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BRICS: Russia and China Dreams

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Rituals are now complete

RUMBLE ONLY Youtube blocked this prophetic revelation

You can watch the Rumble prophetic insights here:

China vs USA Prophetic wisdom

FOUR Currencies to Rule & Reign Prophetic Dream


Hi Kim, here is a premise of the possible interpretation of some of your dream (need to spend more time on this). The location where you were is Russia; the woman in the dream is from Russia (her purse has the designation of the bear; she represents her country). The gold bear (ruble) in the purse that is "tarnished" signifies that it is not being "used", it is tarnished. Does moss grow where there is "current" (currency)? You in the lift went up (4 currencies); she went down (ruble). When at the market she states that she uses the 4 currencies to purchase goods; y'all were in a country that no longer used its currency for purchasing transactions.

Again, need to spend more time on this. Hope this is a help & does not cause confusion. God bless. David

Prophetic fulfilment of BRICS and China Yuan used to import Russian Crude Oil

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