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Liquidity X the transfer of blessings

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

day so today I'm going to be talking about um what the Lord has been showing me last night regarding mayday mayday I feel so distressed in my spirit and I feel such a heaviness and I prayed the whole night throughout the night um during the periods I wasn't asleep which was just for two hours so I've I've pulled an all-nighter praying and some of that burden was discharged from prayer but it's still so heavy on me today and so I found when I do get this way when there's this urgency in me and when I feel the physicalness because you can feel physically distressed if the word is distressing I find when I release the prophetic words they they discharge that burden from me so I'm hoping after today's presentation this uh heavy feeling I have about mayday mayday is going to lift and so what the Lord wants me to share with everybody is about is regarding the Red Sea and um crossing the Red Sea and Ephraim and manasa and I'm going to um I I feel I'm sorry if I'm not going to make complete sense it's because of how I'm feeling today but I feel so heavy for America so so heavy so heavy something is happening in the spiritual Realm and I hope we all pray for America So Yesterday well actually if I think about the urgency and the notifications I've been getting from the Lord they started around about the 10th of May I started getting notifications from the holy spirit in the same way that people get notifications on their phone I get notifications from the Holy Spirit and it sort of Started from the 10th of May I started feeling a shift in the spiritual Realm and it was almost as if the Holy Spirit was telling me that something is going to happen and the first instruction he gave to me was to keep in contact with key individuals and so round about the 10th of May I started um thinking about who who it is that the Holy Spirit wants me to keep in contact with uh because he was saying to me that after the wealth transfer occurs that people might not touch base as much so he said to gather his flock and then on the 14th of May I was in half um I was in transition from waking up and um I was still dreaming but I was about to wake up and I heard the time is now it's all going to go and so I posted this um dream on Telegram I thought I won't make a video about it it's enough just to post it on Telegram in terms of time stamping it so those of you who follow me on telegram would have read this message on the 14th of May and then on the 16th of May I was going about my normal day and I heard an audible vision now audible Visions are extremely rare for me in the sense that if you compare it to my dream life and or speaking to me in my spirit I receive audible versions far less than um how the Lord speaks to me in other ways and so I heard what sounded like a fire alarm and I was awake and I was deeply deeply distressed by this fire alarm and I felt such an urgency inside of me and so I went to go look for my husband and I I asked him if he could confirm that he didn't hear a fire alarm going off and he said since we've moved to the home that we've moved in which is um a rural Village in England we live in a um a newly built home so it's all new and we have not had issues with the fire alarm in our kitchen because in the United Kingdom all homes have fire alarms in their kitchens as a health and safety measure and so since we've moved here we we haven't had any issues with our fire alarm so it wasn't a case of the next door neighbor or myself or I it wasn't it wasn't happening in the in the natural realm I was hearing it in the spiritual realm this fire alarm and so I began to pray and as I prayed it took me through to midnight and round about midnight as I was praying you know to have this sensation of urgency be discharged from me I heard mayday mayday and again the feeling that the the distressful feeling of um urgency but particularly for America such urgency for America and so again I began to pray um and I thought you know what might help me is to discharge this um burden would be to make the video and I placed the video on YouTube and that helped somewhat and and I prayed until about two o'clock and the lord gave me a scripture in Psalms saying he will when we restore um our wealth when our wealth is restored we will begin to laugh and we'll be put again I've put that Psalm on um Telegram and then I fell asleep and at four o'clock in the morning the same night four o'clock in the morning I woke up to a very distressing dream and the first dream was about police and I've placed that dream on telegram as well and for the sake of time I'm not going to go into that dream but again I felt such an urgency um and I was extremely exhausted by this time because I had spent the whole of the 16th of May in the state of sort of urgency praying and then the whole night of the 17th of May praying as well and I prayed a little bit more about this dream um I would say maybe I prayed an hour and a half about this dream and then I fell asleep at about five o'clock and then I had a second dream at six o'clock and I dreamed of the Red Sea so the notifications seem to be ramping up for me they started off quite mild on the 10th and they seem to be getting more and more and more and particularly today and yesterday I feel so burdened and I'm not sure why I feel this way I'm not sure if it's related to May specifically or if it's related to a different month but I do feel like something is going on in the spiritual realm and my spirit my spirit man is picking it up and so one of my lovely subscribers sent this yesterday they said the American flag was flying upside down outside the Senate building today for some time this is a signal for nation in distress so I went online and I had a look and I found this on Twitter showing the American flag at half mask upside down which is again a signal of distress mayday mayday and I looked at the time stamp on this tweet over here you can see it it had this news article came out at 7 00 p.m Washington DC time and I went on to Google and I looked at 7 pm Washington DC time London time and as you can see it's midnight for the United Kingdom which is exactly when I was receiving the mayday mayday because it was midnight on the 17th so when I was getting this download from the holy spirit this news article came out and today I'd like to talk about my dream about the Red Sea because this is what the Lord has been leading me to share with everybody today but in order to speak about the Red Sea because I'm going to tie to the Hudson River yesterday I released a video about the Hudson river which is in New York I'm going to speak about the Red Sea and the Hudson River so before I speak about the Red Sea I'd like to speak about currency and what the Lord was showing me is that currency if you break it up it's current from the sea so the c or water has a current and if you look at the definition of currency it comes from a Latin word which means to run or to flow to run auto flow and Mesopotamia the first known currency came from there and it was the shekel which is what the Bible talks about it talks about shackles so the currency in the Bible is Shekels now I want you to remember that we we looking at liquidity and currency and as an extended metaphor I'm going to say money flows through Society like a river money flows through Society like a river So Physical assets like buildings and solid things can card be moved but money is fluid because it can be transferred from place to place and from person to person so let me tell you what my dream was at 6am this morning the whole day yesterday the Lord was showing me Psalm 104 in my spirit and he was saying he was talking to me about boundaries and how the sea does not cross its boundary and um it says in Psalm 104 7 says but at your rebuke the waters fled at the Lord's rebuke the waters fled um and so my dream yesterday which relates to the Sea and its boundary because there's boundaries for the sea I saw people at the beginning of the ocean having a jolly time playing and frolicking in the ocean and I was witnessing this from a bird's eye view I wasn't participating I was watching them but I felt intense urgency and another thing I must mention is that I do not have lucid dreams I do not have lucid dreams this dream was impeccably lucid as well as the dream that I placed on Telegram of the police coming at night incredibly incredibly Lucid like I was in a movie and I don't normally have lucid dreams and so this dream was very lucid and I saw people um in the sea playing and having a good old time but I felt alert in my spirit like something was really wrong and They carried on playing and what happened was the water began to recede and it went completely dry but they carried on nevertheless as if the water was there and they carried on you know enjoying themselves without the water and I I was quite concerned for them and if you could imagine just use your imagination because dreams are peculiar just imagine that the water had gone and you couldn't see any water but they were still behaving as if there was water and the next thing that happened was I saw in the distance because they couldn't they weren't looking up but in the distance I saw the biggest wave forming that one could ever imagine the biggest wave and it started off as 10 foot but it progressed to 20 foot and what happened is what it grew and grew and grew and these people were still playing in an area where where it was completely dry and that big wave came and overtook and crushed these people and it came onto dry land Crossing its boundary across the beach and into onto the Earth it was the most frightful thing this dream so if you imagine it in terms of liquidity we have a certain amount of liquidity at the moment which people are playing in and in my dream the liquidity recedes so that it dries up and then this massive wave of liquidity comes and crushes people so it was it was almost as if the Red Sea had parted here because it was dry ground and then the water had gone and then the next thing I saw was a massive wave that came to crush the people and when it crushed the people I I was distressed and I was you know looking for lifeguards to help them and I you know I was calling out for the lifeguards to come and help um and so that's not how the dream ends but I'm going to end the dream there for today what the Lord wanted me to share with everybody is regarding when Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh when Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh he crosses his arms and he chooses to bless Ephraim with his right hand and Manasseh with his left and what he's doing is he's exalting the younger son over the older son we all know the story right it says in Genesis 48 14 and Israel reached out his right hand and laid it on the head of Ephraim who was the younger and the left hand on Manasseh Crossing Crossing I want you to pay attention to this word Crossing his hands intentionally for Manasseh was the first born right so I want you to pay attention to that word Crossing so but Jacob crossed his hands and put his right hand on the head of Ephraim even though he was younger and his left hand on the head of Manasseh who was older so first Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh and then he blessed Joseph so the order of blessing the Lord is showing me Ephraim Manasseh then Joseph now remember that video I made about the Bull Run in the Bull Run Ephraim receives ten thousand Manasseh receives one thousand and then Jacob is blessed right and the Lord was really highlighting to me that Jacob had crossed his hands the symbol of the X he'd crossed his hands and what the Lord was saying to me is that when Jacob crossed his hands he was transferring the wells you see wealth is not just money wealth is other things it includes a whole list of things uh well-being um Prosperity land Fiat money there's loads of things that come with a blessing and the blessing was being transferred through Jacob through him Crossing his hands and the Lord is highlighting to me that x marks the spot x marks the spot and so here we see that the Covenant blessing flowed in this way just as liquidity flows as a river liquidity goes through a place it's transferred from person to person liquidity because of the currency just as the sea has a current it moves so it moved from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Ephraim who had ten thousand Manasseh who had one thousand and then to Joseph now when you look at the King James version the Bible speaks about the word crossed 50 times in the King James version and every time the Bible mentions crossing over it it is concerned with the wealth transfer here they crossed over and entered the land and received milk and honey here the priests bore the Ark of the Covenant and stood firm on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan and Israel crossed over onto dry ground until the people had completely crossed the Jordan and you know that they were crossing the Jordan to go to the promised land so in the same way that Jacob crossed his hands to receive or to to deliver the blessing the word crossed in the Bible is is an example of people receiving a wealth transfer when they cross over they get a wealth transfer because they're receiving the land and here with Ephraim and Manasseh Jacob is demonstrating that x marks the spot he is delivering the blessing of Ephraim and to Ephraim and Manasseh which is the promise of Black Gold I have a video in the membership Lounge about Black Gold the promise of land the promise of favor and the promise of prosperity so in terms of secular so this is what the Lord is showing me in terms of what the Bible says every time the Bible speaks about crossing over he's the Lord is speaking about receiving a blessing in the same way the metaphor here they're receiving their blessing and this is a Biblical illustration now when we go to the secular illustration we know that x marks the spot and I've spoken about this in my presentation about how to redeem the land x marks the spot and when we look at the symbol X we know that it is used before abbreviations such as xau and xag which indicates that the prices are being quoted in terms of a standard unit of measure rather than a specific currency so x a u is the international standard code used to represent one troy ounce of gold while xag is the international standard code used to represent one troy ounce of silver the use of X preview prefix is part of the ISO for two one seven currency remember what I said currency is the flow of liquidity from one place to another it is the current in the C the currency standard code which is an internationally recognized system of currency codes that is used to standardize the representation of currencies and other monetary assets by using the prefix by using the X prefix it allows prices for gold and silver to be quoted in a standard manner which is helpful for investors and Traders who are interested in tracking the prices of these precious metals across different markets and exchanges so what I really want to highlight to you is that X is the international Universal global code and the Lord was showing me in terms of the blessing and the wealth transfer that's about to come for his children crossing over they are going to receive gold and silver which is X a u x a g they're going to receive gold and silver and in terms of cryptocurrency it's xdc xlm and xrp I forgot xrp I've put X DC twice I'm really sorry I I I haven't slept much um last night and uh you could forgive me for making spelling mistakes so here the Lord is showing me that the X Factor is a um a important part of him blessing his people in this wealth transfer xrp XTC xln x a u x a g which is gold and silver and the Lord has shown me that is going to be a vehicle a new vehicle of wealth a new vehicle of wealth just like how YouTube is a vehicle of wealth Twitter is a vehicle of wealth uh Facebook is a vehicle of wealth is going to be a vehicle of wealth now what the Lord has shown me yesterday with the Hudson River was New York is the finance capital of the world the Hudson river runs through New York the video that I showed was regarding liquidity issues that are going to affect America and then the plane crashes in the Hudson River but the Lord is also highlighting that at the same token although the the liquidity in New York might dry up the bridge which is xrp is going to be the second part of my dream which is where the the wave comes and crushes the people so in the first part there's no water that's when New York gets into trouble into hot water into a pickle there's no water in the first part of my dream and then the second part of my dream there's loads of water so that is why you will see a lot of people are asking how can there be a bull run if there's a crash it's very possible because the liquidity has to go somewhere and if it dries up in one area it's going to flow and come crashing back in into another area and that's what's going to cause the Bull Run so when you look at the Israelites crossing over the Jordan it they had to overcome the liquid which is the water to receive the prize which was the land and this is the same thing that the Lord is showing me that the X's are going to be what makes us liquid to be able to buy the land the promise of land in a similar way when they crossed over the Red Sea because the Jordan Crossing was different to the Red Sea Crossing when they crossed over the Red Sea the water parted just like my dream the water goes away and then when it was time for the Egyptians to enter into the Red Sea it crushes them the Egyptians but remember children of God that the wealth transfer happened for the Israelites because as they left Egypt they plundered the Egyptians they plundered the Egyptians of gold and silver after the night of Passover which we've just gone through last month the Israelites they were so fearful of what had happened with the all the firstborn people passing away that they blessed the Israelites and gave them gold and silver they plundered the Egyptians so they left Egypt very rich full of gold and silver which is the exes they had the X's going through the Red Sea the Israelites had the X's which X's did they have they had x a u x a u and xag the Israelites when they were crossing over and so the liquidity can be used in two cases it can be used to prop up and accelerate God's people going to get their destination or it can be used to drown the Egyptians which is what my dream last night described drowning of the people who were having fun in the sea frolicking and so I hope you can see that when Jacob blesses he he he he crosses his um his hands and what I wanted to highlight here was that the right hand is the place of exaltation Jesus sits at the right hand side of the father he's exalted at the right hand side of the father when Jesus rose from the grave he ascended to the right hand side of the father the right hand as Jacob's right hand blesses Ephraim is the exalted hand if if if you hear the saying my right hand man it means that that man who's on the right hand of him is he's a good buddy or his good friend but it's a place of exaltation and honor it is the father affirming Jesus Christ's status when you say he's at the right hand of the father and in the same way Jacob was affirming ephraim's status by putting his right hand on him now when it comes to the digital assets xrp xdc xlm yesterday I mentioned xlm in my presentation on [Music] um silver by buying silver by silver exit on Silver for those of you who can't afford silver exit on xlm why do I say that I say that because silver is going to run out and some people may not be able to buy silver because it will be in short supply so the alternative as an option you could buy xlm and when I say exit on Silver I'm not saying exit your entire takings on Silver your portfolio must be Diversified so you need to pray about how much you should exit on Silver the Holy Spirit only wanted me to remind people that silver is very important and silver is going to be elevated and that's why I spoke about exiting on Silver now the digital pound Foundation which has ties to Ripple um if you do your homework but it's out of the scope of this presentation posted this in November 21 and as you can see here there's a subliminal message of an X they're telling you the digital pound Foundation is talking about cbdc's which is fine for everybody but they're telling everybody really what the what marks the spot is X there's the X the subliminal message for x the wealth transfer is happening through X and the Lord wanted me to highlight specifically that is going to be a new vehicle of wealth leverage yourself if you can on Twitter um or Just Be watchful of Twitter because it's going to become a new vehicle of wealth and it will be linked to um Ripple in some way I don't know how but it will be linked to xrp so I've come to the end of this presentation and I have released the two dreams that were pressing on me regarding the Red Sea I believe that the notifications I'm getting from Holy Spirit are concerning the fact that we're very close and the crossing of the Red Sea my presentations are always how I've noticed what the Holy Spirit does when I'm led to present on something it's because that time is now so for example when I spoke about the butler speaks that's when you you notice the banks started falling um just after pure the banks started falling and so I noticed uh from doing this very uh brief teaching on wealth transfer for the past couple of months six months or whatever it is however long I've been teaching on YouTube about the wealth transfer I've noticed that the the Lord when he tells me to speak on something it's because that moment is actually occurring in the in the natural or is about to occur in the natural for example when I spoke about limit orders in January uh get your house in order the speaker of the house uh didn't have their house in order and that's what was happening in the natural realm so I noticed that's how the Lord speaks and I feel such a sense of relief now that I've made this video um I feel like the the the distressful burden that I was feeling is lifted um if I'm getting many downloads I won't make too many videos I'll just post on Telegram so if you're watching from ramble I would highly recommend that you subscribe to my telegram which is uh T dot me forward slash my king Yeshua and I sort of update um little nuggets on there from time to time um I'm sure somebody will find um something of benefit there if they do decide to join well I'd like to thank you for watching my uh video and um really the Lord wants me to highlight that Ephraim and Manasseh were blessed first before Joseph and so he was showing me that we're getting uh 10 000 X and our 1000x which is what I described in the Bull Run video not so long ago they got they come first and then Joseph comes in terms of the order in the Bible and the Lord wanted me to just let you know that I'm feeling a sense of urgency and the mayday mayday is regarding America and let's all pray for America if they're sending out signals of distress I know that we are part of the blessing that God is about to give us but that does not mean we cannot pray for those who are about to be crushed by the currency the current of the sea the current of the sea because they haven't been paying attention they've been frolicking in the water and the waves will fierce that if you've ever been to Hawaii which I have never been to Hawaii but apparently Hawaii has these massive waves which um will inspire the fear of God in you if you if you if you were to see them and so that's that's the dream I had and again such a sense of urgency but I do feel I do feel a sense of release now that I've told you guys about the exes marking the spot and that the international symbol I've spoken about this ready before in how to redeem the land the Lord was just reminding me that this is part of what he's doing with the red seaweed crossing over we're crossing over the Hudson River and the liquidity really belongs to us in terms of what the action of the Red Sea and the bible teach so I hope this presentation has made sense in terms of what I've tried to convey and the importance of the ex-digital assets and soon to thank you very much for watching and thank you for bearing with me shabbat shalom

The Hudson River Miracle

Mayday Mayday Prophecy

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