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Joseph's Crowning

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh little something fast and pray that the kid will keep us safe and let our nation live she spoke [Music] to you for shoes [Music] [Music] that day [Music] well hello everybody today we're going to be speaking about the completion of the timeline and I will be looking at the spiritual implications versus the natural implications and also tying it all together for everybody right at the end I'm also going to be addressing questions that I had from other presentations which people might find helpful because it will augment what I've spoken about in the past in a bit more depth I'm hoping I don't go into the YouTube Naughty corner so I'm going to try my best by explaining things in a roundabout way if you're listening to me while you're driving your car you might need to sit down and watch because I will be using my mouse to point and maybe just using abbreviations for certain words so I'm going to be showing you guys what God has shown me with regards to the timeline I've taken it to him in prayer and these are the things that have come up with regards to what he's trying to teach and tell his people now remember that today the 3rd of January is the 50th day that I have been in Ministry the 50th day 50 marking the Jubilee marking completion it is a complete date in terms of my Ministry and the people who I have been given to Shepherd and Steward during this time um it's also bringing together Everything full circle because today is the 50th day of ministry so this is the timeline that God has shown me and I've broken it up into the top part and the bottom part on the top part you'll notice it's the spiritual implications the bottom part you'll notice that they are things that are happening in the physical so God told me on the 18th of December full circle and that is very important in terms of where he's bringing his church and his bride he's bringing us full circle when it comes to the financial Arena and positioning it positioning us to be Joseph's so on the 23rd of December we see that we had one tevet which is a Jewish date in the Hebrew calendar and this is when Esther is taken to the king now what do people need to realize is that dates for God are spiritual um demarcations where he anoints his people dates for the enemy Are Spiritual demarcations where he does his rituals so God is always parallel um the enemy and God are always parallel in the spiritual realm where the enemy is doing something for um bad God also does things for good so when we look at his calendar we can also understand what he's doing as well in the in the spiritual realm you see that's why it's important to understand God's calendar so on the first of tevet which was the 23rd of December Esther is taken to the king so we prostrated ourselves before God on the 23rd of December because that's when the shofar was blown and sounded it was sounded as a warning that shaking will occur and we saw a storm of a generation but it was also sounded as a calling app for the Josephs an anointing for the Josephs right a a signal for the Josephs so we were taken before the King on the 23rd of December you see what the enemy was doing in the spiritual realm with all his rituals and his um his his plan to um destroy and cause chaos God is positioning his Remnant and his bride for taking Authority in the spiritual Realm right he is calling us before his throne and he is positioning us and then we see that the next state which is the third of January which was today is 10 Tibet and this is when Esther is crowned queen right so here you see a jubilee anointing with a crown which is similar to the crown that Steve the angel said he would give because Steve meaning crone so we see that Esther is crowned on this particular day in the Jewish Festival in the Jewish um minor holiday tend to vet and if you guys watched my Rumble video where I speak about Russia you'll notice that the the cover um page you know you know how videos have a a thumbnail the thumbnail I always I always download my my jpeg of my front presentation I download the jpeg of the front presentation and I upload it to YouTube as the thumbnail and I did that with a rumble video as well and should it should be a picture of President Putin uh saying Russia Russia Russia but when the video was uploaded to rumble it chose to put the tenth of tevet as the cover picture if you go to rumble you'll see um and I only speak about um the 10th of 10th for about maybe two minutes on that whole hour presentation yet the computer chose to highlight that particular slide on the in on the entire presentation as the thumbnail and I looked at that after either had uploaded and because I'm new to rumble and I don't understand how to go into the back end to change things I I Marvel that that was the slide that God chose for that particular presentation the 10th of tevet and it caused me to think you know what what is God trying to tell me and then today when I was meditating on everything the Lord was showing me that this is a significant period in his calendar and he has crowned the Esters he's crowned the Josephs with the sounding of the shafar he has crowned his particular anointed Remnant on this particular day and then in the natural on the third we see that Congress in America um was in two minds about choosing a speaker and this the last time this happened was a hundred years ago where they could not make up their mind for choosing a speaker and this happened today on the 23rd on the 3rd of January in in terms of the secular world so what people need to understand is that the anointing that God gives us in the spiritual realm far supersedes what's going to precipitate in the natural that's what people need to understand and um I I know that people are expecting to hear from me moon dates and when when are we going to become wealthy but if you follow all my presentations my presentations are underpinned by what spiritual first before what's natural my presentations touch on what the importance of aligning yourself spiritually with God and then the natural comes and then I speak about the wealth transfer that is a consistent theme throughout all my presentations and God has been highlighting to me that he's brought his church full circle on the 18th of December and on the 23rd we stood before him in the heavens and he is our King and then on the third which is today he has crowned us and if you look at my dream which Steve the angel means Victory Garland and Crown it marries up beautifully with the tenth of tevet when Queen Esther is also crowned and this is God's holy calendar and it also falls on the 3rd of January 2023 now please understand this is so important to understand this particular holiday should have been in December but it happens to be orchestrated that it's in January this year so it should traditionally have fell in December but it's in January this particular year and when when Steve the angel came to me in the dream and said two months which takes us exactly up to the third he was showing me that he is delivering a crown understand that angels Angels deliver messages they are messengers of God they deliver messages to us so Steve his message was Victory Garland Crown Queen Esther was crowned on the 3rd of January Queen meaning bride meaning the Church of God see so this can be men and women crowd on this particular day in the spiritual Realm so so important so this particular picture on the side is not very clear I'm sorry about that but it gives you the um Jewish history and one Tibet Esther is taken to the king tent of that she's chosen to be Queen right she has chosen to be Queen and like I said Angels deliver messages and Steve's message was that he's he's delivering a crown of victory the spiritual always precedes the natural it always precedes the natural similarly with the storm this is this was a spiritual ritual it is the precursor that will precede the natural see how God is positioning Us in the spirit but so the enemy is also positioning himself for the wealth transfer because both things are about the wealth transfer so if you look at the birth of Samson Samson when Samson was born an angel came to announce it the angel brought an announcement same like Steve he brought an announcement and then the natural was the baby which came later so first the spiritual then the natural that's how it works with God so we see that the storm was a ritual and it is a manifestation of the financial storm which is coming so all conditions now have been met for an economic collapse all of them if you watch my presentation on the December collapsing crisis I speak extensively about how every single marker has been met for the economic collapse to occur every single one we are on third base if you understand baseball we are on third base we we can't go back to second and first there's only one way to go and let's home and so that is what God is showing me so let's understand Ester let's talk about Esther for a moment Esther spent months preparing for the king and that's what we've done we've spent from 2020 up until 2022. we've been preparing ourselves from the 2020 elections up right up until the end of 2022 we've been preparing and if you've watched my brick bricks presentation which is exclusive on Rumble you'll see that the enemies all has also been preparing himself from the 2020. there's also a timeline where he's been orchestrating specific events right up until 2022 the enemy's been doing stuff similarly the body of Christ has also been positioning themselves as Esther positioned herself to get ready for the king now the demarcation of when Esther stands in front of the King was the 23rd of December the demarcation of when the shaking of the storm happened was the 23rd of December and Esther was crowned on 3rd of January right and we see that there's been some issues with crowning people in the Congress on the 3rd of January in the American Congress there's been issues with crowning someone a crown is really when you when you elevate someone to a position of authority so what have we been crowned for what what is this Crown all about when we are crowned we're crowds to become sovereign all kings and queens are sovereign and if you watched all my presentations I'm very big on sovereignty because God showed me the importance of the Josephs being sovereign so kings and queens are crowned in order that they might be Sovereign so in the spiritual Realm we have been crowned and positioned for our sovereignty in order that we might govern ourselves so I'm just linking sovereignty to the my Teaching Ministry so 50 days ago I started teaching and the 50th day is today which is the 3rd of January and 50 representing Jubilee also completion of a cycle also full circle we've come full circle um and we know as I've been saying that the bride is now crowned for sovereignty the reason why we're being crowned is because God has given us these bequeathed us today in order for us to enter into this new year with this crown of sovereignty um shout out to Catherine if you're watching I'm really sorry I haven't had an opportunity to reply your email I have been spending time with the Lord and also I've had to rest a lot today um but Catherine sent me an email Catherine is a dear sister of mine from uh dreaming with the King and she made a beautiful video with regards to what God has placed on her heart regarding this year and I would encourage everybody to go and watch this video of Catherine's because it says time to take possession of the land he has given in three days you will cross the Jordan now three days takes us up to the Third so what have we been crowned for uh what have we been crowned for to take possession of the land in three days we're crossing over so we've crossed over spiritually and Catherine sent me this confirmation and this encouragement because God has shown her specifically you know he highlighted this to her on the 31st of December that three days we cross over which is the third of January so here she's bearing witness to what I'm saying and then similarly another sister of mine in Christ who understands the uh Hebrew calendar extremely well has said that God is saying in three days we cross over transition take the land prophetic word now I came across her video her um clip through Instagram this is what was highlighted to me and it confirmed exactly what Catherine was saying in her presentation in terms of three days we're crossing over this transition period to do what to to take possession of the land to become sovereign so the Lord was also speaking to me quite a bit yesterday and today about the shofar and the significance of the shofar and why we blow the shafar so he was he was telling me that it is his voice his voice is sounded in the shuffle when you listen to the so far it's God's voice speaking right and not only does it anoint people when a shofar is blown over them at a ceremonial occasion so for example a crowning the crowning of people you can blow a shofar when a king is crowned or a queen is crowned but also the shofar brings down the walls of Jericho which enables us to take possession of the land because if you look at the message that coincides where we're taking possession of the land we see that you cross the Jordan which is what um Catherine's video is referring to crossing the Jordan and so is my other sister in Christ um you end up in gilgal and then it's Jericho and at Jericho they sounded their chafal which brought down the walls and they took possession of the land so it's all linked so really the crowning is for sovereignty sovereignty for what to own the land to take possession of the land and to secure Goshen the message is consistent throughout now I'd like to speak a little bit about the enemy so we see that on the 23rd there was a storm of a generation which is um I won't say the word you guys can read this particular word but if you rearrange these words you see that it is also generation of a storm so generation of a storm also man-made geo-engineered by the use of this particular heavy metal which I discuss in my presentation on rump if you go and watch the rumble presentation this is explained because God showed me this in a dream and like I said just how Esters are crowned spiritually to be positioned to take the land so too is the enemy doing his um his his what he needs to do as a precursor to bring about an actual Financial storm and we've heard time and time again on on my channel that the storm is here not only in the natural but also in the physical not only in the in the sorry in the physical but also in the spiritual and God is positioned and aligned his people now I want to thank James who is one of my lovely subscribers who sent me all the links to the speaker of the house and what's going on with Congress in the u United States again I'm not going to claim to to be a professional when it comes to the Senate and the the Congress and all that happens in America because I haven't studied it and I'm I only know the very little that has been shown to me through very uh superficial research so please if I get it wrong I'm really sorry um when the American um is it Parliament dare I say Parliament when the Americans electus speak of the house they are third in line if something happens to the president then the vice president takes over and if something happens to the vice president then the Speaker of the House takes over so they're third in line so they're quite important in terms of ranking and hierarchy and the last time they couldn't vote in a speaker was a hundred years ago and so that was a very significant but let's just have a look at an article that the lovely James sent me thank you so much James you're such a blessing in the body of Christ um thank you for your emails so here sorry this shouldn't be there so this is an article about what's happened today see the 3rd of January um what happened what happened when the speaker of the house was not chosen in the first round of elections in 1923 see so you've got that 23 again and that's a hundred years ago um Congress Stood Still for about two months apparently now if you skim through this article which I found really interesting it speaks about how they were unable to secure a vote and the last time this happened was a hundred years ago and if you go down even further um notices they speak about Ohio again Ohio the Ohio Congressman like look at this which I thought was super peculiar so they have this particular Gentleman on this article and look House minority leader Kevin McCarthy walks in the house in the house chambers of the U.S Capitol building on the 23rd of December in Washington DC so people of God look they're they are linking the 23rd of December with the 3rd of January can you see that this appears in this article which is from today right third of January they're talking about Congress 3rd of January this particular fellow who is significant in this hole um story they put a picture of him walking in Washington DC and they mentioned that he's doing it on the 23rd of December of all the dates in the world they pick that particular one can you see how the the timeline of what the enemy is doing behind the scenes that these dates are important in terms of the storm that occurred on this particular date now we have this congressman and he's from Ohio I mean you can't make this stuff up the congressman from Ohio and I've been saying Ohio yeah Ohio congressman uh had eight votes early around more than enough to keep McCarthy from a majority so oh so we see hold on let me see if I've got this right so Jim Jordan of Ohio so there you have the Ohio being mentioned and McCarthy who is linked to the 23rd of December because he's walking in the Washington DC on the 23rd I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly but the things that are standing out to me is that the 3rd of January we have this issue in Congress that's Point number one and God showed me the 3rd of January then point number two is that we have a representative from Ohio which is number two because I was shown Ohio and then this particular gentleman McCarthy who is walking in Congress in the Capitol building on the 23rd which is when the storm was you can't make this stuff up guys you absolutely can't make this stuff up so that is part of the significance of the timeline of what the enemy is doing I'm not sure how as the days progress there might be more Revelation with regards to the speaker of the house and how it is significant but certainly the 3rd of January and here you see he's third in line for the throne third in line one two three third in line third of January and he didn't receive his crown he or she so this was a date of crowning because Steve the angel which means Crown crowned the esters and this particular day we have the Congress unable to Crown somebody who's supposed to be third in line four um if something goes wrong with with the president or the vice president so yeah so from that article they're mentioned Ohio and the 23rd of December however we're speaking about the third or January so all these things again audible words from the Lord the Lord highlighting these audible things to me and all significant in terms of what's happening in the spiritual Realm so when we're talking about crowns we must not forget the major elephant in the room when it comes to crowns because the um this particular thing which I can't say is also a crown if you translate it directly it means crown so we see that God has crowned his anointer to move forward in the new season but also there's been a mass massive uh ritual regarding the crowning of people in a different way if you know what I mean so this as well has been going on in the background here if you look at um entering in a new currency this presentation which is not very clear I'm sorry but if you look at the um slide from this presentation from a lecture from 2020 we see that the Phoenix is rising out of the crown can you see there's the crown right there so all these things are linked now what's really fascinating to me and mind-blowing is that when I was meditating I was lying on my bed and taking a nap but also meditating and today um I saw a vision and what I saw was a phoenix soaring in the sky and as it was soaring it looked like a cloud so imagine the shape of a cloud but in in the shape of a phoenix and it was soaring and the cloud was red that's what I saw in the vision a red phoenix soaring in in in in the form of a cloud but when you when you when you look at a phoenix most Phoenix are rising like this they're going up they're Rising but what I saw in my vision was its soaring so it was this way it was flying across the sky so it was soaring across the sky um and so what the Lord was showing me was that is there's a transition in the spiritual realm from rising to Soaring the Phoenix and here you see the I've spoken extensively about the Phoenix in my Phoenix presentation um but here I'm linking it to the crown because today was a day of crowning so understanding the Phoenix I'm going to do a quick decode for you guys just so that you can have a bit more Revelation when it comes to these things on what's happening in the spiritual realm and in the natural Realm because it's really good to be aware of what's going on so in my presentation about seven messages to America I mentioned a great shaking starting on the 23rd and I mentioned a storm well I didn't know it was a storm but it ended up being a storm right and I also linked the 23rd to a I can't say the word but you know what and I mentioned how we've come full circle and here I also showed you guys a timeline of these all these things that needed to occur and the November date which was super super important because we had a blood moon and I spoke about the fed's birthday and basil III which is now in January um and today we're talking about Steve who what who means Victory and Crown crowning in the spiritual realm but also a failure to Crown the Congress person and um also linking it to the crown of what's happened with the pandemic so to understand the Phoenix a little bit more I'm going to show you some predictive programming from Netflix the um number one show for Christmas on Netflix was called Falling for Christmas and again here you see the symbolic nature of the title because falling indicative of the stock market falling um so interesting use of diction and words but let's look at the symbolism if you watch this on Netflix and um you haven't picked up these things then maybe just um you can re-watch it and go see what I'm referring to so here Lindsay is representative of the Phoenix because you see she's got red hair and a red outfit so she's representing Phoenix and in this particular movie um Lindsay and her her fiance fall down a mountain so they crash so these are full and a crash symbolic of the system which is going to fall and crash so the Phoenix Falls and crashes right and when they fall there's a scene in this movie that just back when she's about to fall down the mountain um heat the fiancee pulls the ring off of her finger so he grabs her hand and her hand slips and the ring is removed as her hand slips and she falls down the mountain again symbolic of wealth being removed and later on in the film she Rises to a new understanding of life and that basically is representative of the reset so this entire film is about the financial collapse and the reset if you understand symbology and decoding um I mean I could talk more and longer about this in terms of going deeper into the symbology of the film but this is just to give you an outline the narrative that they are speaking about is on the left hand side and the interpretation is on the right hand side if I'm speaking too quickly you can just pause the video and read it for yourself and pray about if what I'm saying is um correct so now I'd like to address a few highlights and questions that were asked about my previous presentations and the I got a um lovely message from one of my subscribers who was in New York for um the festive period they were in New York visiting family and they commented on my Titanic presentation and they said that they heard the emergency broadcasting system being tested twice once while they were driving in the car on the radio and then again at 3 30 in the morning my mother had the TV on and had fallen asleep and the test was so loud it woke me up in the Next Room when I heard the noise go off and I immediately started to pray very wise 330 is a very odd time to be testing a system especially when people are asleep but if you understand what they're doing in the background you will understand that this is a high time for when um witches are doing things in the spiritual realm it's called the witching hour and 3 30 33 symbolic of Freemasonry why are they doing this because they're preempting what's about to happen in New York which I've spoken about extensively in my other presentations about New York being likened to Humpty Dumpty and falling down that is why they are doing this at these particular hours and that's why they've done it twice and I've mentioned again twice two two Market crashes expect two events two Market crashes so thank you very much for commenting you guys I love your comments they are really amazing and they're helping me solve the puzzle and just bring more clarity to the body of Christ where Clarity is needed now I spoke about the water in [Music] um my other presentation which you can find Rumble I'll put the links to the Rumble videos in the description box and somebody asked me about hormones and yes you can find them in um the water and if you go look up the Berkey which I've mentioned it will it describes beautifully how to remove it not all water purification systems are made equal so you need to check if the filter that you're using does indeed filter out these particular things not all filters will filter this out here is an interesting article related to mortar there was an issue recently in Philadelphia regarding an outbreak of this so just keep your eyes peeled when it comes to um vectors that can be in water and a day ago which was yesterday we see that in Malawi there was an issue with the water right and here if you go to who you can pause the slide but it does say that there's Pharmaceuticals and microplastics which is a zenoestrogen Jeanette zenoestrogenic or estrogenic rather and there's all kinds of other things that you can find in terms of vectors in water the Lord was showing me but I I suspect that if I say this I might go into the YouTube Naughty corner but the cryptocurrency that is linked with uh this I'm not going to say the word the cryptocurrency that is linked with this there is also a few things going on in terms of why they're using water so please just watch the water I've been asked to warn you and I know I might sound peculiar and strange and I understand I understand that if not a lot of people understand what I'm saying it might not make sense to some people but for some I've been tasked with warning everybody and that's all I've I can do is just try my best and let you guys know so what else is significant that everyone must know like regarding the wealth transfer we've come full circle today which is the 3rd of January was bitcoin's birthday right it was the Genesis of Bitcoin on the 3rd of January so third of January another important date another important date and that's where you have the first generation of blockchain seven plus seven because it's its 14th birthday so we see that it has had two full circles and the next generation of blockchain or the second generation of blockchain is xrp or the axis full circle God told me we've come full circle we're coming full circle when it comes to the digital assets as well this is a clip from one of my other presentations and it's the timeline so I've add annotated and put the storm for the 23rd of December and I'm annotating and putting the Bitcoin for the 3rd of January it was the fed's birthday on the 23rd and it's bitcoin's birthday on the third so in terms of just to bring you guys back to the original thing that I spoke about right at the beginning so we have full circle we stood before the King on the 23rd and now on the 3rd of January we are crowd as per the festivals with um tevet and that is this spiritual side and then on the secular side we see the storm and the issues with Congress and then also it's bitcoin's birthday so a lot of people might not be too happy with today's outcome they might have thought that they're not yet Rich there's no wealth transfer there's there's still uh poor in their bank accounts um it's not the outcome that they were hoping for because there's no Donald Trump there's no um emergency broadcasting system nothing happened so you might get a lot of unhappy faces because they're waiting for their pockets to be filled but I will say it again and I'll keep saying it this channel is about spiritual matters and it's about what the what underpins the spiritual things that underpin the wealth transfer what's happening spiritually that is my job to explain um to you guys the spiritual side of what's happening to open your eyes to the spiritual side and then the natural comes I hope I hope that makes sense so for those of you who are spiritually minded you will understand that it's the 50th day of ministry we've been crowned in the spiritual realm when it comes to the crowning standing before the King of Kings and the law of Lords who is Jesus Christ and our Jubilee now begins why because we're crossing over the Jordan just as Catherine said in her her her word for January 2023 that we're crossing over to watch to get the promised lines so that we can be sovereign so I hope this has helped you guys I hope it's given you Clarity and I hope it has strengthened you with regards to what's happening behind the scenes all these things matter it's positioning us for Where We Are going in the spiritual realm but not only that where are we going in the Physical Realm I feel led to tell somebody who might be disappointed that and I I hadn't planned this it's just come to me now through the Holy Spirit I feel led to tell somebody that remember David was anointed has a young lad he wasn't king yet but he was anointed and then he stood before Goliath he killed Goliath and the they took back possession of the land he only later saw the manifestation of being King much later but that original anointing was very important you see in the spiritual realm David was crowned when he was first anointed as a king he might not have had the title of King because Saul was still in office but in the spiritual realm David was still King and this is what I've been led to tell you people that today on the 3rd of January in the spiritual realm you guys have been crowned by hearing the shafar blast and by being positioned and by trusting in God that you guys have been crowned because today was a day of crowning in the spiritual realm because it's time to vet when Esther was crowned so I hope this is a encouragement and I hope that it's something that you guys will praise God about and um I understand that a lot of people might be wary and but I I I I feel strongly in my spirit we are on the home stretch and this particular day was a threshold you needed to go through this particular day and you will see in the up and coming weeks or even days the manifestation of the physical storm in the financial system the financial system is going to experience a physical storm so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end and hopefully I've addressed the questions from previous presentations and added further Clarity to what is going on with regards to the wealth transfer particularly when it comes to the important key dates with the fed's birthday Bitcoin but spiritual implications of us being crowned and then also the failing to Crown the Congress today and as things progress we might hear more news but with regards to this there is um this is what I believe is important to share at the moment there are some things happening in Israel at the moment uh with regards to the Temple mount and there's some issues around the Temple mount in Israel but that again is maybe for another presentation um and because I don't want to confuse people too much by adding in too much Concepts into one particular presentation but for now we are we have crossed the threshold the financial system is ready and so are is the bride of Christ or the remnant ready to receive what God has um positioned us for in terms of inheriting the land so I hope this this has helped you guys and I pray that it blesses you how defies strengthens and makes you see that we are moving from strength to strength when it comes to not only understanding these spiritual matters but also positioning ourselves regarding these spiritual matters so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end thank you for your emails and your comments and I'm sorry if I haven't yet replied your email I promise I will reply as soon as I am freed up by the Lord to do so I spend a lot of time praying meditating and making these presentations and the little bit of time I have left is um for fellowshipping with my husband and cooking and cleaning so I hope you'll give me a little bit of Grace if I haven't replied your email yet thank you for every seed sewn into the ministry I appreciate everything you have no idea how much you guys touch me and warm my heart by um giving freely out of your abundance so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end shabbat shalom

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