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Asenath - Joseph's wife

AI Transcription (Asenath and Black Gold)

hello everybody so today we're going to be learning about um sarnath who was Joseph's wife she's not very well um documented in the Bible however historians have gotten account of biblical figures and so if you want to learn more about um figures in the Bible you can read historical books in any case so we're going to be talking about Vision how important vision is partnership and black gold the Lord was showing me particularly about black gold in terms of um investment and how important it will be in the um latter years in the days of Noah when just before the return of Christ so to give you guys some context um about Asana who is found in Genesis she's Joseph's wife I'm going to allow you guys to listen to you a story narrated by deadre and I will link her her YouTube channel in the description box for you guys so hopefully you enjoy A Smith was the Highborn daughter of an Egyptian priest first mentioned in Genesis 41 45 eventually she became the wife of the great patriarch Joseph but not before having a rocky courtship that involved a divine intervention at first a Smith and Joseph did not care for each other when Joseph gained Pharaoh's favor and was promised A Smith it was a compliment because A Smith had been raised to be the next Queen and was originally promised to Pharaoh's own son however even though Pharaoh had made this Promise by law Egyptian women had the freedom to refuse any marriage Arrangement when Aces learned of this she protested and built a case against Joseph she said that she was a pure virgin and destined to marry a prince and become the Queen of Egypt she was insulted at the marriage arrangement to a former slave that had just got out of prison for allegedly sexually assaulting another Egyptian woman Joseph also argued that he should marry someone of his own faith in the Covenant and that she was not worthy of him because she was from an idolatrous Heathen Nation Ace and his parents invited Joseph to dinner and their palace But A Smith refused to attend during the dinner she snuck down to see Joseph and when she sees him she realizes that he is a Son of God admire than any Pharaoh Joseph saw her spying on him and without realizing who she was he asked for her to be removed he had so many Egyptian women throwing themselves at him that he was constantly on guard and wary of his female fans when the host explained that this was their daughter A Smith Joseph is still impressed with his future wife but says he will pray for her and says he will return a week later asness spends the week in deep fasting and prayer and is visited by an Angel which gives her honeycomb to eat after the week-long fast an Angelic encounter Joseph returns and he has had his own humble Encounter With An Angel and sees her not as an Egyptian woman but as a daughter of God they have an epic wedding celebration within the king's court eventually they give birth to two sons Ephraim and Manasseh Joseph is later reunited with his family including his brothers who had sold him into Egypt suf and a Smith continue to have a 48-year long Reign Over Egypt one of the many reasons why I love this story is because it is an epic drama full of fairy tale romance Intrigue and plotrist that really appealed to the modern reader even though the story is ancient I also love the power and humility of both Joseph and a Smith and that in order to make their relationship work they had to lower their pride see each other as God sees them and accept each other and their differences I also love how even though A Smith was an aristocrat she embraced Joseph's brothers as her own and she became one of them in a down-to-earth way while still maintaining her Elegance if you would like to read the story of a Smith and Joseph I will include the links below so I really love the story of a sniff read by dead Ray she read it beautifully and like I said the account is from historical books it's not from um it's not from the Bible because the Bible just mentions that A Smith was Joseph's wife anyway there's loads we can learn from their partnership particularly um particularly with the juxtaposition of characters and spiritual backgrounds and the unlikeliness of them actually being equally yoked in terms of what God would have wanted for Joseph the the outline of marrying a Hebrew woman and what um the background of a Smith the expectation that she should marry a Egyptian uh royalty who was equal to herself the God saw it fit to put these two unlikely candidates together and Joseph's vision and Ace Smith's connections and wealth together the partnership was a god ordained and the fruit of their partnership is evident in Abraham and Manasseh those are The Offspring of Joseph and a Smith and when it comes to partnership the Lord was showing me particularly how it's important to it's important to be led by him in regards to who he sends to partner with us and it might seem like an unlikely combination when we are confronted with the partner that's in front of us so when I speak about partnering I'm not just speaking about husband and wife I'm speaking about business and collaborations co-authoring there's a whole lot of things that come into partnering and it's wise to discern how God might use somebody else to come alongside you and be a mantle that can Elevate you and uplift you Joseph had his own skill set which he made available to asanath and asanath had her own skill set background and grooming and that would have obviously propped up Joseph in terms of um what she brought to the table so different people bring different things to the table and the complementary nature of Joseph and a sniff made the relationship work in God's eyes Joseph carried the mantle because he was the Visionary and he was the one who would establish the plan of God for Israel but a Sniff was included in that plan in that she was grafted into the 12 tribes of Israel in terms of lineage and her Offspring was engrafted into the 12 tribes of Israel in terms of lineage so both benefited in terms of the vision that God had for both of them and it was about submission and obedience to trusting that God knew what he was doing when it came to putting these two unlikely candidates together and so there's a lesson here for all of us to learn when we look at the fruit of Joseph and a Smith they had Ephraim and Manasseh and even today on the Sabbath the Jewish people celebrate their children and The Offspring by blessing them by saying may God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh because the mantle that Joseph carried was bequeathed onto his children and his children's children and so out of all the tribes of Israel Joseph is actually the one who is elevated as being compared to the Redeemer who is Jesus Christ because Joseph redeemed Israel in terms of what he had accomplished regarding the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine he had redeemed Israel from actually um Extinction really because the famine would have extinguished The Offspring of Jacob if it had not been for the intervention and the skill set and the vision that God had given Joseph so the the the lineage of Joseph and the bloodline of Joseph is extremely blessed and the blessing that comes with the mantle of Ephraim and Manasseh is something that was carried by their father Joseph so today Jewish people celebrate Joseph by blessing their children and saying may God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh now the Lord was speaking to me further and deeper about partnership and how important partnership is and I was meditating on Jesus and Joseph because there really are the same in terms of their Joseph is a type of Redeemer he redeems people he redeemed the land he redeemed the children of God and Israel and similarly Jesus came to redeem us he redeemed the nation of Israel not only the nation of Israel but also the Gentiles so Joseph married to Gentile and Jesus engrafted the Gentiles into the lineage of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and so here we see the partnership that there is an extension of Grace whereby the weaker and the weaker one or the one that was not chosen by God is given the grace to be included in God's plan and God's Redemptive work when it comes to the vision and the overall Vision that God has for his people and I thought that was really beautiful that God would Elevate those who are weaker in terms of vision so a Sniff was exalted with Joseph as she chose to partner with him similarly the bride of Christ has exalted with Christ as they choose to partner with Christ and that's really important the Lord was showing me that partnership is a case where um the stronger one will always Elevate the one that is engrafted in and in this case a Sniff was engrafted in and in Jesus's case the Gentiles are engrafted in and I thought I thought this was a beautiful picture of grace and the grace of God and he extends his grace he searches us out when we are not even looking you know he looks for us to to be able to elevate us he's constantly calling us to be part of something that is a higher calling something that we might have not thought of God is constantly calling us to to come into alignment with what he might be trying to do and he gives us the freedom to choose and it's fortunate that asaph did choose Joseph because now she has been Incorporated and engrafted into the Bible and the history of the children of Israel forever because she's leave she's left a legacy by allowing herself to be part of a legacy and I thought that was really really beautiful that the Lord would encourage Us in this way that he's making us part of a legacy when it comes to the wealth transfer that we've been born for such a time as this to be able to be part of a bigger picture a picture that we might not even see now but God is doing something in the background whereby we'll see the fullness of that picture when time begins to unfold and then the Lord was also showing me the importance of vision Joseph had Vision he knew what to do and that's why Pharaoh elevated him he knew how to go about um planning and the Strategic Logistics behind what would be the outcome of Pharaoh's dream Joseph knew exactly he saw the beginning from the end and his vision allowed him to be able to make that attraction to a sniff stick and also the attraction to Pharaoh stick the fact that the Egyptians held him in such high regard as because he had a vision and the Lord was showing me when it comes to partnering and having a clear understanding of the vision you're working towards and contributing towards the vision is really really important and that's how we progress in terms of what the final product might be for what God is trying to do now the Lord is also showing me and speaking to me a lot about oil and the importance of oil and the Holy Spirit and allowing ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit not our emotions are not um our own Pride when it comes to partnership and vision we need to allow the Holy Spirit to show us where it is that he wants us to go and how how it is he wants us to go about what we do with the wealth that we're about to receive and the up and coming um blessing it is only the holy spirit that is going to take us to the end goal and having the anointing of the holy spirit that is going to end us take us to the the end outcome to see us through those seven years of famine to see us through those seven years of plenty it's only the Holy Spirit that's going to enable us even now as we're waiting for the wealth transfer this is the holy spirit that enables us now when it comes to partnership with Christ there's two types of people in within the Christian world the is the there is the bride of Christ and the body of Christ and both these things are completely different and separate the the bride of Christ is the one who is bequeathed and marriage to Jesus and there is a more intimate relationship with with Jesus and in the body of Christ is the one that is called to be um the the Sheep who shepherds are sent to look after and careful it's the bride that cares for the groom so in this case the bride cares for the the body which is the Sheep of God if you look at a visual picture of a bride and a groom you see that the bride is completely separate to the body of the groom the the bride is responsible to look after the body and so the bride is called to leadership when it comes to partnership and when it comes to looking at where people fit in a picture it's the bride that is called and why is that it's because the the bride has a greater intimacy with Christ they have a closer a closer connection with Jesus and they're the ones who are married to him and they're the custodians of his vision so Joseph would have been a bride and Moses a bride Paul and all the prophets because they they have closer intimacy with God close to intimacy with with Christ and they're able to see the vision that God has for his people and then translate that Vision to the body and normally the body will be the one who will use their gifting to bring that Vision to pass within Partnerships it's impossible to have many leaders there has to be one leader whereby the rest will submit to the vision and then run and use their giftings to run with that Vision if there are too many people who are hearing from the voice of God then you'll have a dichotomy and invariably things don't end up working in Synergy Joseph had to be the Visionary and then the people who came under Joseph were the ones who who use their giftings to fulfill that Vision so for example the farmers and the people who who the architects who created the silos to store the grain it was those people who use their giftings to come alongside and support the vision to be able to function in the seven years of famine Jesus often speaks to his bride and will say if you love me feed my sheep so you know the bride of Christ by those who are called to feed the flock of God those who are caught a Shepherd those who are called to pastoral roles those who are called to build up other people to promote the giftings of other people the bride of Christ is the one who will spearhead most of the things that God has for the season that we're in they're normally prophets teachers they have that anointing to teach they have that annoying I don't believe it's a hierarchical structure at all actually but um yeah so let's look at brights so there's five wise virgins and five foolish virgins and the Lord was impressing upon me when it comes to the wealth transfer that um the importance of oil and how the five wise virgins had ample oil until the groom came so this again is the story of partnership and it's a kingdom economic story where we see that the commodity that was used for um sustaining them was oil they needed the oil which is the holy spirit representative of the holy spirit so that's certainly the supernatural interpretation of the oil and the Bible says many will wax cold in the old days because they will not have the anointing or the the sufficiency in terms of a relationship with the Holy Spirit to to have enough oil but more than that the Lord was showing me as well with relation to the wealth transfer that the commodity and the resource oil will be used in the latter times and just before Jesus comes who is the groom similarly to the story with the five virgins the foolish and the wise where Oil was important Jesus was showing me the importance of oil in the wealth transfer and how oil will be um a key commodity and a key resource to invest in when it comes to the spiritual but also the natural if the children of God are invested in oil particularly crude oil and what they're called Black Gold then they would be they would have used their resources very wisely in terms of knowing what to purchase um after their cryptocurrency has um matured and that they're looking for something outside of land outside of precious metals the Lord was showing me that black gold is going to be so important now because I'm not a financial advisor I can't tell you how black gold is going to be important but the Lord as I read those scriptures and this is something the Lord showed me a few years ago maybe five or six years ago the importance of the commodity black gold and he showed me this importance through reading the story of the five virgins uh the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins and how black gold will be instrumental in latter times in terms of just before Christ comes in the days of Noah I do believe that we are in the days of Noah and um we're getting closer to the return of Christ so like I said you can pray about it and see if that is something that the Lord is leading to for you to invest because I I'm not a financial advisor I'm just letting you know what the Lord has shown me regarding black oil and certainly something to pray about is the Joseph mantle and the oil he he needs to sustain himself for all the season that we're coming into and so those are the things that the Lord has impressed upon me to share regarding um the proverb not the proverb the parable that Jesus speaks about when he discusses uh his return the return of Christ just before he comes and the the how important oil is I'm sure we will hear of many things to come in terms of pandemics and War and it's the oil that allows us to be sustained it's the anointing of God the holy spirit that allows us to be sustained and I really want to emphasize the commodity oil the resource the the black gold the crude oil petrol Diesel and those kinds of things and how important that would be now I understand that this message is not going to be for everybody but it is for a few people who will need to pray about investing in Black Gold and crude oil and and take it before the Lord in prayer and see if this is the thing that you need to be looking at in the future because this is going to be I'm not sure how it's going to be but there's going to be implications around oil with this wealth transfer and the wealth transfers to come in terms of the shmeter cycle so pray about it and see if this is something you should be adding to your portfolio when it comes to a diversification so if you've made it to the end of the video I just wanted to thank you very much for watching hopefully this gives you insight into Joseph's relationship with his wife and because it's not spoken about in the Bible and also the dynamic when it comes to Partnerships how important Partnerships is having Vision having an overall picture of where your future is going if you don't have Vision you perish so ask the Lord to give you vision and if you have Vision you stay the course when the Lord gives you visions of what you should do with your life with your finances with your partnership with your business with your with your writing with your projects it keeps you on course having vision is so important and forming the right Partnerships the Lord will send people who will not only recognize your talents but will also give we'll we'll create room for other people to come alongside them to um complement their talents if that makes sense so just pray about those things in terms of your vision for future Partnerships and alignments when it comes to sustaining yourself in Goshen so I hope this has blessed you guys I did want to mention just really quickly that I had a dream on the 28th of January after my fast and I dreamed that the mean Market is going to collapse and so hopefully you guys are positioned in prayer and that's a Watchman warning the Lord has told me to make that public and I will release that video from the membership Lounge after two or three months it's not the right time the Lord was showing me to release that dream but it is in the membership Lounge um there's nothing please don't feel like you're missing out on too much there's nothing more to it than the fact that I did dream that the stock market is going to not the stock market the mean Market is going to collapse and the Lord was also revealed to me that there's a lot of coins that are not really prophetic but more pump and damp so please pray wisely about what you're investing in or it particularly with the mean Market and um don't listen to everybody because the Lord will lead you to who you should listen to try and keep yours your your eyes and your ears pure so that you can hear directly from him instead of listening to many people so I hope you guys have enjoyed this presentation learning about Joseph's wife the importance of the anointing of God he anoints us to be in Partnership he anoints us to to carry mantles he anoints us to be equally yoked and he wants us to look at investing in Black Gold which is the oil the natural resource in terms of helping his children now please don't ask me about um I know nothing about Black Gold so I won't be able to tell you about Black Gold All I know is that the Lord has been prompting me to let you guys know to pray about if you should be investing in Black Gold so thank you very much for watching if you've made it to the end and I pray this presentation has blessed you shabbat shalom

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