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Donald Trump Assassination attempt

hello everybody so today we're going to be speaking about a dream that the lord gave me regarding um Donald Trump and if you're new to my channel the Lord has shown me that Donald Trump is true and legitimate president of the United States and that he won the 2020 elections but today I'd like to talk about a dream that I had about President Donald Trump in July 2023 and in this particular dream I was sitting next to Donald Trump so I in the dream I could only see the top part of our body so from the waist up and but I was sitting down and he was sitting next to me and then on the right side of him was my husband so he was in the middle and I was to the left of Donald Trump and in the dream Donald Trump did not have any shirt on he he didn't have he was naked from uh the neck to the waist right and we're all sitting I was clothed and my husband was clothed and Donald Trump put his head on my shoulder and I embraced him as he put his head on my shoulder and I put my hand on his back and I could feel his skin because he wasn't wearing any clothes I could feel his skin as I embraced him and he put his head on my shoulder and then he got up and he looked forward and he began to speak to somebody who I could not see I was not privy to see who he was speaking to but he was speaking to somebody who had a high Authority um and I'm assuming that that was somebody in the spiritual realm or somebody behind closed doors who I did not have access to so he he looked forward and he was speaking to this person I could see his mouth moving but I couldn't hear what he was saying and I couldn't see the person he was speaking to and then after he had finished speaking to this person of high Authority he turned his back completely to me to face my husband who was on the right side of him and he began speaking to my husband and I saw his back his back was completely to me and he was speaking to my husband and then I woke up and I when I was meditating on this dream there's several meanings to the dream but when I was meditating on this dream the Lord was showing me that Donald Trump is going to come into a compromised position whereby he will not be wearing the armor if somebody is naked in a Dream It's either because exposure is coming or because they're not wearing the full armor and this I believe is a physical armor the the dream is discussing a physical armor not so much A Spiritual armor and he rests his head on me because I believe that his head um in terms not so much in terms of his authority but more the fact that that is the area that maybe uh take a wounding right that may take a wounding right and the church I'm representing representing the church in the dream the church is to embrace him right because I have I was embracing him in the dream he then gains his strength by looking forward to the higher authority that is in front of him that I cannot see and what he does is he turns his back on me remember I'm representing the church and he faces my husband now my husband represents business because in our relationship he's the business side of um the dynamic that we have I'm the spiritual church side and my husband is sort of the financial business side and so Donald Trump turns himself towards my husband and what the Lord is showing me is that Donald Trump is going to turn to what he knows best to do to Garner strength and to regain his authority and his position which is business and the Lord is showing me that when this happens when Donald Trump makes a decision that won't be understood by everybody that the church is going to think that he has turned um that he has turned his back to the church but that is not entirely that is not entirely true right and because of this incorrect uh philosophy that the church is going to hold it's going to cause a split in Covenant relationships because remember Donald Trump is sitting in between me and my husband we have a covenant relationship and he's in between that so the Lord has shown me that this is going to cause a split in the church in the way the church thinks that part of the church is going to think that Donald Trump is against the church and part of the church will really understand why he is here and and why he has turned to make these specific decisions that will be hard decisions that will be based on business and finance and so what I want to call everybody who listens to my channel to do is to pray for president Donald Trump pray for him uh to have Spiritual armor and also to have the physical armor that is necessary to prevent any exposure and to prevent any wounding right to prevent any attacks against him right because if you're not wearing armor you are predisposing yourself to an attack right and so um that's what the Lord wanted me to share now a few people have asked me how I put on the arm of God and I'm going to demonstrate that very quickly I put on the arm of God nearly every day as a force of habit and it's something that um people can do for another person by proxy so you could put on the arm of God by proxy on another person if you think that they are going to come into harm or danger you can pray for them to have the full arm of God on them so I take the helmet of salvation Jesus you are my salvation you Shield my head in the day of battle you Shield Donald Trump's head in the day of battle and I must show you my trump cap um I take the breastplate of righteousness now remember Donald Trump was naked from here to here and this is the area that the armor speaks of righteousness I take the breastplate of righteousness and I think that the church are going to think that his decision making is not righteous that's another thing that the Lord showed me I take the breastplate of righteousness Jesus you are my righteousness um God made him who had no sin so that I may be free from sin so that I might be the righteousness of God I take the belt of Truth Jesus you are my truth you are the way the truth and the life you teach me wisdom in the innermost places I take the feet fitted with the Readiness of the gospel of peace Jesus you are my peace I can do all things through Christ he gives me strength and loves me blessed are the feet of those who bring good news I take the sword which is the word of God the word of God is Jesus you are my word the word of God is quick and Powerful sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the division of spirit and soul and joint and Marrow it is a discerner of thoughts and intense of the heart I take the shield of Faith Jesus you are my faith I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live the life I live in the body I live by faith in the Son of God I take a baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire from the crown of my head to the souls of my feet Jesus you are my baptizer in the Holy Spirit and fire I will pray without ceasing in accordance to God's will on behalf of all the saints I'll put the full prayer for the arm of God in the description box and I encourage everybody to pray for Donald Trump president Donald Trump and what the enemy might have planned and devised but also pray for the church that there'd be an understanding and a unity and there won't be a division in the precious name of Jesus Christ shabbat shalom I

The armour of God Prayer can be found by clicking on here: ARMOUR of GOD PRAYER.

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