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Housing Market Dreams


I don't live here I don't believe in a house with this many people there's no shampoo pardon me are your parents home yeah but they don't live here Tracy did you order the pizza Excuse Me Miss are your parents here my parents live in Paris sorry hi hi are your parents home yeah do they live here no no no why should they well kids no parents probably a fancy orphanage people it makes me sick when I grow up and get married I'm living alone did you hear me hi alone I'm living alone hello everybody so this is a housing market dream that I had in February and I dreamed of three generations living in one home there was one grandparent five parents and many children now the father of one of those families kept crying and he was unable to comfort his children he found himself in a very helpless position and because of that he kept crying and because he felt so helpless the way that he could help was by cooking and so in the dream the father was cooking for all the other families because he felt like he needed to contribute in some way so we see a bit of role reversal at where the father is cooking instead of the mother and the same mother of that family was coordinating where all the families should sleep in the house because the house was very very claustrophobic and packed with different children everywhere and the house was not very big it belonged to the grandparent so the third generation it belonged to the grandparent and the house was paid in full that's why everybody could could stay there because it wasn't taken away it was paid in full it was a small house it wasn't at all like the Home Alone house that you see in the clip that I played before with with Kevin it was a very small house and it had three bedrooms which meant that each bedroom um housed one family so the mother the father and the children lived in one bedroom and there was three bedrooms in this house um needless to say the atmosphere was complete pandemonium it was very difficult to coordinate eating sleeping and just doing anything because there was too many people in this particular house and at the end of the dream I see the father one of the children approaching the father because they have set with the living conditions but the father is unable to console the child because the father is just as upset if not more upset with what's going on and then I wake up from the dream shabbat shalom

Home owners to homeless (Foreclosures)

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