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Chlorella Prophecy

foreign [Music] wow look at all that look at it it's all in the bottom of the creek bed now look at it hey guys so I'm here at Leslie run and they're dead worms and Dead Fish all throughout this water something I just discovered is that if you scrape the creek bed it's like chemical is coming out of the ground could you show can you come here and let me just show this to people I don't look here you'll see this in the camera but watch this just see that chemical pop out of the creek this is disgusting and the fact that we have not cleaned up the the train crash the fact that these chemicals are still seeping in the ground is an insult to the people who live in East Palestine do not forget these people we've got to keep applying pressure that's how we're going to fix this is part of Prophecy in motion and we can see the um God fulfilling prophecy in terms of what he's told me to tell people I don't take likely what odds says when he tells me to say something sometimes it can be really difficult to speak on topics but if the Lord leads me to share things I I try and be as obedient as possible and in December he was highlighting to me about water and so it became so important really I made um three videos on water so far with regards to the tap water and um I also was led to make it my first newsletter on my Goshen website so um if you haven't already been to my my website you can find that in the about section or in the description box of this video and I post quarterly the Lord has been leading me to share and post quarterly newsletters so this is the first newsletter and the Lord impressed upon me the importance of filtering tap water and it's not a long newsletter it's only two pages if that and the Holy Spirit was uh speaking to me see prophetic Insight with Kim uh regarding Jeremiah chapter 23 verse 15 where they poisoned the drinking water so the Lord highlighted this verse to me that the drinking water became poisoned and it was because they were listening to lying prophets in Jeremiah's day so the Lord poisoned the water there's been a lot of talk about um the prophetic movement and false prophets and people listening to false prophets and following after the tickling of ears and the Lord brings judgment on those people in Jeremiah by poisoning the water and here I go on to speak about how water represents the Holy Spirit the Bible teaches that um our bellies um out of our belly will flow living water when we speak in the language of the Holy Spirit um the the Bible describes that and links it water to the holy spirit so um you know will seeking you interceding on behalf of um you know you're edifying yourself but actually it's Living Water that you edifying yourself with the body is composed primarily of water and so when we speak in tongues you edifying yourself and so the Holy Spirit represents water and a fake Holy Spirit or a prophet who claims to have the Holy Spirit but is imitating the holy spirit is a lying Prophet or a um a false prophet and so the Lord brings judgment by um allowing the drinking water to be cut to become poisoned certainly within America there's a lot of false prophets and it's important to have discernment and I've covered that in a whole presentation on how to discern if someone is false or if they're not false and the Lord was showing me in December particularly about coronavirus and Wastewater just to make sure to tell his people that that's a vector that can be transmitted through disease but he also impressed upon me to say as well as other chemical poisons such as Pharmaceuticals and xenoestrogens so what we've seen in East Palestine or Ohio is chemical poisoning we're seeing the water basin being polluted because of chemicals and I went on to speak about recommending in three of my videos and in my newsletter the Berkey water filter to filter your tap water the importance of filtering your tap water right that was the we go behind it and I evidence the work that I do with the actual science so there's an uh copy paste of a scientific article or white paper why I'm saying what I'm saying um and the key facts from who with regards to chemical risk the chemical pollutants so the contamination of water through chemicals so I put that in there as well and then the importance of knowing that the tap water contains chemicals and in Jeremiah 9 the Bible confirms that the water was poisoned because people became stubborn and they followed after the Idols of that day and so the Lord allowed the water to become poisoned and we see that there's been a lot of idol worship throughout America um there's that statue that was recently erected for um Ruth Bader Ginsburg and it's highly demonic it's all idol worship and Annie case in Jeremiah ate as well it speaks about the the water being poisoned the drinking water being poisoned it says why are we sitting here gather together let us flee to the Fortified cities and perish there for the Lord God for the Lord Our God has doomed us to perish and given us poisoned water to drink because we have sinned against him so I just wanted to highlight that um this is prophecy in motion when it comes to I've already showed you a video with regards to coronavirus and China and why it's important to look at water but then again also um we need to consider the chemical what's happened in East Palestine Ohio when it comes to um poisoning the water with Pharmaceuticals and Zenna estrogens and whatever that train was carrying in terms of its um chemical compounds now what I found really interesting and what rung through with the Berkey Water Filter is that the um The Prophecy Club hit has released a video um 12 hours ago and here The Prophecy Club which is run by Stan he's also speaking about the Berkey water filter and he goes on to talk about other people's prophecies about poisoned water and confirming and underpinning what's happened in East Palestine Ohio but his key message is to not drink the um the the the the tap water now when I was making my presentation to make for you guys this um this afternoon the Lord showed me a dream I had in January last year so 2022 you showed me a dream I had and the dream I had was um shortly after I got the order started getting the audible Visions um I think it was shortly after I got the audible Vision about Cleveland Ohio in any case he he he gave me a dream about um how to address poisons and toxins and in that dream I dreamed all um Chlorella and specifically in that dream the Lord said to me broken cell wall Chlorella and um the Lord highlighted that dream to me this morning in terms of toxicity and what's going on in Cleveland Ohio and the water basin being poisoned and so when I inquired of the Lord further he said that um I should let you guys know about that dream about chlorella and the broken cell wall and to mention that those people who are affected in Ohio and who drink water from the water basin of Ohio because apparently it extends for a few hundred miles outside of the accident Zone the water basin has been contaminated for a few hundred miles he said to let anybody in that area know to begin to consider taking Chlorella now I am not giving you medical advice and I'm not saying that what I'm teaching is a substitute for medical advice what I am saying is that you need to practice your own due diligence and go and research um Chlorella and um make sure that you consult your doctor first before taking any nutraceuticals for detoxification but the Lord impressed upon my heart that that is the nutraceutical that is going to benefit with detoxification please always check if there's contraindications if you're taking other medications such as supplements or Pharmaceuticals because you can have interactions and it can affect your liver function um it can affect other things because it's part of the detoxification Pathways so don't just self-medicate always make sure you check with your pharmacist or your doctor before going ahead and foreign medicating self-medicating chlorella is known for detoxification from um estrogens and senoestrogens as well as heavy metals and so there is a lot of literature online which I would encourage you guys to go and read up for yourself before exploring that and then after you read up for it so I thought I'd highlight that and I wanted to thank Emma for sending me a clip that said um it confirmed really what I had taught the other day it was a confirmation of what I taught about the other day on Ohio and the clip contained two things that confirmed the matter it spoke about 50 and um a mushroom cloud and I'm going to play that for you guys now but if you've made it to the end of this particular video thank you very much for watching and shabbat shalom your risk to people in that area but the family is not so sure they told CNN they are not thinking that they're ever going to go back and at least they weren't and don't look up that's true could have ended a little bit differently but you said you said you saw you saw this movie don't look up is kind of coming true right now I mean with the four different objects 50 cars went off the track near the Pennsylvania border causing a day-long fire in that area it looked like there was a mushroom fire which was quite concerning in that area it's been

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