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Updated: Nov 12, 2023

I dream about the Lakers basketball stadium & the interpretation I gave is about the stadium being none accessible.

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Brother Keith did a video regarding the insight of this dream

Transcript of Brother Keith's video

what's up everybody brother Keith here got to give you this video been praying so let's just start it out with some prayer father we thank you for this day we give you thanks Lord let this word and this dream go out to where you want it to go let it let the words of your servant be used to give the warning and let the people take the warning and act responsibly Lord father you've risen us all up for a time is this so father we ask father God that you have mercy on our brothers and sisters in California as well as the United States concerning concerning things to come in Jesus name we pray amen okay before I deliver the dream a couple things I gotta lay down number one um sometimes you can get a prophetic dream but you as a Believer you have the authority you can pray it away uh when I say pray it away a bunch of Believers you can get together and pray it away or ask God to avert it you can ask God to change it you can uh literally ask God to ease his hand of judgment you can um ask the Lord to uh for a reprieve um Nineveh in the Bible that was a city where the Prophet had announced Jonah had announced the judgment to come upon Nineveh and God saw and heard the prayers of the people of Nineveh because they received the message of that particular prophet of the day and the Bible lets us know they were repentant in heart they repented and the Bible also lets us know that God he stopped the judgment on Nineveh it didn't happen but for people that know the history and the the history of Nineveh the Biblical history the Judgment was delayed it didn't come during that generation it actually came a generation or two later so the actual prophecy that Jonah spoke out of his mouth it still happened it just was delayed for another period of time and that's one of the things we miss it sometimes in the prophetic realm even when uh people watch uh some videos or concerning wealth transfer things of that nature um or particular cryptocurrencies it could be delayed for a certain amount of time sometimes the God's hands are delaying it sometimes you have in the spiritual realm you have the enemy uh delaying things away as well we see that in the Bible in the Book of Daniel there was uh some delaying when Daniel had the prey and fast 21 days the Bible says the Prince of Persia uh it delayed him okay but Michael the Archangel had to go and defeat the Prince of Persia for that actual blessing the manifestation of the prayer from Daniel to come to pass all right there was the delay the Bible said uh Michael had told Daniel the angel said we heard you from the first day you prayed but the Prince of Persia hindered us there was a battle in the spiritual realm so I'm just showing you in in prayer there's sometimes there's things going on where where you're praying for a thing or a prophetic word is released there's sometimes the laser hindrance sometimes it's the hand of God delaying or stopping something or it's the uh demonic forces delaying or stopping something okay so what I'm gonna bring to you is something troubling and we're going to be praying for California okay because I don't I wasn't given a timeline or anything like that uh the second piece of groundwork I have to give before I tell the dream is that I am a student of Prophecy and prophetic people I like to study the prophets I like to honor the men and women in the Bible who were before me as well as people in the modern day uh people who I could have uh tracked down or or who I've heard about or if I had a friend that knew them so when I bring up a particular Prophet it's because I respect them I respect their walk it's not that I'm necessarily a cheerleader or anything like that I'm just respecting the person I'm paying homage and I recognize that person's office I know that that particular person was an office was a prophet all right that's why I sometimes chuckle at some of these the the YouTube brothers and sisters because there's some people I know through the spirit who who is a prophet and there's other people I know who are not prophets and I know that through the spirit of God and that's why I always encourage you to pray about it pray about whatever you hear what you hear me say or what you hear other brothers say on any of these channels you should go to God about it because God will confirm to you if that person's from them don't just believe it because I say it or whichever other person says it you need to go to God directly if the word that that person is delivering if it's from him okay so I'm one when I say I'm a student of prophets I I respect so many prophets and prophetic people from the past um you name it I'm a student Smith Wigglesworth I believe he was anointed man of God and a prophet uh David Wilkerson uh anointed man of God I believe he was a prophet as well his book The Visions you can still find that you can find it online the visions that he had released a lot of the words that he released in that book The Visions it's all come to pass there's gonna be two or three things left to come to pass but one particular man of God I'm gonna bring up who is very controversial in his day when he was alive his brother William Branham William Branham was a controversial man of God there was some kind controversy but I respect this man as a prophet I respect his office um he had a particular prophecy and I'm gonna break it down with this dream okay this is a very weird dream I never had a dream like this in the dream I was I knew I was on I was over the ocean and I was headed towards California and I went in the water and in the water deep in the water I had like Supernatural Vision I could see three submarines they were all the type of submarines that can go to very very deep levels I Knew by the spirit that these submarines were from Russia they were yellow in color and they were deep submarines ago that can go very deep but I also knew the spirit that they were nuclear armed submarines and they were unmanned submarines these were submarine drones if you'd like to call them as such they were unmanned submarines that could go to very deep depths they were headed to go underneath the state of California not you heard me underneath for those of you that don't know there have been uh cases where the United States military has actually lost a submarine underneath the state of California you can research that yourself so for those of you that don't know that's how wide and expansive some parts of California is and some parts of California is uh looks like a honeycomb almost there's wide massive Caverns underneath all going around throughout the state of California and um some people that who have had visions of literally seeing Angels holding up California that's why California hasn't had any uh massive destruction because of the grace of God but now let's speak about one sometimes when the grace of God could be removed in the the dream that I saw these three submarines they all split up and went into different areas going under the state of California I knew that I by the spirit they were all nuclear unmanned submarines yellow in color and they had nuclear devices in them and I also knew that they were going to go to do a mission which I knew was to set off the the nuclear devices now as I'm seeing this I get a vision right next to me as in the water I get a vision almost like a like a miniature almost like a television screen I see Pastor William Branham who passed away in the 1960s and he was a prophet as well Mr William Branham comes up and he's in the screen and I and I see him preaching and I see and I hear the prophetic word he gave in the 1960s concerning the state of California he was prophesying about the Great Earthquake to come to California he was prophesying he was telling about it and I heard it audibly and I'm like hearing this prophet's prophecy audibly and I've looked around look next to me like see the screen with him and he's talking giving the prophecy and it shook me to the Core and I woke up I had have been held on this for a little while there was a certain YouTuber she had a dream the very week I had this particular dream I believe her her YouTube is my king Yeshua uh Sister Kim she put out this dream and I believe her dream was layered but one particular part of the dream because she's from the UK she said she saw the Los Angeles uh Center where they Place basketball would have the sporting events the arena she said she saw it surrounded by water it was surrounded by water okay and she couldn't understand why they were in yellow Hummers her family was in yellow Hummers around this thing and I just I knew her dream was layered so I'm not going to go into trying to decode her entire dream but the part where she saw the that particular place where they have award shows and the stars of the world are always gathered this place it was surrounded by water brother Branham had also prophesied Mr William Branham he also had prophesied he said this amongst personal friends and you can find this some on record he had told his son in the 1960s after this prophecy about California that and he because he repeated many times he told his son and they were standing downtown Los Angeles he said to his son you look at this area son he said before you're by the time you're an old man the Sharks will swim right here now I had to bring that just bring that part out because the Bible says we prophesy in part we know in part I'm just putting these pieces together and there's other brothers and sisters who are now releasing prophetic dreams concerning California you can do your research this is serious the reason why I'm bringing this up is for us to intercede and to pray because Christians we have the authority to pray we do it just like with Nineveh when Nineveh had the Judgment of Destruction the prophecy excuse me of Destruction coming upon Nineveh from the prophet Jonah Jonah delivered that word but the people in Nineveh they received the word and they began to pray to God and they were started repenting and fasting and God the Bible lets us know that God changed his mind he delayed it he gave them a reprieve the proof of the reprieve was that they got to live in peace the Judgment didn't come but if you check out the history of Nineveh about a generation or two later the Judgment still came to Nineveh it's just that God was so merciful the people at that particular time he had mercy on them and he stayed his hand he didn't let the Judgment come but another generation or two later that prophecy the prophetic word came to pass okay so that's a there's a lot to learn concerning prophecy as well with that so what I'm just telling people is we need to be praying for this California praying for our people in California we need to be praying seeking God uh seeking for Mercy concerning California pray pray and pray concerning the state of California all right because from what I saw in that dream I know it can happen I also know concerning whether a Warfare there is a book from Mr Steve Quayle a Christian Author I've read many of his books he has put stuff all together compiled that there are some weather events are not are not natural some weather events we have that have occurred on the Earth are from man doing different things with machines technology Etc whether it was an earthquake whether it was a storm man has manipulated weather events so you can uh feel free to look up Steve Quayle look up at his book on weather weather Warfare this is this is real it's serious stuff this really does happen and there's a Bible verse that actually says God says I will destroy them that destroy the Earth so I'm just showing you put these things together and the Holy Spirit can begin to speak to you and give this Revelation even concerning certain weather events all right there was no I don't even know if I should say this but there was no there was no uh surprise to me when a certain Nation over in the Middle East was trying to acquire uh nuclear weapons and they were trying to build nuclear technology and this happened some years ago they all of a sudden had a massive earthquake now that could have been the hand of God or it could have been some type of machinery and sophisticated technology all right these things are very possible that's why I told you that book go read it because there's a lot of things that the average person doesn't know that our militaries know that the major militaries around the world they know these things and they know how to do them so we're in a very peculiar time as we right here in America we need to be praying for California we need to also be praying for our leaders that they'll make better decisions and try to make a better compromise uh concerning Russia all right because um I'm trying to put this as nice as I can without being political you can come to a compromise with some people and things are can be better off rather than pushing for war and one thing that the Lord had showed me and this was before this dream that the Russians they will use last-ditch efforts to avoid a nuclear war so let me put this in perspective instead of having a nuclear war where everyone loses and millions and millions of people upon the face of the Earth die they can do something I.E create a natural disaster that's so big in the state of California that the United States military instead of going to go fight in Ukraine or Taiwan or in World War III efforts aiding NATO the United States military will be forced to come and help out their own and stay home and that type of thing could be done to avoid a big spill out of a major nuclear war so this is how serious the day we're living in it's it's that serious I want you to try to grasp at or comprehend that one of the things I've said in a previous video I told you guys uh concern the wealth transfer that the Lord told me that the devil would do anything to stop the wells transfer he would raise hell he will do anything to stop the wealth transfer including World War III so that's something else for you to be praying against you need to be praying against world war three you need to be praying against the Russians uh doing anything like that under the state of California as well as uh the Chinese or other governments you need to be praying for the State of California you need to be praying for peace praying that the the Lord will raise up peaceful leaders amongst these nations that we that we could come to a compromise and things don't end in blood shed these are things to be praying all right so that's what I had to drop I had to leave that with you this is a serious time we are in very serious times and prayer is definitely needed for the State of California we need prayer also uh to avoid a nuclear war or as as well as uh War we need a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine we we need to be in some serious prayer if you're sitting there at home at night saying you have nothing to pray about those are some things to pray about and you need to pray about them constantly okay so that's all I'm Gonna Leave You with um for now thank you for supporting my video my uh my channel I really appreciate you always and for those of you that support me and leave donations I really appreciate it a lot of that um it doesn't um it it doesn't really um words can't ex words can't express the gratitude that I have I really can't even express it so I just want to thank you again for supporting me God bless you

Another interpretation is given by Sister Julia

Transcript of Sister Julia's video

hey everyone so today we are going to be doing a dream interpretation for but before we start let's say a word of prayer yehovah we just want to invite your presence your spirit your rokhakodesh to be here with us today your word says that when two or three are gathered together in yeshua's name there will you also be and so we bind cast and rebuke any spirit that is not of you let your words be established in the heart and overflow into the lives of your people your children we ask the Lord for greater discernment Revelation and knowledge when it comes to the things of the spirit for we know in part and we prophesy in part your word says it is the glory of God to conceal a matter to search out and matter is the Glory of Kings Papa we desire to search out the Deep things we want to know your ways for we desire to know the secret things you said that if we being sinful by Nature know how how to give good gifts to our children how much more will our heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and continue to ask him we ask Lord for an increase in dreams Visions wisdom and discernment we desire the things of the spirit Papa I know it is your desire to give us the ruach Lord I know that you're just merely waiting for us to come to desire the things of the spirit and so we thank you for giving us the holy spirit in yeshua's name we pray amen okay guys so today we're going to be talking about the dream that my king Yeshua had the video is actually titled no access flooding in California Los Angeles it was a dream that Sister Kim had on December 2021 and she posted the video on March 10th of 2023 and so I will link the video down below I have a list of bullet points for this dream interpretation so the video itself is really short I just made a quick bullet point list of 10 points that are in her dream and we're just going to go over that and cross through the list as we go through each of the elements and what the Lord's been showing me and so it's a dream on December the 2021 and in the dream it starts off with okay so there's 10 points but it starts off with Sister Kim having tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at the Staples Center they end up renting a yellow hammer and on their way to the stadium or to the game they stopped at a service station to fuel up the stadium is surrounded by water and there are massive grotesque sea creatures in the water there's a small Sandy path that allows access to the stadium her father is driving on the small Sandy Road there is nowhere to park and so her brother drives the yellow Hummer around to the back to find parking once they find parking the family leaves the vehicle and walks towards the stadium but no one is allowed in what I want to do is just show you that I believe that all the elements of the dream are actually connected to each other the small Sandy path is connected to the vehicle and both of those elements are actually speaking about the times that we're in and then the vehicle is connected to the stadium and the stadium is speaking a lot about the risk going back to this list let's focus on points two and three which is they rented a yellow Hummer and they stopped at a service station to fuel on auto week there is this article that was published in 2020 and it speaks a little bit about the history of the Hummer which is important to go over on slide number eight it says the civilian version Arnold Schwarzenegger played a key role in the emergence of demand for privately owned Humvees now on slide 17 it says an icon of an era the gas crisis in the mid-2000s and 2008 economic crash hurt the popularity of the H2 and h3s and they became to be seen as a caricature of an era of excess and cheap oil H2 sales had slowed down to a trickle by 2009. which was the last year of production and on this final slide it says end of the line the H2 production ended in 2009 while the last H3 ruled out of the factories in 2010. I also have this fox article pulled up and it says the rise and fall of the Hummer and it kind of just goes through the history of the Humvee or the Hummer the civilian version but here you're going to see a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and it says that he arrives at a movie premiere in the year 2000 in a Hummer and in the photograph what you're seeing is a yellow H1 Hummer I believe that's the first gen and if you go further down into the article here is Arnold Schwarzenegger still drives the summer in 2019 so that was just four years ago some of the key takeaways from this is that the Hummer was popularized for being ostentatious it is notorious for gas guzzling and criticized for it seen as a flex of wealth requiring a lot of money to buy one and also drive one due to its gas consumption it's the epitome of luxury and while despite its military design so the Hummer was popularized to the use of celebrities namely Arnold Schwarzenegger and it was unable to overcome the 2008 economic recession so essentially the Hummer died due to an economic crash what's really interesting is that as of last year the Hummer is actually trying to make a comeback with an electric vehicle they want to shed their reputation as a gas guzzler and so in 2022 GMC called upon the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James who is considered the most valuable player in basketball for any of you who's not familiar with basketball but they called on him to showcase the new EV Hummer so I just want you guys to note the repeating elements of celebrity endorsements when it comes to the Hummer here's an article that I found on auto Revolution it says LeBron James shows off his very own 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck and this is an article from May of 2022. and if you remember on point number one it's they had a ticket to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at the Staples Center so here's a picture of LeBron James and his number is actually six GMC gave him a an EV vehicle with the license plate numbers six on that article in Kim's original video she posted this image of the yellow Hummer that she saw in Her Dream but this yellow Hummer is associated with an article on GM Authority the headline says custom yellow GMC Hummer EV spotted in New York City and so what we know from this article and it's it was an article posted in September of 2022 but what we know from this article is that the Hummer that you see is an electric vehicle it is the Eevee Hummer the color is actually a custom job so further down in the article if you take a look it says here notably the 2023 GMC Hummer EV pickup is offered with a total of eight paint options none of which are yellow and so if you go to the GMC website for the 2023 EV Hummers you'll see that there are two vehicles and here's a video of the Evie Hummer and this is their pickup truck and so I believe that GMC is trying to compete with Tesla and a lot of the new EV vehicles that are coming out they have been going with this theme of lunar space exploration colors so something to evoke the future and I think it's because of Tesla and SpaceX and what they're doing in trying to Usher mankind to the Future and so they've been picking color combinations of that palette now I want to show you the original gas Hummers now this is the Hummer H1 which is available off of the factory floor model available in yellow this is the H2 that was available in yellow as well and this is the H3 that was available in yellow and the very first H1s were very military and square and boxy in their design language and as it goes on to the H3 it becomes a lot more rounded and more suited towards civilians so some key takeaways from this to overview everything that we've gone over is that the original h12 and three gas Hummers were all available in the iconic yellow color from the factory the new Eevee Hummers have eight color options from the factory none of which are yellow now if you remember the previous points that we went through the Hummer was popularized through the use of celebrities and that was Arnold Schwarzenegger these were for the gas Hummers and if we go back to the slide for the Eevee Hummers we know that they the loss they've actually called on the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James to showcase the new vehicle so there is this repeating element and theme of celebrity endorsements and here's picture of LeBron James and he's wearing his Lakers shirt number six but also the color for the Los Angeles Laker is yellow so you also have that repeating theme of yellow so going back in Kim's dream there's a yellow Hummer which they stopped to fuel both the color of the Hummer and the gasoline and and the fact that they fueled it is reiterating that this is the dream is talking about the gasoline version of the Hummer and we know that they went out of business because of the 2008 economic crash both the color of the vehicle and the fueling is speaking of the economic Times that we're in and so you're seeing this repeating element in her dream that is based on repeating elements in history those are points two and three on her dream and we're just going to cross that off and move on to point number six which is the small Sandy path that allowed access to the stadium and so while I was doing a little bit of research on this I found this article on Reddit it says project Sandman describes a 100 plus Nation agreement that when triggered will see those Nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the Petro dollar when this decision is triggered the dollar and all dollar denominated assets will plunge to nearly zero overnight this redditor had a screenshot of this article I was actually not able to find the original Miami standard article which spoke about this but I was able to read through the comments and find out that this was actually based on something that Steve Quayle has been speaking about for over a decade and so I was able to find this video it's a podcast from March 10th of 2022 on the Hagman report where they talk about this and so it's like a six minute video and I'm gonna go ahead and pause my mic and play this video for you guys well operation a sandman in the death of the US dollar this is something folks you better please please pay attention to very carefully Steve Quayle specifically has been warning about this for at least a decade myself um as well on this platform but this is about the history of the oil importation and the oil development exploration uh refining all that is based on what was set up as the American dollar we were able as a nation in a country to pretty much generate an infinite amount of dollars to buy all the natural resources of anybody that would sell us uh whatever oil minerals you name it uh strategic minerals uh fertilizer whatever we would buy we they would accept US dollars but as you've watched ladies and gentlemen the dollar has just gone kaput which down to you know a nickel's worth of purchasing power and we're going to even be in a tougher shape than that or in tougher shape than that that with the American dollar being repudiated that means simply nobody wants it nobody will take it under operation Sam them which is a treaty I understand I have not seen it so Doug this is a perfect storm and I want to make it simple there are three things I want people to make and so this is to make clear in their minds the dollar is finished as an oil trading platform number two the dollar is finished as a global World Reserve currency maybe people should get the idea finished lines they wanted stuff for all of the paper money and now the world is repudiating that paper money behind the scenes Doug for the first time in history Saudi Arabia that I know of and as it was told to me by somebody who knows this and by the Emirates United Arab Emirates by the qataris or Cutters some people pronounce it uh even I'm told the president Philippines will not take calls from President Biden the whole world is calling America's debt do we've been checkmated where does the United States Doug go to get oil if no one will accept our dollar so back to operation Sandman Sandman obviously but anybody who is a member of OPEC is already on board the day will come when they will not accept the dollar the question is is it this weekend because I don't know how long it will take to filter through meaning it that the United States dollar is no longer worthwhile but I can tell you this if there are meetings all through the night as there have been with the FED Federal Reserve member they loan the United States the money and the United States they're not federal anything it's private Bankers what happens when the bankers say no more credit no more issue no more dollar the rich and poorer will meet in the same line of no food unless you're the elite okay if this event happens and this is a question I don't I I can't answer will it be all at once or will it build it's already been determined that the United States dollar will be taken out of the world Reserve currency it's already been determined by Brazil Russia India China Iran when the American dollar crashes they'll come up with the idea gee we'll come up with a digital dollar but why would anybody accept a digital dollar if the American dollar which says on it you know this note is you know uh what does it say for is is legal tender for all debts public and private okay if this is no good then what makes a digital dollar any better does that make sense yeah by switching out the focus or the object of Destruction with another object that has the same underlying basis for Destruction nobody's going to buy off on that no one's going to buy off on it so the idea is this that what very little exists ladies and gentlemen take this to Heart tomorrow after you've heard this podcast please broadcast please ask yourself am I willing to risk it with so much at stake we are in the point where you have to act and again we need to hit our knees you know before the stuff hits the fan in the in the short term is the dollar finished as the oil trading platform shall we say is that finished yes is the dollar finished as a global Reserve currency yes well maybe it's all propaganda well if it's all propaganda Doug I think people need to understand this if you've got the key leading oil producing and exporting Nations saying we will not talk to the president United States when you've got people that are we used to call allies and they called us allies when we had our nuclear umbrella they they were on our site when they watched what Biden did in Afghanistan that wasn't the shot heard around the world that was the assassination of every I'm going to make this statement well how can you say that because I know the assassination of every Ally that America had worked so hard to develop Steve I believe this was perhaps one of the best if not the best time we spent together the most pointed and important messages that you've ever delivered and I want to thank you on Investopedia there is this little article that explains what the Petro dollar is and I want to read that for you what are Petro dollars Petro dollars are crude oil export revenues denominated in U.S dollars the term gained its currency in the mid 1970s when soaring oil prices generated large trade and current account surpluses for oil exporting countries the US Dollar's Global popularity does not depend on The Good Will of oil exporters it is based on U.S status as the world's largest economy and goods importer with deep liquid Capital markets backed by the rule of law as well as military power project Sandman so this is just an overview but it says that project Sandman is a secret mission which is purported to end the U.S petrodollar the world would de-dollarize in one day and the U.S would lose its World Reserve currency status both the yellow gas Hummer in Kim's dream plus the Sandy path I believe speaks about the economic Times we're traveling and so it also speaks about the U.S petrodollar and how the U.S World Reserve currency status is held up by and if you remember the Investopedia article military power the Hummer is a civilian version of the Humvee which is a military vehicle so you see these repeating themes as I was making this presentation the Lord put it on my heart to read this verse from Matthews Chapter 7 24 to 27. so everyone who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man a far-sighted practical and sensible man who built his house on the rock and the rain fell and the floods and Torrance came and the wind blew and slammed against that house yet it did not fall because it had been founded on the Rock and everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand and the rain fell and the floods in Torrance came and the winds blew and the Slam against that house and it fell and great and complete was its fall you know I think that the U.S Petra dollar that small Sandy path it might be speaking about the U.S losing its World Reserve currency status in regards to the current economic conditions that we're traveling in so that was Point number six the Sandy path that allowed access to the crypto Stadium we're going to cross that off the list and we're going to go to points one four and five points number one um the tickets that they had to the Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Stadium which is now called The Arena I found this article on the Los Angeles Times it says goodbye Staples Center hello Arena now if we go down it's it shows you this photo of is it's a rendering of the Staples Center after it completes after the completion of the rebranding as Arena and it states that paid more than 700 million dollars for the naming rights according to sources familiar with the term making it one of the biggest naming deals in sports history here's another article on CNBC it says buys naming rights to the Lakers Staples Center in a 700 million dollar deal also purchased a Super Bowl ad and if if we have international listeners if you guys don't know what what a Super Bowl is it's basically this huge event that happens I don't I think it's like every four years I might be wrong on that but it's basically this huge American football it's kind of like the Olympics except it's just for the United States and just for American football usually when this event happens it's a big deal and a lot of Corporations and businesses like to do really interesting and cool advertisements for their product or for their business during this time but one of the one of the big things to note is that it is very expensive to buy a ad spot or a marketing spot within the Super Bowl for those time slots it's very expensive to do so but here is's Super Bowl ad from 2021. history is filled with almost with those who almost adventured who almost achieved But ultimately for them it proved to be too much then there are others the ones who embrace the moment and commit and in these moments of Truth these men and women these mere mortals just like you and me as they peer over the edge they calm their minds steal their nerves with four simple words that have been whispered by the Intrepid since the time of the Romans fortune favors the brave we already know that to do a Super Bowl ad spot it is really expensive to do so there was an article posted about eight months later that says Matt Damon is once again being dragged for that Super Bowl ad after crypto prices plummet and job losses soar and I believe for 2022 we had a crypto winter and so a lot of people did lose money throughout 2022. what I think is so interesting is you have Matt Damon and you know he's a big star he's an A-list celebrity he's not a b c or d-list celebrity Matt Damon carries a huge name and so I was not able to find out how much paid Matt Damon to do this ad there were several things that happened afterwards which was I found a video of coffeezilla this was posted on May 5th of 2022 and he kind of speaks about what happened with the Super Bowl ad with Matt Damon in regards to kind of the Fallout afterwards I'm gonna play this video for you six months ago Matt Damon told us all that fortune favors the brave in a commercial that appeared to be about sailing flying and rocket ships but was actually about a crypto exchange and this was the beginning of a major spending spree for the crypto exchange called they were gonna do things differently while other people bribed celebrities like Jimmy Fallon with pictures of apes was going to be smart and judicious about their spending which is why they spent a hundred million dollars on this ad comparing going to Mars with buying crypto and they followed It Up by buying the naming rights to the Staples Center for 700 million dollars now I know what you're thinking 800 million dollars that's a lot of money to spend just on ads but fear not they have a great Revenue business plan they're going to make money on trading fees and also on people investing in their coin called Kronos or Crow but of course getting people to go to your website is one thing and getting them to invest in your token is quite another so to make this happen hatched a plan they were going to give an insane offer a debit card which gave you eight percent cash back on all purchases they would pay for your Netflix account they pay for your Spotify subscription Amazon Prime they would even put you in a private jet Partnership if you bought a lot of their crypto and promised not to sell it by locking it up also known as staking the more you staked the more you earned with their tiered system they had several cards on offering the top one being the obsidian card they advertise it gave you eight percent back on all purchases instantly all you have to do to get it is invest four hundred thousand dollars into the token and stake it for like six months or something now but if this is starting to sound like a Ponzi scheme locking outrageous sums of money into a system to get outrageous returns we haven't even gotten to the best part all of this stuff all you have to do to get all of it is be brave like Matt Damon says and give them four hundred thousand dollars for a while so that's the plan in a nutshell what could possibly go wrong oh oh slumps thirty percent of staking rewards are slashed soon after assembling everyone in their website for this Flagship marketing campaign kind of was like yeah uh we're actually not gonna do that because it's unsustainable in in their words because you know all these crypto Arenas they have to buy they don't exactly have the money for it now understandably they're investors who staked incredible amounts of money into their Crow coin were completely pissed off about this because not only is their card in most cases nearly worthless also the price of their Crow which is locked up and they can't sell began to plummet right after this news was announced wow so basically people lost money on their staked money while also having the ability to get cash back slashed but the people in charge of clearly felt like they were between a rock and a hard place on the one hand they had promised unsustainable things and spent their money on advertising on the other hand they might go bankrupt because the price of their token is going to zero and here we have spending Millions on Advertising now haggling with us on the rates so if we didn't make noise you would have just sliced us and diced us the answer to that of course is yes definitely yes and the worst part of all of this is that even after wrecking people on this sort of bait and switch deal is still advertising their eight percent cash back rates even now and so what's the lesson here well is kind of trite as it sounds the real lesson is that if it sounds too good to be true Matt Damon will promote it anyways and by the way CEO Chris uh that guy you should probably know before starting this crypto exchange he left his last job quote amid accusations from customers and business partners that they had been ripped off um but if that's not bad enough check this out one business owner quote claimed Chris's platform had issued promotions to boost its Revenue just before shutting down deals that were then left worthless so I don't know maybe you should add that in your commercial next time what does Matt Damon say on that Bitcoin commercial fortune favors the brave my dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his body yes everyone did but they were Brave in doing so Adam this is one I don't like um and I've said it uh many times is you know we used to love and the the signs that we showed on let me go over to a YouTube because we had this right here this was back uh when was this four months ago limiting withdrawals after layoffs and that wasn't even the beginning of it so we've reported on this before with it's it was the uh really the issue of them starting to uh change all the rules on yields changing the rules on uh ex you know deposits and withdrawals checking the rules on how you were able to use your CR the debit cards and credit card aspects all of that started to indicate to me problems uh for where it was going so we kind of play away and stay away from those Okay so so those two videos I do have links to the full video below I kind of want to segue or do a side track of the topic and speak a little bit about FTX the crypto exchange that went bankrupt in November of 2022 last year and I want to do that because I want to draw some similarities and show you what I see as a repeating theme that's happening and so we're just going to cover the Super Bowl ads the celebrity endorsements the stadium naming rights and the lawsuits if you remember going back to the who almost achieved that ad I found this information about Matt Damon on IMDb and out of the top 500 if you look on the right corner right up here it says the star meter top 500 he's number 48. Matt Damon is an actor but I would say he's an A-list celebrity actor on the next slide I'm going to show you drawing drawing parallels again to the Super Bowl ads I want to show you ftx's Super Bowl ad was an October of 2021 this was a few months later in February of 2021 and this is a two minute ad by FTX now FTX is the exchange that went out of business but I want you to see that both FTX and they have both placed very expensive ads with celebrities at the Super Bowl [Music] I call it I don't think so what does it do the rules yeah it's not as a bagel okay a bagel you can eat one of the worst ideas I've ever heard it's a I got ten Forks right here what am I right [Music] [Applause] [Music] what is it a toilet my Lord a toilet you expect this court to do its business inside we're not animals like humans it's coffee it's new [Music] oh it's awful you don't like it I'm all jittery and I feel like I got it I'm coming Hancock you sign first no King gentlemen have you taken leave of your senses the people shall have the rights to vote even the stupid ones yes stupid people vote Yes Edison can I be honest with you yeah it stinks does your wife know what's going on here she knows I go to work wasting your time I said [Music] hey Captain what's cooking we're putting the mail on the moon are you out of your mind I can't even get tuna without celery nobody's going on the moon ever why not let's do it's full it's four it's really fun music [Music] like I was saying it's FTX it's a safe and easy way to get into crypto yeah I don't think so and I'm never wrong about this stuff never [Music] hey I left my cane in there what what do you mean hey that's an expensive cane now I looked up Larry David on IMDb and out of the top five five thousand he is on the star meter number 275 so Larry David is a comedian writer actor director and television producer and he's best known for creating the sitcom Seinfeld now if we go back to that list right we see that both of these exchanges created a Super Bowl ad and both of them are heavily using celebrity endorsements so we're gonna cross that off the list and now I want to go to Stadium naming rights on markets Insider on this article it says Sam bankman freed now this is about FTX but FTX buys a Super Bowl ad as the crypto exchange amplifies its presence in sports if we scroll down it says earlier this year the crypto exchange talking about FTX signed a 135 million dollar deal for the naming rights on the Miami Heats Stadium which is now called the FTX Arena if you guys remember there was a Los Angeles Times article about the Staples Center in regards to where if you scroll down on the article it says that paid more than 700 million dollars for the naming rights right and so here we have FTX buying the naming rights to the Miami Heats stadium for 135 million dollars which is significantly less right and we're talking about a crypto exchange that went out of business and that went up that went bankrupt and it has several lawsuits against them right they only paid 135 million dollars whereas paid 700 million dollars going back to this list we're just going to cross that off now I just want to focus in on the FTX lawsuits on NBC News it says Tom Brady Larry David who was the guy on ftx's Super Bowl ad and other celebrities named in the FTX lawsuit if we scroll down it says a class action lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that the crypto platform FTX and former CEO Sam bankman free violated Florida law misled customers and cost investors billions of dollars in Damages the lawsuit also names some of the athletes and celebrities that promoted the platform including Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen his ex-wife Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry who is a basketball player and businessman Kevin O'Leary the lawsuit alleges that U.S customers sustained 11 billion dollars in Damages and accused the exchange of targeting unsophistic investigators from across the country here we have another headline it says Kevin O'Leary reveals FTX paid him 15 million dollars to become a spokesperson for the exchange so here we have a Yahoo finance article that says Finance YouTubers who promoted FTX have now been handed a 1 billion dollar lawsuit and if we scroll down to the article we'll see that it says a handful of YouTubers Fame for their personal finance expertise are being chased hard for more than one billion dollars by victims who lost their Fortunes in sandbagman Freed's FTX the finance influencers are facing a class action lawsuit claiming they were paid handsomely to push FTX brand prior to its collapse following similar cases brought against celebrity endorsers like Tom Brady Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow now if you go to YouTube and just type in one billion dollar lawsuit FTX you will see all of these videos about YouTubers who are being sued for promoting this exchange as it went bankrupt and and took billions of dollars in customer money that covers the lawsuits for FTX now what I want you guys to focus on is the similarities that we're seeing between and FTI so we know that FTS collapsed from November of 2022 initially they were locking users out and then eventually they claimed bankruptcy on November the 11th FTX also paid several celebrities YouTubers and politicians to endorse The Exchange and in particular the politicians were paid to basically turn a blind eye to what was happening inside of that crypto exchange bypassing many of the laws and the rules and the regulations that other crypto exchanges were Bound by FTX also created a Super Bowl ad with the actor and comedian producer Larry David and they also spent 135 million US dollars to buy naming rights to the Miami Heats stadium for they locked out users on November of 2022 due to the FTX collapse contagion they also spent a hundred million dollars in a global marketing campaign including a Super Bowl ad with the actor Matt Damon they've also spent over 700 million dollars in naming rights to the Staples Stadium which is now called The Arena the key takeaway from this is that most crypto exchanges do not use celebrity endorsements or have large marketing budgets so we know that FTX filed for bankruptcy on November 11th of 2022 and there are just so many Eerie similarities between the way is operating compared to FTX now the original gas Hummers heavily use celebrity endorsements but it did not survive the 2008 economic collapse so we're just seeing these repeated themes of celebrity endorsements and in particular the gas Hummer in Kim's dream was historically you know it's unable to survive the 2008 recession going back to the dream Let's cross off number one from the list since we've addressed that and moving on to points four and five first let's focus on the grotesque sea creatures in number five I did a little bit of research on this in the Bible to see if there's anything about sea creatures but I did find a verse in Judges chapter 15 verses 23. it says now the Philistine Lords gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to Dagon their God and to celebrate for they said our God has given Samson our enemy into our hands in the Britannica Dagon is spelled two different ways with an A and an O but it was a West Semitic God of crop fertility worshiped extensively throughout the ancient Middle East if you go to Wikipedia and scroll down to the character portion you it states that one of dagon's best documented functions was guaranteeing abundant Harvest of grain however he was not an agricultural God but rather a source of prosperity in general and I found some images of Dagon he is actually a half man half fish Philistine God and you'll see on the bottom left hand corner that's his image but in the center is actually how his worshipers or the priests would dress and they would wear this like fish cost costume I guess this fish Garb where the head of the fish is the hat and the Cape is its body so think Batman but not Batman so like Batman but Fish Man I have this 12 minute long clip from a one hour and 30 minute ish podcast of Amanda Grace and her Ministry is called Arc of Grace and she is what I would say holds the office of a profit for the United States she has dreams Visions words of knowledge and is well versed in this area of spiritual warfare she has more experience with Marine spirits and things of that nature in dreams and Visions personally I've never really had prophetic dreams about Marine Kingdom Spirits or anything like that so this is really outside of my knowledge and my wheelhouse but I really think this video clip is going to explain a lot about someone who is in the prophetic and who sees in the spirit that has experience with these types of spirits and so I just want to play that video for you it's a 12 minute long clip so just sit back and relax but this was a video that was uploaded very recently it was on May 5th of 2023. this was the dream there was a building with a large Gathering of people in it the lights were darkened so it was a little dark in there thousands of people were there in the seats there was a stage now there was light shining on the stage there's an area kind of off stage and now Tucker Carlson enters white shirt darker Blazer and jeans he looked upset he looked perplexed um he just he just looked like something had happened he went to approach a small group of individuals that were more towards the corner and left of me and shadowed so I could not see who they were so I wasn't allowed to see these individuals where he was approaching Tucker then turns his back to me and stretches like this he stretches which lifts up his shirt and jacket he had a very large mermaid tattooed and wrapped around the entire trunk of his body many times mermaids signify seducing Spirits they signify going back to the Philistines with Dagon which we're going to get into half man half fish and they come as seducing Spirits so in the dream that was trying to wrap around him and take him down basically is what was going on there was a battle ensuing in the spiritual realm to attempt to wrap around him which is what they do they Allure and then they try to wrap around that individual and then they try to take them down so there was an assignment that had gone forth from the kingdom of darkness to attempt to take him down because I think he was waking up to the fact more and more that this is a spiritual war and he was waking up more and the Lord was beginning to wake him up to deeper spiritual things in National matters we'll say and because he was speaking a lot of Truth one thing they hate seducing Spirits is when you speak truth because there are people that are targeted and marked right now by these seducing Spirits because they're a beginning to go deeper with the Lord in an area they never wanted them to and B because they're speaking truth so I think this is a similar dream in a different context to the Tucker Carlson dream so I also think this represents a seducing spirit that is trying to get near him now we're going to go into what seducing Spirits are because they don't always have to do with a sexual nature although they do sometimes but that's not always the casing seducing Spirits seducing the people of God now to seduce doesn't always mean it has to do with a with a you know sort of uh you know illicit nature it means alluring to put in bondage and Destroy that's what seduce means so people can be seduced by alcohol people can be seduced by money people can be seduced by drugs people can be so it doesn't have to always do with this illicit nature that we see in Hollywood films although that does happen and that that is present and that is there we see it would say I this is a part two of what I did with Samson and Delilah when I started talking and warning about this and I connected it to Samson and Delilah that had an illicit nature to it so that does happen also but it is not totally subject to that when talking about seducing spirits Galatians 3 uh verse 1 says o foolish Galatians who has Bewitched you that's what they want to do they want to be with you they want to Allure you be with you deceive you put you in bondage and Destroy yours here seducing spirits we have seen more and more are on the rise the image is being portrayed all over now it is being flooded in the media on TV in commercials images everywhere this is a full-on blitz it is the rise of the Dagon faction Dagon the chief false god of the Philistines half man half fish mermaid if you will part of the Marine Kingdom in the kingdom of darkness there is the powers of the air Division and the Marine Kingdom division creatures that are highly Advanced technologically in the Marine Kingdom they are highly technologically advanced also in Warfare many who have seen them who have been delivered from them have described them even as being covered and I mean covered in tattoos to identify who they serve which I find that very interesting now they are Lord to destroy they Allure to Encompass to constrict and to ultimately take that person down after they are done using them for their means they want willing human hosts to do their bidding the push into the Earthly realm their agenda so when they want these willing hosts because what they plot in the realm of the spirit they then have to push into the Earthly realm and they do this through willing human hosts now in the middle of all of this we have the Met Gala which is just so moral and it's uh in its standing which it's not it's one of the most hideous things I've ever seen so you have the Met Gala now I'm going to show you this quickly because my stomach turned but little nazex who is so lost and in bondage to the kingdom of darkness it's not even funny and and this faction of the kingdom of darkness shows up looking like one of these creatures and we're going to show the image he shows up there he is looking like one of these creatures do not tell me they are not doing a full court press in this hour because they are now I'm going to tell you something very interesting about this I have seen these demons with silver skin before I've actually seen them in Visions they have silver skin sometimes they have white hair the one I saw had fiery eyes it had a black cloak and staff so they do exist these silvery skin demonic disgusting entities they do exist in the realm of the spirit one first Samuel chapter five we're going to bring this back to the word with Dagon now this is what it says first first Samuel chapter five now the Philistines took the Ark of God and brought it from Ebenezer to ashdod then the Philistines because they had captured the Ark of God in battle so basically Israel was not in right standing with God they go and get the ark thinking that's going to make them win the battle the Philistines end up capturing the Ark of God which was a No-No in the eyes of God but they capture it so then the Philistines took the Ark of God and brought it to the house of Dagon and said it by Dakin when the ashtonites arose early the next morning behold Degen had fallen on his face to the ground before the Ark of the Lord now when they tried to take the Covenant of God and put it before this half-man half fish false god hybrid that was part of a faction of the kingdom of darkness what happened the power of God resting on the Ark of the Covenant was so strong that it threw Dagon on his face it brought judgment on Dagon in the realm of the spirit it brought judgment on the people who served him you know why because you had God's covenant and God wants his Covenant back they are trying to make a full poor crap a full court press to completely steal and take the Covenant of this nation and seducing Spirits when they hunt and they do hunt they do look for prey they are Hunters by Nature they are out for blood and so what happens is they've made this full court press in this hour with all of these things happening at once but they're all connected this is a Time where they are going to try to cause such chaos because some of their biggest hosts that they have been using are going to get torn down in the process so in the process of them trying to take people down speaking truth launching assignments against them coming after them some of their biggest hosts and trophies that they have been using are going to come down now seducing Spirits love to talk they love to send out into the airwaves they're coiling confusions doctrines of devils false information lies destroying the reputation that's one thing they love to do they love to try to destroy and dismantle somebody's reputation this is why the difference between Samson and Paul and I'm going to end with this when these seducing Spirits through Delilah worked on Samson to destroy him it's because Samson we have to understand was strong physically because of the Lord he was weak spiritually very weak spiritually and when Samson wearied because he wasn't anchored spiritually he gave in and that was to his destruction Paul in Acts 16 was followed by that girl who made much money for her Masters right operating in familiar spirits saying these are the Servants of the most high God right now write words wrong breath Kim Clement used to say that the words may be right but the breath may be wrong right words wrong breath seducing Spirit looking to weary Paul till he gave in but in Acts 16 it says when Paul wearied Paul was anchored Samson wasn't he turned around he rebuked the spirit and commanded it to come out in the name of Jesus Christ and it did and it caused an uproar in the city because she couldn't make any money for her Masters anymore Paul basically bankrupted them in a day is what happened he bankrupted uh an entire entity at that time in a day by doing that because Paul was anchored in the word he was anchored in the Lord and when he wearied he knew to turn and rebuke it and cast it out when Samson wearied he gave in and gave that Spirit through its host the information it wanted to destroy it remember those two images in your mind going forward you are going to need it so pray about this test the spirit be anchored in the word during this time be quick to rebuke it be quick when the attack tries to come when it tries to come to rebuke it in the name of Jesus we have been given the power to trample upon serpents and scorpions against all the power of the enemies so nothing shall by any means harm us we have the authority of the believer the power that raised Christ from the dead dwells within us and we need to use it the last thing they want is for us to use it we need to use it we need to utilize it and we need to activate the word Jesus activated the word when he spoke he activated the word I have uh for all the videos that I'm sharing other than the Super Bowl ads I'll have a link to the full video in the description box below that was for the grotesque sea creatures but for point four and five in regards to the sea creature and water just for an overview right according to Wiki we knew that Dagon the Philistines God is a merman half man half fish and he was supposed to be the god of guaranteeing abundant Harvest of grain not an agricultural God but a source of prosperity in general and according to Amanda Grace who has the office of a prophet over the United States and has a lot more experience in regards to spiritual matter she says that Marine Spirits are seducing spirits and so this is where I kind of see the connection but that celebrity advertisements and endorsements are seducing spirits and so what I believe in Kim's dream with the stadium being surrounded by water with these grotesque sea creatures in in the actual water is that I believe that these sea creatures are seducing spirits and what they're trying to do is seduce people come into the stadium or to come into and to use the exchange but in actuality I don't know that the exchange is liquid and so the water surrounding the stadium I believe is seemingly liquid or in other words with the creatures in them I think it says Dangerous Waters going back to the list of bullet points on Kim's dream we're going to cover 8 through 10. we know that initially there was nowhere to park and then her brother takes the vehicle goes around to the back of the stadium to find parking and once they do the family leaves the vehicle walks towards the stadium but no one is allowed in so what I think the last portion of the dream means is twice and then no more so as they were looking for parking twice they were ultimately turned away we know that during the FTS collapse in November of 2022 The Exchange also locked users out of their accounts due to a liquidity Contagion eventually did let users back in and it's still open and you're still able to go on and log in today I believe with the upcoming economic turmoil their balance and books will unravel locking people out again this time for good so we'll cross this off of our list as an overview all of the elements in Kim's dream are actually connected the small Sandy path or as I'd like to think about it project Sandman in regards to the US dollar or the U.S fiat currency the world Reserve currency that is up held by the Petro dollar which uses military power and the civilian Humvee which is a military vehicle the yellow Hummer was a gas Hummer that went out of business during the 2008 economic collapse but it was also a Hummer that uses celebrity endorsements not just the first gas versions of it but also the upcoming electric version of the Hummer is also using celebrity endorsements and we know that uses a lot of celebrity endorsements and has a large marketing budget to entice users to come on the exchange and use them it was I believe an 800 million dollar naming rights plus marketing campaign for everything what I want to leave you guys with is this question where are they getting all this money I just want you to think about that where are they getting all this money First Kings chapter 4 verse 29 says now God gave Solomon exceptional wisdom and very great discernment and breath of mind like the sand of the seashore James chapter 1 verse 5 says if any of you lacks wisdom to guide him through a decision or circumstance he is to ask of Our Benevolent God who gives everyone generously and without rebuke or blame and it will be given to him every time I read the Bible I always find myself looking at the definition and the meanings of words and so I want to do the same for discernment discernment the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure skill and Discerning an act of perceiving or Discerning something And in regards to wisdom it says the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships Insight Good Sense judgment accumulated philosophical or scientific learning a wise attitude belief or course of action the teachings of the ancient wise men guys that's my presentation for you today and so I just want to leave you guys with this Proverbs I think it's a really great Proverbs about wisdom and asking the Lord for wisdom in these matters as we move forward with the wealth transfer so I hope this dream interpretation blesses you guys you feel free to pause the video at the end and read through thank you talk to you later bye

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