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Evergreen Prophecy

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Transcription of video Only by Grace can we enter [Music] only by Grace can we stand not by our human in endeavours [Music] but by the blood of the LAMB well shabbat shalom everybody today we're going to be speaking about Joseph and how Joseph will be Evergreen now this presentation contains a few Concepts and we'll go through them step by step but I'm going to start by building on the concept of Evergreen by looking at a dream the lord gave me about Evergreen I've been wanting to produce this um video for such a long time um actually from uh two weeks ago but I've had so much Warfare over the past 10 days it's been um absolutely intense so it's caused a bit of delays with releasing this video anyway so we praise God for the opportunity to be here together to Fellowship as we listen to what the Lord is trying to say to us regarding Evergreen and um when I was meditating on my dream and when I was meditating on what to present to the uh in this presentation the Lord wanted me to let everybody know to highlight really the the the scale of what's coming so I'll be speaking about um um the enormousness of what's about to happen um so let's get started um I had a dream um quite a while ago and in the dream I was standing on a platform getting ready to uh board a train which was to a destination that I knew and at the last minute what happened was a friend of mine a very best friend of mine uh called out my name and I turned around from the platform that I was standing on in the position of wanting to catch and board uh the train that I was due to jump on and I turned around from that and I looked at her and she called me to her and she said come don't take that train let's take this train and um when I in my mind I was questioning why she was calling me to the other platform to the other train but in obedience I um I went as she called me and I I jumped on the other train and as I was jumping on the other train I was unsure where it was going because it was not planned as per my original Journey that I was taking it's what I want everybody to know is that the train that I saw in my dream was Green and because the presentation is on Evergreen the train that I saw was green and um where I um used to commute in London when I used to commute up to London we used the southern train because this is a southern train and it is indeed green so this is an actual picture of the train that I would catch every day to go up to London to go to work and so when she called me from my my destination that I was standing at and she called me to a different train I jumped onto the the new train and the sign within the um compartment of the train because you know how trains show you what the next stop was or the next stop is going to be um they notify the passengers especially if there's multiple stops on the particular train and the next stop um where it says your next stop Hastings that it what it said in my dream was Evergreen so the destination was Evergreen right so I jumped on a train that said destination Evergreen and when I was pondering this dream um because it was my very best friend that led me here to jump on this train and if you think about a best friend we know that we have a friend in Jesus Christ he becomes our best friend and he calls us to a pasture that's Evergreen and so when I was uh so my my best friend in the dream representative of my best friend spiritually who is Jesus so um when I was meditating on the word Evergreen the um things that came to mind um from my my knowledge of the Bible I know that in Psalm 1 there's trees that are planted by Waters if you read someone it's a very beautiful Psalm um and the waters make the tree Evergreen now remember also when you think about Waters I want you guys to remember the presentation I created on liquidity because being Evergreen and liquidity go hand in hand so water and flourishing go hand in hand so in the same way that the Psalm 1 speaks about trees planted by Waters causing them to be Evergreen the Bible also speaks about the Cedars of Lebanon and we know that the Cedars of Lebanon are evergreen they are a sea trees that flourish despite weather conditions they're also exceptionally strong and Solomon used these trees these Cedars to build a temple Evergreen is a um indication of fruitfulness fertility of the land and when we think about it in a secular term we can equate it to the Greenback now if you go and research the green back you'll know that there's um it's linked to the US dollar and the origins of the US dollar and the US dollar when it at its Inception with Greenback um is a symbol of wealth and power so we know that Evergreen is a symbol of wealth and power and then naturally you can look at the definition which encompasses the things that I've just spoken about in the Bible being uh you know fresh in and out of season an evergreen tree like a Christmas tree stays green despite the weather conditions when we speak about Joseph we know that Joseph had the seven years of plenty and those seven years of plenty were Evergreen but what the Lord wanted me to share with everybody today is the fact that um uh Joseph's camels so Joseph's camels I was going to present this when I released um Scott's testimony two weeks ago but I wanted Scott's testimony to stand on its own because it was so powerful so I thought I'd wait and um the Revelation the Lord was giving me about Joseph's camels I'd I'd presented at a later date and so this um presentation was also birthed out of the Revelation I got about camels the camels are coming and the camels that the Lord has showing me that are coming are the is the Evergreen Shipping Company he equated Joseph's camels to the Evergreen Shipping Company now when we look at the um the functionality of a camel we know that camels were load bearers They Carried the load they were the cargo of um the cargo ships of the Biblical times but when we look at the cargo strips of today which are also load bearers um what the Lord is highlighting to me is the Evergreen ship um that is what in terms of scale in terms of camels right because you can get one camel bearing however much load and carrying that cargo to its destination and then you can get ships bearing x amount of load and carrying it to its destination but the ship that the Lord wanted me to highlight was the Evergreen ship because my dream was about the destination being Evergreen so um if we consider what I just said in terms of camels equating to cargo ships and in this case we're looking at the Evergreen cargo uh if you look at Joseph as an example he was sold into slavery so this was the prophetic word I got um in terms of Joseph in relation to camels he was sold into slavery on a camel he was human trafficked for and sold for silver on one camel but when we think about the full picture of Joseph's story we know that there were many camels that came to Egypt to seek help when the seven years of plenty um were um at their height many camels came several camels and when I was meditating on this verse in Genesis 41 verse 56. I was asking the Lord so what how many camels do you think Joseph received because you know if the camels are coming how many camels did Joseph receive and when I read the verse in Genesis 41 it said all the Earth came to Egypt all the Earth so if all the Earth came you can imagine how many camels came they would have been numerous amounts it would have been a vast sum of camels it would have been plenty camels not just one or two they would have been because this was the the mechanism or the mode of Transport for cargo and if they were coming to Joseph to receive that cargo then they were coming with their camels and in the same way the Lord was showing me that there was numerous amounts of camels why because all the Earth came to Egypt to Joseph Dubai grain because the famine was severe all over the Earth and when we consider the Evergreen ship which the lord gave me as a type and Shadow for a camel the Evergreen ship I was reading an article about it and it says that if you um stack these containers because these this is the cargo on this particular ship apparently it's the world's largest ocean container so that's noteworthy to mention it's the world's largest ocean container and when you take all these individual containers and you stack them up it says here that if you stack them up vertically it would be taller than the Empire State Building in New York and so I marveled at that in in terms of scale because the Empire State's Building as we know is one of the tallest buildings in the world I think at some stage it was the tallest building but since since then um other buildings have been built I think in Dubai I stand corrected but I think in Dubai there's taller buildings nevertheless I think it makes the top 20 in terms of the tallest buildings in the world and if you had to take these containers and stack them up then you will have the height of the uh Empire State Building and the Lord is showing me that this is the amount of cargo that is coming for his Josephs the the the Evergreen the camels the camels the cargo ship or the camels the camels are coming it's equating to the Evergreen ship which is the largest shipping container in the world I um I don't particularly follow news but if it's something about um politics or uh economics then I tend to pay a bit more attention to the the news and I think it was whenever Grand which is a um housing company in China whenever Grand was having problems with their um their their debt the Evergreen ship got stuck in the sewers canal and the Suez Canal is an important area for trade for Egypt and I'll speak about Egypt in a second because we're speaking about Joseph so this particular ship because of its vast size got stuck in the sewers canal and that made the news and I think it it delayed cargo from um flowing through that space of liquidity for for quite some time because it was such an enormous blockade of the Suez Canal so just going back to my point about the biblical cargo was camels modern day cargo are ships and aircrafts and so when we look at Evergreen we know that um it's a type of camel if you'd like um and in terms of the water and the liquidity you see the the prize for the Joseph's other camels or the the Evergreen ship this is the prize and the liquidity is what's going to bring the prize so remember when I said uh in my my dream about the Red Sea and the crossing of the Red Sea I spoke about liquidity coming to crush certain people um and what the Lord was showing me is that when the waters become turbulent and when the uh the these the economy becomes turbulent because of liquidity that turbulence is going to propel the camels to come that water is going to propel the camels to come and what camels are we referring to the Evergreen camels why because Joseph will be Evergreen why is he Evergreen because he had seven years of plenty seven years of plenty now when it comes to the camels are coming I received a testimony after I posted that video about the camels are coming and this is from one of my lovely listeners called Robert um and he said that he had bought these particular shoes um which have a camel on them to remind him to stand on the promises that the Lord had gave him 40 years ago and what is the promise that the Lord had given him 40 years ago Isaiah 60 and Isaiah 60 speaks about the multitude of camels shall cover Thee the multitude not one not two multitude and when I was meditating on the multitude the Lord was showing me multiplication and and scale of multiplication not just one camel several camels and so if you haven't read Isaiah 60 it is an incredibly incredibly encouraging and it is a promise of how the camels are coming from all across different areas uh Midian effer FF and sheba and they they're coming from different areas all to bring the wealth it's a beautiful beautiful um passage in in Isaiah if you want to be encouraged I'd highly recommend you go and read that and so this particular gentleman was given the prophetic word 40 years ago about the camels coming and now this is coming to fruition that the camels are indeed coming and I interpreted for him his last name which is related to camels and um I asked I referred him back to my video on 5783 um from November Rosh Hashanah which speaks about 40 the number 40 because he received his his prophetic word 40 years ago and I I say in my video about five seven eight three the number 40 is very significant whether you're turning 40 or the lord gave you a prophetic word 40 years ago or um you know it's been 40 months since you've been investing in cryptocurrency so that the what the the the the duration is very important um and so what the Lord is showing me in terms of scale I I was meditating on scale because the Evergreen ship is the largest ship um he was saying to me you know Investments of one pound will turn into ten thousand pounds Investments of a hundred pounds will turn into a hundred thousand pounds investment of one thousand pounds will turn into a million pounds and so the Lord has shown me that he's making millionaires some will be multi-millionaires and some even will be fortunate enough to be billionaires and that would that is what the law will show me in terms of scale in terms of scale and so the um when we speak about uh Fiat I'm really speaking about the Evergreen shipping company and the camels that Joseph will receive but we also know that they were seven years of plenty in terms of the land flourishing Goshen flourishing and I know a lot of people who watch my presentations are going to end up buying a Goshen and that land will flourish within its own within its own right it will be fruitful it will multiply it will be Evergreen and so yes so I spoke about Psalm 1 earlier um that the person who is Evergreen is like a tree planted by the streams of water and water what water or water this Psalm is referring to the holy spirit because the holy spirit is representative of water and so when you're when you're rooted and grounded in the Holy Spirit you do flourish um and I've already mentioned that Solomon used The Cedars which were Evergreen The Cedars which were Evergreen to build a temple and we know that we are the temple of God our bodies are the temple there's no longer a need to build uh Church's per se and call those places holy even though they are holy um our bodies actually are the church we are the church the body is the temple and so we know that the the temple also becomes Evergreen because why we are planted in the water of the Holy Spirit uh please don't mind me sometimes in my presentations I'll fluctuate between the secular and spiritual so um now I'm speaking purely about the spiritual Wares before I was speaking about the secular in terms of uh water and liquidity and Fiat and money so one of the Covenant promises the Lord was showing me was Ezekiel 47 and I would highly highly highly recommend reading Ezekiel 47 when you uh go away from this presentation uh in verse 37 it says this is what the Sovereign Lord says they are the boundaries of the land that you will divide among the Twelve Tribes of Israel and as their inheritance with two portions two portions for Joseph Ezekiel 47 this is one of the Covenant promises one of the Covenant Promises of Ezekiel 47 but this is chapter 13. if you read chapter 1 to 13 I'm going to summarize it for you it speaks about water flowing out of the temple right this is what the chapter speaks about first the water is at the level of the ankles right it flows out and then it's at the level of the ankles and it begins to rise and then it's at the level of the knees and then it begins to rise and it's at the level of the waist and then it begins to rise and it's at the level of the head and this water symbolic of the holy spirit is Flowing out of the the the heart of the temple this is in Ezekiel 47 and then after the past passage explains this increase in water remember water and liquidity are linked it then goes on to say Joseph will receive double portion Joseph will receive a double portion so when we break down the meaning of this uh scripture in Ezekiel 47 what does it mean that the water's flowing out of the temple and it's rising from the ankles to the knees to the waist to the Head it means that when you are walking with Jesus Christ who is Yeshua our King of Kings when you are walking in love that measure of the Holy Spirit the water is at your ankles it's walking you're walking ankles representative of feet representative of walking that's the level of the holy spirit that you have and when you graduate from that walking in love because you have to walk in love as a prerequisite for a Christian you can't not walk in love everything you do has to be birthed out of Walking In Love when you graduate from walking in love you the water goes to your knees and when it's at your knees we know that the knees are symbolic of praying because you go down and you pray on your knees and your your you increase in the Holy Spirit When you pray a lot the more you pray the more you increase in the Holy Spirit and then the water goes up to the waist and we know that the Bible teaches in Ephesians um chapter 6 that the arm of God the waste is Gert about with truth so the waste is symbolic of Truth and when you're walking in truth see you first you're walking in love and then you're praying and then you're walking in the truth of God's word because not everybody knows the truth you know you can pray and you can walk in love but not everybody Walks In Truth when you walk in truth that's understanding the scriptures and doing what God says You must do being obedient to his word you know not half a gospel a Full Gospel then the water rises to your waist because your Gert with the belt of Truth and then when you're when the waters rise up to the Head this is Ezekiel 47 right Ezekiel 47 when the waters rise after the head it means you're fully immersed in the Holy Spirit and you're fully immersed in Jesus Christ and um I've just had a seagull fly it's giving me a shock fly past my window anyway I I live near the beach and there's loads of seagulls so um that's Ezekiel this is Ezekiel 47 now remember uh chapter 13 verse 13 talks about Joseph receiving two portions as the water increases as the liquidity increases as the Holy Spirit increases Joseph is receiving two portions and the symbolism of the water increasing at each level I have explained and here you can pause the slide because I've gone into each item for everybody and here I say water deep enough to swimming when the water reaches the head it's symbolic of the character being immersed in Jesus Christ so often we see only the head and everything else disappears the whole body disappears you're only seeing the head when when you when you when your body is immersed in water you only see the head we know that the head is Christ and that we ought to have the mind of Christ because remember the head is is symbolic of the mind of Christ right and this is what Ezekiel 47 teaches Ezekiel 47 is a covenant promise to Joseph read it verse 37 and Joseph will receive two portions we know that the only way that we can receive covenantal promises is through the blood of Jesus this is this is the first this is the door in which we enter into the rest of the covenantal promises of the Bible it's first through Christ then the rest follows and so I really need to speak about um the Lord was leading me to share that you reap what you sow you see when it comes to liquidity and when it comes to your relationship with Jesus Christ and the increase of water and the Holy Spirit in your life you reap what you sow similar with Investments whatever you've sown is what you're going to read back you cannot expect a harvest if you have not sown and so because I've been teaching on the wealth transfer and I've been teaching on um um wealth and because I'm teaching about the camels coming the Holy Spirit was leading me to share as well on sewing and when we think about sewing right we also consider the scale of your relationship with Jesus Christ consider the scale of your relationship with Jesus Christ what do I mean by that I'm going to tell you a personal testimony just so that you understand that reaping and sowing is a lifelong thing it's not something that you'll start after the camels come it's it's something you start way before the camel's coming you you start sowing way before the camels come and in 2008 uh there was the financial crisis and I Was preparing to to get married in 2008 and so I was an apprentice and I worked at um uh a pharmacy and I um was getting minimum wage and um I wasn't making very much money and um I was saving for um our wedding and so I had saved uh 21 000. of my wages and what happened was that I it's a very long story which I'm going to try not to uh make it too long so I'm just going to give you the summary instead of getting married I sewed the 21 000. so instead of using the money for my wedding I decided to delay my wedding and I sewed the 21 000. and this is a check that of that twenty one thousand it's the 2008 crisis and I'd been saving for the whole of 2008 and 2009 up until the seventh month and here is the 21 000. this is the check I for my own confidentiality I've blanked out some details and so I am I was obedient it was a very challenging time but I was obedient and I sold that money and the principle here is um walking in obedience and this is my Bible this is a photograph of the Czech and this is my Bible and here you can see I've written Covenant 2019 which is all 10 years from 10 years from the time I had sewed this 21 000. notice that the name why the Holy Spirit wanted me to share this with everybody is because the church River Ministries the Lord reminded me when I was looking at Ezekiel 47 of river Ministries because a lot of churches name the the Ministries River Ministries after Ezekiel 47. because the rivers flow from the the the temple and so this church that I had donated to was called River Ministries and I gave them 21 000 which was supposed to be for my wedding and that was this Covenant promise this Covenant that I made with the Lord was 10 years later from that investment and if you read here this is Psalm 106 it says he brought his people safely out of Egypt loaded with gold and silver and there was no one sick or feeble among them and here you can see it says the healing seed there was no one sick or feeble among them so he brought them out of Egypt with gold and silver in my um presentation on the Red Sea Crossing I speak about gold and silver and how they came out of Egypt with gold and silver so why am I telling you all of this about sewing and giving to the Lord and being obedient I'm telling you that because the Lord wanted me to highlight to you guys John D Rockefeller John D Rockefeller was a Titan in America an absolute Titan and he he is known for this quote of saying that he was only able to type his first million dollars because he tithed when he had very little when he was when he had one dollar a week he used to tithe Faithfully when he had a little he was able to tithe when he had a lot and what the Lord was saying to me is that if the camels are coming remember that um if you are able to give to the Lord when you have very little because although this seems like a lot 21 000 it took me a long time to um save up that money for my wedding right and um it's about it's not about the Sun it's not about the sum that was given it's about the fact that there was already a financial crisis going on and we have to sometimes walk in blind obedience and blind obedience sometimes means doing something that seems so irrational and so illogical to the to the Natural mind why am I doing this Lord why are you making me do this there's this there is a type of economic crisis and I'm taking the little bit I have and sewing it but there's a reason why and you might not reap like for me I have not yet reaped in terms of my Covenant because it's 10 years on from that promise and we now in 2023 and I'm waiting for the camels and just as Robert who sent his testimony about the camels are coming here he was given this word 40 years ago so although a word tarries and although it waits and although it's pending it shall surely come to pass because the Bible says that God is not a man that he should lie and if you've spent your whole life being obedient and if you spent your whole life giving and if you've spent your whole life doing these crazy things you know the Lord asks us to do some very interesting things if you if you've spent these God has to because his word says whatever you reap you will sow and his word is not a word of uh that comes to us null and void right Joseph waited a very long time before the fruition of the promises of his dreams coming to pass but as the Lord is saying to me that the camels are coming and it's Evergreen for Joseph and the Red Seas are parting he's wanting me to remind everybody about the principle of giving because once you become wealthy remember that the God who made you wealthy do not forget and I think what the moral of the story is is that if you were able to give before you'll be able to give moving forward some people by pure grace may have happened upon the wealth transfer but has your life been a life of constant submission to the Lord constant obedience to the Lord because wealth can destroy a person and the Lord knows why he asks us to do what he asks us to do when he asks us to do it and it's a case of are you willing to walk in that and so that forms part of this process of being Evergreen because when you look at the life of Joseph all he did was be obedient there wasn't really an opportunity well there was opportunity for Joseph to step out of line with Potiphar's wife but he didn't he was obedient and even his obedience got him into trouble his obedience got him into jail but the Lord is faithful that the the the evergreenness the Ephraim and Manasseh of Joseph was fulfilled and uh God is Not um going to forget everything that you've done over your life everything that you have invested and it doesn't just need to be money it could be giving to the poor feeding the poor um helping out in missionary work um teaching um people who are disabled it could be anything that you've done in service of the Lord that you've sown into other people's lives that you've sown into making something happen for somebody else and the Lord is saying today that he's going to make us Evergreen because of that and the Evergreen he is referring to is the camels are coming the Evergreen ship now remember Joseph had the Nile Joseph had the Nile the River Nile the liquidity the liquidity that Joseph had was the River Nile and the River Nile was what produced the seven years of plenty the River Nile was what produced the seven years of plenty so notice there's two things there's the vehicle the vehicle of wealth which is the liquidity and the actual wealth so the the Nile was the vehicle of wealth but the actual wealth was the grain remember the grain was what was what what made them wealthy and when we look at it in a secular sense we know that um Ripple is linked to liquidity it's it's it's um company ethos and everything about it is linked to water and the abundance of wealth and let's not forget Evergreen um Evergreen land I've put land twice there so the land will be plentiful Joseph was able to do what he was able to do because the crops and the farming was around the River Nile and that the land flourished and was green because of the the water and what was the water it was the Nile and so the Lord has also shown me that physically not just spiritually physically the land will be fruitful the land that we end up buying will be fruitful and so I hope this shows you that there was scale Joseph wasn't just getting one camel he was getting a multitude just like Isaiah 60 says the multitude of camels Joseph received a multitude of camels and Jeremiah 32 which I've already taught on remember that Fields will be bought with silver Fields will be bought with silver Isaiah 62 verse 4 the land will be HEB Sabah and Bula and we know that because it's Jubilee and I'm speaking about Goshen now we know that because it's Jubilee that the Lord Delights in marrying his bride to the land your land will be his bride your land will be his bride if you have time go look up hepsa bar and Beulah oh or if you know what it is please put it in the comments section so that other people can learn I love the comments section thank you so much guys for all the comments you put in the comments section remember I learned from you guys as well we're a body and we learn from each other so some of the nuggets and the revelations in the comments section are amazing I had Beau Pony kind enough to comment on my previous video on the Red Sea Crossing and he gave his take on liquidity marvelous marvelous insights so the community on my channel in the comments section absolutely I can't I can't ask for better because you guys have so much wisdom and I learned so much from you guys so if anyone knows the definitions of this uh hepsa bar and Bula in relation to the land please do put it in the comments section I wanted to end with a testimony and this testimony was sent to me by dear sister in Christ and she was asking about um she asked me a question about land and I replied um her question about Landon basically she asked me um she said to me that her ancestors had land and it was a vast sum of land and she she was asking me the sum of land that her ancestors had was 60 000 hectares of land sixty thousand hectares of land when I read this email from this dear sister in Christ I my mind was blown my mind was absolutely blown because again the Lord was highlighting me to me scale just like how Evergreen is this the scale is enormous it's you can stack it to the Empire State's Building sixty thousand acres of land is absolutely gigantic it's a vast amount of land I only know how to I'm just learning myself about Acres looking at properties with acres of land so when we speaking about 60 000 hectares of land I I was absolutely I had to take a moment you know and I was like Lord what are you saying and basically her question to me was in her blood in her bloodline she they they her ancestors were wealthy and because of sin and because of iniquity they they lost their wealth so she was asking me is it possible because it's in her bloodline to be able to redeem the land that was her question and so I replied her question and I said to her absolutely you have an inheritance if your ancestors were owners of land you have an inheritance and I I directed her to my um website which is the and on there there's prayers on how to redeem the land how to redeem the land and she thanked me and she went away for a while and her reply to me was that she asked the Lord for a sign to give her a sign and to tell her you know if she was a Joseph and she said that she wanted it to be out of um the scope of YouTube she wanted a confirmation that was unique to her she didn't want it to come from YouTube and the traditional ways of getting confirmation she wanted something completely different and then she said as she wrote to me later that day at 2PM her twins were at their tennis lesson and when she took them to the tennis court she was sitting outside watching her children play and thinking about the letters she had sent me on the different topics uh the letter she had sent me and the different topics of the wealth transfer xrp Goshen and so on she also opened a limit order for xrp at 50 USD 50 pence 50 cents sorry 50 cents 0.5 USD and it didn't go through for quite some time then suddenly I had to gaze to the other end of the court and I see the words Joseph in big letters see Joseph she wanted confirmation if she was a Joseph there you go I was surprised and astonished and then I had to laugh out loud I took a picture as remembrance and it is in the in the attachments I then checked the limit The Limited buy order and it went through the same morning I looked somehow it looked somehow orchestrated me thinking about the topic then the name Joseph then the order for xrp went through everything at the same time and this is the same dlad who had previously emailed me about her bloodline and the amount of land that her ancestors had earned and so that blog post on um how to redeem the land can be found on my website if you go to my website I would really highly recommend subscribing to my website and you'll receive the updates as they are released I've also got a post on there of what the Lord showed me in addition to what I've presented on Pepe there's more information on my website so go have a look so when it comes to scale remember the camels are coming Evergreen there's completely large ship that's completely humongous ship the camels are coming one acre over here that's one acre and one hectare is this harmony blocks of acreage now imagine sixty thousand it's astronomical astronomical on my mind I even can't conceive it to this day and so what I'd like to end off with is another dream that I had and on the dream I was on a yacht I've never been on a yacht and so these dreams I'm having are very interesting for me and the yacht was covered in silver the um railing was pure silver um the precious metal not the color the precious metal and the yacht was taking me to a destination and remember liquidity as well and the vessel is another it's another way of saying uh taking me to where I'm supposed to go like how the ship is taking the Evergreen ship is taking the um the Evergreen ship is taking the containers to where it's supposed to go in the same way the yacht can be taking you the the people to where it needs to go and liquidity is a constant if you think about it the water is a constant so anyway the the yacht was covered with silver pure silver in my dream um the precious metal and it took me to the land and the land that I saw was this cabin and it was a very Grand cabin almost as if it was a mansion and when I looked outside of the window of the cabin I saw Evergreen Evergreen land it was it was high definition the greenest of green that you can imagine I saw the highest definition green green Green land as I looked outside the window and so this dream correlated with my the dream I shared right at the beginning of being on a train and the destination was Evergreen and it correlated as well with the Lord show me the Evergreen shipping company and and the cargo because I was on a ship so to speak that was taking me to a land that was Evergreen a land that was Evergreen so I've come to the end of this presentation and the Lord wanted me to highlight that there is millionaires multi-millionaires and billionaires about to be made he wanted me to highlight that the ships that are coming are called Evergreen ships and the ships are in the form of green land and also an enormous amount of wealth produced by the liquidity the Lord wanted me to also share that we need to remember that everything we've sown in our life everything we've sown we're going to Reaper Harvest everything we've done in obedience like Rockefeller he tithed with the little bit that he had and the Lord multiplied him into so much more and when he was multiplied into so much more he continued to give tithes and offerings and he continued to give so the Lord wanted me to highlight that we need to continue in the spirit that we began in if we were givers to begin with we need to continue to be givers when he blesses us with his kingdom wealth we need to distribute his wealth to areas where he has given us wisdom don't just give to anywhere don't just give for the sake of giving pray for wisdom on how to give but the moral of the story is to continue to be a giver and also the Lord wanted me to highlight that everything everything you've done to get to this point to where you are now the Lord is going to restore he's going to restore the years the locusts the canker worm and the Palmer worm have eaten he's going to restore Sevenfold he's going to restore seven years of plenty it's going to be Evergreen like The Cedars of Lebanon like the trees planted by the rivers of water so with that I'm going to say to you who does the land belong to shabbat shalom

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