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Four Currencies to Rule & Reign


today we're going to be talking about the four currencies to rule and Reign the four currencies to rule and Reign and then towards the end of the presentation I'll also be speaking about the your Joseph inheritance and different ways the Lord speaks to different people and how it's linked to your inheritance into your camels because we've already discussed that the camels are coming and I'd like to shed a bit of light on the types of camels that are due to arrive um or rather not the types of camels but more what what the Lord has for you in store specifically in terms of your portfolios and you can always pray about what I say test what I say take it back to the Lord and ask the Lord for yourself for some this presentation will be um common knowledge and for others it will be new revelation if it's new revelation then please take it to the Lord and ask him to confirm for yourself right so let's get stuck in we go speak about the four currencies to rule and Reign and the lord gave me a prophetic dream about currencies not so long ago and I'm going to be speaking about the four currencies to rule and reign so I was in a country and it was a rich country and the country that I was in it looked uh European and it looked like a rich European country because within Europe there are countries that are more impoverished and there's countries that are more wealthy and so in this particular dream this country was more wealthy and I suspect it was Europe although I cannot definitively say it was Europe but it was it looked European in terms of the style of the buildings and the fountain because I've been to um some countries in Europe and so it looked European to me but also it looked European because predominantly the people in the dream were European that is they were Caucasian they were Caucasian people in the dream and what what I reflected back on the dream it could also be Russia it could be Russia or Europe that I was in because I've never been to Russia but it could be Russia and it it would it might become apparent as to why I'm saying it's Russia later so in the dream I was in the Town Center by a famous tourist destination and I was sitting opposite a fountain and there was another lady who was European or Caucasian sitting um opposite me on the other side of the fountain and she was operating like a tour guide explaining to me how things worked in the town and why we were in front of this famous Fountain which was in the center of the town and what was peculiar to me was that the fountain was um had green moss you see this Moss uh on on this picture it had green moss but it had green moss everywhere even in the water below and the fountain flowed out into a main pool of water but then also into a building and into a lift in the building now this is the second dream I'm having of a lift if you follow my Ministry I did a Dream On The Butler and the Baker and there was a lift in that particular dream so anyway the the waters flowed out into a lift and this tour guide said to me let's let me show you how the fountain works and she took me to the building where the lift was and remember there was moss green moss everywhere and the green moss flowed into the building as well into the lift and she said the idea is that the lift takes you up and brings you back to the Fountain and then you get to see part of the city and so I thought to myself that's interesting how's this going to work because why would water be in a lift and so I was very apprehensive about the whole thing and I followed her in any case and when we got to the lift um the lift started going up but it separated the floor in the lift separated into two and she went down and I went up in the lift and when I looked at her she said oh not to worry I'll meet you back at the fountain so she went down and I went up in the lift in any case when we got back to the Fountain we were sitting by the fountain and she said now that you've seen the fountain um I'd like to take you to the Town Center to the shops but before we do she passed me her purse and her purse was oblong like this it had an oblong shape or a rectangular shape and it was 3D and there was a zip that allowed you to open it along the side like this and on the on the front cover of her purse there was a bear and this bear was a pink in color so a pink bear on the purse and she handed me this purse from across the fountain she handed it to me and she she told me to look and so I opened the purse I I opened a zip of the purse and inside the purse there was two things the first was a gold nugget which was round and inside of the gold nugget was four currencies and next to the gold nugget was a gold there and the gold bear was a black in color because it was tarnished and although it was black I could still see some of the gold on it despite the fact that it was a tarnished um gold and I knew I knew it was still pure gold despite it being tarnished so the bear was there and then there was a nugget of gold and inside the Nugget four currencies and she the lady who sat opposite me the tour guide said to me we will be going to town to purchase things in the Town Center using these four currencies and I looked at her and I was very confused because normally when you go on holiday to a different country you use the currency of that country to buy things in the shops and the tour guide said to me no we didn't we no longer use um one currency we use four currencies and the four currencies we use are these currencies which were in the gold nugget and I found that really very peculiar and it confused me the the um what was in her purse confused me as much as the strange fountain with moss that went into a lift and I went up in the lift and she went down and so she started heading off towards the Town Center to go and buy things with these four currencies and then I woke up and when I pondered this stream the Lord is showing me that there's going to be four currencies that will be Universal just like how the dollar has been used to trade everywhere throughout the world as a currency that most countries depended on and relied on the Lord is showing me that there's going to be four currencies that will function like how the dollar functioned to rule and Reign and these four currencies will be used for everyday purchase of goods and services and when I reflected on which country I might have been in why I mentioned Russia it to me it looked like a European country um but why I mentioned it could be Russia was because not only was there a bear on her purse as a symbol on on like a logo on the purse but also there was a bear inside the purse a gold bear inside the purse so in addition to the four currencies in the gold nugget there was also a gold bear and when I was thinking about this dream the Lord was showing me that it could potentially be four currencies plus the Russian currency because I was I was wondering why there was a gold bear so maybe the gold the the purse belonging to the lady who was my tour guide symbolizing the bear symbolizing the country that I was in and then also a symbol of that bear inside of the purse and so maybe I was in Russia but because I've never been to Russia it didn't I couldn't recognize you know my surroundings to me it looked like Europe but like I said it was everybody in the dream it was um mainly Caucasian people in the dream so when I reflected on the symbolism of the dream we know that the bear has been a symbol of Russia since the 16th century representing strength power and sheer might it's also quite ferocious and club-footed um and so we know that bears represent Russia as a country but also when I reflected on the dream Bears could represent the bear Market which indicates that the market is experiencing a prolonged decline in prices when I look back on the dream the four currencies because they were contained within a gold nugget these four currencies will be backed by gold and this is my understanding of the dream and so before currencies were used for payment systems in everyday Commerce now I want everybody to consider this as an alternative because when we think about the US dollar as a reserve currency even though the US dollar is a reserve currency I do not use the US dollar in to purchase Goods in the United Kingdom at the shops I use the Sterling the British pound but in this particular dream the currencies were being used to purchase things at the shop they were not being used as um uh you know they were actually used to purchase things in the shop so this is slightly different to it being a reserve currency as in the US dollar in terms of just I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly but there's two things to consider in the dream the four currencies had purchasing powers in the Town Center at Shops it was in the country's own National currency it was these four currencies that could be used in this particular shop shopping center and that's not exactly how it is today because today if you go to any country you you will use that country's currency you won't use the US dollar even though the US dollar is the reserve currency so I hope that makes sense so that was the dream the Lord was showing me that there's going to be four currencies to rule and reign and whether the dream is literal literate or symbolic it remains to be seen in terms of fulfillment I'd like to know what you guys think in terms of which four currencies might be chosen to be the dominant currencies that will rule and reign I certainly believe that the US dollar will be one of those four currencies primarily because of the amount of gold in the USA and so I do believe that the one of the four currencies will be the US dollar I did not I was not privy to see which four currencies were in this gold nugget but there was four currencies and I'm assuming that because it was in a gold nugget the the the currencies that will dominate will potentially be countries who have [Music] um gold lots of gold in their Reserves so I'd love to hear which countries or which currencies you think are going to be the four dominant currencies to rule and reign so that's the first part of the presentation now I'd like to speak about the second part of the presentation which is your inheritance and when we're speaking about the Joseph inheritance we know that we've already discussed the camels coming in the form of Evergreen shipping containers and there are potentially people who listen to my channel who are millionaires multi-millionaires billionaires and the Lord will show me that the different types of camels and there's different types of Josephs however everybody every Joseph will have land in common every Joseph will have land in their portfolio after land there's different types of things that will go into the Joseph portfolio depending on the type of Joseph that you are and what the Lord is showing me is that your inheritance is tied up to how God speaks to you so this these camels are related to your your inheritance but your inheritance is linked to how God speaks to you this is a big key to understand and I'm going to explain some people might already know this but I am going to elaborate for some who might not have this revelation so how is God speaking to you is the most important thing and I'm going to be using examples to explain how God speaks to certain people who watch my channel and how when the Lord speaks to them this is tied to their inheritance so most people will send in their testimonies and their testimonies is linked to their inheritance The Inheritance produces their camels and the camels is part of their mandate and how they will go about their Kingdom assignment now in Revelations it speaks about how we overcome by the blood of the Lamb which is what Jesus has accomplished for us on the cross at the finished work of the Cross and by the word of Our Testimony and our testimony is normally in what Jesus is doing for us on a day-to-day basis within our lives within our families within our communities within our church within our countries this is how we overcome by our testimonies so our testimonies and our background is linked to our inheritance so everything that you've gone through in the past everything that's brought you up to this stage in your life that um background experience that you have is very much linked to your inheritance nothing is wasted in the kingdom of God so everything that's happened to you in the past is a platform for your inheritance and your inheritance is part of the camels that are coming and how God speaks to individuals is linked to the types of camels and the types of Josephs because there's different types of Josephs with different mandates doing different things in the kingdom of God and because there's different types of Josephs for example there'll be Joseph's who work in government Josephs who work in entertainment Josephs who work on farms there's different types we're not all going to do the same thing we'll all call to do different things for the kingdom however the one thing that we'll have in common is land so when we look at the different types of Joseph I'm now going to share testimonies and explain to you how um your inheritance is linked to how God speaks to you thank you for everybody who sends in testimonies and thank you for everybody who sends in emails I'm sorry if I have not replied you yet so when God speaks these this is an example of two two Josephs this is one Joseph and this is another Joseph and these two Josephs God speaks to them using number plates and the first Joseph says hi Kim I listened to your video today concerning liquidity crossing the Red Sea while driving to work today notice she was driving um when I exited my car to work into the grocery store something told me to look at um the license plates of parked cars and to my amazement I noticed a car with the license beginning AU meaning gold because in my liquidity presentation we talk about all the X's and so the holy spirit's highlighted to this particular Joseph to look at the license plates and to my amazement I noticed that the car's license begins with au I immediately began expecting to see another car with a G for silver but was disappointed to not find one find one on my way in later in the day when exiting the grocery store I again began to look at the license plate numbers I know I was immediately excited to see The elusive AG meaning silver license plate that I was not disappointed to see on my way in God is good um just was excited to share this with you I have never written to someone unknown to me personally before but I felt I needed to do this today as I've been asking God for more wisdom and discernment to hear and know his voice and truly be able to discern those who serve him um sorry again for the late uh the long email and she thanks me for my teaching so this particular Joseph God communicated with her using number plates uh gold and silver on number plates this particular Joseph has seen various confirmations on number plates of xrp and this is just one example and most of the times when the Lord highlights these vehicles the xrp on these vehicles they're normally luxury vehicles that are more expensive than your mid-range or lower um sort of threshold of what a car would cost and so the the the Lord speaks to them using number plates now what the Lord is showing me is that the reason why he's speaking to these Josephs using number plates is because part of their portfolio will include something to do with cars and transportation part of their assignment in the future will include transportation and cause it may be that their portfolio includes investing in automobile manufacturers such as Tesla um Aston Martin um Audi all the different car manufacturing um plants you may have stake in these particular companies and that is why the Lord is speaking to you using number plates because in your future there will be something to do with cars that the Lord is going to bless you with and that's why he's using number plates to speak to you and some people the Lord speaks to them through music and the music they either dream of musicians or they get um confirmation through music this particular Joseph got confirmation through Dolly Parton and Dolly Parton sings a song from her childhood about how poor she was and how her mother made a coat of many colors just like the coat of many colors for Joseph and Dolly Parton was Paul and she's talk she's singing a song about Joseph and his coat of many colors and how you know it was the it was the leftover Fabrics that made this particular coat of many colors and this was his confirmation you know it's it's this song is talking about poverty and his calling is to help the homeless can you see how it's linked his calling is to help the homeless Dolly Parton is singing about when she was poor but she's speaking about Joseph's coat of many colors and his calling is to help the homeless he also speaks about um the oil company which I hadn't never heard of before I got this testimony I'd never heard of this particular company before and I had to go research it because I'd never heard of Zion oil before and when I researched it the the founder um had his prophetic Vision 40 years ago which is 1983 and if you watched my five seven eight three video where I speak about this is the year of Joseph you'll know that I mentioned 1983 and that the number 40 is very significant for Joseph so there we see this parallel for this particular Zion oil company that 40 years is a very significant number for God but also for Joseph and the Inception of this company and the prophetic Vision happened in 1983. so um what did I want to say so this particular Joseph just going back to my point um oh and this story is going back to this design oil if you research the company and the founder he speaks about Joseph and he speaks about how they drilled in Israel according to the different tribes the 13 tribes of Israel and they looked at where Joseph's tribe would have been to start their Drilling and it's very fascinating that this company has linked their mission to Joseph and it's 40 years ago that they're had the prophetic vision now it is my understanding that they're yet to find oil um like I said I've never heard of this company before getting this email and I did a surface level um research so I please don't quote me if I make a mistake I'm very sorry but from what I found out they are linked to their vision is linked to Joseph and they had it 40 years ago but this particular dose of God confirmed it through Dolly Parton's song of a coat of many colors and it talks about poverty and his mission is to help the poor this Joseph like I said the number plate is for you will part of your portfolio has got to do with something to do with cars and owning uh stocks and shares in companies with cars I watched the video Yesterday by this particular YouTuber and a brilliant video about how God speaks to him using um the gas tank whenever he goes fill up his tank the Lord speaks to him using the numbers in his gas tank and um he mentions in the particular video that he doesn't know why the Lord uses gas the gas tank to speak to him but he does and he gets confirmation upon confirmation regarding scriptures and prophetic um words regarding his his gas tank and when I watched it the Lord instinctively told me that the reason why this particular gentleman is getting um Revelation regarding his gas tank from his gas tank is because his inheritance is linked to Black Gold his inheritance is linked to his portfolio will be linked to energy whether it's energy to do with black gold renewable energy um water energy there's different types of energy but particularly Black Gold has highlighted to me because that's normally what we're putting in our cars to make our cars run and so his inheritance his portfolio his future will include things to do with energy and that's what the Lord is showing me so when the Lord speaks to you in a specific way it's because your future is something else besides what he's taught the sign he's giving you it's linked to your future and just on the point of Black Gold I made a video on an oil spill not so long ago and I had a lovely gentleman who is a CEO of an oil company email me and he said that he had a revelation regarding um the prophecies that I had given and another gentleman had given and he said that the way he sees it there will be geopolitical ramifications on the price of oil due to Ukraine conflict and European economies he asked the Lord for a third confirmation before writing to me and his Revelation comes from 15 years ago when he had the privilege of working as a CEO of an oil company which drilled near the Dead Sea in Israel now what the Lord is showing me is that when he speaks to us he'll also speak to us using our skill set this particular gentleman works for an oil company and the revelation we get is linked to our industry and our background so whatever your job is or whatever it is that you've studied or done as work the Lord will use that to to speak to you as a Joseph and this your skill sets will be used for your portfolio in the future but also for the types of camels that you will purchase and so nothing is wasted on the Lord I had another lady who was an in is an engineer messaged me and say she is uh the only woman in her industry and she said to me that she's surrounded by males and they're making AI products not AI products they they engineering um robotics and she had the Lord spoke to her about her visions and dreams regarding um Giants in the in the area of AI and Robotics so you see the Lord speaks to you according to your industry and in the future whatever you've done in the past will dictate the types of camels you will be involved in in the future this particular lady the Lord speaks to her through drawings she wrote to me last week and the Lord has been given her prophetic drawings since October last year she drew the camels are coming and before that she drew a picture of herself with the coat of many colors and then she also drew a fish um with a coin and it says you will see the money out of the fish's mouth and she drew that in 2021 and then she recently a week ago found my videos on Rumble and she said to me that it was a god-ordained moment because she had no idea that all the pictures she was drawing were linked she did not know until she watched my videos that because I've made a video about a fish with a coin I've made videos about the camels are coming and I've been speaking extensively about Joseph and so when she watched my videos she put the puzzle of what God was saying to her through her prophetic drawings together and she she wrote here I didn't realize that all these things were connected and so what I wanted to say was um her calling and her portfolio in future will include art you do know that art some art fetches four Millions upon millions and sometimes art is used as a store of value when economies crash and when things are not stable sometimes very rich Millionaires and billionaires will buy art as a store of wealth and a store of value and so this particular Joseph who the Lord speaks to her through ART part of her portfolio will include art moving forward not just art to purchase but her calling and her Mission and her assignment will be in the area of creativity um it is my understanding that she already owns a studio and in her Studio she sells she does interior design and so she's already artistic in that regard and I've had um the honor and privilege to work alongside an illustrator recently and the Lord speaks or spoke to her through one of her clients commissioning her to do art and that's how it was confirmed to her that she was crowned as a Joseph but more than the Lord confirming that she's crowned as a Joseph in the future her portfolio will include um wealth related to art and and she will conquer an area of media and art whether it's film um or creating things in that in that sphere of influence if that makes sense so how the Lord begins speaking to you these things are going to grow into people's camels another lady sent me confirmation of the Evergreen not so long ago I posted something on my Rumble Channel not Rumble sorry um Telegram the Lord asked me to re-post my evergreen videos I think it was two days ago and at the exact time I had been obedient to share those two things that I was led to share on Telegram this particular lady at this exact same time she'd never seen an evergreen truck saw an evergreen truck and she stopped and took a photograph here she says I was on my way driving back to my sister's house on a Farm Road that I saw a huge truck coming head on I got such a fright I thought it did not see me and I was going to drive right and and was going to drive right through me and it's being a Farm Road I cannot pull over to the side neither would he be able to then right in front of me this huge truck takes a left turn and to my astonishment I see it has a container and it is Evergreen now notice how the Lord is confirming Evergreen the message of Evergreen which is millionaires billionaires multi-billionaires to this particular lady through her scene um an evergreen container which she had never seen before also notice here she was on a Farm Road now what the Lord is showing me is that the farm her calling is linked to farming she's already confirmed this to me but the fact that she was on a Farm Road when she saw the Evergreen truck is a triple confirmation if you like so her blessings are linked to farming and her portfolio will include farms and land and her camels which is the Evergreen will include farms and land and this is ABBA just reaffirming to this particular lady that um Farms are her inheritance that will be Evergreen her Farms will be Evergreen seven years of plenty the Lord has already pre-ordained things regarding this particular lady and her inheritance will include land so why I say our inheritance is linked to the way God speaks to us is because God speaks to us specifically this is very specific she saw an evergreen truck on a Farm Road right this is very specific this lady has been drawing things for two years and she's come across my videos her portfolio will include art and this particular gentleman the Lord speaks to him through gas his portfolio is going to include black gold or something to do with energy these two listeners the the Lord speaks to them through number plates their portfolios are going to do with going to do with something to do with um um cars transport um and that sort of thing and so I hope you can see that our testimonies and how the Lord speaks to us is related to our inheritance and our inheritance is linked to the types of camels and our mandates that the kingdom mandates that the Lord will be establishing us in this particular gentleman said he asked for confirmation if he was a Joseph and he went to work the next day and when he uh his colleague came um he was on his way to his desk and he saw a colleague in the most beautiful uh designed flowing outfit like a robe and immediately he thought of the coat of many colors and he chuckled now notice he was on his way to his desk like this lady was on her way she was on a Farm Road her inheritance is farming yep farming for this lady this man he was on his way to his desk when he got the confirmation and this particular gentleman his portfolio is going to include helping people who will be at a desk who is at a desk students so he's going to be conquering in the area of Education he's going to be conquering in the area of Education he's going to be helping people with education his assignment is to education that is his Joseph mandate this particular gentleman and then uh this particular lady or gentleman I'm not sure from the username could be one or the other they were driving and they saw a building and on the building it was written Joseph's walls and they'd never seen it before and then it hit them that this was their confirmation when I spoke about Joseph and Caleb spying the land of Jericho and came out carrying large grapes it reminded them of a prophecy spoken to them 19 years ago about grapes in their pockets right now what I wanted to share with this particular um lady or gentleman right who says they're beginning to see the puzzle come together I'm going to help them a little bit more their confirmation was Joseph's walls walls walls the wall of Jericho came tumbling down and that's the presentation that they listened to the walls of Jericho there's a prophecy about them carrying large grapes so this particular person's portfolio or inheritance will include um breaking boundaries they will break boundaries in the area of walls the walls Joseph's walls and the walls of Jericho so this particular person is going to be able it's a powerful Ministry this person has because they're going to be able to take down walls which you know how difficult it is to take down walls they're going to be able to take down walls and so what I want everybody to do who if I've added your testimony here is to come back after the wealth transfer and testify that I'm telling the truth about your specific Ministries and how these people will have these things in their portfolios this lady who was confirmed that she was a Joseph through tennis right as I've shared this already in the past the Lord was showing me that she's going to rub shoulders with people who go to places like Wimbledon Wimbledon is a very a prestigious tennis tournament where the very rich and famous like the princes and princesses of the world go and watch the tennis and that level of wealth the people who have extreme wealth go and watch The Wimbledon and the Lord is showing me that this particular lady will have will be positioned where she will be alongside people who have that level of wealth the same people who go watch The Wimbledon tennis because her confirmation was through the tennis match and so what I what I hope to show you from this presentation is that the signs that the Lord is giving you it's part of your calling and your calling is linked to your camels the types of camels because there's so many different types of Josephs with so many different types of missions so many different types of portfolios so many different types of areas we'll conquer in and these are just a few examples and what I'm hoping to highlight is that the Lord speaks in different ways but when he speaks to us it's not for us to forget and think about it at a surface level it's much deeper these things run much deeper and the Lord is speaking to you and saying you will go on to do something in this area as well or there will be a parallel in that area as well and so I could go on and on because many people write into me and share the the testimonies and signs but I hope I hope that by sharing these few examples that you guys get in indications of how Abba Abba Father speaks to his children and then I also just wanted to remind everybody that there'll be four currencies plus Russia because remember there was the gold nugget with the four currencies plus the golden bear so plus Russia that are going to rule and reign and I'd love to hear your feedback regarding which currencies you think are going to rule and Reign which currencies do you think are going to come on par with the US dollar because the US dollar is going to come uh down from first place and there will be four three other currencies that rise and there will be four currencies together that will dominate so which currencies do you guys think are going to rule and Reign and if the Lord speaks to you specifically in terms of the signs he's sharing with you remember that I quoted Revelation Revelations where the Bible speaks about we overcome by our testimony I noticed that a lot of people are afraid of sharing their testimony you will overcome when you become more liberal in sharing the things that God is speaking to you in your heart so if he has said to you do something or share something know that you're um your Liberation comes when you testify of what God is speaking to you and through you and so I hope that I've shared light and like I said please test everything I say and and measure it against what the Holy Spirit and the word of God says to you specifically and I hope that every single person that I've sort of prophesied over in this particular video using your testimony but you come back and say that it was indeed true what I was saying in terms of the signs are part of their camels because the Fulfillment of those signs will be evident in your portfolio and how the Lord will choose to bless you with your camels so thank you very much if you've made it to the end of the video shabbat shalom

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