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Canals SUEZ, PANANA, Ben Gurion

hello everybody so today I'm going to be speaking about the 23rd of August the 23rd of August now if you follow me on telegram you know that um There's real news and then alongside the real news there's also other news that's going on that sort of takes up most of people's attention so what took up most of everybody's attention uh yesterday might have been the brics Nations because the brics nations are meeting in South Africa at the moment so that would have been the main news but today I'm going to speak about news that might not have been something that people have might have paid attention to but it did happen on the 23rd and as a children as children from the tribe of issachar I hope everybody pays attention to this presentation this stuff I cannot make up and also I am so blessed by the grace that God has given me in terms of the the dreams he has entrusted me to So today we're going to be speaking about how Joseph should go long on wheat and why wheat is really important um shout out James if you're watching and then we're also going to be speaking about what actually happened on the 23rd of August and Shout Out Robert if you're watching thank you Robert for sending me the link so I spent the whole of yesterday meditating on what happened on the 23rd and if you're uh if you watch my channel regularly you know that the lord gave me an audible Vision regarding 23 and he said 23 4 times so every 23rd I watch out for signs and I pay attention to what the Lord might be trying to say to me on the particular date and so today we're going to be discussing something very relevant and it really has to do with how close we are to uh the wealth transfer actually happening and this is one of the key stepping stones in terms of fulfillment of what they're trying to do in terms of the poly crisis the poly crisis so today we're going to be speaking about the precise fulfillment of my dream and what dream is that we're going to be speaking about this dream polycrisis uh we're going to be speaking about um oil and what happened on the 23rd so if you look at that dream just to recap quickly I in that dream I dreamed of two canals and in the one Canal I saw a blockade with black gold and the Black Gold was very thick and in the other Canal I saw free-flowing fresh water and these canals formed an X because one was on top of the other and the Lord said to me specifically polycrisis and specifically he gave me the numbers 333 so these are the things that the Lord spoke to me about and then soon after I posted this dream the Lord spoke to me a second time because I wasn't sure if it was an oil spill or not if you re-watch this video I do say potential oil spill right at the end where I say shabbat shalom I say potential oil spill and then he spoke to me again after I posted this dream and I updated YouTube with this information and I update a telegram with this information and I said the Lord was speaking to me about two canals yep and the fresh water was the Panama Canal and the oil blockade was the Suez Canal that's what I said the Lord is highlighting to me these two canals and how important these two canals are for shipping uh and Commerce they are critical for economies to run so that is what I said and then I said liquidity crisis the camels are coming because ships are a form of camels and then I said watch the ships watch the ships So today we're going to be looking at what happened with these ships yesterday on the 23rd of August and it's so important if you're a child of issachar and for what's coming in terms of the price of goods and services the price of goods and services and wheat and why Joseph should be long on wheat but all that I'm getting ahead of myself let's go through uh this dream step by step and see what actually did happen on the 23rd so the first Canal is the Suez Canal and the Suez Canal I said that there would be an oil blockade if you go back to this I said potential oil spill but ships will be blocked from entry right so I didn't say categorically there'd be an oil spill I said potential but I did say ships will be blocked from entry and if you look at what happened yesterday uh on the Suez Canal there was a sewers tanker crash as sewers tanker crash right and it says that um the the I'll read the full article uh just now but what happened was two tankers um that contained gas one had natural gas and one had um oil products so petroleum products they collided in the Suez Canal on the 23rd If you look down here just lift the screen up a bit oh you can't see but it's at the bottom it says the 23rd on the 23rd of August okay here you can see the 23rd of August so they refloated the tanker after a brief collision with oil vessels on the sewers Canal So Yesterday two oil tankers collided with each other and if you look here it says two tankers collided in Egypt's Suez Canal disrupting traffic disrupting traffic now if you go back to what I said I said ships blocking uh causing ships blocked from entry so disrupting traffic is another way you could look at it so the ships are being blocked from entry so here you see that they're disrupted traffic in a vital Waterway right so there you see the Fulfillment of what God was saying to me in my dream because in my dream he said one Canal which is the Suez Canal there will be blocked ships and here you see the ships were disrupted from traffic but not only that he linked the sewers canal with oil because noticed in the dream I dreamed of oil and the oil was thick and somebody once said that the thicker the oil the more expensive and I'm going to get to that part of the dream and so we see that these ships that were blocking the way they actually did contain oil that that collided they did contain oil and here is the fascinating part that really has blown my mind in terms of God's accuracy so both vessels are carrying gas so that's one thing the the time it took to re-float them they refloated at 3 30 a.m and if you look here God gave me the time three three so they're re-floated at 3 30 am these two boats that collided and the time of the crash was midnight they made a point of putting that there GTM midnight it was local time 255 and GTM it was midnight and we know that they do rituals at midnight that is a key time that they do their rituals we also know that 3 30 in the morning is also a key time what was interesting to me was the types of vessels and they made a point of telling us where these vessels are from so the first vessel was from the Cayman Islands and the second vessel was from Singapore right they made a point of telling us where these vessels were from and I found that very interesting because if you look at the Cayman Islands and Singapore these are both money districts and the Cayman Island is a tax Haven and Singapore is a banking hub and Singapore has is the headquarters of xdc and ripple has ties to Singapore as well so these two areas in terms of money are very important and what we notice here is old wealth which is the Cayman Islands old wealth and New Wealth which is the banking Hub and these two ships are colliding right these two ships are colliding and this part is what the Lord showed me in my dream he showed me the Suez Canal with implications in oil a blockade and he showed me the time if you go back here you'll see the time and here I made sure because I was after I'd released this dream I had a I had a an unction or a push and a pull to to send this uh to release this as well alongside the dream it's very rarely that I release a dream and then a notification and I felt very strong to add to this dream to further clarify what the Lord was saying to me in terms of what he what he wants me to focus on and he said focus on the two canals and so we see that with the first Canal we have um the blockade happening we have oil being implicated and we have this sewers canal and um remember I did say potential oil spill so there was no oil spill but there was still a blockade involving oil now when I described the dream I said the oil was thick and I could walk across the oil because it was it had it felt like thick sludge now somebody said to me that the thicker the oil the more um Rich it is and if you look at the Cayman iron Cayman Islands and Singapore those are extremely rich countries these two vessels that clashed are extremely rich countries now what was interesting to me was the fact that the the likelihood of ships colliding in the sewers Canal is not common at all the last time it happened was in 1967 when the canal was blocked just before the Six-Day War um with Egypt and Israel and we saw it blocked as well with Evergreen in 2021 but we know the Evergreen blockade was a ritual as well if you've looked into that I've also spoken about that in the past but the likelihood of ships actually getting blocked in the canal is very rare as you can see here it happened quite a long time ago and so what was the Lord saying to me I was looking at what is it that the Lord is saying why did the Lord highlight the sewers Canal why did the Lord highlight these ships crashing and notice that they used crash as in economic crash crash right and the reason why these ships crashed was they said that the one ship lost control and there was a current and the current caused the ship to hit the river banks now we know and I've spoken about this before that current is current in the sea currency so what caused the crash the currency caused the crash and what happened the ships hit the banks the banks will be implicated in the currency crash so if you interpret this um ritual that they did yesterday on the Suez Canal which is a rare event once in a lifetime event this is what they're trying to say up to us they're saying that the old is going to clash with the new and the um the natural gas because one had natural gas which is the new way is going to clash with the old way which is the petroleum gas because the vessels were carrying different types of gas and they clashed together and so um that was what the Lord was trying to tell me that this is actually uh a prophetic sign of fulfillment that is going to come and if you look here it says that on the 23rd of August shipped shipping traffic was flowing normally on the Egypt Suez Canal on Wednesday when two ships sources based in country said after two tankers that collided earlier were separated I'm not sure if I'm reading that correctly the two tankers one from Singapore and the other one from the Cayman Islands so the Singapore one had the natural gas so look at that Singapore new way of doing things new banking system has the new gas which is the natural gas which is the green gas and the Cayman Islands which is the old way of doing things which is the tax Haven which is the old wealth had the oil products at the oil products and the oil products is what they try to do away with you know Diesel and petrol and there you can see it happen on the 23rd and so um I love what this person on uh Twitter said or ex said and they they're showing that they have some sort of discernment that something is wrong they said the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal both having issues seems important so they've identified that both these canals which were in my dream having issues is important and this particular person on Twitter said the chances of a big boat getting stuck in the sewers Canal again is near zero so very rare is near zero it's unlikely that a boat would get stuck in the canal and he's commenting on the two tankers reportedly having collided in the in the Suez Canal and so the Lord highlighted to me poly crisis if you go back to my dream you'll see here I put poly crisis the Lord highlighted to me poly crisis and if we look at the second Canal which is the Panama Canal what's actually happening in the Panama Canal that people should pay attention to the Panama Canal in my dream I saw water that was free-flowing and the Panama Canal says the Panama Canal is restricting passage because of water levels and now the Suez Canal is jammed up from a collision I sure hope this isn't the beginning of a new supply chain crisis 2.0 supply chain crisis 2.0 seems like covert and supply chain problems come around together so this particular person is also demonstrating discernment the fact that both canals are having issues at the same time and is it going to create a supply chain crisis in other words a poly crisis a polycrisis and if you look at what's happening in the Panama Canal where the free-flowing water is it says that in what is being called the world's worst traffic jam the world's worst traffic jam some 200 cargo ships are waiting to pass the Panama Canal are waiting to pass at the Panama Canal as the area experience its worst drought in a hundred years now where have we heard this hundred years before and the worst traffic jam we've heard this before we heard this with the 23rd of December we heard a storm of a generation a storm like this has never happened in the past hundred years they said that on the 23rd of December 23 23 23 23. now they're saying and it caused what happened on the 23rd of December caused traffic jams in the airports and the airports had the worst traffic jams ever the airlines had closed in America and now we see that the the worst traffic jam with cargo ships in these 200 ships waiting to pass through the Panama Canal now notice in my dream the Panic Panama Canal was free it was free it just had water there was nothing else there there was no vessels no people it was free and just like we're seeing with the Panama Canal the boats are not allowed to go through it so there's just water albeit the water is low and what the Lord is showing me is that the low water in the Panama Canal if you look at what I posted is part of a liquidity crisis liquidity crisis decreased water representing liquidity crisis so in the sewers Canal you have um you have currency causing ships to hit the banks so currencies affecting the banks and in the Suez Canal you have a liquidity issue you have a liquidity issue because there's not enough water for the ships to go through so they're telling us what the issue is going to be and Truth Seeker says that huge backlog of ships are stuck trying to enter the Panama Canal as they wait weeks amid slow traffic due to the garage delays set to wipe 200 million of profits and cause spike in U.S Grocery and parcel prices so we're going to see the increase of goods and services because of the blockade of or rather than lack of traffic through the Panama Canal it's going to cause issues and in my dream I saw fresh water that was free-flowing without any ships on that particular canal in the other dream I saw a blockade and so what is the Lord saying right so the first Canal we see in a current current problem where the current is causing the ships to hit the banks um and in the second Canal we're seeing a liquidity issue where the ships are being prevented from passing through the canals cause there is no water there's no liquidity and this brought me to the Lord highlighting wheat wheat now remember Joseph was a big proponent of wheat he was the one who foresaw the future and he began to collect wheat and he stored wheat for the seven years of famine so when we look at the money failing because the canals the what happened on the 23rd in both canals is depicting what's going to happen with the economy or in terms of the money failing because the currency is going to cause the banks to be hit so that's the first canal and the second Canal the decrease in liquidity is going to cause prices to inflate because the ships that are carrying those goods the cost of those goods are going to go up because there's no way that the ships can go through the second canal and this is why the Lord highlighted those two canals to me so when the money fails um in the Bible it's happened twice it happened in Joseph's Day and it happened in Revelation let's look at those scriptures Genesis 4 T 7 15 talks about when the money failed everyone in Egypt came to the land of Canaan and all the Egyptians came unto Joseph and said give us bread for for why should we die in thy presence for the money faileth so they're talking about bread and money failing and then in the Book of Revelations it foretells inflation and it says a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine Revelation 6 6. so we see inflation is linked to wheat bread which is wheat is linked to the money failing now I'm going to talk about wheat and the importance of Wheat and Joseph's assignment on Earth as in relation to the money failing because we know that the money is going to fail the money is going to fail so if we look at the truth Seeker again he's saying that um the boat's being stopped in the Panama Canal is going to cause the prices of goods and services to increase which is what inflation this crisis the Lord is showing us through the dream that this crisis is going to cause inflation and what's interesting is that a President Putin in Russia he is really 10 steps ahead of everybody regarding wheat because he has a ship excuse me oh excuse me he has a ship that is blocking the Black Sea and this particular vessel is carrying grain here this particular vessel is stopping people from exporting grain because it's blocking the root and it's it's been there for a whole month right it's been there for a whole month so the Black Sea represents a critical Global choke point so it's a choke point that Putin is controlling a critical Global uh choke point for Global wheat distribution um and we see that this is going to have profound effects on the price of wheat this particular blockade in the Black Sea is going to have a profound effect on the prices of wheat so Commodities are going to go through the roof why because we're going to have a currency problem currency causing a problem with the banks which was represented by the first canal the second Canal is representing liquidity issues which is where the free-flowing water is but there's not enough liquid for the ships to pass through so it's going to cause inflation and then what's happening on the Black Sea is a blockade of a shipping route for grain and wheat so the Lord is showing me that wheat is going to go through the roof and we are to go long on wheat just like how Joseph was long on wheat we are to go long on wheat this is not Financial advice please pray about it um please please pray about everything I say I've knocked giving any Financial advice I'm only highlighting what my dreams and interpreting my dreams in accordance to what God is showing me that they're actually doing because on the 23rd of August this is what's happened with both canals as you saw from this particular person's tweet they said it's ironic that both canals are having issues both canals are having issues so I'm only highlighting what the Lord is showing me in my dreams with great accuracy he's shown me the time that the event would happen he's shown me the fact that there'd be oil implicated and water implicated in both canals respectively and how this is going to cause a polycrisis because I was talking about I thought maybe it's the Black Swan but the Lord is showing me that they're preparing people for a poly crisis and so I'm just a vessel just like how those ships are vessels I'm used by God and I Praise Jesus holy name for the Fulfillment of this dream in great detail particularly the Suez Canal um I felt that was very prophetic with the 23rd of August and um what I really want to highlight is the fact that Russia is the largest wheat exporter in the world it's given 23 there's that number again a billion US dollars of wheat away to or grain rather not wheat grain away to Africa Putin is also storing wheat so he's storing wheat just like out Joseph stored wheat and Russia is blocking the Black Sea with a wheat vessel and that with a vessel shot sorry and that has implications on the wheat prices so Mike apologies for that mistake so it's they're blocking the Black Sea with a vessel and it has implications on wheat prices and they've been there for a whole month so with all of this going on what do you think the Lord is trying to say to us to prepare what do you think is going to happen with wheat why do you think that he's highlighted to Joseph and Pharaoh wheat and so if you look at what is going on with all of these things happening the Lord is really really saying something to us regarding these two canals these two canals and uh so I'm going to say this prophecy has been fulfilled because both canals have been implicated on the 23rd of August and um this is a once in a lifetime event as you've seen with them with uh the data the canals do not ships do not normally run into each other on the sewers canal and remember I said a potential oil spill and the Lord said it wasn't an oil spill but rather it was ships being blocked because of the ships were carrying the oil they were carrying the oil and the the thickness of the oil representing the richness of those countries that were carrying the oil so the rich Cayman Islands and the rich uh Singapore which is a banking district and we're really seeing the old and the new Clash this is a walk for the old and the new it's the birthing of the new system and they're purposefully creating these crises so that the inflation is going to be terrible and what happens when inflation happens people begin to starve there's going to be starvation because people are not going to be able to afford basic things so preparing for Calamity of this particular crash because this crash is going to cause commodities to go through the roof so I hope you can see that some of these things I can't make up I can't make up the fact that you know the I dreamed of the canals I can't make up the fact that the Lord said the very next day focus on the Panama and the sewers canal and the fact that the both will be implicated one blocked one free-flowing one liquidity crisis the other uh not so really the next day I would say this would be an interpretation of this particular dream because I said here feel free to offer your interpretation in the comments section of the canal dream and so many people gave their feedback on the interpretation but the Lord highlighted to me the next day this is the interpretation and as you can see we see the Fulfillment of that interpretation where the waterways are blocked and the other one is where the waterways there is a liquidity problem occurring and the ships are not allowed to go through so if you've made it to the end I wanted to thank you all very much for watching remember this is not Financial advice but as a Joseph I would say look at going long on wheat go study the wheat charts and what's happening with wheat because I think in the near future you'll see a return on investment with wheat because wheat the price of wheat is going to increase and people if you invested in Commodities this is another way to benefit from the wealth transfer because Commodities are going to increase and so maybe you could make a 2X a 3X or 4X a 5x maybe even a 10x on wheat so thank you very much for watching if you're a Joseph let me know what you think in the comments section shabbat shalom

23 August 23

Prophetic warning on WHEAT

You can not eat money.

When the money fails

Food becomes important

Famine is coming

Inflation is coming

Buy wheat

Shalom Sister Kim

PS This 6-minute video is brilliant. CHECK IT OUT!

Prophecy in motion






Panama canal (liquidity issues)

Suez canal (blockades)

Dream fulfilled!

👉NEW Ben Gurion Canal (Israel)

Now remember the dream the Lord gave me about canals? In that dream the last born (Isaac) gets the inheritance over the first born (Ishmael) !

Isaac = Israel = Ben Gurion

Ishmael = Egypt = Suez

Can you see?


Now recall The Elemental Decode?

Elemental was all about:




In the Elemental Film we saw:

Oil spills in the canal

Broken canal walls

New canals built

Wow 🤯 God is revealing something to his Josephs.

Canals = big business = war ?

Can you see?

Is prophecy being fulfilled?



👉Look up Ben Gurion Canal

My original dream about the canals

Transcript of the dream

so today's video is an impromptu video I hadn't planned to make it and um I just felt led to share with you guys my dream that I had three or four nights ago and I dreamed about black gold and I dreamed about an oil spill so this video won't be long I just wanted to share this Insight because I believe it's important so on the 27th of May I dreamed of a man named Thomas and Thomas was writing his last will and testament and he had three children the firstborn was a the second born was ER s l and the Third born was tape and in his will he made the last born first so T became first because T is last year and T becomes first so when I was witnessing the will being drafted um I saw the order of the will and the will was the last born first the first born second and the middle child came last so this is the order uh the first the the last born first and when I pondered about on this dream uh the letters of the children all together spell salt and the Lord has shown me that we are the salt of the earth but then the dream changed and I dreamed um I saw in my dream two canals and one Canal was above another canal and the canal on top was filled with black gold and it appeared to be an oil spill the oil spill was so thick I could walk across it uh because the sludge was so thick and I was buoyant as I was walking across the canal and then the canal below this one with the oil spill was filled with fresh water and the water was flowing and it was blue and it was fresh and clean these canals overlapped to form an X so that the the um Canal at the top was had an oil spill and it uh was filled with black gold so it was the top part of the X and The Canal at the bottom had Fresh Blue Water and it was the bottom part of the eggs and the the canal that had the Black Gold uh oil spill was so thick that I could walk across it and I was buoyant I I didn't sit I sunk but not as much as I would sink if I was walking on water and so like I said the Black Gold Canal was above and the Clearwater Canal was underneath and I firmly believe that um what the Lord is showing me is that the oil spill prohibited traits so when I was walking across the the canal with the black gold I was it was very difficult for me to move it was almost as if you know when you get stuck in mud um and it's difficult because your foot has sunk in and then you've got to pull your foot out enable in able to move smoothly across that's how it was in the dream I was I was dragging myself across the canal where the black gold had spilled and so it was prohibiting me from walking across smoothly and it's it was prohibiting trade and then I woke up so the first part of the dream had to do with Thomas writing a will and testament for his children and the second part of the dream had to do with um had to do with black gold spilling and what I found interesting today and why I'm sharing this dream is because when I pondered on the dream I thought you know this has got to do with the Petro dollar uh the liquidity crisis and the Petro dollar and um because the one Canal was filled with the crude oil which is also petrol and the other Canal was filled with liquidity which is also the dollar so this dream reminded me of the petrol dollar but why I'm sharing it is because I had the dream on the 27th of May and then on the 30th of May uh two and a half days later this news came out about an oil spill in the Red Sea and what's interesting to me is that the first part of my dream where Thomas is writing a will the the um the names of the children make up salt and we know that we are the salt of the earth and the Red Sea has got to do with um something biblical as well so that's the correlation and then also in the Red Sea and it looks like it's saying that the cost of the cleanup is going to be 20 billion and it might cause disruptions to um the flow of traffic for shipping in the sewers Canal which could cost a further billion of global trade every day um as this happened after the ever given grounded in the canal in 2021 now the ever given is the Evergreen ship which got stuck and ironically it's the same thing that I was led to teach on and I've been teaching on the past two of my sermons it's the same place where the Evergreen ship was stuck and now we have an oil spill in that same place and then the lord gave me this dream about an oil spill and Claire canal which formed an X so and then also the dream about the last will and testament of the man named Thomas and when I looked up the meaning of Thomas Thomas means twin and the only twin um well the twin that I know of in the Bible is Jacob and ESU and Jacob I've spoken about the X as well and how he bequeathes the blessing onto Ephraim and Manasseh so Thomas means twin and Jacob was a twin and here we see that Thomas is also giving the last born the birthright because here in The Testament he gave tea who was last born the birthright and he made tea first and when I looked at the letters of the children if you rearrange them it's spelled salt and we are the salt of the earth we know that Jacob and ESU were both blessed Jacobs was more blessed than easy because ESU sold his Birthright but um overall they were all blessed because they are the salt of the earth they're both Hebrews they're both Jewish so what the Lord is showing me is that they're also different levels of blessing within the wealth transfer in terms of the arrangement of where the the children will be ordered in the will depending on how God is positioned each person and I thought this dream about Black Gold was very interesting and being stuck in the canal and then the news that broke today is or well not today yesterday was about an oil spill and I thought that was really interesting if you guys have interpretations of my dream feel free to pop them in the comments section I'd love to hear what your guides guys feedback is I it has been an extremely heavy month for me spiritually in terms of warfare and so if you've sent me emails or comments I want to apologize for not responding I get in excess of 50 emails a month and I can't sometimes always respond to them if I am going through spiritual warfare or interceding for America so I wanted to thank everybody for having patience with me if you have sent me an email I will respond when I have an opportunity thank you very much for listening shabbat shalom anchored in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen super tanker fso Safa contains over a million barrels of crude oil and threatens to cause an environmental and humanitarian disaster it was abandoned nearly a decade ago due to the Civil War and now it is falling apart a looming catastrophe this fragile country cannot afford we don't want the Red Sea to become the Black Sea that's what's going to happen it's an ancient vessel a 1976 super tanker therefore is not only all but unmaintained and likely to think or explode at any moment the UN is so desperate to stop the oil spilling that it has crowdfunded the purchase of a rescue tanker to go on a salvage operation this graphic animation of its plan shows how the huge containers on board the ship need to be made safe and how tons of oil could eventually be removed from the hull the cost of not intervening could be astronomical but the UN is still short of the money to finish the job there's plenty of money available in different member State budgets for a response to an emergency I know if there was an oil spill there would be tens of millions of dollars pouring in to solve The Spill but W seems to have budget lines for avoiding a catastrophe the scale of the threat here is enormous if the ship breaks apart the oil spill would take just two or three weeks to spread all the way up to Saudi Arabia across to Eritrea and down to the city of Aden and this would quickly close these key ports of who data and Salif ending food aid for nearly 6 million people fuel Imports would stop too affecting the 8 million people in Yemen who rely on fuel powered pumps or trucks to get their fresh water and the oil would contaminate these desalination pumps dotted along the coast disrupting the supply of water to a further two million people on top of that the country's coral reefs and fish stocks might never recover the oil tanker is located in a very very healthy coral reef and it has a lot of species of marine organisms biodiversity is high in that area the oil spill has find its way to the water column so many Marine sensitive habitats are going to be I mean damaged the clock is ticking on fso Sapphire a threat to the ocean the land and the vulnerable people who live on it and a man-made crisis in waiting Hannah Thomas Peter Sky News

Interpretation of my dream

13 June 2023


Shalom, The Lord has been speaking to me about my dream about the TWO canals. One canal had fresh water free flowing; the other had black gold and was restricted because it was clogged with an oil spill.

Globally there are two key canals:

1. Panama Canal: which is currently experiencing unprecedented drought = decreased water = liquidity crisis

2. Suez Canal: Decaying Yemen Tanker = potential oil spill = causing ships blocked from entry

The shipping trade is critical for economies to run - could the long awaited black swan be linked to the canals?

Watch and pray!

Shabbat Shalom


More on Telegram @mykingyeshua LINK of evidence:

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