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Decode: The Yuan & Philadelphia

you're going to be speaking about the Yuan and the dollarization and I'm going to be speaking about what's happened in Philadelphia uh recently on Sunday with the bridges collapsing and these two things are linked but they're not linked but they are linked and we're going to be speaking about that today the Lord showed me in December last year about the stock exchange plummeting and the implications of China on the stock exchange collapsing and in New York that is so that dream about China and the stock exchange can be found in the description box if you're new to my channel but today we're just going to be talking about prophecy in motion and how D dollarization is occurring as we speak and I'm going to be also speaking about another presentation I made regarding Bridges and if you're new to my channel I'll link that video in the description box as well because that particular video on Bridges was not allowed on YouTube and so it's only available on Rumble and so I hope this presentation stays up on YouTube as well if not everybody can find it or Rumble so the reason why I'm speaking about bridges today is because a lovely subscriber of mine sent me this information about a bridge collapsing in Pennsylvania and I don't watch the american news so I would have been none the wiser to this incident actually occurring and so thank you very much for your obedience to share this comment which has led me to go and research various news Clips around this particular incident if you are like me and you don't watch American news or American News doesn't make it to your main headlines in the country that you live in then um just to give you a bit of context on Sunday uh the I-95 Bridge collapsed because a truck had gone under the bridge and that truck was filled with a flammable liquids and it caught fire and caused the bridge to collapse so that's a bit of context and you can go away from this video and go watch the news Clips on that particular incident that has happened and so when I did watch the uh news clip I was very interested in what the Americans had to say in the comments section because I'm not from America and it's always good to listen to what the people from America actually do say about what's happening in their own country and so I just cherry-picked three comments from the news feeds of Americans speaking about their own country and what's actually happening in their own country and the first comment reads America seems to be having Bridge collapses and many train derailments now if you follow my channel you know that I've already spoken about the train derailment and I've already spoken about Cleveland Ohio and white Cleveland Ohio is so important the lord gave me an audible Vision uh many months ago um beginning of 2010 22 sorry I get so mixed up with all the dates um he gave me a audible Vision about Cleveland Ohio and train uh how I've already spoken about how it links to the trained derailments so this particular gentleman says that America seems to be having Bridge collapses and many train derailments um and this gentleman here says to anyone not familiar with the area this bridge is brand new as in a year old the whole length from there to center city has been under construction for years the bridge is new so this particular Bridge apparently it's new this particular gentleman lives in the area and he witnessed the construction and so it's not an Old Bridge it's got nothing to do with infrastructure it's a brand new bridge that apparently has um been built recently right and the the verifications sort of you got 188 people liking this and confirming that the bridges new this particular Bridge it's new so the structural infrastructure is not a case of America's falling apart because the infrastructure is poor the infrastructure is brand new and so we need to look a bit closer what might be occurring and then Pam says so many incidences are happening right now it makes me think of what's really going on what's really going on right the disaster should never have happened between trained derailments and now this is too much and I think it's only get going to get worse pray for all the people that have been hurt or killed and their families and I don't think anybody was hurt or killed in this particular incident praise God but from listening to the American people in the comments section it looks like there is a general sense of you know something's not quite right something is going on what could be amiss now the Holy Spirit has already showed me in um December regarding what is actually going on and the audible words that I heard is the rituals are now complete and this particular video is on ramble and it explains more or less why you have these events happening and so if you haven't watched that video I would highly encourage you to go and watch that video and then it will fall it will be able to answer Pam's question of what is really going on because the Holy Spirit has already revealed to me what is going on so when we go back to America well if you watch this presentation I speak about the brics Nations and I speak about America and how these um incidences are going to be replicated in America as well and um I'm not going to speak about what the presentation is about because I it wasn't allowed on YouTube so um you can read the slide for yourself and go investigate this presentation for yourself however when we look at what's happened recently we see that the parallels are now occurring in the United States of America and these parallels have a lot to do with the location of the incidences um so location location location location is everything and if you look at what happened with the train derailment in Ohio we know that there is also a Federal Reserve in Cleveland Ohio here we see that there's a Federal Reserve in Philadelphia and we noticed that these incidence is happening as well in Philadelphia and so for a fuller picture of that and regarding prophecy in motion because this presentation is called prophecy in motion you can go and watch that prophecy here the rituals are now complete and here we just see it playing out as it is supposed to be playing out and why is it happening well because location is everything so um what I wanted to say I'm going to interpret this event that has happened in um in Philadelphia what happened was that there was a truck carrying gasoline the gasoline caught fire the fire causes the bridge to break and the firemen camp with water to put out the fire so what's really going on what is this symbolism behind it I'm going to decode decode the event that happened on Sunday for everybody so we know that there is a war for the Petro dollar Petro dollar that is a wharf for the Petro dollar um we know that there's de-dollarization currently happening and that's why we have gasoline been involved in this particular incident right because the truck had gasoline it caught fire because why the Petro dollar is going to go up in smoke it's going to go up in fire um it's no longer going to be the dominant force that drives this particular Commerce and the old mechanisms that held things in place regarding bridges are going to break we see that there was firemen at the scene and the firemen used water to put out the fire and water symbolic of liquidity we've already spoken about this extensively so what's going to fix this uh Petro dollar issue is liquidity right and the new solution is obviously this bridge needs a new bridge they need to build a new bridge it's not going to work the country's not going to work these people are not going to be able to go back to work and use their normal routes that they use to get to work they're going to have to rebuild the bridge so there you go that's the interpretation of what's actually going on and why this is happening they're telling everybody what is about to transpire and so this is the first part of my presentation speaking about what's happened in um Philadelphia and why it's important to be uh in tune with the Holy Spirit and what's actually going on and so the confusion that a lot of people are feeling in America as Pam says it makes me think what's really going on oh well what's really going on is that um things are being positioned so that a new system is put into place so when we speak about camels I made a presentation about the four currencies to rule and Reign and I spoke about Joseph's inheritance when we speak about camels um how the Lord speaks to me he draws parallels he give me a picture or a symbol and then those things run much deeper someone asked if one of the ways the Lord speaks to you is through dreams and yes he does speak through dreams that's one of the primary ways the Lord will speak is through dreams and um so when the Lord speaks to me like he spoke to me about camels the picture that he gave me personally was ships and so how God speaks to me is not just on a surface level he speaks to me on um uh personal devil and then also a geopolitical level and that is part of the Joseph and mantle as well Joseph was involved in geopolitics if you look at the life of Joseph you know that he was involved in um decoding Pharaoh's dream and Pharaoh's dream had to do with geopolitics it wasn't just affecting Pharaoh it was affecting the nation of Egypt and the world so Joseph the Joseph mantle also when you carry the Joseph mantle the Lord will show you things on a bigger scale as well so when we when when we decoding the camels and what the camels actually mean um it's more than just the Evergreen ships that Joseph will receive right but the Lord is also speaking to me specifically about the ships that are going to break the system because Joseph can't receive his Evergreen ships if the system doesn't break so the system has to break and more recently what the Lord has been showing me is that the ships uh that are going to break the system are coming in two aspects and the first aspect is the oil spill and I've already placed a dream that I've had regarding oil spills and then the second aspect which we're talking about today is the Yuan the Yuan now um the ships and the yuan is what we're going to be discussing today in terms of um the d-dollarization the d-dollarization and ships and how the camels are linked into this um the camels which are the ships are linked into the dollarization we know that Joseph's camels are going to produce you see if we if we go back here this side there's camels um on the Petro dollar side but then also on the water side there's camels I hope you guys are following me so on the Petro dollar side those camels and on the water side there's camels when we're looking at Joseph we know that the Waterside which is the liquidity are his camels right but when we are considering the the Petro dollar and gasoline we're speaking about the Yuan the Yuan right and so now I'm going to show you guys a um clip from my Twitter feed of all the things that have been happening yesterday on Sunday as well or Sunday or Monday um regarding the particular events of the ships and linking them to the you are so let's watch that now it's my Twitter feed which I'm going to be speaking about um what's happened recently with the um with you on and here we see that uh Pakistan's uh imported Russian oil and they've paid for it using the new one all right so instead of the US dollar that you can find at Watcher but Guru and here we see an article that's highlighting that Russian crude oil is now being exported and the um the new one is being used uh the paid for its first government to government import of Russian crude oil in Chinese currency so when this is history being made these are the first sort of transactions and here you'll see they're celebrating the arrival of the crude oil [Music] do do it and this is basically uh part of the celebration of you know the new system being birthed and people not using uh the US dollar which was restrictive in terms of trade for them and now they're using different forms or currency to purchase crude oil and the currency of choice it looks like is the Chinese you are here you see more D dollarization News Egypt is in talks with India China Russia and China on paying Imports with alternatives to the US dollar um and they're talking about the new one and Aruba and here you see uh in first Pakistan pays for Russian oil in Chinese Yuan the first cargo cargo of Russian crude oil arranged under a new deal struck between Islamabad and Moscow arrived in Karachi in on Sunday so this happened on Sunday as well as the um Philadelphia news traffic on Sunday so there's that parallel of what's happened you see what's happened in Philadelphia with the bridge and what's happened in terms of the arrival of the camels through that parallel because I hope it's all starting to make sense and here you see that Russian cargo vessels carrying a hundred thousand tons of crude oil is by schedule and is now expected to reach the port on the 7th of June officials told so here you see the ships the cargo ships the camels are coming that's how the Lord speaks in parallels see well that's how the Lord speaks to me in parallels and here again you see the celebration of um the crude oil arriving in the port and people are happy that they're finding a work around around the US dollar again there you see the camels are in the form of ships and they're carrying crude oil by carrying crude oil so I hope this is showing everybody you know the the importance of what the Lord is saying on a prophetic level you know but also on the natural level there's things happening actually in the natural and this is why this presentation is called prophecy immersion and so somebody asked about which you want to purchase so I'll be discussing that next right so a question that I had from one of my subscribers and they've asked me here hello dear with your intuition capabilities I would like to invest in the digital Yuan but which one to choose between e c n y e u n and y c c by your intuition which one to buy question mark question mark question mark this comment came off of my four currencies to rule in Rain presentation so um I cannot tell you what to buy I can only tell you what I do I pray I pray because not everything that sounds good is good just because something sounds like it will be a good investment does not necessarily mean it will be a good investment and this is where the children of God fall down they listen to all these prophetic videos and then they go and just buy all these random things and they don't first ask the Lord if this is for them should they go and do this right because what the Lord has been showing me is that a lot of these things that are um being Shield online through the prophetic are linked to things that he has no part in and what I mean by that is that a lot of it light and darkness does not mix right so if the the background of an item is is is is got to do with the demonic I don't necessarily think that the Lord will be telling you to invest in those things right there's a particular coin um that's got to do with their rabbit I think and the rabbits if you research is um has got to do with monsters and it's it's very demonic it's exceptionally demonic and I do not believe that the Lord would be calling his children to invest in things that are demonic and so that's why if you hear us things about rabbits or cats or whatever it is that is going on out there in in in in the wealth transfer Community you need to pray you need to pray and ask God if it's for you because sometimes things that their spiritual things happening as well when you invest so um I don't want to go on too much of a tangent because I've gone on a tangent there and I'm sorry about that anyway going back to the you one pray ask the Lord if this is for you right because there is a principality in China right it is a principality in China and you need to be positioned and protected before you go into Covenant with these things right before you invest in these things before you spend your money on these things don't just spend your money on things because this is a sure way to get yourself into trouble if you do not ask the Lord if it is for you another thing is do your research from the very superficial research that I've done I know that the U1 is paged to the physical U1 the digital one it can expire there's pros and cons to expiration of money and so far I only see cons it's controlled by the government it's monitored by the government and the government is ruled by a principality right so this is why you need to pray about things you don't just go and invest just because you heard somebody who has the gift of prophecy prophesying about this I'm not saying those people are incorrect but you need the anointing to be able to to carry um these things in your wallet to carry these things in your pocket to carry these things in your home if you do not have the anointing to destroy yolks and you if you do not have the anointing to to be able to conquer like how David conquered Goliath then you would be very foolish to go and partner with Goliath because Goliath will crush you Goliath will crush you and I'm talking about spiritually have wisdom have wisdom people so the Lord must give you Revelation about a matter right so he gave me Revelation that China will be instrumental in what happens with the New York Stock Exchange the Lord has also given me Revelation of the principality that governs China right and the Lord has given me Revelation that there'll be four currencies that are backed by God and those currencies Will Rule and reign um and I don't know what currencies are in this nugget however I will go and pray about it and I will I'll seek the Lord and say Lord is the Yuan something that people like myself have the anointing to be invested in or is it just a case of me warning people because just because I got Revelation doesn't mean I should go and invest maybe my assignment is only just to deliver a message and then let the people um be warned forewarned as foretold so the saying goes so to answer this particular gentleman's question you need to go and pray and fast and seek the Lord and see if this is if you carry the anointing to be able to destroy the Yokes in the areas of certain principalities if you do not carry their anointing do not invest is my advice so I know that I spoke about the um the the Giants recently and the Lord has been speaking to me about the the presentation on Giants and a lot of it's the meat of God's word and the Lord is showing me that this presentation people are not ready to receive this presentation because I need to First speak about acan and how some people are going to lose all their wealth because of not understanding certain principles you see you cannot go out in battle and face Giants if you have not conquered yourself you cannot go out and do things for the kingdom if you are not conquered yourself because it's a Surefire recipe for open doors for the enemy to come in and kill steal and destroy if you have not conquered yourself and so that's why I haven't yet spoken about the Giants because I perceive in the spiritual realm that people still need to hear other teachings and when the Lord releases me to to share on acan I will and strategies to avoid being a can and strategies to be able to take on Giants and so just pray for me as I um prepare those things in the background for everybody I'm not sure when they'll be released um I go with what the Lord leads me to to release at that moment and even though people have requested that I make a presentation on Giants when the time is right I will make the presentation on Giants I don't just go with what people have um requested of me I go with what the Lord leads me to share and so I hope this presentation has blessed everybody it's just an update on what prophecy in motion and what's actually going on and that um the Lord is really leading us I want to say one more thing regarding the Lakers and the Lakers stadium and um the dream I had about the Lakers uh Stadium when I was reflecting back on it the Lord showed me that there was a Sandy path on my way to the Lakers Stadium it was a Sandy path and there was water on either side and when I reflected back on that it it the Lord the Holy Spirit was telling me that that is a parting of the Red Sea because when when the sea Parts they sand at the bottom right and in my dream they were sand at the bottom of the path that led to the Lakers Stadium if you go watch that dream and so The Parting of the Red Sea and the dates that they have put on um stopping institutional use for is the 21st of June and the 21st of June is also I think the summer solstice and a key date and so I just was wondering you know if the the dream which is alluding to The Parting of the Red Sea because of the sand um in the middle is is also telling me or is is referencing um a Time Point as well because they've now announced that the 21st of June is when they will be um stopping these institutions from from um using the platform the platform and whether it is a Time point or whether it's just a and a continuation of what the Lord is saying in terms of the Red Sea is parting and this is part of the Red Sea parting I do not know we'll see if that unfolds in the future so anyway thank you very much for watching and June is the year of the month of Celebration the Lord has been showing me that June is the month of Celebration we're going to celebrate we're celebrating there's a lot to celebrate in uh June and this is my understanding that it is Trump's birthday this month so that is another celebration so if you've made it to the end um thank you very much for watching I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section regarding the you on and what you guys have been shown by the Lord regarding the new one and I hope this presentation has blessed you and I hope this ministry is blessing you thank you very much for everybody who is um adding a small part in terms of giving a gift to this ministry if you are giving a gift in any any way or if you have given a gift in any way know that I pray for you know that you're you're you're planting into good soil know that your inheritance is linked to my inheritance because um you're sewing into what the Lord is saying and doing in my own life and in the spiritual realm we hooked up and so I want to thank everybody if you're giving whether it's the smallest of gifts um one US dollar up to whatever it is that the Lord has placed on your heart to give I'm so grateful um I never expect anything um and when the Lord does use people to give out of their obedience it always blesses me tremendously to know that people are being led to give they're not being um you know coerced into giving it's something that they the Lord places on their heart that's that they should do and because of that obedience you not only bless me but it goes on to speak volumes in the Kingdom of Heaven on your part so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end

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