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no weapons formed against me [Music] anymore [Music] [Music] you don't want to lies [Music] [Music] [Music] I understand [Music] hello everybody I absolutely love that song by Fred Hammond which speaks about God coming through God being a man of his word um and that no weapon formed against the children of God shall prosper really this presentation is for the children I'm dedicating this presentation to every child that has been harmed every child that has been Hunted every child every innocent child that has formed foul victim to the atrocities of the Biden family and today I will be speaking about prophecy in merchant I will be speaking about um a dream I had in 2021 and I will be speaking about an organization called Marco Polo and relating that to my dream and how prophecy is really in motion when when it comes to this particular dream the complete fulfillment isn't yet to be seen But I see evidence of the workings of God behind um my dream behind this organization called Marco Polo so the dream I'm referring to was uploaded on YouTube about a month ago and in there I describe how I saw pink dolphins attacking a shark that was elevated on a mountain for the benefit of those who are new here to my channel you can visit their dream on my YouTube page the dream is entitled um Joseph Biden the hunters will be hunted um and in there I touch on um you know I I decode my dream I interpret my dream for the for The Listener and I illustrate how I before I had this dream I'm not going to go into the dream today but before I had this dream I had no idea that pink dolphins actually did exist and they do exist and they're a rare breed they're a rare species you know they're very rare and before I had this dream I had no idea that they did exist and if you look here when I tweeted in July last year about hunters becoming Hunted I quote the scripture from Ezekiel chapter 13 which speaks about women who use Witchcraft and Magic to hunt down Souls hunt down the souls belonging to the people of God and they keep their own Souls alive here this verse is describing people who hunt down other people who enjoy preying on the weak and the vulnerable in society there are people like that out there who hunt down people and the worst thing about this is that they're innocent children so God is responsible for bringing Justice to those children who are innocent so you can find this uh dream if you're new to my channel uh on my channel it's called Joseph Biden the hunters will be hunted and like I said I'd never seen pink dolphins before and if you look at the organization that is coming up against Hunter Biden the logo has a pink dolphin in it I find that remarkable I find that remarkable that God would speak to me on this kind of level you know I have said before and I'll say it again I have no affiliation or association with America I have no family there nor do I know anything about the politics or the history or the lay of the land however God has chosen to give me dreams about America and Visions about America and one of those visions uh one of those dreams include Hunter Biden so I would like to thank squint who has highlighted this organization to me squint is one of my followers on Rumble thank you very much for sending this to me and he like highlighted the Marco Polo organization and in this tweet you can see it says here today or 535 members of Congress received a documentary a documented report of all of hunters crimes sent from Marco Polo investigation group see the pink dolphin it includes 459 violations of the state and the federal laws 140 business related crimes 191 sexual related crimes 129 drug-related crimes so Congress has received this report which has been filed by this particular organization Marco Polo and if you go to their website you'll see that um they do an a thorough investigation on the uh the laptop of Hunter Biden and they look at at least 459 document documented violations of state and federal laws and regulations on this device what I find remarkable about this is that it says here for the past 13 months Marco Polo a non-profit research group comprised of six men from across the United States dedicated to exposing corruption and blackmail has been writing a comprehensive report on the Biden laptop and the crimes they're on look at this they started 13 months ago from this date right 13 months ago from this date so that they would have started in two Thousand and One which is the exact time I had my dream 2001. where I dream about pink dolphins and the organization that is tackling the Biden situation the logo is a pink dolphin I mean you can't make this stuff up if you go onto their website they have all manner of interesting information it's a bit of a rabbit uh going down a rabbit hole because it is very convoluted and disgusting what these people get up to and it's not for the faint-hearted or those who don't understand spiritual warfare if you're new to the Christian faith or if you don't understand things like covenants or deeper matters deeper spiritual matters then you will not understand any of these things because you know some people would shy away from realizing that when when people like this violate children they themselves in their sexual rituals in their sex acts in their debauchery in their crude uh disgustingness they form satanic Covenants when they violate children so if the body of Christ can't even understand the biblical covenants how then are you going to understand the satanic covenants you will never understand so I went on to Twitter and I realized that they've been active this particular group has been active very recently and um we have this particular gentleman William saying that hopefully the offenses weren't all committed in the states of Delaware because Biden could get off uh could get his buddy Governor Carney to Pardon Hunter Biden in two shakes of a lamb's tail and Marco Polo saying they aren't all from Delaware they're across the board he's been doing this disgusting Behavior everywhere the Bible says to not agree with the works of darkness but to rather expose it and um if I become impassioned it's because I and I've I've lived to understand what deep spiritual warfare is I've been positioned in the body of Christ to be able to help bring Deliverance to those types of children who've been harmed in that malicious way and that's why some of my teachings are far Advanced and far beyond what you might be taught in your conventional church because the conventional Church the traditional Church the 501c3 church will not be able to help children who have suffered these atrocities and I don't say that to boast I say that because Christians also need a reality check when it comes to these matters so let's let me calm down and let's watch um a clip from YouTube um where we have the um the owner of Marco Polo one of the founders rather of Marco Polo speaking we have a very special guest in store today and it looks like things are working live and well locals hears us and everything is coming in so let's go ahead and get started shall we hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of watching the Watchers live my name is Robert govea I am a criminal defense attorney at the r r Law Group located in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today my friends the word of the day is exposed we have a whole lot to get to we've got a big report that we're going to dive into and before we bring on our very special guest Garrett Ziegler I want to make sure that you are viewers at home can follow along follow the bouncing ball as we're bouncing around through this massive report and so let me share with you a website that you can go to of course go over to Marco Polo and you can navigate to a report that looks just like this we're going to talk to one of the authors himself of course Garrett Ziegler is with us and we've talked about covered many of his stories before a lot of the work that he's done has been featured on this show and we have just finally had the opportunity to connect and so I'm very very grateful to speak with him we're going to bring him on right now there he is Garrett Ziegler welcome to the show my friend thank you very much Rob appreciate having me on this is uh there's nothing like your show you do it in a different format and get to the source document so I'm really appreciative you're doing this and I look forward to it well that's why I'm so grateful that you're here because you're document that this report that you have put together is really really impressive and I wanna I want to there it is yeah that's exactly what I wanted to start with so I just shared the with the audience the pdf version but can you just flip through that just show people kind of the girth of this thing yeah so it's it's 644 pages um the biggest you know the biggest focus of the report is on crimes I saw somebody comment um that uh we can make a thousand reports and nothing's gonna happen I think that they're confusing me with law enforcement you know we are a uh we're we're we're an organization dedicated to truth and so we've sent this to law enforcement I wish I myself could arrest these people but all I can do is put on a silver platter for them and this this dossier is there's about a half a dozen to a dozen exclusives in it Rob where in fact they're still buried journalists haven't haven't dug them up yet but the contribution we tried to make and I think we did is it's a historical document that sort of Chronicles everything that went down starting on October 14th 2020 with the um with the with the suppression of the New York Post story and we go through all the all all the crimes so we found at the very least 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations and it was a group of a half dozen of us and we took a year to write this thing and we used private investigators forensic accountants Etc yeah and I am so excited to dive into this with you so I was pulling it right at 644 pages I tried to download the PDF you know it's like 957 megabytes I think that you know on this channel we love big documents we love going through the big investigations we go through indictments and complaints and all sorts of stuff and you know this document is really unlike really anything I've ever seen so it's it's not just sort of a report you know we've all sort of flipped through the 911 report we've all flipped through these different reports I mean this is like a yeah I mean the granularity on this it so it's not only I guess you know there's so there's so many things I want to dive in and talk about but yeah why don't we why don't we just zoom out a little bit before we dive into the report because we've got plenty of time and I don't want to get too carried away here but let's learn a little bit more about you sort of you know how did you find yourself in this role you know how did you become sort of in politics in the first place and then what Drew you to this particular sort of investigation and then let's let's unpack more of the report and some of the work that went into it so I grew up in the middle of Illinois a town called Effingham it's a smaller town about 15 000 people and I'm here again I moved back here after I got out of the White House and none of my family's into politics I was just I was honestly uh struck by the the magnet movement that Donald Trump started and so when I was a senior in college I got an internship at the White House and then after that I made I made uh friends with some of the staffers that were there and then after that after a semester I went and worked for a gentleman named Peter Navarro who's one of the three people who stuck with President Trump from the 2015 campaign all the way to now and we've talked a lot about him just just to sort of just to bring the audience back in on that we've talked a lot about Peter Navarro Peter Navarro just to make sure everybody's sort of up to speed on this has also been indicted we we sort of followed his case in parallel with Steve Bannon sort of he's been the subject of you know the j6 Inquisition and all of that so just just to sort of make sure that everybody knows how you fit into that Saga yeah I was one of his you know he was a college professor for 30 years and so he had four staff members and all of us were under 30 and so sort of like a like graduate assistant environment we did atypical things we probably we got very granular so the election fraud reports we helped Peter produce those and after I caught my breath after uh the election selection I wanted to dive into this laptop and so I approached all these think tanks with the pitch I said I could probably do this thing for a hundred and forty thousand dollars I need a couple of serious people people who are older than me people with letters behind their names who have professional qualifications to help me find the statutes help me find the exact state level laws that they broke and nobody was interested no but none of the thing tanks wanted to touch his Heritage didn't want to touch it et cetera et cetera which is a sad in in a real indictment on the American right wing non-profit sphere and so I started my own thing it's called Marco Polo it's very small our budget for 2021 was like ninety one thousand dollars um and so what we did was this was our sort of proof to the world everybody took a chance on us and said hey we'd really like you to support this charity we're going to write the complete truth we're only going to redact that which is legally necessary because all the presidents families social Security numbers and genitalia are on this device it's insane and so there's no genitalia in the report but we really go through and the focus is on crimes and the reason why I got involved was because I was inspired by the president's fight in the 2020 election fraud and I knew that this was relevant to them and so I I uh you know if if the bidens weren't involved with China I think that I wouldn't have had the desire to do this but because of their involvement with the Chinese it really got my attention because that's what Peter into a lesser degree I focused on for two years when I was in the White House Peter was there for four and so that's a big part of our report 80 pages of it we talked about the Chinese for 80 Pages people don't realize that and so I've never this will be the comprehensive history obviously we didn't get everything involved because we left out some of these uh uh disgusting but non-non-criminal things there's so much that floats under the surface of criminality we do have 80 pages of influence pedaling so we can talk about that but that's really my background I you know come from a normal American family um and I just got obsessed with this device there's not been nothing like this on a sitting American president right there's been stuff so God bless um Garrett Siegler I love how he said he became obsessed with the device the Biden Hunter Biden device the laptop the reason why he became obsessed is because it's his calling it's his calling he's been anointed to do this work when you become highly passionate and obsessed with something it indicates that it's your calling he has been called to call out and to um he's been positioned as well uh to to call out and to speak truth we need so much more people like Garrett in the body of Christ so much more Christians who are going to be proactive and take a stance on truth and not just sit on the sidelines and live their best life now so I really admire him and um if you want to go and watch the rest of that interview it's available at this particular YouTube page and his website um his website is um I'll put the link in the description box uh shall we navigate on his website let's have a look if I can um so yes it's actually Marco Polo if you want to go and visit his website and it is a wealth of knowledge if you're um I haven't looked at all because there's so much and um it is really a rabbit hole but he he is thorough in his reporting skills and his documentation and a lot of it you do need to have a um strong stomach form because what they get up to in their spare time is is not pleasant so you need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to actually stomach some of the things that they these evil people do so I was really blessed by this because it correlates and co uh coincides with my dream of pink dolphins Bringing Down the shark and yeah you have the pink dolphin in the logo uh which is um the Marco Polo organization going after the Biden family with a laptop and not just that when I had the dream you see that at the Inception of this organization it coincides at around about the same time that I had the dream that God made me aware of the dream so like I said I've got no affiliation with the United States of America except for the fact that I know that they're a covenant nation and I know that God hasn't forgotten them and I know that they're blessed and I know that they have champions of the Gospel um in that country and the prayers and the intercession of everybody in that country has not gone unheard God loves that country tremendously so um we're probably just unified in spirit because God we we belong to one Spirit you see it's one body One Church one Spirit one baptism One Faith and so borders don't don't um separate us you know and oceans don't separate us if you're one in spirit God can reveal anything to you about any country particularly if that country is precious to God if it's if it's a country that God wants to highlight you know then God will show you and that's how God speaks so I pray this has blessed you guys in terms of Prophecy in motion I was very encouraged when uh my wonderful wonderful Rumble subscriber sent me this link about Marco Polo I had no idea this organization existed and the fact that it marries up with my dream of the pink dolphins where I link that special forces you know coming over to attack the Biden family so I pray this has blessed you guys and strengthened you just so that you can see that God is a a God who who won't lie he does not forget the children he won't forget the children he remembered the children for Roe versus Wade and it's the Jubilee remember he remembered the children it's about children it's about the Next Generation and he remembered and he will not forget those innocent children whose lives have been touched because of filthy disgusting politicians who peddle children as they would uh you know something that is for uh to throw away a child is not to throw away a child is to be cherished and loved so if you have a moment please go listen to no weapon formed against us by Fred Hammond um I'll play it out with the uh the end of this video and um thank you very much for listening shabbat shalom [Music] [Music] [Music] understand [Music] [Music] ing [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music]

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