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Cyber Attacks Dream

foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] under your grace I need it is [Music] well shabbat shalom everybody today we'll be talking about cyber warfare and black arts and I'll be talking about a dream I had and I feel like it is a good time to share that dream regarding Aviation because of what has happened in America with the aviation sector so let's start off by looking at the dream so last year on the 23rd of February I dreamed of aircrafts that could no longer navigate but however it's not very clear to me from the dream um what the blackouts were regarding the inability to navigate because they could no longer navigate but in the dream there was some sort of blackout but it's not very clear um and that caused the aircraft's electronics to be knocked out or the pilots to be knocked out so that's why I say it's not clear because it was either the electronics that were compromised or the pilots that were compromised in the dream and as a result what happened was the the aircrafts began to crash but particularly when attempting to land they could not land so they were coming in for the landing and they began to crash and the pilots could not land the planes and the crashes were fatal right the crashes were fatal so um when I had this dream last year in February on the 23rd I was um sleeping in the afternoon I was having an afternoon nap because remember at that time I still very unwell last year so I used to sleep a lot in the afternoons and I had woken up from my afternoon nap and the dream Disturbed me greatly so what I did is I I text my older brother who is Sean I mentioned Sean in a video I made earlier this year and um I I woke up immediately and I text him can you see the 24th of February and um so actually 24 so this should read 24 rather than 23 sorry made a mistake 24 for February um so I'd woken up on the 24th of February and I text him impromptu I didn't even greet him and I said just in case there's cyber attacks look at how to land a plane manually because that's what came to me as I woke up from the dream I felt like he needed to learn how to land a plane manually because of cyber attacks because here you could see that they were attempting to land but they couldn't land you see in the dream the the pilots couldn't land and um so I woke up and I texted my brother I said just in case um there's cyber attacks make sure you know how to land a plane manually and then he replied and he said hi I can land a plane manually smiley face um and got it manually too I think he's referring to his his pilot license when he did his pilot license he was qualified in uh training to land a plane manually I'm not sure what that means and then he says yeah things are getting very bad in the world and then um obviously I left it at that because I was satisfied and then later on I said okay good I acknowledge that he can land a plane manually and I said I cover you with the blood of Jesus um and then I put here please don't mind my informal texting I had no idea this would be on YouTube um and I called him the next day to explain myself and explain the dream and I prayed with him and he explained to me that he could actually land a plane and he he didn't need to freshen up because the planes that he's currently flying um and still flies are the older models of aircrafts which are not dependent on [Music] um computers right they don't depend on computers most of the modern aircrafts depend on computers and the process is automated and the pilot uses the computers to navigate and he uses the computers to help land so my brother's in the fortunate position and that he he's still using the older aircrafts which require greater skill your skill set has to be greater when you're flying the older aircrafts and so I was satisfied with that and I I left it at that and um there you can see he sends me another message hi Kim on the 4th of March um I added this um message from WhatsApp as just evidential proof of this dream because when I looked at my dream journal I couldn't find this dream I hadn't written it down or maybe I'd written it down somewhere else but not in my dream journal so I had to go back on WhatsApp and sift through the messages from last year to retrieve the date of when I actually had that dream and messaged my brother about the dream so in the dream I see aircraft's Crash Landing like this and they they're burning flames and um there's no survivors because the the crashes are quite um you know the flames and everything it's quite severe in terms of the extent to which the plane crashes it's not a gentle crash it seems as though it's quite a big crash but then in the dream I also see something that looks like a pole um just before the airplane crashes now it's not clear what the pole is or why the pole is there but I do see a pole and then the the airline's crashing now I've put a power pole here but it I don't necessarily think it was a power pole but there was a pull and that's what I saw in the dream I saw um Pilots being unable to navigate because of blackouts and it's not clear it was the blackouts with the electronics or with the pilot uh the pilots and then the uh the aircrafts are unable to land and the pilots can't land the plate and then there's no survivors so when when looking at blackouts it's important to know that you can interpret it in various ways it could be medical problems because Pilots are collapsing due to um what's happening recently with the medical field the use of um certain medication has been causing lots of uh people to collapse um unexpectedly and collapsing is a form of blackout when you collapse you can black out it's a type of medical blackout but then there's also the blackouts like what we see with what happened with the aviation uh system in America with the FAA there was a short term it disruption with the software which caused the systems to go down and the aviation system was unable to do their respective correspondence through the software that they use so they claim according to what was released yesterday on the news that this what happened in America was not the result of cyber attacks although the investigation is still pending um black ads could also indicate system failures so you could have mechanical failures on aircrafts for whatever reason and system outages so you know you could have the engine failing or the electronic surveillance so there's various ways in which you can interpret blackouts but instinctively when I had the dream last year in February on the 24th in the afternoon after my nap I instinctively felt like I needed to mention cyber attacks um with regards to manually Landing a plane so I just thought I'd share that with you guys and um here you see that the FAA outage the White House says no evidence of Cyber attack Biden briefed on Grounded flights so this they're claiming that it wasn't that however if you look at January the amount of um cyber attacks that have been happening have increased just from January the 1st up until January the 11th or 12th which is today the amount of cyber incidences have increased across the board and to give you guys an example uh here you see um if you just type in cyber attacks you'll see in the United Kingdom the Royal Mail Service which is the service that um allows all the posts to be delivered to people has had a severe Cyber attack just yesterday not just that also the Guardian newspaper which is um one of the top newspapers in the um United Kingdom also had a Cyber attack yesterday what's interesting is that if you click on this particular one um notice that they say the newspaper headlines Royal Mail Cyber attack and mortgage default warning so that was today earlier today in the morning they're warning us about a mortgage default which is exactly what happened in 2008 in the uh the housing market problem that we saw in 2008 with America so it's interesting that they're linking cyber attacks and mortgage defaults um as a subliminal to warn people and here you see with the guardian that the um cyber attacks have increased and there's something to do with 17.5 million pounds um what I found interesting as well when I was researching this yesterday is that um their recently Lloyds of London um Lloyds of London which is a bank um I can't spell which is not great Lloyds of London has released a sorry has released a insurance policy and this is an old article I can't really find the one I looked up yesterday but Lloyds of London which is a bank uh it resets its system following potential Cyber attack which was around Rosh Hashanah but what they've also done is introduced a insurance policy to cover cyber attacks and they did that yesterday um [Music] um see if I can find that um maybe it'll help if I spelled it correctly no it's not Google is not playing fair today so but there is an article you guys can go look it up for yourself with regards to Lloyds of London and the insurance policy um which they recently launched for January which I found really interesting so there's an increase in cyber cyber attacks that are happening particularly in the UK but around the world as well so this is something to be mindful of and we see that there were there is bizarre outages when it comes to different countries such as the Philippines uh the USA um and South Africa why the airports have come to a standstill so here we see that the FAA in America is working to restore its notice to air mission system we are performing final validation checks and reloading the system now operations across the national airspace system are affected we will provide frequent updates as we make progress so this was yesterday that they reloaded things which really raises my eyebrow as to um the actual reason of what's actually going on because this is all very strange that this is occurring at the moment where we have an increase in cyber warfare and then I had a lovely email from FM thank you so much FM yesterday she said dear Kim I have to share this with you my dad sent this news article to the whole family not sure why and here you see travel chaos which is linked to uh Financial chaos if you do an extended metaphor and I decided to read it as it was about planes being grounded in the USA so obviously she may be uh it it it resonated with her because she'd watched my videos on my dreams regarding planes being grounded so she she read it and she says that according to her discernment the first thing that was highlighted was the article mentions uh ripple effect you know this problem is going to cause a ripple effect and the end result are going to be similar to the big weather events again they're referencing the 23rd of December which was the big the big storm the storm of a generation so here when they say Ripple they're referencing finances linking it back to um Ripple because these things are all linked and I'd like to thank one of my subscribers in Singapore who works in the aviation industry in Singapore and they sent me this confirmation on the 10th of January now before I see show you guys the confirmation which I feel is uh phenomenal when it comes to my dream regarding airplanes no longer being able to navigate because of potential cyber Earth threats this was sent to me as confirmation I just wanted to say that the confirmation links three things and I will come back to the slide after the video regular person is called Joseph but not only is he called Joseph he speaks about Goshen that's not why it was sent to me it just happens to be a coincidence that he speaks about Goshen wide was sent to me is because of the dream I had about Aviation and that I shared with my brother and this particular pilot from Singapore and because he had watched my the subscriber from Singapore had watched my videos on um aircrafts being grounded and that's why he contacted me so let's listen Herod then judged John the Baptist but later on Herod was eaten by worms now there's a lot going on with this narrative but in the end Jesus was Lord Jesus was glorified and all these narratives and events that will unfold will begin to become something that you begin to see the gospel will be reached and preached around the world thank you Jesus I just hope there's not so many People Pumped full of the Antichrist practice serum that we have enough people to get out there and actually preach the gospel because the long-term effects of what's going on we don't know yet but it's amazing how many people sign up and pump themselves full of this stuff okay now here's the deal maybe it's going to be just fine and if it's your free moral agency and you feel like you need to do it I love you listen to me I have friends who do it I have friends that have done it and I have nothing but warmth and love for them maybe some people had no choice and they said I had to do it or you just think this is what I want to do but if you have regret and maybe you're having a little bit of uh remorse over the serum maybe what you need to do is consider getting on a detox regimen and there's things we can talk about with that and we're going to begin to provide more and more of this foreign it's a prophetic fall type guys we're coming into the fall real prophets are going to stand up the Lord has uh been ministering to me again about our team and what we need to do ministering to me about a guild of prophets a guild of prophetic voices that's going to come forward and I believe we're going to begin to see this narrative unfold Edward I think in 22 you're going to see the real prophetic voices it's almost like a lot of them got weeded out in 2020 a lot of them got weeded out but I believe that we're going to begin to see the real profits come forward the guilds are coming forward you're going to see this now 2022 is not going to be easier than 21. it's not there's going to be more pressure more challenges more difficulty more shaking more volcanic activity more earthquakes more tsunamis more uh weather patterns more of everything in a variety of levels you know I was praying before uh Southwest stood up I was praying about that and as I was praying about it I remember hearing and I didn't know about Southwest I didn't have that Airline on my mind or even on my heart if the Lord would have showed that to me I would have shared it with you but I didn't see Southwest but I saw airplanes and so I'm going to share this now just like I shared uh the ships on the ocean watch for hacking of Airlines watch for the hacking of Airlines and as that begins to happen it could even be that there's a concern with Airlines crashing it could even be a concern where things begin to crash or there's great fear or the whole system gets hacked and I believe there's a lot of hacking going on there's also going to be a great narrative listen to me I'm prophesying to you there's also a great narrative we need to watch for uh with nuclear hacking I believe there's a nuclear crisis that's coming through hacking hacking the digital uh networks of nukes of the nuclear stockpiles I believe that there's something coming where we're going to hear about it and go oh and they'll brush it off but listen for it because I believe that there's going to be all of this I believe cyber warfare is going to be the next Frontier like we've never even thought about before cyber warfare it's coming and I think it's going to involve nuclear things it's going to involve power grids like we've never understood before it's going to involve everything from your daily activity to your cell phone all the way to nuclear capacity and even digital things with your vehicles but it's coming it's coming I think blackouts indeed are coming I think they're saving a few of these options or maybe they're not even aware of them and it's just going to happen but what's going to take place with this is you're going to hear that then in the middle of all that you're going to hear The Narrative of climate change You're Going to Hear The Narrative of the carbon footprint and they will begin to bring that as another Avenue of great pressure and why we need to basically shut down and do these things because they're going to say this is the real crisis how stupid can people be they're saying this is the real crisis when these things are happening but listen I'm saying to you Jesus is making a way for you right now to begin to live move and have your being listen to this very clearly hang in here with me God is something powerful to say to you today I'm going to show you something from the word of God this is going to get your praise on you're going to feel good about this one God's going to bring strength to you I feel so much power over this in Jesus name praise God I like this I'm going to jump in here it's Psalm 34. let me just give you a little bit from the word you want to hear this it's going to encourage your heart today Psalm 34 it says I will bless the Lord at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth this is our household it should be yours too praise just repels the darkness you guys my soul shall make its boast in the Lord The Humble shall hear it and be glad o magnify the Lord of me let us exalt his name together I like this verse 4 Psalm 34 verse 4 it says I sought the Lord and he heard me God hears you he's hearing you right now he ain't leaving you in hey forsaken you this is Goshen baby it might be dark in Egypt but it's light in your house look at this I love it he says this is Goshen baby and again it's just confirming so this video was sent to me because of cyber warfare um attacks on aircrafts crashing and the synchronicity is amazing because not only is he speaking about the this video is from last uh from 2001 2021 sorry so two years ago and he's speaking about Goshen and uh airplanes and crashing which lines up with my Ministry and what I've been saying about uh the dream I've just shared with you with my brother uh with the cyber warfare and airplanes crashing and now he's speaking about my mission for and my assignment for 2023 which is to raise up the Josephs and to build Goshen he's linking Goshen to um not being fearful in a time of cyber warfare in a time of troubles in a time of um increased negative news because Goshen was the city of light it was where things passed over you know they were not affected it was The Sovereign Place of Egypt those people who lived in Goshen were the people who were protected who were immune to what the enemy might be trying to do and it aligns perfectly with what I've been teaching for the past four weeks maybe even five now regarding ocean so uh this is the part that I got well excited about not so much that the dream confirmed or the prophetic word confirmed my my prophetic dream it's more the fact that he started speaking about Joseph sought the Lord and he heard me you need to start seeking God and he hears you he delivered me from what all my fears all my fears all my fears were delivered from all the fear folks look at this they looked to him I love this verse so much they look to him and were radiant radiant light and Goshen the presence of God the peace of God look at this their faces were not ashamed one version says their faces were not covered in shame look at this it says and the poor man cried out this poor man cried out and the Lord heard him and this is your word and saved him out of all his troubles the angel of the Lord in camps all around those who fear Him and he delivers them this is your word right now verse 8 oh taste and see the Lord is good blessed is the man who trusts in him oh fear the lord you his Saints there is no want for those who fear in him who fear Him verse 10 the Young Lions May lack and suffer hunger but those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing that's why we gotta feed and train the Young Lions or they'll go out there with all this uh motivation in their heart they'll have strength on them but they'll go and starve because they don't have fathers and old Lions to feed them they don't have the burnt Stones telling them what to do it's because the Young Lions will run out there with their power but they don't have wisdom now listen here's something I want to say to you very clearly Jesus is Lord and he's making a way for you right now I believe more than ever before and now here's a prophetic word for you those who are bold those who stand forward those who put their faith in the Lord like Psalm 34 is saying when you do this there is an unprecedented double for your trouble paid in full anointing there's the ability to increase and break through like never before God's not leaving you no way all this Darkness that's going on if you watch this program we'll talk about this this and that but wait here's the good news every time the answer is the same when you begin to put your heart and mind in the Lord Jesus Christ you will not only win those around you you'll lead your generation and you will have Supernatural provision in times of trouble much like Joseph in the Book of Genesis would Joseph I love it I love it I love it I love it I can't get enough of it the fact that he now brings it back home to hit that home run he's hitting some serious home runs in this uh clip when it comes to me agreeing with him in terms of our Spirits agreeing he he brings it full circle and he starts speaking about how Joseph is the one that's going to be okay despite you know cyber attacks despite nuclear threat despite plagues despite famine despite he he he brings a full circle and again affirming what the message I've been trying to teach you guys yes I may mention negative dreams I may be warning you about negative dreams but I'm encouraging you and strengthening you and edifying you and saying listen if you're in Covenant with God because God is a covenant-keeping God and if you Covenant with him to say Lord um I want to be your Joseph I want to be the person who carries forward your kingdom mantle I want to be the person who is a light a city in a hill that cannot be hidden because when it comes to covenants what most people don't understand is that you've got to put yourself forward God doesn't force you you've got to say Lord I Want to Build Your Kingdom I want to help your people I want to be the light in a in a city that can't be hidden um it's not one-sided you see the blood of Jesus allows us to enter in the blood of Jesus is our primary Covenant that allows us to um say um that we have the grace of God Upon Our Life but it's only once you accept the blood of Jesus that you in Covenant with God similarly it comes out of your free will to say to the Lord I am willing to step forward and be a Joseph I am willing to be a city on a hill that cannot be hidden and that's the message that I was I've been teaching consistently from um the beginning of my Ministry Book of Genesis he began to rise up in the culture and during that difficult time it says when all the money this is in Genesis when all the money failed in Egypt the people they came to Joseph why because a man with a word from God is never at the mercy of a cultural disaster never at the mercy of a society that is completely corrupt never at the mercy of a failing government never at the mercy of the spirit of antichrist and even if it gets as bad as the Tower of Babel we have the god that confused their language amen thank you Jesus so let me see so that is the video that was sent to me with regards to confirming my dream that um the pilot in Singapore said have a look at um you know he gave me the time stamp and he said look at 33 minutes where he speaks about uh the aircrafts being affected by cyber warfare but I continued to watch past you know when he speaks about the dream and he mentions Joseph and I've I found that a wonderful wonderful wonderful uh confirmation so um that's how God can use anybody or anything to speak you see I didn't I didn't um go out looking for that video which was sent to me by this wonderful person in Singapore he's confirming things through people by allowing them to send me these links and God can use anybody to speak similarly when I mentioned Beau Pony the other day a lot of people got you know their knickers in a knot because of bull Pony but God can use Bo Pony and Bo Pony confirmed exactly what I was saying with regards to Goshen Joseph and America being a covenant Nation because there was much contention around covenants as well so um that's uh really what the confirmation and he links uh he talks about air travel with cyber and then Joseph and Goshen and really you can't make this stuff up if I had to try and make up all this stuff and connect all these dots together and synchronize things so that people in Singapore are messaging me with videos and people from South Africa are messaging me and you know I couldn't make this stuff up it the perfect aligning of my Ministry you see the video that I did share with you from this particular Ministry is from 2001. a 2021 it's ages away it was almost three years ago but two years ago sorry my maths is rubbish and here I am in 2023 and my assignment is really raising up Joseph's teaching about Goshen and um here you have the link with the aircrafts the aircrafts my dream with the aircrafts crashing and me letting my brother know please learn please refresh your skill set on Landing a plane manually because of cyber attacks so um you can't make this stuff up guys even if I tried my best I think um even Russell Crowe On A Beautiful Mind who had all those diagrams linking things together I don't think it would be possible to make any of this stuff up so let's look at my friend Klaus who is not really my friend uh I'm being sarcastic let's look at what he says so this is Klaus and um it's important to pay attention to what Klaus says because Klaus is a very important person in the financial Arena and if he says something best believe that he's trying to warn people you know and he warned people in 2020 when the pandemic was just about to start and let's hear what his warning is but still pay insufficient attention is a frightening scenario comprehensive Cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply Transportation Hospital services our society as a whole by 19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison through a major Cyber attack to use the covid-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons of cyber security Community can draw and improve our in preparedness for potential cyber pandemic coincidence I think not right so that was a uh tweet that I retweeted on the 11th of January by digital black C thank you digital Galaxy for your vigilance and for compiling all those articles illustrating that cyber warfare is indeed on the rise so getting back to uh my presentation um uh you know when it comes to understanding dreams um if you look at my title here I didn't call this presentation prophetic dream I called it just a dream because when it comes to negative dreams we have the power and authority to cancel the assignment of the enemy we have the power and authority to pray for the aviation sector to prevent Calamity Misfortune and mishap and so um we cover all Pilots or aircrafts or airports all passengers or um systems with the blood of Jesus we say Lord that there will be no loss unnecessary loss due to the um malicious intent of using cyber warfare for um the uh for the killing of lives or the shortening of lives father we send Angels around every aircraft in Jesus name father we send um ministering angels to be able to warn Pilots not to fly if the systems are going to be compromised to warn passengers not to get on the flights if the systems are going to be compromised give them increased discernment give them a a Awakening and an alert whereby they're not jumping on the airplanes if they are going to crash especially if they're your children and they're from the kingdom of light in the mighty name of Jesus I pray amen so when it comes to dreams what do you guys need to realize is that yes certain dreams might be prophetic but you can pray and ask the Lord to prevent Calamity Misfortune and mishap especially when it comes to his his uh his kingdom children who might be using Airlines this presentation is not to scare you so that you don't use Airlines it's to make you Vigilant so that when you jump on an aircraft you're praying Psalm 91 you are covering yourself with the blood of Jesus when you jump on an aircraft you are committing the pilots into the hands of the Lord you are committing the uh staff on the aircraft in the hands of the Lord you are committing the passengers to the Lord and you're saying Lord protect this flight because I'm on it and I'm your child so you have power and authority to be able to do that that's what most people don't understand and when it comes to uh you know what the enemy has intended for bad say for example a pilot has had the vaccine you can pray for that flight and the pilot can only collapse after the flight has occurred and therefore you save so many lives on that flight because instead of the pilot dying on the on the in mid-air with all the passengers as well you you have prayed for everybody so that you know it's just maybe one life that is affected as opposed to 300 lives that are are affected so this is how you can pray when God gives us dreams as prophetic warnings or as warnings we have the power and authority to Proclaim that you know these things do not need to occur these things do not need to affect those that are called righteous those that are called chosen by the the blood of Jesus so I hope this presentation makes sense it's just to let you guys know that these are this is a reality and this can happen so I thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end and thank you for your comments and your emails and your feedback you guys bless me with all that you do it's amazing to have you be part of uh listening to my Teaching Ministry and I'm pleased that the videos are strengthening edifying and um calling out the Josephs and telling people that you know you are a light you are a city in a hill that cannot be hidden you are Goshen whether you believe it or not whether you've had confirmation or not you are Goshen spiritually you are Goshen but financially soon you'll be able to buy Goshen which is land but spiritually you are Goshen spiritually you are called to be different spiritually you are called to be a Joseph because everybody is called for the Great Commission everybody's called to preach and teach and strengthen and help and uplift and edify everybody is in Covenant with God whether you know it or not you are in Covenant it's not about a piece of paper so I hope these things are becoming more clearer as I teach you know removing the division and the Darkness that might exist because the enemy's trying to come in to create confusion and division no you were called for such a time as this you were raised for such a time as this you are aware awake and alert to all these things for a reason so thank you very much for watching you are so well loved shabbat shalom

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