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My Joseph's are MARKED

foreign [Music] [Music] today I will be talking about a word the lord gave me this morning as I was waking up he was speaking to me and he said marked and when I inquired of the Lord more about this word he told me that the Josephs are marked and I found that really really really um amazing and um edifying that the Lord would confirm that he's Joseph's are marked so this presentation will be looking at um the contrast between those that are not marked versus those that are mocked and um I'll be looking at the body of Christ as well and how we're all one team we we're in it together we're one team you know we are we have different skill sets and we should be United when it comes to um what we bring to the table what we um the gifts that God has given us individually we should be United in in what we present because we we are all on the same team and so that I'm going to touch on that but before I do um yesterday's presentation about um Victory I I prayed to the Lord and I asked about when are we getting victory and he spoke so wonderfully to me uh in terms of the getting my house in order and there were three things I re-watched that presentation yesterday and there were three things about order in in in that presentation that really stood out to me and the first was that he he not only told me to physically get my house in order he highlighted the speaker of the house and how the Speaker of the House in the United Kingdom is parallel to the Speaker of the House in the united in the United States and they need to get their house in order as well and then the third thing was the limit orders and so there was that thread that continual thread of order in that presentation and I really really loved that um um ball Pony was the confirmation for me yesterday his video that he put out yesterday uh really really blessed me to no end and I wanted to just Elevate Bo and thank him very much publicly and say that you know his ministry um was a form of confirmation so thank you for that obedience and thank you for um the work you do because like I said we're all one body and we bring different things to the table and it's wonderful when we confirm and affirm the same things are being said only because we have one spirit and the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth we're from one team and we're from one spirit and for those of you who are new to Bob only he is a champion when it comes to the wisdom of God's calendar I made a presentation about um the crisis and collapse for December and there I speak extensively about the Jubilee and God's timetable and Cycles and lunar cycles I've made a presentation on lunar cycles but when it comes to understanding those cycles and and the gods timeline both demonstrates a clear understanding of the feasts of God of the um the timeline of God and so I really appreciate his work he's been laboring in the Harvest far longer than mine than me and I really like that um someone sent him my video and he actually watched my video from yesterday it blessed me so much too um have him watch my video and uh thank you so much Bo I really appreciate you um and so like I said today we're speaking about the Josephs and the people who are marked and the contrast between being marked and not being marked and also the body of Christ how we are one team we should never be divided on matters yes you can challenge somebody and yes you can ask questions but we should never be divided um it's only the um uh the there's a spirit that causes division um and the Holy Spirit wants to unite Us in terms of running the race that we set before us so the person who comes to mind first when it when I was meditating on the word that you know the Josephs are marked was um Donald Trump and if you look at what Donald Trump has had to endure when it comes to the media rhetoric and the intense hatred um it's part and parcel of being marked for the Lord you know when you when you carry something that the world disagrees with or when you carry something that um the um the system disagrees with you will uh come up against a lot of hatred a lot of disagreeing a lot of um you know things that um are difficult you have to have thick skin in other words in other words um and it comes really part and parcel of of being marked um I've once heard somebody say and I can't remember who it was but that Donald Trump was given a specific anointing so that the comments and the negativity would be like water or for ducks back it wouldn't really affect him and he handles um opposition and confrontation quite well when it comes to the level of um hatred that is out there for him and it's because he's mocked and if you look at my presentation on the lunar calendar and the lunar cycle and lunar classic you'll know that I I reference Donald Trump in there and I speak about how he was born on a blood moon and how important um you know that the Moon is when it comes to God's calendar and and demarcations and this is another thing that points to his importance on a global scale for the historical moment that we're in now that he was actually born on a blood moon and it goes back to him being marked when we look at Cain and Abel Kane enable the story of Cain and Abel is very well known Abel was marked he provided a higher sacrifice he gave the best of his heart to God and because of that he um he was marked and that created a confrontation it created a friction between him and his brother and um God was speaking to me this morning and saying you know the Josephs that have been allowed to partake of the table uh in my Ministry that understand the teachings and there are comprehending you know what I'm saying these people are also marked you see Joseph was his brothers were jealous of him they were envious they betrayed him they sold him into slavery he was hated you know uh then Potiphar's wife called him a rapist and then he was jailed I mean he really went through the whole gamut of persecution if you think about it and why is that it's because he was marked to be prime minister of a greater calling you know he was marked to save a nation to save his Brethren to save Israel to save those that are weak and you see that juxtaposition of you know you have this calling on your life and um you go through all of these trials and tribulations and it's because um he was marked so the world the world will hate you for the anointing you carry and that's the message that I wanted to share with everybody today although we sealed in the blood of Jesus and we sealed in the anointing of the Holy Spirit the world will hate that calling or that positioning you have in Christ so you need to remember that despite that you are beloved by God you are doing his work and you have been called forth for the ministry that he has allowed you to walk in everyone has a specific mandate and a specific calling on their life and a specific um uh Kingdom goal and it's because of the grace of God through Jesus Christ and you're called and you're beloved and it won't always be easy because we've got this on the side you know the hatred and there's that stark contrast that we are called we called out to be so different and that comes with its set of challenges so if we look at the uh Pinnacle and the Alpha and Omega the Ancient of Days the King of Kings the Lord of lords Jesus Christ we see that when he came on the scene his Doctrine um almost a flabbergasted people um and he spoke and he talked with so much Authority that it it caused people to um you know become undone in their normal religious way of doing things and Jesus as we know he was mocked he was marked his his birth his his death his resurrection all a sign of the Kingdom uh things that God had placed upon him for his ministry I love what he says when he quotes Isaiah in the temple when he first speaks and he says the spirit of God is upon me and he has anointed me to teach to preach the good acceptable year of the Lord and the Bible says you know everybody looked at him because how he spoke and how he taught he taught with such great Authority and despite you know his higher Doctrine and his higher perspective they still called him false that he had doctrines of devils he was a glutton a wine burger and eventually they crucified him and this is the pattern of um of what we see has happened not only to us as the children of God but to the saints that have come before us and gone on to be with the lord it's because of the anointing that one carries that we are marked in Jesus Christ so I've had so many subscribers email me and um put comments in the comments section about how their their uh Black Sheep and their family because they believe the things that God has placed upon them to be true and yet they have not yet come to pass and um a lot of people have said you know they believe that Trump is going to come back they believe that there's going to be a wealth transfer there's going to they believe that um um you know the the The Narrative of the media is not correct and that is a challenge to the normal way of thinking and it does create a sort of ostracism when you when you challenge a normal narrative you know that the world would Embrace or the world would normally um accept it does create a you become an outcast you're not readily accepted by people and that is that is a true sign that you are marked you know that you are marked by God to know these things and to come to the Revelation and understanding of much deeper things and so um the anointing is recognized on your life you know and the word the Lord was showing me this morning is that the anointing of the Josephs is recognized not only at a um uh in terms of your family it's also recognized by people outside of your family and it's also recognized by um people outside of your community the the anointing and in the spiritual realm you are identified you know by the anointing of God on you both the good and the bad recognize you the good being the Angels who do God's work and the bad being the Demonic who will readily attack you for the anointing that you carry so um the Bible teaches that my sheep hear my voice and they they hear it and they obey and they understand because there is a spirit of Truth that runs um when when the Holy Spirit is speaking and when the Holy Spirit is speaking and not a person then those people who are in tune with the holy spirit will recognize The Voice they will test the spirit and they will recognize if it is the spirit of Truth which is the Holy Spirit and I always encourage people who watch my teachings to rightly divide a matter to sit down and not just accept things Hook Line and Sinker but to rightly divide a matter and when you rightly divide a matter you you assess is what the person saying biblical does it marry up with scripture and you make a decision based on if that person has aligned themselves according to the word of God what happens is a lot of people will hear that the the truth um but they do not rightly divide a matter by allowing the Holy Spirit to convict them of that of that truth and then they're tossed to and fro to and fro to and through you see when you're not tossed to and fro it means that you have a great conviction on a matter that you have sought the Lord and he has given you that conviction and that conviction allows you to have the freedom to not be um you know to not waver or to not become unsettled when the narrative is an opposite narrative to what you know to be the truth so this is from my other presentation where I speak about Joseph's Goshen sorry the slide is not that clear where I speak about Joseph's uh Goshen it's a it's a music video that I prepared for 2023 and I put in there the word that the Lord had given me for that particular day for the Josephs and I said you know the people that know their God shall be strong and do great exploits um and that that's the Josephs that are going to do the great exploits and I put there that you know you are the rubber Bell zerubbabel was God's signaturing why because you are his mark and when I was when I was meditating on today's message and the Lord told me that Josephs are marked and I went back to this presentation for um Joseph scotian I marveled that I had put here they you are my mark on this Earth my mark because God is raising up the Josephs to challenge a narrative to be his Mark here on Earth and the synchronicity of this presentation which I made last year and what God was reminding me this morning about the Joseph's being marked uh really blew my mind in terms of you know that the repetitive theme of God telling me that the Josephs are called up for a higher purpose and a higher level of understanding because they're marked for God's kingdom here on Earth and the message to Joseph was to build and subdue and to conquer the land of the land we're currently living in in the years of plenty to secure Goshen that we might be in a position to help those who are less fortunate than us and from that I blew the shofar in December starting December I blew the chiffon at intervals of uh the leading of the Holy Spirit calling out the Josephs and these are just some of the areas where Joseph is from um that the subscribers that have um contributed and interacted when it comes to um you know standing up and and recognizing you know that the shofar is calling the Josephs and here's some more countries and you know the shafar which is the voice of God I explained that yesterday oh I explained that in the uh crowning video where I spoke about the crowning of uh the Josephs on the 3rd of January and then I went on to speak about how the uh Speaker of the House in the United States is not crowned um I speak about the shofar and how it is the voice of God calling out the Josephs and so here you have uh more who have participated in being called out and being marked for a specific purpose um and so all four continents have heard you know all four continents have heard the sound of the shafar when it comes to the Josephs in terms of my assignment for the wealth transfer to educate edify uplift and um and in and empower and equip the Josephs and so all four continents have heard that shofar blast today is the full moon um it's the 6th of January and I will be doing a shofar blast as well today so I want to encourage the Josephs because I know that the opposition has been fierce when it comes to the Natural Realm right I want to encourage you greatly because I understand that it hasn't been easy for people especially if you carry that mental it's not an easy um posturing to be in because Joseph really went through quite a lot to be able to be positioned to usher in a and direct people for the seven years of famine see in the natural realm we might have great opposition but in the spiritual realm God has already crowned us in terms of the authority he has given us in the spiritual realm in terms of our calling so I wanted to encourage people because God told me this morning that the Josephs are marked and I love what one of my subscribers said here they said Joseph's preparation to be used by the Lord he was betrayed by his brothers sold into slavery promote promoted to run Potiphar's household but tempted by Potiphar's wife who had lied and landed him in prison but once again was promoted to run it surely he had moments when he looked up and felt like his prayers were unheard the most amazing thing was of all was that when he was in power to do whatever he wished to his brothers who wronged him he wept over them I loved it I love this comment that the mantle Joseph carried he he had so much power to do whatever he wanted to his brothers who had done so much to him you know who had caused him to go through so much that betrayal that hatred that um slavery he had to endure and when he had the power over them he wept he wept so what God wanted me or what I feel led to share really is that when we are elevated be mindful of saying I told you so be mindful of gloating you see God has given you a higher revelation you know he's given you so much more wisdom when it comes to understanding his deep matters and some people through no fault of their own because of generational problems or because of um their own sin they have a veil over them and that failed it does not allow them to understand some deep matters the the world has a veil over that then and when the veil is lifted because there'll be exposure and there will be Justice and there will be a wealth transfer what the Lord has been leading me to share is be gracious and be gracious about your your positioning in in Christ that he has is given you an extra measure to be a Joseph he's given you extra measure to carry a mantle that some people might not have had the same exposure to you because they they did not suffer as much or because they have a veil over their understanding or matters so it's not just your family that you must not float over it's also you know the uh the Liberals and the people of the world who have got it wrong who got the wrong end of the stick there's so much grace that God has afforded us when we make mistakes when we are outside of his will because we do make mistakes we are all human we make mistakes and anybody who says that haven't made a mistake is lying we all fall short of his glory and we all we all are learning life is is a process of learning and some people have a lot further to go you know they have a lot further to go with it their level of understanding of matters so as the children of God and as the body of Christ we're taught to be peacemakers blessed are the peacemakers you know and sometimes we we make mistakes but then we must go back and try and see how we can improve upon those mistakes and move graciously along especially when people have wronged us and and harmed us and put us in a position which had caused us to fall down you know Joseph came to the realization that it was not the brothers who were um were in charge but rather God used that the brothers to cause him to be positioned for this Kairos moment so I feel led to say be comforted if you have been if someone is jealous of you if they're envious if they betrayed you if they've sold you into slavery if they've hated you if they've wrongfully accused you and if they've put you in jail and God was leading me or rather I felt led to share that you know when it comes to Kingdom economics because this whole wealth transfer class on all these presentations are all about Kingdom economics when it comes to Kingdom economics Joseph was elevated so far that he drunk from a cup of silver if you recall the story of Joseph you know that when the brothers first came they did not recognize him because he was in Egyptian regalia he recognized his brothers and he gave them the food that they required but he told one of his servants to hide his silver cup in their sack and it was Benjamin sack and they pursued them after they had left and they opened up their sacks and found Joseph's silver cup but what I wanted to say is that silver the gold and the silver belonged to me According to haggai which is uh um I got two versus eight the gold and the silver belong to God Joseph was elevated so far above his brothers in a for in a time of famine that he actually drank out of a silver cup and if you watch my presentation about um what the Bible says about silver there I speak about how silver redeemed the land because Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver and silver enabled um the silver enabled the purchase of land so that's the power of silver when it comes to the Bible silver is associated with opulence and wealth and Joseph drank from a cup of silver that's how elevated he had become so what I was when I was meditating on you know the Joseph's being marked and I was asking the Lord how how are the Josephs marked and how are you differentiating your people when it comes to the Josephs the Lord has shown me that there's three levels or three types of people when it comes to the wealth transfer now the first type is the large crowd and I'm speaking about Christians the large crowd and they're the ones who want to make Jesus king because he provides Loaves and Fishes remember when Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish he um he allowed the people to sit down and eat and they were Surplus and left over and he did this twice this miracle was happened twice in the Bible where the Lord Jesus multiplied um Loaves and fish and they said let's make him King because he can feed us see they were more concerned about their bellies than what they put in their mouths and their stomachs being full and they they readily would make Jesus king because of his need to fulfill you know and give of food for their stomachs and a large part of people who are involved in the wealth transfer are in this group number one where they readily will make Jesus king because they want to prosper on an on a natural level you know on a natural level and then you've got level two where the crowd becomes slightly smaller because it's a more medium-sized crowd and they're those who follow Jesus because he has something to give them he heals and he brings wealth to the storehouse this could tie into the Prosperity Gospel you know a lot of people will go to these mega churches in um give over their offerings tides and seeds because they see Jesus as a means to an end to become wealthy and obviously this is a doctrine of devils and it's an incorrect Doctrine but people still buy into the fact that um they're happy to have it Jesus as a king who will bless them and make them rich in their pocket and that's the medium-sized crowd because they actually do actively go to church and try their best and seek the Lord but still have an incorrect philosophy and ideology and then there's the very small crowd there's the inner the Inner Circle Jesus had an inner circle you know he had those that clung to him and and laid on his bosom those that were in his in his secret lair in his in his chest in his that lay on his chest and the these are in the minority the uh the disciples were in the minority but still they had a majority because if you look at what the disciples achieved um they were 12 and then they were 70 and then it multiplied from there but the Lord was showing me that when it comes to the wealth transfer the people the people that I am teaching are more here in in on level three that they're Desiring to be hungry for the truth they're more spiritually minded and they have a great conviction for the gospel and they want to build for God's Kingdom right that you know these people who are in the crowd here number one who are only concerned about Loaves and Fishes might not necessarily want to do kingdom-minded things they might just want to become uh self-sufficient which is fine and and be comfortable more comfortable than they are now which is fine but there are those that will go to charge and try a little bit harder and lean lean more towards Jesus because they're trying harder but then there are also those right at the bottom here who have been really pressed you know and they have a deep conviction and a hunger for the gospel and they would like to build for God's kingdom and help other people because their heart is for other people uh the vulnerable the poor sick the disabled the orphans the widows those who are addicted to prescription medication or drugs those that need Deliverance you see Joseph was a great deliverer if you look at his life he was a type of deliverer he delivered people that was his mantle he delivered them from the seven years old famine now Deliverance can look can be various ways you can you can provide Deliverance it's this spiritual Deliverance there's physical Deliverance emotional Financial there's many ways you know it's not just limited but that's what the law was showing me yesterday that you know the Joseph's unmarked he has called out a specific select few to do his work and those are the types of people that I'm speaking to I might have a few people who have come across my channel that are in group one and two and that's absolutely fine I welcome them as well and hopefully there are the teachings will edify and lift them up and take them to higher understanding of uh deeper matters when it comes to spiritual things but really my core Niche and Target for my teachings are the the Josephs who are going to build Goshen that's that's what I've been called to help with in this transition period when it comes to the wealth transfer particularly those who have been um ostracized and misunderstood and betrayed and misused you know not everybody has had that journey in life some people have had a wonderful Journey they're loved by their families they're treated correctly you know but they are some who have had really really tough time like Joseph Joseph had a tough time so um the Lord was also showing me that there's a great sifting happening you know when it comes to what's happened over the past two days um there's a great sifting and those who have great conviction on a matter because they've waited and tested it will not be double-minded and those who have not tested it because everything I teach I say please go away and ask the God if this is for you if it's not for you test my teachings test what I say um do not lean on your own understanding um take everything I say away and pray and for those of you who have measured and discerned and tested the spirits there will be a conviction that doesn't come from my teachings but rather from the Holy Spirit a conviction and a clarification and a revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit which is a deeper a deeper thing because deep calls to deep real recognizes real and so there is a sifting that is happening that's what the Lord showed me there's a sifting and sifting will cause you know a removal of those who have been have one foot in one camp and another foot in another Camp you know the Bible teaches us that we should be hot or cold not lukewarm God doesn't like lukewarm you know he likes he likes people who have a great sense of passion for his work passion for him the Bible teaches us somebody asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment and Jesus said to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul spirit and when you love God with all your heart mind soul spirit then you have deep conviction because you it's your whole entire being you radiate you you you you you you're you're forced to to to give of your essence when you love God with everything that you are um and then when it comes to vows you know because we've been speaking a lot of covenants and vows and um we can take a leaf out of the society's handbook and you know a lot of people think it's absolutely fine to be married one day and divorced another to have children and and not take care of your responsibility there's loads of children who are fatherless and um there's some also in the body of Christ who will choose Jesus because they think that they can get something out of the relationship and then when Trouble Comes the Bible says they will wax cold and Fall Away so when we make a commitment to God you know um we we shouldn't be like how the world is tossed to and fro you know one minute they married the next minute they're divorced the of course marriage is difficult marriage is as God is set of challenges and we need to pray and ask God to help us where we have our weaknesses but what happens with the world is that you know something happens and then they they'll throw in the towel and any any small thing and it's it ends up you know not working out uh the celebrities that they touted to us on the television are classic examples you know you hear of a celebrity getting married today and then in three months time they're not married and this is normal because they do not take things serious matters um series and then you have a lot of people who take on the responsibility of wanting children and they have relations and they make children but then they do not Foster or careful or provide you know because all of these are commitments and really um having a relationship and a walk with Jesus Christ is also a commitment and so the Lord was showing me that there's a great sifting when it comes to uh you know differentiating where people sit in terms of the wealth transfer and it's okay it's okay to be in group one two and three because everyone is different we don't all have to be the same and like I said we are a team we're all part of the same team and we are edifying and strengthening each other but there are some people who get things on a different level to the ones who are up here if that makes sense and we must be gracious like I said when I spoke about uh we must be gracious because even within the Christian uh Arena some have a veil they still have to grow and and have understanding on deeper deeper matters so and Lord said you know take take a lesson out of Joseph's book how gracious he was it was very difficult but still even in spite of our trials we we forgive and we allow God to use it as a moment to teach those other people what Grace looks like so when it comes to the discussion around covenants because I know that you know I've received so many emails and uh we part of the same team you know there should be no division in the body of Christ we are from the same team we're working towards the same goal and the Lord was showing me Joseph and Jacob both are wealthy Joseph was wealthy Jacob was wealthy right but Joseph's calling was completely different to his father's calling it doesn't mean that it's one versus the other they're different callings in terms of the wealth transfer different callings we all called differently but we're from the same team Jacob was very wealthy if you look at his life and how he gained his wealth through Laban when he um when he worked for Laban and he provided for his family he was extremely wealthy but there you have Joseph who's had to go through quite a bit and you know the Lord has called him out and called him for a specific purpose you see Jacob was about community and family and building Israel because Jacob meets Israel but Joseph was about saving Israel can you see the difference but both of them are valuable both of them are necessary and both of them are on the same team so when it comes to covenants I said it is optional it's not to create yoke on people because you could very much be part of the wealth transfer and be a Jacob and that's also fine but then you could also be part of the wealth transfer and be a Joseph and that's also fine and that's why it is it's an optional thing it's not to create a division in the body of Christ I wanted to clarify that it's an optional thing also based on one's level of understanding it's optional but in everything that we do I will reiterate that Jesus is the center of what we do he is the center of what we do so I hope that clarifies people should not be forced or feel uneasy about matters if you have taken it to the Lord and you have a great conviction about it and you've tested the spirits there will be no double-mindedness when it comes to these matters but at the same token you could very well be part of the wealth transfer and be a Jacob and not want to do what Joseph has been called to do so it is an optional thing and you should never feel bad or guilty or condemned because we're all on the same team so I wanted to bring Unity where there might not have been unity and I wanted to bring Clarity where there might not have been clarity and I wanted to strengthen everybody because we're on the same team and at the end of the day whether you're Joseph or Jacob Jesus is the center of whatever you do Jesus is at the top so I hope that makes sense an example of Joseph and Jacob uh president Trump is a Joseph he is being called for Nations he has been called for for bigger things but underneath him he has people like Christy who is the governess of South Dakota and she is superb at what she does I absolutely love uh Christie um and they have different callings you see Christy and Trump have different callings but they're on the same team and that's what I wanted to say to everybody today we're on the same team there's no need to um nitpick and pull apart and expose we're on the same team so Jacobs are well loved and Joseph's so well loved when it comes to the wealth transfer right so this is Christy if you don't know who she is she is uh the 33rd governor of South Dakota and she really epitomizes what makes America great if you follow her on Twitter and if you follow her her work that she has contributed to South Dakota she is fantastic called differently called differently so a Jacob but still in unison with Donald Trump all of the Trump team because they're on the same team so that's what the Lord was highlighting to me although the Josephs are marked for a specific calling the joke the Jacobs are also well loved by God because they also have their part to play when it comes to and the wealth transfer so um I hope that makes sense you know what I'm trying to say when it comes to the different types of people in the body of Christ uh the broad audience that might visit the channel and comment but what I'd like to say is be respectful in the comments you know my channel is about bringing unity and promoting and uplifting and edifying you know everyone has an opinion but if your opinion is harmful you must think twice before releasing that opinion in the comments section and we extend Grace and love and favor where people have fallen short of that so when you are marked like Joseph was marked know that you will experience spiritual warfare I am not new to spiritual warfare I've been a Christian my entire life and I understand spiritual warfare it very well and it's because that the demons recognize the anointing on your life they recognize who you are when you're hitting home runs for the Kingdom of Light the enemy recognizes that and they tremble they would rather much rather cause division then allow us to be unified in the mission and calling that God has given us so what the Lord has also shown me is that there's two camps when it comes to Christianity in general they're those that need real help they're lost they confused they're depressed they're suicidal they've been ostracized they're Outcast and they're alone and they're struggling with their bills and they're some Christians who are not struggling you know they have an extra abundance of Grace they're comfortable and they're waiting for the wealth transfer but there's a lot of Christians who are this side you know they really are waiting and they're at a point of desperation so we need to be kind to each other we need to be kind to each other right we need to be very kind because there's some who have struggled a lot more than others there's some who have suffered a lot more than others and if you have not suffered as much because God's Grace has been on your life and you being comfortable then just be mindful you know just be mindful that there are others who are your brothers and sisters in Christ who are really really going through a lot and it's important to be sensitive to this and not just you know some Christians can be quite entitled with their opinions you know when it comes to other people you know if you haven't if you haven't suffered you might have a very interesting opinion on someone who has suffered but then do you really understand so it's important to be kind when it comes to you know the uh the juxtaposition even within the Christian Camp because like I said when we go back to what God showed me that the Josephs are marked you know there's a lot of people who can be quite cruel when it comes to uh what they say about Donald Trump or what they say about Christians who've walked the walk before them or you know how things have happened with um you know Abel had passed away and we mustn't fall into the system of the world you know without our disagreeing you know because we're all on the same team I'm not saying don't challenge people and don't um don't have an opinion have your opinion but remember rather weigh up what you say before you say it so I'd like to close and say that the most important thing is that Jesus was marked for us he bled for us he is the one that took upon him everything and he he is anointing enabled us to become anointed see that marking that Jesus had causes us to um also be anointed for Jesus and I Marvel at what Jesus has achieved for us and when I do think about it on a deep level it it makes me really become emotional because Jesus has finished and run the race for all of us so that is what I wanted to share that the Josephs have been marked and a lot of what I teach is is really for the Josephs so I do welcome other people to my channel to listen and to hear but really it's mainly for the Josephs so I'd like to thank everybody who has contributed and sent their country uh for uh for hearing the shafar being blasted I will be uploading a video later on today because it is the sixth of uh January blowing the ship off so I hope this presentation has blessed you thank you so much if you've made it right to the end and hopefully you guys can see that um they're different callings but we're on the same team and also that um the Josephs have been marked just as Donald Trump has been marked for his specific uh mantle so thank you very very much for watching and um um if you are a black sheep don't feel bad you're not alone there is a Black Sheep Camp uh welcome but God will Elevate you soon so that you can be like Joseph and drink out of a um a silver cup because Joseph did was elevated eventually so you will be elevated so I pray this presentation has blessed you shabbat Shala

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