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Joseph the Bull


[Music] I only wish uh more people who were from my country from Britain understood the world in the Bulls and it's one of the most fundamental things in your life once you have a 50 on for the Bulls it will stay with you and inform you in everything that you do [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] including New Orleans Mardi Gras and Carnival in Brazil it's not only 24 hours of fun for nine days but there's an element of danger that we face in the morning we talk about all day and then in the evening we talk about what we're going to do tomorrow to be heroes again [Music] hello everybody so today I feel led to share with you that the Lord has placed upon my heart to highlight the bull run and he has asked me to post a video of bulls actually running so I've been wrestling with this the whole day of whether or not to do it but here I am in obedience and so the video you just watched is of a bull run and it is a prophetic video and like I said the Lord wants me to share that with you now regarding the prophecy for Joseph what the Lord is highlighting to me is that the scripture in Deuteronomy 33 um particularly verse 17 where it speaks about Joseph being the firstborn bull and what the Lord was showing me there was that as The Bull Run unfolds Joseph is going to be the first in that um line up to profit from the bull run all the Josephs and he was saying that he is the first born bull and so the Lord was highlighting to me the parallels between the up-and-coming bull run and the fact that Joseph is going to be first and not last and so I know I said that um it was my last wealth transfer video but I feel so strongly in my spirit a deep conviction today share about this letting you guys see visually boards running in the street that's what the Lord said to me to share that video about bulls running in the street so um I'm not sure why but most times we don't know why we're doing what we're doing we just walk in Obedience of doing it so it's just a reminder for everybody that the Josephs who listen to my channel you are first born you have the birthright and not only are you first born the Lord is showing me that you are the firstborn bull and the bull is the one that's going to charge and the Lord has been speaking to me today particularly about the bull run over and over reoccurring theme about the Bull Run so there you have it and um I think what's interesting about this is that last week I had a dream about a mountain and on that mountain there was a waterfall but instead of water there was milk so there was milk running down this mountain and here in this passage in Deuteronomy we see that Moses is pronouncing the Covenant blessing to Joseph and Joseph's offspring and he speaks about mountains and how um the beauty pouring off the top of mountains and the best of the Everlasting Hills and I was really concerned about my dream last week because when I saw the milk I immediately thought of spilled milk and there is this saying in the English language don't cry over spilled milk so immediately I was thinking about spilled milk and it troubled me and the Lord showed me that I should go back and interpret a friend of mine's dream and her dream was about honey and so I said okay Lord I'll interpret the dream about honey she'd sent me this dream two months ago and I hadn't gotten around to interpreting it and the Lord reminded me of that dream about honey and he reminded me three times go and see go and interpret the dream about honey and when I did interpret the dream about honey the Lord was showing me the parallel between milk and honey a land flowing with milk and honey and the Lord will show me that my dream about milk coming off a mountain really is about God's promises of abundance and milk represents the abundance in the land and so if you read Deuteronomy 33 17 13 to 17 you will see that the Lord is speaking about Joseph and Joseph in the land and how the he pronounces the blessing over mountains and everlasting Hills how the Earth will bring forth exuberant gifts and the blessing will be upon the head of Joseph and the he will be the splendor Splendor like the firstborn bull so the Lord is highlighting two things to me in this passage my dream about milk coming off a mountain and the fact that Joseph is the firstborn bull now regarding the bull run I feel so strongly that the Lord wants me to share this today and I wrestle so many times I wrestle with God Lord why are you making me share all this stuff can't we just have these conversations by ourselves I so enjoy having conversations with you Lord and the Lord is like nope you share it on YouTube go on YouTube and share about the bull run and so I I struggle not because I don't want to share it's because I'm more like Moses and Moses really didn't want to go and speak to pharaoh and so sometimes I do feel like that I don't really want to be in the Limelight or I don't really want to share and prophesy but uh it's not about meeting so I've got to put aside myself and put aside how I feel and just let you guys know what the Lord is sharing at this particular moment anyway I hope this is best you guys and pray into the fact that you are God's first born bull that the coming Bull Run will will be um part of your Splendor and that you you will carry that mantle and that blessing of pushing the ends of the Earth uh where Nations will be pushed by you because you carrying that um the Bull Run is going to be so significant that the wealth you will receive will be able to push the Nations you're in and The Inheritance that you receive will go to your Ephraim and um which is Joseph's Offspring and here the Bible speaks about thousands will do this um and so the inheritance is thousands upon thousands a thousand X return on your investment a thousand X return on your struggles a thousand X return on your um your tears a thousand X return on every all the waiting and all the um inconveniences but notice here how Ephraim gets a 10 000 X return and Manasseh gets a thousand X return so pray into being like afraham getting a ten thousand X return on your investment and pray about being like Manasseh getting a thousand return on your investment because these are the promises of Joseph ten thousand return one thousand return and Joseph being the first born bull so if Joseph is the firstborn bull uh the firstborn bull will produce x amount of profit and Ephraim will produce 10 000 X profit and Manasseh will produce a thousand X profit so I'm prophesying to you guys to let you know that to be encouraged because not only is the Lord highlighting that you're the firstborn bull as a Joseph but that in your lines is the 10 000 X return being Ephraim and in your loins is Manasseh which is the Thousand X return so these are the things that you can pray about and I pray this has encouraged you blessed you and strengthened you you're getting a thousand X return and so the Lord wanted me to share that and really he wanted me to highlight and emphasize about the bull run and to make it visually plain to you guys by showing you the video of a bull actually running and so like I said I'm just doing it in obedience and I hope and I pray this blesses and encourages someone thank you for listening I hope you're all well shabbat shalom

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