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23: The meaning 4 messages to USA

hello everybody my name is Kim and I'm the content creator my king Yeshua today I'd like to speak to you about something really sobering and I have been delaying making this message for the past three months and so I feel like I can't delay it anymore I need to just unburden myself and just tell everybody what the Lord has been speaking to me reoccurringly since the month of July and today because I'll be speaking about quite heavy topics and I'll be prophesying I'm going to cover my head so um this is my tillet and you must forgive me if I fidget on um screen because I'm not used to being on camera so um there you go so today I'd like to speak about the meaning of 23. and what the Lord has been speaking to me about the the meaning of the number 23. now he took me to three scriptures he spoke to me about Genesis 23 which speaks about the death of Sarah he took me to Exodus 12 23 which speaks about the angel of death passing over Goshen and he took me to Psalm 23. which speaks about the Valley of the shadow of death now the common denominator in all three scriptures that I've highlighted regarding not only the number 23 but they also contain a reference to death and so the Lord has been speaking to me reoccurringly about death and the Lord has highlighted to me four states four states in America and I am not from America um I've only been there once on holiday and I went there I went to Florida a really long time ago I've got no family in America so I know very little about America as a place but for some reason the Lord has chosen to give me the dreams and visions and Revelation about America and so for this particular presentation he has highlighted four states to me and before I speak about uh the four states I'd just like to um dig a bit deeper into the number 23. so a lot of profits have been speaking about 2024 and 5784 and saying that this particular year is a year of open doors they've referenced the Hebrew number de let which means for and they have said that um there will be an Open Door but the Lord has been showing me in a reoccurring theme and a reoccurring pattern to tell his people that there is going to be a closed door that many people will not make it to Goshen 2030 and they are going to be a lot of closed doors from 2024 onwards and the closed doors I saw were Banks being closed homes being foreclosed on um I saw a vision of somebody standing at a door and the door was closed and they were knocking at that door and their hand was empty and they were hungry so there's going to be a lot of closed doors in the way of uh food shortages there's also going to be job losses so a lot of doors are going to close when it comes to people having the potential and the ability to to gain wealth through the traditional methods of a job so a lot of jobs the doors are going to close for jobs and then last but not least the Lord is showing me a closed door and that closed door is deaf a lot of people are going to die and the Lord has been highlighting to me uh four states for some reason four states in America and um I I just want to backtrack a bit because when I'm speaking about closed doors I'm speaking about the population at large and not um the Josephs the Josephs the Lord has already given me a word for 5784 and the Lord has shown me that Joseph started to be Gatekeepers and I will expand on gatekeeping a bit later but for now what I'm referring to I'm not speaking about everybody I'm speaking to the The World At Large and the church who has been blinded or the church who has blinkers on or the church who is not aware of the times and the seasons that we're in so um the the the the people who are not from the tribe of issachar in other words that's who I'm speaking to and so those those are the closed doors I'm referring to it's not for everybody it's for those particular people and so um before I speak about the four states I just wanted to highlight that when it comes to Joseph what the Lord is showing me about 23 because remember I said for everybody else 23 means death right I've highlighted three scriptures and 23 means death when it comes to Joseph 23 means inheritance now the Lord showed me that from Adam to Joseph if you look at the genealogy from Adam to Joseph Joseph is number 20 through third in line is 23rd in line and 23 for Joseph means inheritance right so again I just wanted to differentiate and reiterate that there is a demarcation that the Lord is separating he's Remnant and he's chosen from the particular um other people not so much uh goat and sheep but more those who are aware and awake versus those who are sleeping and slumbering the Lord is really differentiating here and so um I've lost my train of thoughts so for Joseph it means inheritance 23 and for everybody else it means death so the Lord highlighted four states to me and as you know 2024 it's for dilette in Hebrew is door which is for as well and um the four states he highlighted to me are New York Ohio uh Philadelphia which I think is Pennsylvania and Texas those are the four states that the Lord highlighted to me and there is a message for each of those States because I had a dream about each of those States and I'll speak about New York first so New York in the dream I saw New York was a man and New York was coward over and holding his belly and he was very sick I saw him very sick crouched over and very sick and he had eaten something that was in the food chain that caused him to become sick so the Lord was showing me that New York there's going to be a a a large proportion of people who are going to become very unwell sick almost to the point of death in New York and then the Lord showed me um Philadelphia and in Philadelphia I saw the rise of the um opioid pandemic in Philadelphia and I saw the people who are um have been predisposed to an increase of drug use and Fentanyl use which has been done on purpose this has been orchestrated for the state or the county of Philadelphia that these people have been allowed to have access to these drugs that have caused them to have access to free or cheap drugs which is causing the strong man there's a strong man over Philadelphia for the use of drugs and the Lord showed me that the next pandemic the next pandemic that comes those people in Philadelphia are all going to go they're going to be predisposed to this next pandemic and this next pandemic is going to wipe out all those vulnerable people who are using drugs recreationally now Philadelphia has been chosen as a hot spot and the reason why it's been chosen as a hot spot is because the enemy desires to sacrifice those people in Philadelphia and they will be they will be very vulnerable to the next pandemic they will be disproportionately affected those people in Philadelphia and so I saw Mass sacrifice happening in Philadelphia those particular people are going to be impacted like you cannot believe there's a spirit of death hovering over Philip and so I saw the Spirit of death hovering over Philadelphia and the people who have been a victim or have succumbed to Addiction in the way of recreational drug use are all going to be sacrificed in the next pandemic because they're there will be predisposed or they'll be more likely to succumb to death with the next pandemic and I just wanted to backtrack to the state of New York in New York I saw the Spirit of death hovering over New York as well and I saw mass suicide occurring suicide because of what's about to unfold regarding the um Financial collapse we've already seen on the 1st of October there was a particular gentleman from Wells Fargo who jumped to his death um committing suicide and we will see an increase in the amounts of suicides in New York as well and then moving over to Cleveland Ohio now the Lord has shown me that Ohio is really um Satan's territory the activities that are happening in Ohio are really governed by the kingdom of darkness and that Turf in Ohio really belongs to um the enemy there is a lot that I can't really speak about on YouTube regarding what occurs in the state of Ohio and Ohio has been chosen as a Gateway or a portal for America a portal for the negative to be allowed on that land this this particular state is is the area where they allowing things to enter into the great nation of America they're using this particular state this particular state is earmarked for the first smart City it has been earmarked in the past for election fraud and it is earmarked for more things to come in the future now regarding Ohio the Lord showed me that um the Lord showed me that um they're Ohio is going to cause America to split it's going to divide America and the split um was likened to me to an earthquake you know when there's a massive earthquake and the Earth causes a massive Rift in in the geography of that area and I I saw America divided divided like it's never been before not red or blue this was much worse there was a higher divide a deeper more entrenched divide of America and I saw this Spirit of Division coming from Ohio and so if you live in America Ohio is really a state that you need to be interceding for and praying about because I saw that this particular state is going to be used as a Gateway moving forward for the uh the push of the things for the the New World Order Ohio is a hot spot a strong man a stronghold and the Lord is highlighting Earth Earth something's going to happen to the Earth in Ohio and this Earth is going to cause this massive divide in America this massive split in America it's not a red and blue split it's it's a different type of a split but America is going to be deeply deeply deeply divided on what comes out of Ohio and so that was what was highlighted to me about Ohio and then the last but not the least state is Texas the Lord showed me Texas and in the dream I saw Texas was a woman and she was clothed in red and she was standing at the gate and Texas was praying Texas was praying a Texas was praying for the whole of America and the Lord showed me that Texas is the GateKeeper the people of Texas the people who are praying in Texas is what's holding the whole of America together and I saw I saw Texas as a woman standing at the gate and I saw her holding the gate and so the Lord was showing me that Texas is a gatekeeper for the whole of America the people of Texas the spirituality of Texas the Christians in Texas Texas is the gatekeeper for the whole of America and so um what the Lord highlighted to me was the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and if you look at the scripture which I'll pop on the screen now um lot sat at the gate of Sodom and Gomorrah this is the importance of gatekeeping now I've been speaking about Joseph and I've been speaking about how um I've been speaking about how Joseph is to be a gatekeeper and gatekeeping means praying and watching over the city with prayer and intercession and and the Lord highlighted Texas as the gatekeeper for America and um if you look at the scripture if you look at um uh Sodom and Gomorrah Lots sat at the Gate of Sodom and Gomorrah now the gate is where things are challenged and the gate is where possession happens right you know that the gate there's gates of hell and there's also Gates of Heaven and the Lord is called Gatekeepers to sit at the gate to keep watch and to allow things to enter and to exit and so Texas is that for America there are The Gatekeepers and um when Lots sat at the gate the Angels approached lot first because he was at the gate and they were talking about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and and how um you know that City had sinned so much and so um Texas the Lord is showing me that the prayers of Texas is really covering America and covering America for the all the portals they're opening the evil portals they're opening and I'm going to pop up a few examples of people who have referenced portals and um they've referenced death as well in terms of the secular as a Joseph as a person from the tribe of issaka it's important to know these things and so I saw um Texas being the gatekeeper she was dressed in red red symbolic of the blood of Jesus that whole state I saw that state drenched in the blood of Jesus and I saw that that state is holding that country it's holding the Gates of Hell back in their country and it's holding death to a certain extent because of their prayers back you see when there's a lot of Christians in a particular area the Lord really watches to keep over not only that area but also the particular Geographic influence of that um that place and so Texas what's happening in Texas is covering the whole of America because they're Gatekeepers and I'm sorry I'm so emotional but I will teach on gatekeeping um more in the up-and-coming presentations I just wanted to highlight that the Lord has shown me that there's going to be an increase in death there's going to be an increase in debt I know this is very sobering there's going to be an increase in closed doors I know this is very heavy what I'm saying but the Lord tells his church to warn them so that they can pray so that they can step their game up it's not to scare people it's so that people are aware of what's actually happening and so um I'm going to switch over uh to presenting now on a few of the things that the Lord has shown me about open doors closed doors portals and Gates so thank you very much for watching shabbat shalom

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