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Border Crisis: The Land

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

so today we're going to be talking about the shooter Mike woman and the border control crisis the border control crisis we're going to be looking at Borders in countries but also borders and churches and borders in individuals and how that is linked to the wealth transfer the border control crisis is linked to the wealth transfer I'll be featuring Mark Taylor and I will speak about 501c3 in this particular presentation also the importance of land and sovereignty before I get stuck in I've got three testimonies to share that have come through the last couple of days and here I have a man in Florida confirming that he prayed about uh what the purpose of his life should be he's retired and he stumbled across my video after praying and now he thinks he understands what he's supposed to be doing with his retirement and even though his name is not Joseph I know he is a Joseph so that really blessed me and then through the website another person email that they have a farm and they're Keen to learn permaculture and meet like-minded Christians this particular testimony really really blessed me she says thank you so much for your ministry Kim more than anything it has helped me to make sense of the mess of my life and encouraged me to see the way you handled your own health trial I am a nurse practitioner nearly two years ago I was told I would have to go on probation for encouraging a patient to wait a few months to see if the jab was safe and not insisting another patient be tested for covert as she didn't want to I resigned the day I resigned the Lord spoke to my spirit and told me I was a Joseph and I'm going to the pit oh wow I really that touched me it really touched me I imagined a month or two until the truth came out almost immediately upon resigning now I've cut the email because she speaks about her health problems and um under the the oath of confidentiality when you are in the healthcare industry you know that you're not supposed to share other people's Health Care problems without their consent so she goes on to speak about what her health trial was and then she writes because of her health trial she's she and her husband are now living in a poor house from losing her job however they did manage to transfer some retirement into silver they bought Zimbabwean dollars the dong the Iraqi dinar and they bought a little xlm she goes on to say your ministry has confirmed has been your ministry has been confirmation I am on the right track your sweet response to your illness has strengthened my faith that he still loves me so I just wanted to thank you Patty if you're watching your testimony really touched me to know that um we share the same experience of Joseph being in the pit because having health problems that are chronic until the Lord releases us from those health problems it really is a trial of one's faith so I'd like to say to you and your husband stay strong and I'm really pleased that the Lord has shown you a cure for what you're going through because um Patty goes on to describe in the in the place that I've cut off that there's there was no medical cure for what she was going through so her husband and her had to figure out how to help themselves with the problem that they had so that really touched me so let's get stuck in today's presentation um on the 7th of January the the Lord spoke to me about the borders he said the borders the borders and when I prayed and reflected on it um a lot of what Mark Taylor said resonated with me and so I joined truth social to get hold of Mark Taylor in an attempt to hopefully have it be a guest on my um my platform and I prayed about it and I waited a whole month for the response however Mark Taylor no longer accepts invitations he's been on the front line for a long time and he pres he prefers to keep his circles very small and closed and I fully respect that and he has mentioned that publicly and I guess that's why he didn't reply to my invitation nevertheless I um I got I tried to get hold of him on Truth social and I joined tree social just for that particular reason because I really do admire the ministry that God has called him to and the level of insight and wisdom that he has in terms of his um not just the prophetic but in terms of his spiritual understanding and he brings so much to the body of Christ in terms of edification I was reading yesterday in Corinthians a scripture that said that we should desire to prophesy because when we prophesy we edify the church because those who speak in tongues edify themselves and those who speak prophecy edify the body at large and certainly Mark Taylor's prophecies are edification for the body at Large so I'm talking about border control crisis today and the disclaimer I would like to put out is that I love all people I got nothing against migrants in in and of themselves they are part of a system whereby they're victims of really bad economies where they're coming from they're seeking refuge in areas where they might find economic freedom and the responsibility for the crisis relies really with the leadership of the countries not with the individuals who are Crossing Borders so if I do refer to migrants it's it's done out of love and also I am doing this presentation to help the Joseph C that the border control crisis is linked to the wealth transfer and that's the purpose of this particular presentation so when we look at Leviticus we know that the jubilees every 50 years and one of the key indicators that the a year is a jubilee year is that land goes to its rightful owner and in this presentation I will be showing you examples in the Bible where it doesn't mention it's the Jubilee but because of the criteria of a jubilee which is for land to go back to the owner after a seven by seven year period to make 50. um I will show that the Jubilee criteria is fulfilled in the shunamite woman in Joseph and in Moses and in all three cases land goes back to them and these three examples you can use for your own life as personal application so we we consider the Jubilee as the Bible defines it to be 49 years plus one to make 50 and 49 is basically 7 times 7 so you have seven um schmitter Cycles um and there is seven years in one cycle so when is the Jubilee well we know last year was a super schmeter five seven eight two and how do we know it was a super schmitter because if you take 49 and you divide it by the number you should get a whole number the next Super schmitter is in 49 years time so if you add 49 to this number that is when the next Super schmitter is so the probability that this year is a jubilee is extremely high because the next super is in 49 years time if that makes sense and if we have if I have done my mathematics correctly so when we consider the shunamite ladies story I'm not sure why the slide has moved over the shunamite lady was um a friend of Elisha she helped house him whenever Elisha came to town he stayed at her house so she blessed Elijah by allowing Elisha to stay at her house anyway so there was a famine in the land and Elijah told her to go and stay in the land of the Philip Philistines and she went for seven years to avoid the famine and then after the seven years she said at the end of the seven years she returned from the land of the Philistines for the Steins and she went forth to appeal to you the king for her land and her house and the King said restore what was hers and what she would have gained from those seven years that she was away so notice how she there is a seven year cycle that's going on here and then the year after because it's one uh towards the end of the seven years so she went after the seven years to appeal and the the year one which is where the 50th year would be because it's 49 plus one so it would be the end of the seventh seventh cycle plus one would be 50. you see that the land is restored to her the rightful owner because that's what the Jubilee is it's a return of the land to its rightful owner so when it comes to Kingdom economics we see that Elisha the shunamite woman blessed Elisha who was a prophet and what was her reaping because the Bible says whatever you sow you will reap now she sowed into the life of Elisha you see it's important to sew where there are true men and women of God don't just sow anywhere if you find you sowing then you're not reaping anything then you might need to re-evaluate why are you sewing and so she blessed the man of God and she got from that relationship she got a son she thought she'd never have a son and then the son passed away and Elisha raised him from the dead and not only that he was the one who servant recommended the king restore the land so the King gehazi was the servant the king restored her land the shinamites woman's land and not only that she got the produce for the seven years of famine as well so the Bible speaks about a prophet's reward prophet's reward is one of the highest rewards you can get it says here he who welcomes and accepts a prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward so this shunamak woman had welcomed Elisha and here you see in the Jubilee her land was restored after the seven year cycle because the Jubilee comes after the seven year cycle period and make sure you you are um aligning yourself with the correct prophetic voices if you are to receive a profit's reward so the schmitter is a seven year cycle like I said so there's seven years in a shemitah and the land is called to rest on the shmita it is a sabbatical but so is a jubilee because a jubilee is a holy yeah um if you go back here here it says the 50th year is Holy Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and all its inhabitants it shall be a jubilee to you and you shall return uh to his own property and each shall return to his own property and each of you shall return to his family the 50th year shall be a jubilee to you you shall not sow neither shall you reap that which grows of itself nor gather from the undressed vines or it is a jubilee it is it shall be holy to you so the Jubilee is also sabbatical so it's a sabbatical on sabbatical two years of sabbatical so when it comes to Joseph we see that Joseph's life also followed the seven year cycle or the shmita cycle he had seven years of plenty and seven years called famine and then one year into the famine you notice that he experiences a jubilee as well when I was studying Genesis 47 in January and in February the Lord was showing me that Joseph had three wealth transfers not one but three wealth transfers and when I read that I was so blown away I was like Wow Joseph really um was blessed for all the trials and tribulations and all that the drama that he had to experience in life so the Lord was showing me that the first world transfer was the seven years of plenty and the second wealth transfer happened when the famine started so that's when people started to bring um you know exchange their their money fall for food and as it progressed we see that the people then started giving land in exchange for food so he had one two three wealth transfers which I find phenomenal yesterday I uploaded a video on the debt clock in terms of the Season we're in and how the um the debt clock has changed since January reflecting zero for silver and zero for gold in terms of the the dollar ratio and I referenced how when money fails in Genesis 47 people went to seek Joseph um and money failing in the Bible can be described in is also described in haggai one one versus six and it says he that earned wages earneth wages but put them in a bag with holes so you can earn and earn and earn and it just goes through um a bucket with holes or a bag with holes and this is an example of money failing but when we look at Joseph the life of Joseph we see that the money failure was based on the fact that um there was a crop shortage and Jacob actually says to his sons take double the money to Egypt why because the money had devalued what it was worth could not purchase the same amount of food because because of the shortages the food the demand caused the price of the food to go high and the price of the money to be less than what it was worth so there you see the beginning of the money failing you see the beginning of inflation the beginning is where Jacob sends his sons and then Genesis so this is in Genesis 43 and then Genesis 47 talks about the money actually failing they were forced to barter their lifestyle for food because the money was worthless you can't eat money in the Bible they used to trade in Precious Metals not Fiat but you can't eat precious metals so um but you can eat livestock so the livestock became more valuable than the money so the money failed um and then when the livestock had run out they started to barter land and their labor so another form of slavery and that's where you see Genesis 47 Joseph acquires the land so let's apply that so you see these the first wealth transfers the seven years of plenty and the second wealth transphase where he gets money double the money for the produce and livestock and then when the livestock and the money run out if they start giving him land and they start selling themselves into slavery um notice how the seven year cycle so you've got seven seven plus one land Jubilee that's how you know Joseph was living in a time of Jubilee because the land is transferred in a jubilee similarly with the shunamite woman if you look at her story it's seven year Cycles as well and after the seven year cycle you see the land is transferred back to her so it's uh 49 plus one because it's after the seven year cycle the land is restored to the shoernama women and the same is true with Joseph you see the seven year Cycles playing out and then you see he is acquiring land so just to illustrate this visually for you guys you see there's the seven Cycles and each cycle contains seven years and at the end of the seven years of plenty it's here 49 uh plus one and you notice that he's getting land at that stage he's getting land so the Bible doesn't describe the Jubilee like literally say that it was a jubilee year but because you see the transfer of land after a seven year cycle it's safe to say that it's a jubilee similarly with a shunamite woman it won't say jubilee in the Bible but it's a describing the characteristics of what a jubilee um what should happen in a jubilee year that land is transferred so it's all about land and God was really impressing upon me the importance of land when it comes to the border control as well the border control crisis now the Josephs have been commissioned to be Sovereign and to build Goshen which is a city within a city Goshen meaning a Land of Plenty and comfort why have the Josephs been commissioned to do this because as usual those who are Discerning the times know that 2030 is going to be quite an interesting period they have already spoken about their agenda while in advance of it occurring but then you also have the subliminal messages whereby they are illustrating that the famine will produce death because as you can see there is the symbolism of death linking it to famine and as I was making this presentation the Holy Spirit dropped into my spirit that um the food in general will be will become a type of famine because they're genetically modifying the food which is non-nutritious to the um the organic body and so you your body ends up going into a state of famine because it's not getting the nutrition it needs but there will be a famine whereby the world we will no longer have food and there will be Mass hunger and that's why the Lord is saying be Sovereign and secure the land and we know that the economist never fails to you know disappoint when it comes to letting us know what's about to happen and here's the proof in the pudding they let us know in 1992 what was going to happen now in 2020 and if they had told everybody the correct rationale for what they were giving people um I would guarantee that most of the population would have rejected taking this particular um and this particular thing if you if you know what I mean I don't want to go into the YouTube Naughty corner but they do tell us well in advance and so if they're telling us this is going to happen and God has commissioned us to be prudent students uh stewards of his his wealth transfer then we need to do what is right and prevent the Calamity and Misfortune of going through a famine because had Joseph not done what he was supposed to do for the assignment Joseph had been given Israel would have perished a long along with Egypt and a lot of other people so um famine can be severe where it causes people to pass away and as you can see here it is depicting that so here is another example where the economist does not fail to let us know what is about to transpire and they let people know well in advance of their plans um so we have been given a warning in terms of what's about to happen so God was showing me the importance of land and Israel has been fighting for land throughout the old and even the New Testament and even today there is much debate and much contention around the land of Jerusalem the land of Palestine the land of Israel there is always been that that battle for land and that's because the land here on Earth is so important God wants to bequeath us with his land and like I said the Holy Spirit was showing me in January about the borders and he impressed upon me that it's not just America it's not just Europe um there's also countries um like South Africa where the borders are permeable why because the the whole of Africa has an issue with unemployment and poverty and so they will migrate to countries where there is a better economy and so there's been a lot of countries in the southern hemisphere of Africa who will migrate into South Africa because there's jobs and there's more money in South Africa and what happens is that the locals become very upset because they um there's a high unemployment rate and the foreigners undercut the local South African for the cheaper jobs and there's so much poverty and there's so much um you know disadvantage in South Africa that you see xenophobia in South Africa is quite a an issue and that's because of permeability of the borders so it's not just America it's not just the United Kingdom it's the whole of Europe where these migration patterns are happening because of uh geopolitical economic issues around the world but the Lord was showing me that the the um the issue of having porous borders is really a wealth transfer in reverse and I'll speak about that a bit later so which slide am I on um sorry just bear with me so the Lord is showing me that the natural land in Israel is important and Wars are still being fought today but the spiritual land is just as important where we called to the promised land which is heaven to be reunited with Jesus Christ and Abba Father and there is a war on Earth for the spiritual aspect of the land because we are all called to work out our own salvation that we might might enter into the Promised Land and so there's a war for the natural land but there's also a war for the spiritual land and when Jesus came to the scene a lot of the Jewish people rejected him and they still reject him because for them a messiah is someone who delivers the land they have the preconceived idea that the Messiah who is to come is to um model Moses because Moses is seen as a type of Messiah and Moses delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians with Great Signs and wonder and he took them into a land flowing with milk and honey and although Moses ended up dying in the wilderness the promise was still that the Jews would inherit the land so when they're looking for a messiah they're looking for somebody who has a moses-like outcome so that's why they rejected Jesus and even John the Baptist said are you the Messiah or should we look for another because all the Jews even including John the Baptist and uh Jesus cousin had the preconceived idea that the land belonged to the Jews and the Messiah would deliver that land um so that's why they they do not they do not recognize Jesus as being the Messiah they're constantly challenged Jesus to perform signs and wonders like how Moses had performed signs and wonders um through the the workings of God but they had a wrong idea but anyway my point of explaining that is to show you that the land is very important to the Jewish people and you'll notice that the Jewish people also entered into the land in the Jubilee period they had spent well first of all they were released from slavery in a jubilee year because one of the criterias for Jubilee is that slaves Go free so they were released in a jubilee year and then they wandered for 40 years because they were so rebellious and stiff-necked and then it took them another 10 years to occupy the promised land because they had Canaanites Philistines jebusites um moabites all the ice I had to fight to take possession of the land they started off with Joshua and Caleb who went into Jericho to take down um the fort of Jericho using the shafar blast and that from there they progressed through the land and the Lord said I will deliver the land to you little by little so it took about 10 years for them to completely occupy and settle in the promised land which is Israel and that was the 50th year that the land was transferred to them they were released in the 50th year the land was transferred in the 50th year so it is a wealth transfer notice when they left Egypt they left Egypt with gold and silver because they plundered the Egyptians so there was a wealth transfer it was a jubilee and when they entered into Israel which was the promised land you see it is a wealth transfer because it is a jubilee so like I said on the 7th of January the Lord was saying to me the borders the borders and when I inquired of the Lord he was showing me the importance of land and why the porosity of borders is so detrimental to the sovereignty of the local people and if you notice what the Bible speaks about but Broken Walls it speaks about the country being open to attack and what the Lord was showing me is that most of the migrants house criminals that will become a sort of Trojan Wars entering into a country and attacking a country from within because they already are inside the walls the Bible constantly speaks about the importance of a war in terms of the fortification of a city and if you read the book of Nehemiah the entire book of Nehemiah is around the wall you know building up the wall of Jerusalem to build up Jerusalem because a city Without Walls is as good as no City at all and when there is Wars in place or when there is a border that's intact we notice that the Lord gives rest on every side but where there is a porous border we notice that there is a high probability of War and making the country susceptible to war now the law is also showing me that the borders are related to the church and because of what's happened in the modern day Church the liaison Church the lukewarm Church the 501c3 Church the Prosperity Gospel Church the mega church the Lamborghini Church the fine yachts and the boats Church the I drive a jet Church those types of churches they are churches Without Borders the real church is you and me and the people who gather who are not known by anybody and we're we're trying our best to do the work of God that is the church the church is the one who is trying to do the will of God outside of these um these structures that are have been created which are governed by money so God was showing me that the church has been infiltrated the leadership of country is infiltrated and the church people who attack other people in church um cause a porosity of borders they are doing this to destabilize Christian nations because if you dilute a nation with more migrants then the culture changes according to the migrant population you end up having ghettos and you end up having crime and poverty it destabilizes the Christian Nation and it causes poverty in the Christian Nation if you just allow influx of people into a country without control and then the borders in the church which are not monitored it's because of the worship of Mammon the 501c3 churches really do have a a contract or Covenants with Mammon um there's loads of societal issues going on and the church is completely useless with uh dealing with these issues because they are a Church Without Borders they are a Church Without Borders the borders are porous you know you have anything anything goes and so because anything goes the church cannot focus on actually doing what it was called to do which is to help people who are really suffering who have addiction mental health problems um you know who are sick it's uh it's um because the church has has got no borders and the way to test if a church is really from God is to know if they have a complete balanced view of the scripture so from the old and the New Testament and there is a balance of the lion of Judah and the Lamb of God most churches tout or shill the Lamb of God philosophy and you end up with Hyper Grace and Hyper Grace cannot save or help these types of people with societal issues here you need the lion of Judah you need the lion of Judah you need to know how to go into society and cast out devils and heal the sick you cannot go out and say to somebody who has a heroin addiction you know um it's all about Grace you know Salvation brings us to Christ and it brings us to Abba that's salvation that's Grace but thereafter we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling by picking up our cross and following him picking up our sword and and using it so it really is about balance and Law Without Grace is legalism and Grace without law is lawlessness and the church is at this um bottom bit it's greater that the law so that it's a lawless church and what happens when you're Lawless it means you've got no border you've got no hedge or hedge of protection is breached your porous and when you pour us the serpent can easily enter in and bite that's what Ecclesiastes says but the church continues to teach to have your best life now and ignore the fact that there is a border control crisis a food crisis energy crisis inflation crisis earthquakes um Roe versus Wade pandemics vaccine crisis the church just continually says to just put on a smile keep calm carry on and live your best life now and buy our book or sow a seed so that you may be blessed that is the philosophy which is completely it's crazy if you think about it the Prosperity Gospel is allergic to the word repent they will not teach repentance and if you do not repent your hedge will always be porous and the serpent will always bite you know repentance and the blood of Jesus causes us to have a hedge of protection you know the blood of Jesus and the Hedge repentance causes the Hedge to be completely intact but Prosperity Gospel preachers are allergic to the word repent they will they the the their most favorite word is give and type and offerings those are their favorite three words and um it actually disadvantages small smaller Ministries who are trying to do the work of God because um most times these people will give to these mega churches and promote the the pastor owning a jet which is very very sad so true profits are often stoned misunderstood or attacked and an example of that is Mark Taylor he is often misunderstood I love what he said last year I've retweeted it on my telegram he said everything starts in the spirit first then manifests in the natural just like it did with the borders we don't have a country we have open borders because they are open in the spirit when he says that he's talking about the spiritual realm because everything starts in the spirit it's up to the US to close them first this is a spiritual battle not just for our country but for the entire Earth it starts with America we either have God Jesus and the Holy Spirit or we have no country they are spiritual borders in this spirit well I love what he says because he's saying that the church needs to have borders before we can um cry out about the Border crisis we need to look at what's happening in the church is full of um things that need fixing so how do we thrive in Egypt are speaking to the Lord about Goshen and the Lord was saying to me that the Josephs need to have a Goshen with borders so borders are very important for Goshen why because the migrant crisis the Lord was showing me is a wealth transfer reversal it's taking the local people's resources and transferring it to a migration population to fund a crisis that has holes in the bucket it's a never-ending problem that you just throw keep throwing money at and it doesn't solve itself and that money belongs to the local people of that particular country and the government will use this as a tool and a tactic to prevent accountability and to steal funding and taxes and also to create a land where the local population is no longer sovereign and no longer entitled to the Freedom that comes with having those local benefits so it's an Egyptian type system that they're trying to create whereby all populations are mixed and the world has migrated everywhere and there is no sovereignty no nationalism no patriotism no Christianity no church no family nucleus what they'd prefer is borderless countries whereby they will blame migration issues on population which is a fallacy it's false and they will blame migration people migrating on the fact that there's no availability in hospitals or schools or why this crime so it's a never-ending problem and it's really a slavery and that's why it's important in order to thrive in Egypt you need to have your Goshen with borders so the church or the Ecclesia or the remnant Church first establishes its spiritual borders by coming out of the Babylonian system and testing what people say Don't just accept what people say because they say they're a Christian no you need to test and discern what they say um the Joseph in order to have a a solid Goshen he needs to have boundaries no trespassing is what the Joseph needs to say do not enter you need to have boundaries with your family you see Joseph's family was never involved with Joseph's wealth they came after and they sort of slaughtered into things you cannot have your family members dictating to you after the wealth transfer what you should be doing with your wealth and the church you need to have boundaries with the church as well especially churches that have pyramids in their symbology and one eye symbolism because this is an Egyptian Church you may laugh but it's true they're following the system of the world check out Joel Osteen as a classic example and the government tool system is also following a Babylonian type system whereby their Egyptian symbolism is there and be careful who you take into your ocean to help Christians think they need to help everyone no no Joseph helped Israel Christians are meant to help those in the body of Christ okay or to to build the body of Christ by making disciples so you need to have strong boundaries we are called to be in the system which is Egyptian but not of the system notice how Joseph was in the system Moses Daniel and Jesus they were in the system but not of the system so we must remove ourselves from the ways and the practices of these these secular systems and a lot of my videos speak about the practices of these secular systems so the Lord was really showing me that the border control issue is the purpose of it or the lack of the border control rather is to transfer wealth in the opposite direction by having these forced migration artificial migration patterns where really they are funding these operations in stealth of having people migrate in Mass and um they're causing is doing it on purpose so that they can have an opposite effect of the wealth transfer so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end I really appreciate all of you guys and hopefully this presentation has shown you that the Jubilee can be Illustrated throughout the Bible if the criteria for the Jubilee is met and the criteria is the seven year cycle and land being transferred or people being set free from slavery and um the shunamite lady Joseph and um Moses are classic examples of a wealth transfer in the Bible or a jubilee in the Bible a wealth transferring the Bible to Jubilee in the Bible and I'm going to let you guys listen to Mark Taylor now speak about um the state of the charging terms or the porosity with a charge Without Borders and the issues in the church and the 501c3 so thank you very much for watching and stay listening for Mark Taylor now shabbat shalom this is part two of The Jubilee presentation for the wealth transfer Mark Taylor will address the 501c3 church and then there will be a video on Israel and the importance of the land in Israel and after that there'll be a video on the border control crisis which is linked to the wealth transfer in reverse like I said this entire video is part two of a previous teaching idea using the false prophets to steer the people in a certain direction prophetically by what they speak is this making sense so it's good this is what they're doing so now especially with some of these patriotic conferences so uh when you got these guys out here they're out there you walk into these conferences they call it a Revival but yet they got merchandise everywhere they're merchandising what did Jesus do when he walked into the temple with the merchandisers he made a whip and drove them out and they want to call it a Revival this is where God's heart is grieved brother uh over this stuff this is not what it was meant to be and so uh you know uh the the true Ecclesia the true uh uh congregation not Church the congregation of God is going to be those who are outside of the four walls that's going to be your Revival out on the streets the highways the byways the fields it's not meant to go in there and make these millions of dollars and so that they can have the next Lamborghini or they can have the next mega yacht you know uh or whatever the case may be pay attention to the signs now there is a group that I'll Point people to called SIU on telegram who's exposing a lot of these frauds and they're backing it up with the facts and now here's what you have going on right now and I'm going to cover this and people can get aggravated with me all they want to your favorite Pastor or your favorite Prophet let's say I don't want anyone to ever prop me up as as their Idol or is this on the other please don't do that to me I I don't I tell people don't believe everything I say you take it before the Lord and you test it before the Lord you it's got discern things by what God tells you you don't answer to me I'm simply a spokesperson for what the Lord says sometimes so when I speak something you take it before the Lord and you ask the Lord is this is this true and if it is it's up to you I I cannot violate your will God won't violate your will so what gives me the right to I don't tell people come on guys you got to believe me man no it's not like that it's like look you have your own free will but the point is you you take it before the Lord you ask the Lord and if you can't get anything from the Lord read the signs because I'm telling you the science out there brother right now they're everywhere they're no longer hiding it you're seeing pentagrams you're seeing pyramids which is the Illuminati symbolism most of these Mega pastors are Illuminati so and people taking offense what happens is is we'll expose somebody let's say on a program because I I have called people out by name on a program and that people get mad at me because that was their Idol that's who they propped up as their favorite Prophet or their favorite pastor and the problem is is that they get mad at the messenger when they haven't even taken the time to search a matter out I encourage people you need to start digging on these pastors and these prophets because they're most of them are false right now and look let me explain something ask yourself a couple of questions the first question is are they a 501c3 if they are they're already false and most people are going to say oh my god did he just say that yes and here's the reason why they may not even know that they're a part of a demonic system that they sold their soul basically for that tax tax exempt status it's it's not so much even though they may be a good man or a woman of God let's say and this is why I've been trying to rescue people but they don't want to hear it because it's all about the money but when you go in there and you say okay they're a false prophet because they're part of the bail system it's the amount of uh uh demonic that's on them if you will it's the amount of that that's on them uh let me listen to the word here help me out here lord it's it's what's on them that makes them false okay that that's through the 501c3 they may not even be corrupt but it's the amount of that that's on them through that system they're automatically irrelevant at that point they have to come out of it they have to repent they've got a divorce bail and remarry God at that point which we've all had to do because we've all been a part of the system all of us if you've walked into a church and a member of a church you've been a part of the bail system there's no way around it so we've we've all had to come out repent divorce bail remarry God and that's what's got to take place so uh ask yourself on the 501c3 first the second thing is is what they're prophesying does it line up with the word of God third thing discern or take it before the Lord and discern if you're not hearing anything fourth thing read the signs period that's what that's that's the way I like to tell people right now because the 501c3 as it is is that 98 of the churches and Ministries right now are through the 501c3 so are you seeing these pyramids in the background on our stages are you seeing uh the All-Seeing Eye somewhere or all these different little things that you can look for but I encourage people before you go on the attack have you done your due diligence to search that matter out before you start defending that individual because what you're defending may just be a golden calf yeah Mark that's good you know president Trump talked when he was in office the first time about maybe getting rid of the 501c3 status and that was one thing that confused a lot of people he threw it out there once and he didn't follow up on it too much but he threw it out there I think to test the waters and see how people would respond and it confused most people but he was talking about what you're talking about it would actually be liberating in the sense that you wouldn't feel like you had to censor what you said in your messages from in your in your preaching and all that type of stuff and he's a wise president Trump has a lot of wisdom and insight uh for a guy that they think is just a bull in a china shop he's oftentimes way out ahead of what everyone else is paying attention to right absolutely so it's it's one of those things where you know um if he did take away the 501c3 most of the pastors would probably be extremely upset at him because this is how they're making their money to that tax exempt status when actually he'd be doing him a favor because he'd be yanking him out of the bail system at that point you see the whole thing is who's the head of the church it's not Jesus Christ you know what Jesus talked about you know the foxes have dens and uh nests and but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head that's what he was talking about he has nowhere to rest his head he is the headship of God's people he has no place to rest his authority his headship because where's the body the body's over here under bail not under Jesus that's the problem right he's looking for a pure spotless bride without corruption without any of that and Baal is not it so if you want to know why the world is burning if you want to know why America is burning why we're in this predicament look to the church because they're the ones that are at fault for this they're the ones because they have not done because you can't cast out Satan with Satan when you're in in Covenant with Baal through the 501c3 you don't have bales of strong men over America you don't have the power and authority to get rid of him but the first thing that had to come down to get rid of Baal as a strong man was the blood sacrifice to Baal which was the abortion which is Roe versus weight now that that's down notice this now since Roe versus Wade came down lightning strikes all this happened after Roe versus Wade came down and I've been saying this that Roe versus Wade it would probably have to come down first because Bale is a violent entity he Feeds out the blood of the innocent so he was that was his food source was the abortion now that that's gone on a federal level it's going to get kicked to the States now and this is where you'll see the blessings of the curses on the states as to who keeps it who who gets rid of it so uh now that that's been taken down uh with bail Now Bail himself can be taken as the strong man it can be taken down no that's good Mark you you said something that's so true you said a lot of these uh prophets out there people put them up on pedestals and and make them the golden calf and and we experienced that there was and I'm not going to name the name it's all we've we've covered it on our website many times it's out there you can find it for purposes of this interview I'm not going to name the name but there there was one of those that we stopped covering because I I there there was stuff that I was seeing that was just not right and it wasn't small stuff either it was it was really serious and we've documented it all all the videos are out there you can go see it but the minute I did that I got violent now a lot of people supported it and they said they they approached they saw it uh they read they read the signs they they agreed exactly with me but uh I got a lot of pushback just violent stuff irrational stuff yep and and I would say but have you seen this video how do you explain away this video those are the religious Spirits they're talking about there's the religious spirits that are that are coming out they're vile brother they're vile they're violent uh they're they're this this is the part where before before they attacked you and your report did they do their due diligence to search the matter out and did they take it before the Lord no they refused to even watch it that's what that's my point so this is what people are doing now they want to shoot the messenger but they haven't discerned or they haven't done their due diligence to search the matter out like God tells us to but they just want to automatically go on the attack and they want to they want to to protect that golden calf yeah well we experienced it firsthand and it was the right decision to to stop covering that individual and and it's it's good for you proven it it's proven it over time but it's good to hear you talk about that I hope that helps people your general explanation of because it's kind of it's kind of funny we've got you know you've got prophetic words and and you're not saying all prophetic words should not be trusted but how how do you test them out and one of the big things I heard you saying was you stand on it over time and it doesn't necessarily come about next week or next month that's right we've already talked we've already talked about the big one that you are still standing behind it is that Trump gets a second term in office one of the other ones that I I last month I also took an action endorsed unanimously by the U.S Senate just months before I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel shortly afterwards dozens of countries voted in the United Nations General Assembly against America's Sovereign right to make this decision in 2016 American taxpayers generously sent those same countries more than 20 billion dollars in Aid that is why tonight I am asking Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign assistance dollars always serve American interests and only go to friends of America not enemies as we strengthen friendships all around the world we are also restoring clarity about our adversaries when the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship I did not stay silent America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom thank you I am asking Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal my Administration has also imposed tough sanctions on the communist and socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela we shall now begin the voting process those in favor of draft resolution a slash es-10 l22 please signify those against abstentions the general assembly is now voting on draft resolution a slash es-10 l22 entitled status of Jerusalem will all delegations confirm that their votes are accurately reflected on the screen thank you the United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very Act of exercising our right as a Sovereign Nation we will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the United Nations and we will remember it when so many countries come calling on us as they so often do to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit America will put our Embassy in Jerusalem that is what the American people want us to do and it is the right thing to do no vote in the United Nations will make any difference on that but this vote will make a difference on how Americans look at the U.N and on how we look at countries who disrespect Us in the U.N and this vote will be remembered thank you the United States simply stated a fact they officially declared what has always been true Jerusalem has been and always will be the capital of the state of Israel those who support today's resolution are like puppets you are puppets pulled by the strings of your Palestinian Puppet Masters you are like marionettes forced to dance while the Palestinian leadership looks on with Glee you are blind to the life unaware of the manipulation surrounding you just like a puppet this vote is nothing more than a performance of delusion I have no doubt that today's resolution will also end up in the trash bin of History I have no doubt that the day will come when the entire International Community will finally come to recognize Jerusalem as the Eternal capital of the state of Israel thank you now this it's not just America that's trying to deal with a migrant crisis Britain dealing with an influx as well over a thousand arrived just on Sunday alone Nigel farage with us right now Nigel what are the Brits doing about their migrant crisis getting very angry because what's happening Stuart is they're coming into the country they've been put into four-star hotels luxury hotels given Three Square meals a day spending money they're getting free Dental Care Free Medical Care many things the rest of the country can't get the numbers are going through the roof and what makes it even worse what really puts the lid on it is they're now coming from Albania 50 of these young men are coming from a NATO member a UK holiday destination an applicant country to the EU and they're advertising on Tick Tock saying come to Britain get involved of a drugs trade and make loads of money these are not refugees these are well at best economic migrants at worst those coming to join criminality okay well I'm sure you're hearing the same arguments there that you're hearing here we've got a labor shortage chronic labor shortage we've got millions of people coming in why not let them work is that the same argument in Britain you've got a labor short they're coming in why not let them work if you've got a genuine labor shortage and you need people to come in and work that's very easy you give them work permits if Fox News gave me a job right they'd apply for me to get a work permit if I pass which is is possible you never know then I would come to work for fox for six months or a year and who knows I might like you stay for years and years and years but I would be entering the country legally the authorities could check whether I have a criminal record those entering Britain literally throw their passports into the English Channel so we cannot check their backgrounds and the same is happening on the Arizona and Texas border you have got you have got coming into America people who are feeding the fentanyl trade and all the rest of it so we both have the same problem we both have governments without the will to do anything about it and the the social effect but our cities on our communities is catastrophic classic an Englishman delivers Clarity on America's border crisis classic you better come over here and work Nigel you're all right we'll see you again soon I trust okay

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