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Jubilee Timeline


mighty one yeah your name Jehovah worries your name oh Jehovah is your name [Music] my mighty warrior dressed in battle Jehovah is your name [Music] well shabbat shalom today we're talking about the Jubilee and we're talking about the timeline not a lot of Christians are aware of the timeline when it comes to the Jubilee so today's presentation is going to focus on bringing Clarity to that timeline and also just elevating and highlighting um some of the great intercessors of our time who have walked before us and done the work in terms of laboring in the spirit in the spiritual realm there's been a lot of um Christian people who God has placed it on their heart to labor in terms of intercession for the preparation of the wealth transfer and for the preparation of the Jubilee and not a lot of people are aware of this so I'm highlighting it for everyone's benefit because the wealth transfer is more than just Shibu Inu and lank and xrp there's a lot going on and today I'm going to be speaking about God's timeline versus the enemy's timeline and bringing um bringing it full circle if you like for everybody and why I'm speaking about this is because um on the 12th of January I prayed to God and I asked him Lord where is our victory you've shown me um Steve the angel because I had a dream about an angel called Steve and his name means Victory so I was asking the Lord where is the victory you see when God gives you dreams and visions and Revelations you need to also take back those things to garden and petition and ask questions so I was asking the Lord where is the victory I'm so elated with the crown that he gave us on the 3rd of January but where is the victory so I prayed and I asked God where is the victory and then on the third or the 13th of January I had a dream shortly after I prayed that prayer I had a dream and I dreamed I heard two sounds I should say two as in the number two I heard I dreamed uh I heard two sounds um and there was a man in my dream and I turned to ask the man what is the sound and he turned to me and he said have you not heard it before right so I asked the man what is the sound because I heard two sounds and he said have you not heard it before and I replied the man it's the sound of the shofar and he said you have heard correctly and then I woke up so I dreamed I was hearing two sounds right and in the dream I turned to ask a man what is the sound and he turned to me and said have you not heard it before and I replied it's the sound of the shofar and he said you've heard correctly so like I said I prayed on the 12th and I was asking God about Victory because Steve's name has a dual meaning it means crown and victory and when you consider Esther Esther was crowned but later on you see the victory with Haman when Haman was hung you see that she had Victory later so I asked the Lord thank you very much for the victory uh for the crown but where is the victory and then I had this dream about hearing two sounds um to shofar blasts and so when I look uh spend time in prayer with the Lord in terms of what is the meaning of this dream the two shofars being blasted he the Holy Spirit began to give me downloads about the Jubilee timetable and he began to speak to me about the Jubilee and what God was showing me was the juxtaposition between God's timetable and Satan's timetable because both timetables began many many moons ago or many years ago in the lead-up to the final showdown which is the Jubilee so there's been things happening uh far before 2023 that have positioned God's people for the Jubilee but there's also things that are happening in Satan's timetable that have positioned um you know the secular World in preparation for the great resect as they'd call it or the um Financial reset as they'd call it there's certain things that Satan has done on his timetable so there's two timetables and the Lord was impressing upon me when I I uh you know inquired of my dream about the shofars what it means and he was showing me the Jubilee timetable which is what we're going to speak about today so with regards to Satan's timetable I've already documented that extensively in my bricks video and that was removed after manual review from YouTube and I had to upload it on Rumble so if you haven't already seen this in terms of what um you know the timetable for for the um the kingdom of darkness you can go and find that on Rumble I'll put the link in the description box for this particular video and there I detail how these specific countries prepared themselves doing specific rituals in preparation for the great reset or rather for the great um the financial reset right because this is a secular timetable or kingdom of darkness timetable and for more of that you can watch that video and like I said that both kingdoms whether it's the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness both are preparing for The Showdown and what is The Showdown it's the Jubilee it's the reset it's the great wealth transfer that has been prophesied by many people who have ears to see who have ears to hear sorry and eyes to see it's been prophesied already many many people who are in tune with the Holy Spirit have a great understanding that the wealth transfers upon us so today I'm going to be talking about um what is not discussed in the body of Christ um and if it has been discussed maybe a lot of people might not have had the opportunity to be privy to that information so I'm going to highlight it here on my YouTube channel for the benefit of my subscribers in terms of God's timeline so I've already discussed in a presentation that I made in December about Roe versus Wade and the Georgia Guidestones which I say are pivotal and important for positioning God's um children for the wealth transfer but what I have not discussed is the intercessors for America's land which is something that I think I need to speak about when it comes to God's timeline because it's so important why is it important because if we understand what the Jubilee is which is given in Leviticus the Jubilee is given every 50 years and the Jubilee has to do with land and slavery right land and slavery when it comes to slavery we're talking about the release of children via sacrifice because of Roe versus Wade that's a type of sacrifice and the release of children via trafficking because there are children that are being trafficked sexually for sex by people who are uh have depraved Minds and I speak about this in my previous presentation I highlighted yesterday about Marco Polo versus Hunter Biden in terms of his laptop so slavery the Jubilee allows people to be set free that were previously captive and part of that is children the children are going to be set free now the second part of the Jubilee is about land and land restoration and land repossession and becoming Sovereign again I've made a few presentations on land but what I haven't discussed is the spiritual implications behind the land for example the politicians who are in charge of America and not just the politicians the higher-ups or the elites they are involved with bowel worship and the Native Americans who were the original owners or the original occupiers of the American land have cursed the the land when it comes to uh prosperity and um the growth of the new settlers in America which were the people who came over from um England to colonize the American land many many years ago so the natives did curse the land and they cursed the white people um which caused which a curse is a type of Covenant and I will discuss this in Greater depth later so the land to be restored to its original owners or to to be transferred to God's people uh spiritually people need to realize that the strongman bulb or Bale needs to be conquered and the curses over the land need to be broken in one of my presentations about basil III and gold I speak about Zimbabwe as a classic example of where the land um there's failure to thrive in that land and the reason why this failure to thrive in Zimbabwe is because of the idolatry and the worship of water gods in that particular country and in order for the zimbabweans to prosper they need to come out of agreement with what's happening in their land and move and position themselves to agree with Jesus Christ which is the Covenant with Jesus Christ and um that is something that I discuss with regards to Zimbabwe but today we're speaking about America and the wealth transfer in relation to America because America is where um the flow of liquidity and the flow of wealth will come from why because America is the reserve currency of the world and America is really the key remembering to in 2022 God gave us keys that was the year that was prophesied that we will receive keys in 2022 we received keys now America is a key it's a key to the wealth transfer and that's why today we'll be focusing on America in relation to the Jubilee regarding land I've already spoken about slavery which is the slavery of children via Roe versus Wade and the slavery of children via trafficking children through sex so today we're focusing on the land now I own this particular book which I've got in front of me here it is a brilliant book by John Ben I'm not sure how you pronounce his surname but it's a brilliant book by John and um I've read the entire book it's got 493 Pages I'm holding it as I speak and this man is a true blessing to the American people um this book discusses healing the land and transferring wealth uh this book was printed in 2020 however his assignment to heal the land and to transfer wealth began well before uh well before 2020. and he is instrumental in terms of what's about to happen with the great reset and the um transfer of wealth to the Kingdom of Light because he has done the intercession work that was required in laying a foundation for the the people of America in terms of the Christians of America and I would highly recommend that everybody have this book in their libraries at home because as they say here it's the best book on spiritual warfare available if you want to understand spiritual warfare at a deeper level by a more mature and seasoned Christian who understands covenants who understands curses who understands how it the land of America works and who is actually from America then I would highly recommend Dr John's book yes so um what what people need to realize is that the restoration of land you need to realize that there's evil covenants with previous Native Americans and not only that with politicians who have done blood sacrifices to bail in order to get the true wealth transfer those things need to be broken in order that we can establish a Goshen type securing of the land where we're Sovereign and we Covenant back to Jesus so we're going from an old system which is um in relation to bail to Bringing and restoring things back to Jesus Christ because he is The Sovereign King over the land so I would like everybody to be patient and let's listen to what Dr John has to say when it comes to America and the Jubilee and the true wealth transfer and the work that he's put into restoring the land in terms of preparing the body of Christ in America but also globally and the work that he has done we we need to really appreciate and see that there has been things happening in the background I know a lot of people think the wealth transfers about lunk and Shibu Inu and xrp and um they think it's very surface but again this channel is about the more deeper matters so let's learn let's improve our knowledge and learn did you know there is one demonic principality behind all abortions divorce pornography addictions and the violence my guest wants to show you how to unmask and defeat this principality next [Music] John benefiel you say there is one spirit that is responsible for the worst moral Decay I have seen in my lifetime the chaos going on in society what is that principality um said that principality the Bible talks about is Baal Jesus talked about Baal and we say Baal Baal is really the correct pronunciation but you know what that is that one spirit is the one behind idolatry immorality broken covenants innocent Bloodshed murder poverty sickness disease racism all kinds of violence that one Spirit you know I hear a lot of people in the news talking about all the causes of racism but they're not looking at their invisible world that's pulling the strings they're not they're not aware if they are aware they're not telling it of what the real problem is see Ephesians 6 12 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers in the darkness of this world people Sid are not our real problem it's the Unseen realm that Satan is the head of and Baal is his executor that's where the real problem is now something that you experience that sounds pretty wild to me you don't look like a guy that explores caves but you found out about the origins about Worship in the United States explain that experience well we had a prophecy in 1997 by Chuck Pierce that we would have a Gideon anointing upon us and and we began to understand the first thing that God told Gideon to do was to tear down the altar to Baal well we heard about these caves in the western panhandle of Oklahoma far out west in which ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians came to this land 1500 BC 3 500 years ago and they left their art their markings in the rock called petroglyphs claiming the land for their God Baal so this is how we began to see these ancient Egyptians came here and claimed the land they brought that Spirit of Baal to our land even before the white man everything it's almost like they made a covenant they did they exactly said that's exactly right they made a covenant and a blood Covenant with Baal and they claimed this land and on and there's a timeline in that cave that wherever the Sun hits it at any particular day it tells the Sun worshipers the Baal worshipers what worship to do on that day to Baal that is amazing now so it begs the question we know that this Covenant was cut with this principality yeah so what's the solution how do we get rid of this principality we know the Bible says we can but how well in Matthew chapter 12 Jesus talked about this principality and in verse 24 he even named Baal as the ruler of the Demons it says bl's above but that's just another name for Baal is the ruler of the demons and then he said you need to bind the strong man and plunder his house well you can't bind the strong man if you don't know who the strong man is and you hear can't bind him if you're married to him and ladies I'm not talking about your husband I'm talking about if you're aligned with this Spirit called Baal and most of the time Sid people are not even aware of this they don't even realize that their family line had gotten involved in when you got involved in all these things we just talked about when I I just read in the Old Testament I see the priests to Baal and I just saw my people Jewish people yes but we're succumbing to that I did Jezebel named herself that because Jezebel Bell is another form of Bale because she was a worshiper of Baal and she handed 450 prophets of Baal and Elijah faced them down and when when he did then the fire fell and then the people started yelling God is God Adonai is God the Lord is God is it do you believe that um uh uh illnesses and pains and sicknesses are all if if we can get rid of Baal we can get rid of the they'll have to go yeah I do of course there is such thing as germs we know that kind of thing but who's behind it all it's not God Jesus Christ of the church yeah exactly exactly because Jesus said thief comes only to steal kill and destroy well God's not the thief he's not the one that's killing and destroying but Jesus said I came that they may have life and that more abundantly so but Sid he also gave us Authority in Luke 10 19 he said behold I give to you authority over all the power of the enemy but if you don't know who the enemy is and you don't know that you have authority and then even if you do know you have authority and you don't take that Authority and you don't do something about it then by default the enemy runs roughshod over people okay so uh this country made a Covenant with Baal but there's a stronger Covenant yes explain what a covenant is okay and our covenant is Believers in the Messiah okay well a covenant sometimes people say is an agreement or a Contract Marriage Christian marriage is a covenant in which each side the husband and the wife make promises to each other well we have a covenant with our God in which God has made promises to us and we make promises to God but when we break those promises we break that Covenant that's called Covenant breaking and that gives Satan that gives Baal their legal right to bring hardship bad things into our lives so when we repent of those things when we find out what is uh what God doesn't like wickedness when we find those things out and we confess them and repent of them then God gives us the legal right to bind the enemy and so we can do that said we've seen it done and you have these you've outlined in your books the prophetic strategies to get rid of the anime but that's you you know how to get rid of Belle from your life what about the average believer average believer can do it just as well it's not all that hard Sid it's really not you know in second chronicles 7 14 God said If my people okay so that's the people that are watching today if my people will do four things then God said he'd do three things if my people will humble themselves and pray and seek God's face but then the fourth thing is and turn from their Wicked Ways repentance that's repentance but see you can't turn from your Wicked Ways if you're not even aware of what Wicked Ways are if you don't know what some of those Wicked Ways are but that's what part of my book details is idolatry immorality innocent Bloodshed broken covenants that most people don't even think about but whenever we recognize that we've sinned and we've committed wickedness then we confess it to God and we re we return from it then we take our authority over this principality called Baal and bind that principality in the name of Jesus then God says I will hear from heaven okay so you then automatically here but I'll hear you I will forgive their sin all of our sin no matter what you've done and I will heal their land Sid and when he says heal the land he means literally heal this land of all the problems that are involved now it's a Warfare Sid and by the way when he says land as you've explained it's the land where you're from but it's also the land that you are entrusted to your family so it it covers everything that's such an amazing promise tell me briefly about this bail divorce decree well the male divorce decree we learned about from a teaching the debt sheets and Chuck Pierce made in early 2007 because Dutch taught on bail and it caused us to understand more what we were dealing with and he said what we need to do is divorce bail and remarry the lord well as soon as he said that is just like the lights went on I called my attorney you just removed the Covenant that you were submitted to that was a cut before you were even born yeah it was in the launching us before we even we were born it was already in the land right it was rooted in the land and so when he said we needed divorce bail to remarry the Lord I called my attorney friend a Christian and I said Jerry draw something you were serious I was serious I said we're going to do this draw us up a legal divorce decree in Jared I heard it too and he said I'm already on it so he did he wrote up a divorce decree well we know a little bit I've not gone through a divorce thanked the Lord but I know enough about divorce and that you petition the court you petition a judge to say get me free from my Covenant partner I want to be free from who I've been married to and that is what we're saying in the divorce decree it's a prayer to God saying Lord we repent of our sins would you grant to us freedom grant us a divorce from this principality that has been caused causing havoc in our lives in our bloodline and in our nation and in the decree we we give God's answers not only the prayer God did this for us but God comes back and says divorce granted you are free now you're free to remain Jesus how important is this in the spirit world to do this well everything you know this Sid that everything in the spirit realm Works legally by Covenant and you know what we have in our Bible we call the New Testament in the Old Testament Testament is just a transliteration of the word testamentum which means Covenant old Covenant New Covenant and there their blood covenants that that Jesus when he shed his blood on the cross he made the way open for every one of us who will accept him to come in Covenant with him for him to be our Lord Our Savior our husband the one who provides for us the one who heals us the one who looks after us and when we're legally free that God says you're freed from this Spirit of Baal which the Baal divorce decree does then we're free to remarry the Lord Jesus and we're also free then to take our Authority with this writ of assistance and bind the strong man bind Baal and plunder his house take back from him everything he's stolen from us in our Bloodlines that includes our our family members that include Souls that includes our government that includes our economy that includes our health that includes our prosperity our happiness our joy I'm telling you things turn around when you take authority over your real enemy would you like to learn how to divorce bail from your life be right back hello YouTube is a Hebrew word it means family this is Sid Roth welcome to my world where it's naturally Supernatural if you've been blessed by this show Please Subscribe then click the Bell so you won't miss a single episode of It's Supernatural thank you give me some examples of Victories people have had when they have legally divorced this bail lots and lots of examples uh for communities in areas for example they've been invited to go and teach them and uh I remember in San Antonio for an example it was so bad that the trees were dying the drought because the enemy bail causes a drought and famine and when I taught them then together there was about 250 people there we divorced bail and we declared the bail divorce decree and even though there was no rain forecast at all in the long-term forecast remember the trees are dying because it's so dry the next day it starts raining and it rained over 10 inches in the next few days give you another personal example man in our church uh one of our elders in the church started a Investment Management Corporation and he Incorporated the bail to wash decree and the Writ of assistance in his business we went over there and we prayed over his business with him in this and and said in about a year and a half he started with zero under management he now has over 1.2 billion dollars under management God has blessed him and continues to bless him and he unashamedly lets people know that he is a Christian that he loves the Lord Jesus and they keep coming to him and because God wants to prosper a sid he wants to prosper his people and it's it is the enemy it is Baal that is behind that stopping the wealth transfer to God's people yeah you know something that I read about in the newspaper the whole United States read about this in the newspaper and it had to do with your prayers and the Washington Monument yeah and we went to Washington DC we stood at the at the Lincoln Memorial and we declared the bail to wash the crew we had had at least two people from all 50 states there at that at that time we declared the bail divorce decree and the Writ of assistance on July the 4th 2011. 50 days later 50 Jubilee okay 50 days later an earthquake that never happens in Washington DC shook Washington D.C crack the Washington Monument which is a phallic symbol a symbol of worship to Baal it also cracked the house of the temple which is the site of Freemasonry where they kneel to receive the 33rd degree and they're told in the 33rd degree not 32nd but 33rd that Lucifer is the good God and our God is the evil God also cracked and the Gargoyles off the National Cathedral which is not Christian God was saying divorce granted to our nation when we follow the principles that you outline in your book especially they're all biblical binding the strong man wealth is one thing we can expect it is what are some of the other things we well I mean you say about wealth you know in Proverbs 13 22 says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just that's wealth transfer the first wealth transfer that that I'm thinking about in the Bible was when God brought his people out of Egyptian bondage his people were in Egyptian bondage the Egyptians were Baal worshipers and they were exercising racism and slavery over God's people and when he God brought him out he brought them all out healed it says they were all healed and they were all loaded down with silver and gold the Egyptians transferred their silver and gold to God's people well you can also see governments change you can see you can see territories change you can see Bloodlines healed you can see marriages healed anything good that God promises can spring to action once you get the source of the problem out of the way and the source of the problem is Baal the principalities a mini version of the Baal divorce for us I can't right now and I I I'm going to repeat it after him and I want you to also all right all right I want you to say this out loud after me father I come to you father I come to you in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus and I confess my sins and I confess my sins and the sins of my bloodline and the sins of my bloodline my family my family and I Repent of them and I Repent of them I ask I ask that you grant to me and my family that you grant to me and my family a divorce from Baal a divorce from Baal I want to be cut off from Baal I want to be cut off from Baal now and always now and always so that I am free to marry Jesus so that I'm free to marry Jesus as my husband and my savior my husband and my savior I thank you Father I thank you Father that you grant to me now that you grant to me now this this decree of divorce it's to create a divorce which I sign which I sign and now I remarry Jesus and now I remarry Jesus as my Lord more than my savior yes my Lord and my savior amen amen amen but I feel something lighter as a result of that yeah how about you yeah I'm telling you God did something very special for you I can't wait for you to get the full divorce decree and physically signage with yours with your in your own handwriting people coming back and saying what a difference it makes in their life yeah all over the place said I wouldn't be able to lead a prayer Network that I have a leader in a network in all 50 states and 112 Nations if we weren't getting results tangible measurable results the network wouldn't be growing like it is right now because people see when you take the authority that God has offered to us and you bind the one that's causing the problems then you go free and the blessings of God can flood into your life again and guess what because you sprayed that prayer I believe I can pray and John can pray for your healing right now but before that right so that was giving us a breakdown of his book um you if you want to watch the rest of that video on Sir Roth you can in terms of the prayers for healing but when you bind the strong man and when you deal with the root cause of a problem it brings Liberation not just for the land but it brings Liberation in every sense of the word because when you look at the Jubilee the Freedom From Slavery could be sickness poverty lack not being pregnant not being married there's a lot of reasons why you know there could be a restriction on your life and God wants to free and set free people in in the Jubilee it's not just about um money in our pocket which is what a lot of the other wealth transfer people are concerned about it's also the wealth of our spirit and our soul the Bible teaches that we we may prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers you see the Lord wants to prosper Us in every every sense of the word and when we are learning about spiritual warfare Concepts it's important to learn from people who are seasoned in these areas who have a sharp sword who have been called to understand the deeper matters of spiritual warfare because underpinning the wealth transfer is a lot of spiritual warfare and it's important to understand these principles so that's why when I refer to Joseph it's a massive feat to build Goshen and if you think that you're going to build Goshen and help your community by just doing it in your flesh um you you won't get very far what Joseph's what the Josephs need to realize is that the Joseph of the Bible he said to Pharaoh that interpretation is given by God Joseph was in Covenant with God you see the reason why Joseph thrived wherever he went he thrived in the jail he thrived in Potiphar's house and then he thrived as governor of Egypt the reason why he thrived is because he was in Covenant with God and to build Goshen or to be commissioned to build Goshen or to receive from the wealth transfer one needs to be in Covenant with Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is the one who will Empower and enable and direct and Lead and if you look at the Keyport messages from Dr John uh Benefield he says that you know America had issues with a strong man it's up to us to use our Authority it's up to us to break those curses it's up to us to come back into agreement with Jesus Christ because what happens is that ancestors could have created these things without you knowing without you having that um understanding that these things happened in the past and when you give your life to Jesus your your your surrendering and you coming into agreement with him and you're saying be Lord Of My Life and when you grow in spiritual warfare because Chuck Pierce um Dutch sheets John benefits Sid Roth these are all seasoned men of God these are all people who have who understand the more deeper meatier things of God it's not that they're arguing about salvation this is not a Salvation issue this is looking at things that are that run deeper in bloodlines you know things that defile land that defile people's um history and one needs to deal with those spirits of poverty in order for the wealth transfer to um to come and also to remain so we praise God for people like Dutch sheets and um Chuck Pearson uh John Benefield Benefield who um have done the laboring in the spiritual realm and they have broken the curses off of America I would Roe versus Wade was really important in terms of freedom for From Slavery with regards to the um with regards to children and we see that the American the American land the was prepared by uh seasoned Christians who have prayed over that land and who have broken those curses from the Native Americans who have broken those curses from Baal broken those curses from Freemasonry this work needed to be done in preparation for the Jubilee that we are about to be entering into so with regards to Victory God was confirming that I have heard to Trumpets and um the God was confirming to me that you know we are on the right track with regards to the wealth transfer and victory the physical manifestation of that Victory will be seen it has already been given in the spirit and the wealth transfer which is the Jubilee is really about land and slaves and we need to consider both aspects and how the Lord Works in dealing with both aspects when it comes to receiving the full Jubilee because that's where the true wealth is the true wealth so if you don't have John's book I'd highly recommend you buy it and you learn so many interesting and fascinating facts regarding the true wealth transfer when it comes to America so if you've made it to the end and you've learned something new thank you very much for watching and shabbat shalom

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