearing part of the cowella DeVille line you know maybe Chick-fil-A is sponsoring her tour I don't quite know what that ensem is but uh but look I like when the stars get topical lore yeah Sam Smith came as the red China spy balloon surrounded by covet variants I thought this was very creative like proteins there yeah well you know the truth is the Grammy presenters throughout the evening were scary as the performances themselves the face formally

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