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Fulfilled prophecy: Watch the water

[Music] there is a Hallelujah hello everybody today I just wanted to do a really quick video a follow-up from a presentation I did about five or six days ago about watching the water it was a word that the Lord had highlighted to me that day to share with you guys just to make sure you're watching the tap water that you're drinking and um the reason why I had shared that is because it's important to be like the children of issachar and um Discerning the times and being aware of what the enemy might be trying to do in terms of warfare I speak extensively about Warfare in my presentation on on Rumble I had originally uploaded this presentation on YouTube and it was taken down immediately so um if you haven't already watched it you can find it on YouTube I'll put the oh sorry on Rumble I'll put the link for the the video I'm referencing in the description box and if you haven't already subscribed to rumble uh my username is all one word with no spaces so in there I discuss Warfare and how to helpful mechanisms on how to position and posture yourself in terms of preparing for the next um type of biological warfare but one of the things that the Lord laid upon my heart was to tell everybody to watch the water that they're drinking in the Taps the tap water so this is one of the slides that was from that presentation and the reason why the Lord had highlighted it to me is because I'd read some articles that are in major newspapers where they discussed that they're using the Wastewater as a monitoring apparatus but when I was reading this the Lord impressed upon me quite strongly to say you know it's it's not so much the waste water as it is the water that people are drinking so I um was obedient and I released that word to watch the water so this is just sort of Prophecy motion regarding that word I had spoken about because one of my lovely subscribers sent me a link to a video um just discussing and detailing this very fact so it's not very long let's watch that um let's watch a thousand deaths per day from the epidemic sorry let's watch that um particular video we consider this to be a very conservative estimate previously we analyzed that the bodies incinerated in one city Beijing alone where about four thousand or so per day now except for a few high ranking officials who can be cremated alone the rest are all mixed together with two or three bodies at one go so the daily death toll in Beijing alone is already around ten thousand not to mention that so many crematoria around China are at full capacity on the edge of collapsing so is this all a natural phenomena are there more secrets behind it according to on the night of December 24th a Beijing citizen posted that his son tested the tap water with an antigen reagent and the results showed two bars he tested again and came up with the same result so we suspected the tap water was positive after that China's official media carried out a large-scale debunking of rumors Beijing water group responded that antigen test strips aren't meant for testing tap water when pouring water into the test solution it will destroy the composition of the test solution the results don't have referential value and even if the test is positive it doesn't have any real meaning but the so-called debunking claim was debunked by a Chinese Twitter user who posted a friend sent me a photo and said I tested the tap water in New York using made in China's antigen reagent the results returned negative after 15 minutes proving that tap water doesn't spoil the test solution in addition many if you want to watch more of this um video you can find it on they discuss more about you know possible things that could be happening but one of the things they mentioned was water which resonated with me because that's what the Lord had placed upon my heart to share with everybody so just highlighting that that is indeed um you know coming to pass whether they will do that across the board in other areas of the world I'm not sure but I've just been obedient to share that word regarding people should be mindful of their water in the presentation that is on Rumble I discuss two of my dreams but all in all with regards to Children I've actually had three dreams and these three dreams are spread across two presentations but all of them regard um children whether it's the loss of children or children being paralyzed for more of those dreams you can watch this particular video or this particular video because I've mentioned um two of my dreams in here and the other one dream is discussed in this presentation so this is a summary of those three dreams um whereby you know children are affected by whatever they are going to do next now the Lord has not shown me if the problem that I'm discussing with regards to Children is a continuation of what's currently happening or if it's going to be further along the line in the future so I'm not sure about the dates but I think it's important to just be vigilant and prepare and posture ourselves for anything happening in that regard and so um when I discuss the children in this particular presentation which I'll put the link in the description box as well I speak about how the Lord showed me that it's an attack on the prophetic and the next generation of seers and Prophets which are really the children so there's an attack on the children and um yes so I wanted to share a testimony with you guys and that testimonies come from one of my subscribers who watched the original presentation which is on Rumble and this is what she said she said Shalom Kim I watched and listened to your video about Mr Gates activity uh from October the 19th I wanted to share with you in October 2019 sorry my son was the sickest he's ever been he could not break a fever less than 103 for three weeks straight so he had a fever for a very long time I would say I would stay with him at home for two days and then I would send him back to school just to be sent back home because he could not break the temperature again I do not believe that this was sorry I do believe that this was the first sign of covid so your message is no surprise to me but what's interesting is your dream now much like Joseph I am a dreamer and I've been that way all my life I've been praying to be able to utilize to be able to utilize be utilized to build Goshen and keep but I keep losing my job by the grace of God he has recently been given given me a gift to interpret those dreams so praise God she's got the interpretation because I was speaking the other day about interpretation not everybody has this gift so it's wonderful that she has this gift whenever I had a dream I record it in a memo section on my phone because my hand is not fast enough as my voice but I'd rather gather the information about the dream um as more information as much as information about the dream as I can but about October the 21st 2022 this is just two days before your your post on Bill Gates I've had a dream I'm not sure why she she mentions October though because I I most recently maybe I mentioned an article from October yes it's an article actually it's an article um I had a dream of being chased by someone who had a lot of money who wanted to destroy my influence off the Earth and everybody who knew me there was a part of the dream where this individual patted my son on the back and he was completely paralyzed and then I woke up so this particular lady um is confirming that there was an unnatural fever her son had for three weeks her child and the fever couldn't break uh so a retrograde fever and then she had a dream about her son being touched on the back and paralyzed which correlates with what I was saying about my dreams about children being paralyzed and then she woke up and she said because of your video this dream has brought been brought to the Forefront of my prayer and interpretation list also because of your videos I have uh I have my son to put on the full arm of God every day he loves it so one of my recommendations was to to to let parents know that the children should put on the arm of God and he loves it thank you for all you do for the body of Christ your sister so in the presentation that I'm referring to that is on Rumble you Rumble exclusive that was removed from YouTube almost instantaneously I discuss tools that parents can use to cover their children one of those tools is to make sure that the water we're drinking is uh you know you need to be vigilant about that and maybe do some research on what's the best water filter to to have and pray and be led about that but then I also speak about spiritual tools such as the blood of Jesus putting on the arm of God Psalm 91 and anointing the children all these things to prevent what might be happening I actually prayed with this lady um who sent me this email to cancel the assignment of the enemy on her son because when you have negative dreams like this you also need to take up your cross and begin to war in the spiritual realm and ask God that these things do not come to fruition God gives us dreams to warn us and when he's warning us we either need to take preventative measures like this or we need to cancel those dreams and pray against the assignment of the enemy so I took the time just to pray with her over her son and cancel this particular dream so I just wanted to share that the word that the Lord had given me in terms of watching the water as you can see the video I played from China that water is testing positive and so just another reminder to everybody especially if you're new here and you haven't watched all my videos maybe just pray about being led on what to do about this particular issue so I wanted to thank my one subscriber for the feedback about getting a crypto wallet I'm very rubbish when it comes to finances and dealing with crypto and it's not part of my skill set at all so I asked my husband to set me up one and I've put the links are now available in the description box so if there is now an alternative method of giving to this ministry should you feel led to do that and um thank you very much for watching Everybody shabbat shalom

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