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Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Applause] foreign [Music] [Applause] foreign [Applause] veteran and political activist Jeremy McKenzie known as the Raging dissident was just notified that he can no longer do banking in Canada part of ending the relationship towards it today um you're not to visit any of the Scotiabank branches or Bank promises in person with their first getting written consent in advance from the bank from management so I banned from the bank but it doesn't matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep because the banks are planning on taking all of your money to pay off their debts I mean it's a little bit conflicted right I mean it's important that people understand they can be bailed in but you don't want a huge run on the institution but they have I mean they're going to be that's the FDIC currently has less than 200 billion dollars in assets to win ensure over 9 trillion that's just 1.3 percent they know that a system collapse is coming and they are already planning for bail-ins as trust begins to fail the people will begin to withdraw their funds which will only guarantee a banking collapse this is known as a bank run in 2012 the international monetary fund known for their reputation of coercion violence and extortion published staff discussion notes entitled from bailout to bail in mandatory debt restructuring of systemic financial institutions after the 2008 crisis the world learned what a bailout is trillions of taxpayer dollars printed out of thin air to pay off the bankers bad habits it was hugely unpopular but pales in comparison to a bail in so what exactly is a bail in it is a fish initially obfuscated with elaborate equations but to put it simply it is when the bank steals your money directly from your account they called it haircuts when they did it in Cyprus back in 2013 which the courts later ruled was legit and a recent video on Tick Tock shows that the new bail-ins may have already begun so I'm a Bank of America and everybody's missing money I'm also missing money over thirteen hundred dollars and they're telling me to call customer service and they keep hanging up on people it's another question here he's also made some money so we're trying to see what's going on money's missing today and weed our money and you're already telling us to call customer service and customer service some service ain't doing nothing about it so just a heads up it's anybody's experiencing this please let us know because this is not right I missed some 1400 from my account and they're telling me that there is no way they can help us this guy's missing money too this other person makes money too and he's like you missing money too there you go so this is not something that's just one person this and everybody's happening to him and this is crazy this is very crazy yes Bank of America decided to take people's money without their consent and we're asking what's going on are they giving us a run around great to see you too I'm doing well good yeah he's always seem to have a good smile on your face so you and I were talking before the show about what could best be described as strange things happening with our money supply so I know you have a few different images and charts when you pull up so I'll let you guide and where you want to start with this discussion yeah so first let's look at the you know a lot of your views or viewers um probably go to this site often and all they ever look at is the very top left the national debt right because it's like spinning out of control but there's so much meat on this site if you dig dig in deep to it so it talks about the taxes the taxes per person it talks about how much expenditures we have what are gross domestic product is you know all of that stuff but there's a very if you go to the very right down here there's a very some interesting things about halfway down the dollar to Silver ratio the dollar to gold ratio even the dollar to oil ratio right starting in like on January 1st I was noticing this and it was showing zero it's like zero it's like okay database glitch somebody didn't type in the right stuff into the right column right um but then that went on for a week and it went on for two weeks and it never changed I'm thinking what gives because I remember last so last let's see it was just December 31st because I looked I mean this is like these things I look at all the time the end of 2022 silver was at 497 dollars an ounce and gold was like at 30 a little over three thousand and a year ago January a year ago what this number showed was silver at 2900 and gold at 21 000. so it just to understand so this is showing the like what you're talking about the dollar to Silver ratio meaning like what's that mean in layman terms because obviously it's not saying this is the price of silver per ounce right is it no what's what's that what's that measurement showing us it's what it should be right so so what this page shows us is what the price should be right because when you have an increase in the money supply over time and the number of ounces that are actually coming out of the ground it's it says okay with the number of dollars that floating around out there that they just keep printing like there's no tomorrow versus the number of ounces that the miners are pulling out of the ground silver on December should have been 497 dollars an ounce but he but a year ago it should have been twenty nine hundred dollars an ounce that just shows you how undervalued the assets are how much of an amazing buying opportunity it is you know with all the money in circulation just floating out they're just printing like there's no tomorrow gold should have been twenty one thousand dollars an ounce you know a year ago but but it wasn't it was like 1700 or 1600 whatever it was right um but here's where it starts to get really really interesting because when it went to zero and I thought it was a database glitch it's like okay not a database glitch because when you look at what how it's measured you know you just click on the little asterisk next to it and it says the the dollar to Silver ratio is basically the year over year increase in the M2 money supply divided by the yearly World production of silver so what is the M2 money supply M2 money supply is checking account savings accounts CDs and money markets it's basically everything that we have that's liquid that's M2 okay short-term you know short to rate short duration to immediate duration money it's liquid so if it's zero you can't divide anything by zero because it'll give you a zero right so what does that tell tells me this wasn't a database glitch the money supply is shrinking [Music] debt and taxes this is real Financial education what they don't teach you at school so there's three kinds of people in the world when it comes to money there's an investor a Trader and a Speculator I am an investor I wasn't a Trader a Trader somebody's going to buy it and sell it like in real estate it's kind of a flipper they buy a house to flip it that's what Traders do and a spec committer is a gambler and I would say most people who are chasing Dodge coins and all this other stuff and Bitcoin and they're Spectators they're all kind of gamblers whole thing will go up that's not what I do I am an investor you see and the guys who are losing money right now is because you're not a Trader you're a speculative and one is because in 1944 there was a thing called the Bretton Woods agreement so in 1944 at Bretton Woods New Hampshire [Music] foreign [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] people who have money in the bank and former bureaus have been trying to take that money out to preserve their wealth but now the government has imposed Capital controls and what's called the bank holiday where people are limited to how much money they can take out each day so that leads to a huge collapse in the economy because people don't have money to spend and they can't pay their bills and they're also budget cuts things like pensions and social safety net unemployment very high specially among the Young [Music] the idea of this correct fit as it's called could be contagious and then furthermore it could have really dire consequences for the Greek people the introduction of an alternative currency it would fall in value against the Euro and that's impoverishing to people and it would be very expensive as the new currency depreciated against the euro there's a saying in economics if you're going to forecast forecast often in this case I think you want to forecast almost hour by hour given how volatile the situation is and how fluid it is

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