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Man Made Earthquakes

so today I'm going to be discussing two dreams that the Lord has given me regarding earthquakes and power grids earthquakes and power grids and so I had these dreams in July and I believe both dreams are linked together there's two dreams I'm going to discuss I believe they're both linked together because in both dreams the Earth was shaking and so please pray about discernment but I believe that both the dreams are linked because I had them in the same month and the theme was the same where the Earth was shaking so in the first Dream um I believe that the earthquake was man-made and so in the first dream I was in a laboratory now I went to University and I studied one of the subjects I studied was science and I spent an extraordinary amount of time in Laboratories as a scientist at University so I know what a laboratory looks like and in the dream I was in a science laboratory and in that laboratory there was a satellite dish in the laboratory and for some reason the class which was filled with students wearing white lab coats uh asked me to go press the button and when I press the button the Satellite Dish began to rotate at such a velocity it went round and round and round it rotated so quickly that the Earth began to shake and as the Earth began to shake the students in the classroom became fearful and started to panic because it wasn't just the classroom that was shaking it was the whole earth that was shaking and as as the um well I don't know if it was the whole Earth but the geographic location where this particular experiment was occurring began to shake and as this happened I saw spiders coming out of the people and when I prayed about this dream because I woke up after that when I prayed about this dream um uh the Lord was telling me that the rotation of this device is from CERN because we know CERN uses technology to that involves rotation and the Lord is telling me that it's not CERN in Switzerland it CERN satellite it's a satellite dish that belongs to CERN and this particular satellite dish even though it was in laboratory the Lord was telling me that this satellite dish is above the earth's surface in outer space this particular satellite dish and what the Lord is trying to illustrate to me is that the earthquake that is coming is man-made because these people were in a laboratory they were um wearing white lab coats so they were scientists this is a man-made event that's coming this earthquake it's man-made because the Lord showed me the the experimentation happening in the laboratory and the Lord knew I'd understand this because I've studied science to a degree but I was quite intrigued by why a satellite dish so big would be in a classroom and when the Lord was speaking to me he was saying I just heard the word CERN satellite dish CERN satellite dish and not in Switzerland even though CERN is based in Switzerland this particular satellite dish is not in Switzerland it's above the Earth's surface it's being controlled in a laboratory by CERN but the Satellite Dish is above the Earth's surface and the man-made manufacture of this earthquake is coming from this particular place which is going to release some sort of demonic Force as well when it's done that's why I saw the spiders um emanating from people it was like the spiders were coming out of these people um and crawling on them and I was very calm in the dream everybody was panicking I was very calm I was just observing sort of the Earth shaking and the spiders sort of coming out of these people and then the second dream I had also revolved around the Earth shaking and when the earth shook the one power grid fell on top of another and it was kind of like a domino effect of power grids falling on top of each other and there was mass panic when this started happening because the electricity was causing um Sparks and sort of mini explosions because um they were falling on top of each other and igniting sort of the electricity was um you know how electricity is when it when it Sparks and so because these paragraphs are so big it caused the people in the local area to become very fearful and they fled and I saw this particular a truck it was a big white truck and the truck um was fleeing from this particular scene and it went on to the the highway and it was driving at such a deadly speed because it was the the driver was fearful of what was happening so he was he was driving very quickly and there were other cars on the road so it created a very dangerous scene because this driver was driving recklessly out of fear for getting away from this power grid that was falling down and um then I woke up now I realized you know I realized that these dreams are peculiar out of the ordinary and when I posted my dream about Donald Trump and the alien invasion um I felt silly because I was like there's no such a thing and there's no alien invasions it's all part of Hollywood and you know this is stuff that's made up we know that aliens are actual demonic forces but when I was making that video I felt foolish in the sense that I'm presenting something that doesn't really occur but I I did it out of obedience and then a month later we saw that headlines about alien invasions over um Canada and America and that was in February so as silly as this dream sounds that I'm sharing today about CERN and satellite dishes rotating and man made earthquakes I know that sounds very improbable but the Lord wanted me to share this and power grids collapsing because the Earth was shaking so what the Lord really wanted to highlight is that this earthquake that's coming is going to be man-made and just like we saw the storm on the 23rd of December which was a storm of a generation last last year December we saw a massive storm in the United States and the the headlines was a storm of a generation and that particular storm was not natural it was also engineered and so this is Warfare you see their waging Warfare against the Earth and they using their scientific knowledge to wage Warfare and so the Lord is showing me that this earthquake that is coming up is man-made it is made by CERN now I realize that some of my dreams because when the Lord Reveals His secrets you know um I don't I didn't ask for this mantle of um being a Seer or being prophetic if anything I really preferred my quiet life not dreaming so much and not helping people on YouTube but the Lord has called me for this and I feel like sometimes some of the dreams and some of the things I've got to share quite difficult because they're out of the ordinary and I I sometimes feel like I wish I had my normal life back where I'm not having these particular bizarre dreams um before I walked in the office of Sia and sharing my dreams publicly I did have dreams that you know were unique but it seems like the gifting is increasing as I flow in that anointing and so I thank the Lord for it because I'm sure this will help because the Bible teaches that if I don't speak then the blood is on my hands and so this dream is a Watchman warning that the earthquake that is coming is going to be man-made it may not it might not appear to the rest of the world as man-made but the Holy Spirit has revealed it to me but it is going to be man-made there might be signs um that one could discern and see after it's happened if it is indeed you know man-made to fulfill this particular prophecy what I thought was interesting is that CERN is called the European organization of nuclear war and the Lord is speaking to me about nuclear war recently and reminding me of my dream about Donald Trump a nuclear war and the mushroom cloud so um Klaus Schwab said that there'll be a poly crisis there'll be multiple things going on and I'm not sure if this is one of those multiple things that are going to be going on so pray about it and thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

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