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Goshen dream interpretation


take me home again [Music] hello everybody so today we're talking about Goshen and I'm going to be doing a dream interpretation to help my listeners um just understand dreams a bit more hopefully that um this presentation can do that and um I'm interpreting one of my subscribers dreams I was supposed to do this last week but I've got so much on my plate in terms of what the Holy Spirit has been leading me to share so I finally gotten around to actually sharing this particular presentation so the um dream interpretation looks at Goshen and we know that Goshen is the uh Promised Land if you like but Joseph had developed and built for the Israelites in the years of famine and this particular Goshen is located in Florida which is one of the states in America I've actually it's the only state I've actually visited and I stayed in Orlando which is typical for a tourist and I also went to Daytona Beach and um yeah I think Tampa as well which was quite a while ago so those are the places I've been which is not a lot of places but it was thoroughly enjoyable when I did go to Florida and I'd like to send a shout out to all my listeners in Florida because I do have a few it's the sunny State and it's the state Beckett's um lots of props from me because they're always so warm and kind in the comments and what they say what they do so anyway must be the Sun um so like I said we're looking at dream interpretation dreams are very important because just like with pharaoh Pharaoh's dream determined the course of a Nation that's how important a dream can be you know so having the right interpretation can be equally as important I would encourage all my subscribers to keep a record of their dreams whether it's in a memo or a journal or if you just make notes on your phone sometimes people make private videos of themselves um after they had a dream they make a video because it's just easier to do that so keep a record of your dreams because like I said dreams are very important they can determine the course of a Nation like I said this particular dream is about Goshen in Florida um but I would like to also highlight that dreams can come from God Satan or they can just be carnal and a Christian can the dream can fall into any of these three categories so it's having discernment to know is a Dream from God is the Dream from the enemy or is a dream carnal so this skill set develops over time but keeping a note of your dreams helps because the Holy Spirit can can remind you of a dream which you should go back to and reflect on that particular dream however when you look at the secular World they think that dreams are just dreams you know they don't take dreams um they don't take dreams as seriously as one would who might be spiritual that who might be a Christian but we know from the Bible that dreams God speaks through dreams and dreams are very important so I mentioned um in my presentation prophets versus prophets um I mentioned that there's three levels to interpreting um or receiving from the Lord you know you can get the dream and then there's the interpretation part and then there's communicating and all of these are different skills that the holy spirit will develop within you over time and I mentioned that um Daniel was a seasoned man in the word of the Lord and He interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream which had to do with gold silver bronze iron and Clay now if an ordinary person got this dream they might think that this dream is about the wealth transfer because it's speaking about gold silver brass iron iron and clay and Stone they might equate the symbols to cryptocurrency as an example because this could be a logical deduction you know linking each one to cryptocurrency but here you'll see that it's easy to misinterpret so just because a dream is about a precious metal doesn't necessarily mean it's about the wealth transfer another really good example is I had a dream about pink dolphins now pink dolphins have nothing to do with the bidens right Hunter Biden or um Joe Joe Biden but when God gives you interpretation that the the Dolphins have got to do with um you know the bidens then it becomes clearer in time and you can link that back to um like one of my subscribers sent me this on Rumble it makes perfect sense in terms of the logo being a pink dolphin and they're the the um organization that's going after the Biden so it it's it's a gift of God to be able to link a symbol to an interpretation and that's what Joseph did you see um because sometimes it might not be directly linked just like if you had to directly link these things and equate them to cryptocurrency it might be an incorrect interpretation because these things actually had to do with Empires and it's the wisdom of God that gave Daniel that interpretation to say oh these are about Empires and not cryptocurrency and that's just an example so if you are unsure about a dream the best thing to do is to pray and ask the Lord you know father all interpretation comes from you can you help me could you show me how to interpret or could you give me guidance and Clarity on how to interpret because dreams are really very important so let's speak about the Goshen in Florida so here is the thread which we will speak about decoding in a moment so it says over the past few months I've had three consecutive dreams about cows the latest was this morning on the 4th of January second was a few weeks ago and the first was a month ago I can't remember the three uh the details of each but in the first Dream my husband and I were moving cars in a big vehicle like a crane or a tractor I can't remember the second dream's details and in the third Dream I Dreamed A woman was giving birth to a cow please let me know if you have any insights so I replied her in the comments section and I said I own I own a cattle on a thousand hills cars are linked to wealth because she dreamed about cows so God was telling me it is about wealth it's a wealth transfer dream but just like Pharaoh's dream the condition of the cars is important because remember Pharaoh dreamed of thin cows and fat cows so are they thin or are they or are they fat are they fat or thin moving cars with vehicles such as tractors or cranes the fact that the vehicles are big indicates a bigger portion or a large amount of wealth but vehicles are also linked to Ministry a big Ministry a woman giving birth to a calf means the start of the wealth transfer the third dream is telling you it's the beginning the first two dreams are telling you that it is confirmed and it will surely happen as a matter that happens twice is confirmed in the spirit let me know if I can share this dream as a testimony to teach others if not all the same you are loved Shalom I hope this helps and then the subscriber replied and said thank you so much please feel free to share additionally when we establish the land of Goshen in Florida in 2021. in 2019 the Lord started showing me that the economic time to come in 2020-2021 the Lord said get out now sell everything which we did the next instruction was to buy property with land so we set out in faith to do that paid in full we have our sovereignty when the property was presented to us the Lord said when the property was presented to us the Lord said uh where are we Goshen a rescue for my people so we named it land of Goshen as for your information neither my husband or I know anything about farming we are walking in Blind Faith out in the Deep Waters I am a PhD my husband is now retired a bus driver both born and raised in the city we have no experience on a farm we've taken steps to start also in 2021 I had a dream where Yahweh also carved on my forehead please keep us in your prayers so I love her reply to the interpretation I'd given she said that you know um you see when you go back and look at um she gives me surface level information in terms of three dreams I then interpret the three dreams for her and she goes on to speak about Goshen after that which I found phenomenal so let's just go over the interpretation so she dreamed of cars that are healthy that is the symbol and the meaning the Bible teaches that the Lord owns a cattle on a thousand hills in the Old Testament cattle is linked to wealth so Jacob and um Abraham Abraham Isaac and Jacob their wealth was linked to cattle so here she's dreaming of cows and the interpretation really is um wealth she's dreaming of wealth this is a wealth transfer dream and then she dreams that they're moving the cows in big vehicles and vehicles uh means Ministry so it will be her Ministry and she dreams of a tractor and a crane which are both heavy duty so this is indicating the size of the wealth in other words a big Ministry she will have a big Ministry the fact that she has had the dream twice she remembers the first Dream actually can't really remember the secondary but she knows that it's got to do with cows but the fact that she's had it twice means that a thing is established in the spiritual Realm and here you see um illustrations or she's dreaming of cars and tractors and cranes so the cows are representing her wealth and the crane and the tractors representing her Ministry right her ministry will be the vehicle um and the cows are the wealth within that Ministry and then she goes on to say she had a third dream on the 4th of January and basically she was she dreamed that the woman was giving birth to a cow right she dreamed of a woman a a human being giving birth to an animal and basically what the Lord is saying here in the third dream in January there is going to be a birthing of that wealth transfer you see the Lord promised her cattle cattle and the Lord is now showing her that the the it's time it's the birthing season of The Wealth transfer that's why she's dreaming of the birthing of a cow and you'll notice that she the Lord has been speaking to her way in advance regarding the land of Goshen you know in Florida he has said to her go and sell everything and they were obedient you know they were obedient to start everything and then they bought property with land um and they had faith that it would be paid in full for their sovereignty so you see Goshen and sovereignty these are two things that I've been speaking about extensively and then they presented the property to the Lord and the Lord said you know um they'd call it Goshen a rescue for my people so they named it the land of Goshen which I find stunning this is a lovely thing to call their property and she says yes she has no idea about farming because their background is is based in the city I think you'll find a lot of people are going to be in the same boat including myself it's going to be a learning experience where the holy spirit is going to help us because many of us are more predisposed to city life rather than Rural Life on the farm and the Lord is giving us time to get used to that way of living you know that organic way or that self-sufficient way that Sovereign way um before you know things happen in the future he's giving us that seven years of Grace to get ready so that it doesn't catch us off guard so we can learn in stages and grow in stages but I love what she said here that I had a dream where Yahweh um carved was carved on her head for it now I made a presentation about the Joseph's being marked now if you read the Bible there's a scripture in the Old Testament where the Bible speaks about If You observe the Lord's um If You observe the Lord's commandments and you keep his ways and his statutes he marks you he marks you on your forehead and he marks you on your hand similarly you know in the New Testament the Revelation speaks about the mark of the beast where the enemy will also Mark his children on their forehead and on thee are so there is that uh the enemy always copies God so here you see she's had a dream to confirm that she has a marking on her for it and if you watch my video um after the crowning after the third of January I I speak about how the Josephs have been sifted and separated and they will be sifted and separated from normal people in the wealth transfer because they are marked they're marked for a specific purpose and their specific purpose is to be custodians of the land of Goshen so here this dream is confirming that as well you see that this particular subscriber it has been called by God and he has marked her and her husband which I found incredible so hopefully this dream illustrates um some interpretation in terms of symbology and meaning but when I normally interpret the dreams or when the Lord helps me interpret dreams I always try and Link them to what the Bible says so I look at the symbol and then I look at oh what does the Bible say about that in in terms of um interpreting so this particular subscriber thank you so much for sending in your dream via the comments I have um interpreted quite a few dreams via email as well and I'm not at Liberty to share all of them because some of them are only meant for the people who have asked for interpretation so for this one I thought it would be a wonderful um tool to express explain dreams to people this lady was told in 2019 about the wealth transfer she sold everything in 2020 if I've got the timeline right and she's had two dreams to confirm the wealth transfer and she's had a third one to say um the season is not in terms of the birthing the the time for the wealth transfer to occur is now that's why she's dreaming of the birthing of small cars and she will soon see the cattle on a thousand hills that the Lord has promised her why because she's been faithful God gave her instruction and she has followed that instruction and she's walking in faith all the way because the Bible says to we should walk in faith not by sight so sometimes the Lord will ask us to do something which will challenge us it will test us it will um [Music] you know it might not seem logical what the Lord is asking us to do but then when we walk in The Obedience of him calling us to to do that action then we see the fruit of that afterwards and I'm sure there's a lot of people within the wealth transfer Community where the Lord has said you know do certain things and they have being obedient to do those things and um I think her dream in January on the 4th of January was very timely because she's now dreaming about the birthing phase which is the birthing of the wealth transfer so thank you very much to my lovely subscriber in Florida the Sun the Sunshine State where all the happiest people in the world are from and because they're getting all their vitamin D and um I'd like to say a special shout out to all my listeners in Florida because I know I've got a few and they're all so warm and lovely so I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and this interpretation shabbat shalom

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