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Elemental Decodes

sorry I'm Wade I'm Amber [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] oh sorry I'm Wade I'm Amber [Music] foreign [Music] oh sorry I'm Wade I'm Amber [Music] throughout history we've watched and re-watched the tale of Boy Meets Girl boy Falls for girl and they go on a journey to show the world why they deserve to be together Pixar Studios have taken this story and placed their own unique spin on it by casting us into a world where people come in a variety of forms there are land beings water beings air beings and fire beings they all come in different shapes and sizes and they all coexist in one city air beings look like clouds and t-shirts they can fly and even sit upside down on the ceiling of a train a sneeze from a water being can cause grass to grow on the head of a land being it's a world of possibilities where sunflowers grow out of people's armpits and a bumpy train track can leave you with a tube of lipstick floating inside your head and in this crazy world two people who are opposites in every way that seems to matter managed to find each other this movie will show us how difficult it is to love someone different from you especially in a world that likely won't understand your love the female main character Ember is a fire being while the male character Wade is a water being you can only imagine what it will be like for these two to love each other a single drop from Wade's hand is enough to make Ember recoil and pain so what future could these two possibly have it will certainly be interesting to see how they learn grow and eventually find a way to be together what is the movie synopsis the film Journeys alongside an unlikely pair Amber and Wade in a city where fire water land and air residents live together the fire young woman and the go with the flow guy are about to discover something Elemental how much they actually have in common we the number live in element City a populated new york-esque city that is connected by Bridges this is the place where the different elements live together but they might be more divided than they appear many of the people in element City live in imposing towers built to suit the nature of their elements these beings are very different but they manage to share their Town quite nicely air beings live in homes that are powered by windmills while Lush Greenery covers the buildings of land beings in the safety of their homes the land beings are free to grow their children and nurture them but from time to time they have to leave and when they do they just might carry their babies with them the trailer shows a land being with four potted babies that Sprout up and immediately start crying the parent land being size already knowing that they have their work cut out for them in this world water beings can travel by water slide which is both weird and completely understandable many fans have raised questions about the Train the Ember enters in the trailer the train is floating on a pool of water that serves as train tracks it's safe to say that not all water in element city is a person the fire beings get isolated the strange part of the seemingly peaceful and United city is that the fire beings live on the other side of the bridge the houses the fire beings are modest and expectedly cozy they live in a secluded area that is far from the other residents in element City even when Ember enters the train she is the only fire being on board and she actively tries to avoid the other Elementals there are many possible reasons to explain the seclusion of the fire beings fire has always been regarded as the most dangerous element there's a reason it was the Fire Nation who took over an avatar fire can be ruthless and cruel if placed in the wrong hands so it's not surprising that the other Elementals prefer to avoid them [Music] foreign if a fire Bean came in contact with the land being then they could accidentally set them on fire wounding or killing them in the process the same goes for an air being who would be quickly evaporated if they ever came too close to a fire being there are many risks that the other Elementals would rather avoid the fire beings could also be trying to protect themselves from the water beings so maybe isolating the fire beings is what's best for everyone the movie's plot interact with one another in the trailer gives us a hint at the potential plot of the movie Air beings seem rather cheery which can be seen at the beginning of the trailer when an Airy being floats into the train with a smile on her face another Heir being enthusiastically smells the sunflowers that Sprout out of a land being's armpit water beings seem rather neutral in the trailer which ties in with Wade's description in the synopsis it seems water beings tend to go with the flow land beings have a bit more variety there are lumps of land and bundles of grass which both classifies land beings and with a little water a lump of land can become a bundle of grass which can be seen when a water being sneezes on the land being and causes grass to grow from his head the fire beings seemed calm but from ember's description she's far from it the official synopsis describes her as fiery as Ember walks to the train a land being pulls her child away to protect director for member this adds to the theory that the other Elementals are wary of fire beings and understandably so if Emperor had touched the little guy he'd probably be dead Ember also unknowingly evaporated a piece of air being's head when she walked by thankfully was restored when she walked away the plot of the movie seems to be driven by Ember struggles to get around the city and her struggle to build relationships with its citizens when will Elemental be released Disney and Pixar planned to release Elemental on June 16 2023 it will be released right in the thick of the summer movie season Elemental will be the first Pixar movie to drop in 2023 it will also be the Studio's first animated film since light year in 2022 will Elemental be streamable Elemental will be coming to the big screen in June 2023 and it will only be available in the cinema Disney used to give early access to its feature films through his Disney plus Premiere access option but that isn't the case anymore however with time Elemental will become available on Disney Plus Elemental will probably be accessible on Disney plus once it is made available for streaming before making its feature films available for streaming Disney typically lets movies run in theaters for 45 to 90 days so if you can wait that long then you can stream it on Disney plus everyone's favorite team up the team up between Pixar and Disney has given birth to some of the most impressive movies over the years and once again this Duo is preparing to take us on another Incredible Journey that will test how we think about ourselves each other in the world Disney and Pixar no strangers to challenging stories that show us all A New Perspective through fascinating universes and Charming cartoon characters the movies they released over the years have proven that we can expect nothing but groundbreaking stories of love self-realization and acceptance and challenging the status quo Elemental is a movie that will no doubt follow in the steps of the movies that have gone before it it focuses on a world of different people that will show us how united we can be despite our Elemental differences that wraps up today's video thank you so much for watching and hopefully you learned everything you need to know about Elemental Pixar I'm Wade I'm Amber I'm now going to be looking at decoding the video clips that we've just watched and the reason why I'm adding this last part to that is because there is so much value in actually decoding and being aware of what the enemy is doing in terms of um subliminal or uh predictive programming however what's even more important than being aware is improving your biblical literacy there's a lot of Ministries out there that expose what the enemy is doing and I think they do a great job of exposing however they don't go on to teach the body of Christ how to become more biblically literate so that you're equipped for end times so my my Ministry is one of teaching and I I strive to bring people back to the biblical principles and I strive to um edify and uplift people by showing them what the Bible says rather than just showing them what the enemy is doing I think that's very important to do both um because then people walk away from the decode um having a knowledge of the Bible rather than having a knowledge of the enemy so the main characters in the um Elemental Pixar movie are called Ember who is the fire the the woman or the girl and Wade Who is the boy um and the water and Emma's surname is lumen and Wade's surname is Ripple now both are alluding to uh cryptocurrency um Lumen being an actual cryptocurrency so the Stellar lumens and ripple being a company that has the ownership of the xrp cryptocurrency so they're eluding the two main characters are alluding to uh cryptocurrencies and the movie is really portraying to dominant forces that will overtake the financial Arena when adoption does occur with cryptocurrency these two cryptocurrencies will be the um household names if you like for society moving forward and um Stella lumens will be more commonly used by the um the everyday citizen um of the world whereas xrp will be used more by institutions and and Banks um so here I've just mapped out for the sake of completeness um that the element fire is represented by Ember she is a lumen according to her surname Lumen means light I will do a separate presentation on Stella altogether um looking at the company and the background of um the owner of Stella and I'll do a separate decode of Stella but for now let's just focus on Elemental um and so she's really representing xlm um Ember is representing xlm and Wade who is water uh from her his surname is Ripple and he is representing liquidity and um xrp will be the dominant cryptocurrency uh moving forward um it will be what everything sort of runs on The xrp Ledger and um um I had a dream which is uploaded on my YouTube and Rumble Channel where I dreamed of New York and um liquidity and I would highly recommend it is a prophetic dream I'd highly recommend everybody goes check out that dream about New York and liquidity because this story of um Ember and Wade is based in New York as well so let's talk about decoding and I'm going to relate the decodes back to the Bible now to teach you guys a bit of scripture and to see how scripture is relevant in and having a good understanding and a good handle on on on scripture is so important uh the more the more of the Bible you you understand the more um clear Things become when it comes to understanding what um is is hidden in plain sight so to speak so the the plot of the film contains beans and there's the air being the fire Bean the water being and the Earth beams and um these beans like I pointed out in the uh decode of the video before being is a person it's a type of person and if you look at the whole plot as as a whole you have the natural elements plus you have the supernatural beings coexisting so the natural element of the earth is New York because that's where the plot is set in New York but then you have the supernatural element where you have the Earth beings and then you have the natural element which is the water because the train goes on the canals and then you have the supernatural element which is the water beings and then you have the air because everybody's breathing in that train and the reason why we know there's air because Fire Can't exist without air where there's no air fire is extinguished because fire needs oxygen to be able to combust so we know that there's air and also uh the earth needs air to grow um things and we saw in the trailer that the sprouting of grass on the Earth being so you need oxygen to convert um the photosynthesis process needs oxygen so we know that there's air um and then there is the supernatural element which is the air beams um the only natural element that is not present is fire and I will talk about why fire is not present later but then we see that there is fire beans because Amber is a fire being so we have the natural elements and then we have the supernatural elements existing within the natural elements and when we look at New York City um New York City let's let's look at the Earth first so the Earth being New York having Earth beans right so the the poster campaign for the elemental uh Cartoon is a city for everyone what does the Bible say so we know that New York is sometimes referred to as Babylon there is even a city within the county of New York called Babylon and it actually is named after the ancient city of Babylon so New York is commonly referred to as Babylon and in this particular trailer you'll notice that they say a village within the New York City and I am linking that back to this particular Village called the Town of Babylon and I'm calling New York as a whole Babylon and when it comes to Babylon uh Revelations 18 discusses Babylon really beautifully and it speaks about how Babylon is Fallen uh Babylon the great has fallen is Fallen the it has become a Dwelling Place of demons a place for every foul spirit a cage for every unclean and hateful bird so the Bible describes the natural um Geographic Babylon as being a place that inhabits demons and spirits right it inhabits unclean things and here we see that they're portraying a city in New York New York is also called Babylon filled with um Spirits if you like or beings the Bible refers to those beings as demons demons are persons with personalities if you understand the New Testament and how Jesus handled uh demons in the New Testament that they have characteristics and personalities demons there's the spirit of fear um all throughout the New Testament the the Bible describes demons as beams so um we can infer that this New York City is the same as Babylon it's filled it's a Dwelling Place of demons and unclean spirits now notice right at the end of the uh verse which I've put up here it says that Babylon will be utterly burned with fire for the strong for the strong for strong is the Lord who judges her and in notice in the elemental Pixar film fire is separated and isolated it is the only element fire is the only element that is not represented in the natural it is only represented as a being and notice how they say that fire is isolated um they live in a separate area across the bridge from New York and the reason being is because fire is reserved for babylon's actual destruction when the the end comes fire is reserved and you notice that the other beings were afraid of Ember afraid of the Judgment afraid of the fire now the Bible describes beings as Supernatural unclean spirits or demons and if you look at evidence for that in terms of earth water fire and air you can find um in Daniel you can find the Prince of Persia who resisted the angel when Daniel was praying and fasting for 21 days now Persia is a geographic area in the earth so this would be an Earth being Persia having jurisdiction over the Prince of Persia having jurisdiction over the the area of Persia so this is a type of Earth being and then in Mark Jesus addresses a demon in a man who is heavily possessed and um he Jesus asks the the demon what is your name and he says I am Legion and when Jesus casts Legion out of the man the demons returned to the water they go into the pigs drown the pigs and go to the water so this Legion is a water being and in Mark 9 chapter 22 when Jesus is um when Jesus is helping a man a man comes to Jesus and he begs him he says Rabbi help me my son is sore tormented um he's he's thrown into the fire and he's thrown into the water if you go read the scripture you'll see what I'm talking about now in the Old Testament the um the children of Israel used to offer up their children to the fire the Bible describes um the God molach as the um the god that took the children by fire and the Bible forbids you know the practice of of putting your children Through Fire so the worship of so in the New Testament when Jesus helps that boy who has a problem with demons and he casts out those demons he he he he he he uh he note the Bible notes that he he the demons are throwing him into the fire and then into the water into the fire into the water and this is a type of fire being molach when you sacrifice your children to molach it's a type of fire being and then in Ephesians 2 2 we see that there is the prince of the power of the air the Bible describes the prince of the power of the air so we know that there are air beings and in Acts we see that the demons came out with a loud cry you can't cry um uh you can't exhale or cry if you're not uh part of the air you know we need air to breathe Spirits are air so this is just illustrating that there are different types of beams represented in the Bible and this show is showing us that these beams are all in New York right they've characterized them beautifully in terms of how they look and how they come across but the Bible speaks about these things as being demonic and so if you look at New York where these beings are because Elemental says are we all together in New York and we're all getting along and the Bible says that um this is a it's a dwelling place for all types of demons uh Babylon which is New York so um I've already discussed why fire was separate fire will be reserved for judging New York that is the housing place of all these demonic spirits or demonic forces or demonic elements if you like and so hopefully that shows you guys that Disney there is always a hidden agenda with Disney they're portrayed in a beautifully um you know animated way that's simply most entertaining but at the end of the day it is underpinned by a cult philosophy um I'm not here to teach the occult but the principle of using water fire air and Earth is used by those in the occult when they're doing their um their rituals or their uh their spells or their um whatever they get up to in their spare time and so this film is portraying those elements as um something to be exalted or something to be admired and so we just need to be mindful of these things um the film is not hard so I cannot comment beyond what I know that is available in terms of on the internet but so far as what is available this is what my discernment does pick up so I hope you have enjoyed watching if you've made it to the end I would love to know if you guys have picked up anything in addition to the decodes that might have stood out for you and I pray this has blessed you guys and shabbat shalom

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Wade's family which includes Brook, Harold, Alan, Eddy, Marco, Polo, Lake and Ghibli.

Brook means a small stream

Harold means military-power' or 'army-ruler'

Alan means Gay or cheerful (married to a transvestite)

Eddy means 'wealth' or 'guardian of riches'.

Marco Polo literally means 'Million'

Lake means a pool of liquid

Ghibli means An individual who outwardly gives the impression of lux and wealth but who is actually cheap and hollow at heart

They live in a PENTHOUSE at 212


Strongs concordance

self-confidence -- boasting, pride.

The penthouse is a swimming pool literally this family is swimming in liquidity.

@mykingyeshua decoding Disney's ELEMENTAL


The full decode is on Rumble


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