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Goshen Prophecy

so guys any of you horse racing fans out there would have noticed that Goshen is making his Chase in debut now this is very uh all eyes have been on Goshen because you remember that back in 2020 Triumph hurdle Goshen famously unseated the rider when well um country mile clear and as you can see on time formula in running trade in that day Goshen obviously unseated the rider went into 1.04 in running now the trainer and jockey the Moors Gary Moore and Jamie Moore absolutely gutted look at this these pictures of them but do I think ocean will win um I wouldn't trust him not at these odds win um I wouldn't trust them not at these odds his party away four runners for this Coral hurdle trips a little further than two miles and three films and they have ten hurdles to jump Goshen sets out in front white and red jackets is in company there with the white-faced four pleasure they touch down together it's a very short run down the number two Brewing up a storm the favorite is about freelance behind them as for pleasure has taken the lead they clear the second with the black jacket of uttered the back marker of the quartet so set for a fair Pace as they run towards the home turn for the first time and for pleasure Keelan Woods pink and white jacket moving through as they come to the home turn you'll be a four or five length leader at this stage Goshen set out in front and is fourth in the race 12 months ago Jamie Moore and white and red colors running in second it's about two lengths behind him to the favorite this afternoon brew and upper storm he's already won the best turned out award he's on the right as they level up into the home state towards flights three and four pink and red colors for Aidan Coleman here they are now at number three the short run down to four uttered I've been over fences the last couple of times back over hurdles today Brady Andrews in the black colors fractionally the map marker they do just group up a little bit as they come to number four for pleasure uh touchdown over that with still a good five six length advantage and races then to the winning post with one circuit remaining Goshen who led him early on now content to be in second place about a length behind him to Brewing up a storm and then simply one length to Utrecht continues to be the back Mark of the quartet so six to jump about a mile and a half to go as they swing right-handed and make their way off to The Far Side number five comes up pretty soon as they Level Up Down The Far Side of the track uh the three Chasers are getting a little bit closer now to for pleasure who's going to move into the backstage only by four lengths to Goshen in second Brewing up a storm a little wider on the course in third place and utility in the black colors still sees his three Rivals ahead of him as they clear that that was number five so they run down the far side of the course they're approaching the halfway stage in this Coral hurdle and it continues to be for pleasure with the lead it's only about three lengths though now to gosham running in second it's on the left uh Brewing up a storm and then the very dark jacket black and orange colors uttered a back marker of the quartet they come then down to the uh fifth from the Finish big leap in front there uh from four pleasure over it well and it's about to turn right-handed so they near the completion of a circuit now for pleasure now lead only a couple of laps Goshen the white and red running in second the pink and red is brewing up a storm runs in third utter at his next it continues to be though Keelan Woods on for pleasure now he has only a length lead over Jamie Moore on Goshen in second Brewing up a store made in Coleman in third Bridget Andrews black colors utra two lengths behind the others now just a little gap opening up there about Mark of the quartet so down the side of the course the fourth and third last fights are hurdles coming up in the center is for pleasure on the left is Ghost and on the right is brewing up a storm is two lands behind this leading pair who to continue is to be the back marker they quickly make their way towards the third last full pleasure continues to have the advantage Goshen is almost level with him but Brewing up a storm his freelance behind them in third and just being encouraged along utread is behind those so they move to the home turn and it's Goshen moves to up on the inside to take it up goes on to her pleasure in second place as then comes a brewing up a storm is now moved through into second and his two lengths behind ghost in an in pursuit of him four Pleasures one pace behind those in third place and there's a five-length gap at least two who tread next they move into the home state it's the big two in the bed and we're gonna fight it out on the left is Ghost and under pressure on the right Brewing up a storm also Under Pressure but he's about a length and a half behind Goshen who cares the second last Brewing up a storm is still closing they're well clear from foreplaysia will be impressed by Utada for third place they run to the last Goshen the white and red on the left the jacket Brewing up a storm nearest to us ghosting up the last flight clears 83 then to Head Brewing up a storm took it in Sega Newton has moved into third position they run the water line and it is Goshen and Jamie Morrow big across the car double for Gary Moore here Golson has won the coral hurdle and he's a good few lengths ahead Bruno's Tom will be in second moving into third and four pleasure ran fourth foreign double for Gary Moore here Goshen has won the coral hurdle and he's a good feeling said Bruno so it's a royal race that the queen loved Ascot the Queen of England Prince Philip love Ascot and um uh now all the royal family go there and they celebrate and and they enjoy themselves with the horses but I don't normally um watch the race horses and I I've never been to Ascot myself anyway so according to the Bible if you understand the symbology of horses if you look at um um a study of the Bible and you you you you look at what a horse means it means Authority and horses are indicative of strength you know the might of a horse they're also quite Fearless they go into battle without fear oh um an army that is said to have many horses is a strong Army so a horse in the Bible is a um a seat of authority Jesus comes back riding on the on the clouds on a horse he's seated in Authority when Jesus come back comes back he comes on a horse when Jesus came into the world he came in um in a Manger uh very humble but when he comes back he comes back exalted he comes back sitting on a horse so a horse it means Authority now the Lord is showing me with regards to Goshen this particular horse it's unfortunately unseated the rider and therefore the world completely ruled out Goshen as a contender it ruled out Goshen as a competitor The Bookies and the people who follow horse racing their suggestion was to not vote on or to not put a bet on him uh because he his history is not that great it's tarnished what he did with the rider tarnished his reputation so they ruled him out now the Lord was showing me when I was speaking to him about that that this is how the world really views Joseph in general Joseph is ruled out he's somebody who's been in jail he's somebody who is being accused of rape he's somebody who has been forgotten betrayed you see that's how the World Views um Joseph somebody who is is meant to be a servant in terms of not having any sort of reputation his reputation was lost Joseph's reputation was lost similar with Goshen the horse his reputation was lost so this the law was showing me was symbolic of his former years Joseph's former years in life and then the Lord began to speak to me and this is what really made me weep because it's only through God that the elevation we see the elevation of Joseph in his latter years whereby Goshen actually goes on to win the horse race despite his critics and despite the naysayers he goes on to win but he doesn't just win he wins by a country mile he wins by quite a distance and this is a foreshadowing of what's going to happen with the wealth transfer most of the people who you would have considered to be ruled out and to be non-starters are going to be the people who will rise up and win an overtake and conquer now the fingerprint of God is all over this race if you look at the symbology at the start of the race here is how the race started first place we had full pleasure second place we had Goshen third place we had Brewing up a storm and fourth place we had um utrud now if you look at the meanings of these particular horses names you see that I've interpreted the horse's names to mean something so those who are for pleasure are those who are in the world who have been giving and taking in marriage think about Joseph's brothers while Joseph was in jail Joseph's brothers carried on with life they had the fullness of Life they were marrying they were having children they were getting on with their lives they had the normal allotment of pleasure of being allowed to succeed in life of being allowed to do what uh their god-given Birthright was without any hindrance whereas Joseph was in the in jail he was an underdog he was discarded and forgotten about so here you see that Goshen is second now the third place is a horse called Brewing up a storm and Brewing up a storm at all our world economic Forum bodies Klaus Schwab and his cronies they love Brewing up a storm um who and let's go Brandon those are all the people who who really are part of the Egyptian system or the heroic system where they seek to enslave people by Brewing up a storm their motto actually is ordered out of chaos order out of storms so here you see that third place is brewing up a storm and then fourth places um uterud and utread means advice I looked up the definition of that and it means advice and I marveled I looked at this and I marveled as like Lord we've got every single representative in this horse race in terms of the wealth transfer every single person on this planet is represented here in this particular horse race and this is how the race horse the horse race started it started off with those who are in the world coming first the underdog second Brewing up a storm but the third because they're doing it um you know underhandedly you know they're they're hidden in plain sight and then last you have advice and then if you look at the end of the horse race notice how Goshen Joseph is number one I loved it I loved how God accelerated him and exalted him despite his naysayers Brewing up a storm who are those who have loads of money and they will already wealthy beyond what you could imagine they come second notice how Joseph is above those who have plotted planned schemed and devised Joseph Reigns above them and then third place is those who are teachable because they took advice they may not be a Joseph they may not recognize themselves as being a Joseph but they they're teachable they were willing to listen and learn and not take everything as a conspiracy theory or not um undermine those who are trying to help when we um exposed the darkness they didn't mock and and um it wasn't like casting pearls to swines because sometimes when you're in the truth movement and you tell somebody and you try and help them you're giving them advice sometimes if somebody doesn't understand your level of Revelation the Bible says you're casting pearls to swines and those swines can turn and render on you attack you and trample your pearls so there are some people who will not take advice and there's some people who are completely unteachable and unfortunately for them that's knowledge is power and sometimes your own stubbornness and ignorance can get you into trouble anyway some of them have a veiled so we just pray for their Revelation if they do have a veil over their eyes when it comes to matters that are haven't been opened to their Awakening and notice how full pleasure which was coming first is now last the world comes last the world is going to be so stung by this wealth transfer it's going to be whiplash it's going to be something um completely uncomprehendable for the world I'm going to upload a dream I heard about um the meme market crash soon and there you'll see that a lot of people get Whiplash and their casualties of the um implications of the wealth transfer any in any case so the first will be last and the last will be first that is the fingerprint of God on this racehorse because um for pleasure was coming first and now they came completely lost and that's how you know that God's prophetic um hand is on this on this particular course race so just to give you guys a visual picture of what I've just discussed Joseph and Goshen come first World economic forum and those who brewed up a storm come second so we welcome the storm if you're a Joseph we welcome the storm because we know we're going to rise above the storm like eagles we're going to soar because we're positioned we've postured ourselves in a position whereby we've been obedient to the word of God God's called us and said given us specific instructions of how to go about putting our finances in order and we've obeyed so we have nothing to fear when the storm comes so um the race The Horse Brewing up a storm is a welcome Contender when you are a Joseph because you know that that storm is going to elevate us it's not going to impede us those that are teachable so advice came third those who are willing um to learn new things and they're curious they come third and then The Wooden Spoon the last place goes to those who were having pleasure and not being wise to hear the voice of God just living out their lives and um you know just enjoying the daily Pleasures while we were being conservative and saving and doing what we needed to do but more powerfully the Lord was speaking to me about how there's a season Ecclesiastes says there's a time for everything there's a season for everything now we're in a transition season whereby we're waiting for the wealth transfer to occur but what God was showing me that Joseph is going to go from weeping with sadness to weeping for joy and yesterday when I was weeping um you know I I was beside myself even while I was making this particular presentation I wept and the law was just showing me how good he is in terms of elevating he's chosen and so I hope you can see that this race horse is really a horse race is really an encouragement for you to say that the God who is who has the ability to produce wealth according to Deuteronomy 8 18. he does so by confirming his Covenant he confirms his Covenant that he swore to give to our ancestors who are Abraham Isaac Jacob and Jesus because we grafted in to that lineage we grafted in because of the blood of Jesus Through the blood of Jesus we have Covenant with Yahweh and that Covenant enables us although the world may be viewing us as coming last it elevates us to a seat of authority like I said horses are a seat of authority and whereby we win but we don't just win we win by a country mile now I've had quite a few dreams where I'm running a um a race and I'm coming last and I get this automatic acceleration where I come first just like how Goshen is coming first here he's coming last and here you see he's he he came first and this was after Rosh Hashanah for five seven eight three remember we in five seven eight three which is two 1023 the year 2023 on the Gregorian calendar and the Lord is showing us that from this racehorse it's a prophetic foreshadowing for the Josephs so I hope this video has encouraged you as much as it as much as it's encouraged me and um I pray that it is blessed you and if you've made it to the end of the video thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

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